Be Diligent

How can we change the world?

Read 1 Samuel 2

Can you remember putting in a little extra effort in something and getting a lot more out of it? Many of you have recognized you can be a world changer. But what is the starting point? Do you go to school and get more degrees, do you leverage your networks, do you increase your finances? What is the ground zero?

It is my diligence that will determine my success.


  • Scripture

The prophet Eli had been an effective priest but as he grew old, it became clear that his sons were unfit to serve in the priesthood. They took bribes, extorted meat meant for sacrifices from people and slept with the women who came to the tent of meeting.

34 ” ‘And what happens to your two sons, Hophni and Phinehas, will be a sign to you—they will both die on the same day. 35 I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in my heart and mind. I will firmly establish his house, and he will minister before my anointed one always.”

  • Observation

It was God’s desire that someone be raised up. It was not Samuel who put up his hand and said I think I am ready to do this. God is really saying: I am the one who is going to engineer change within Israel. In our case that means, changing our world emanates not from me, but from God’s heart. It is not something that we decide we are going to do. It is God’s desire that His will be done on earth and as a result He raises people up. It is God who asks us to align ourselves with what is on His heart.

Samuel had a role to play. When it comes to us fulfilling our potential, we spend a lot of time dreaming about things and a lot less time acting things out and ensuring that they become reality. When it comes to acting, it is a whole different thing. It was on God’s heart that he would bring change, but Samuel needed to be diligent to bring about his destiny.

We want the results, but we despise the process, we want someone else to do the heavy lifting for us. We want someone to break it down for us. But we will not become the person God wants us to be unless we become diligent in hearing from Him. Philippians brings this same truth out:

Philipians 2

12 Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, 13for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.

It is God who is at work in us. This verse says it is not even our own aspiration to change the world. God is the one who works both on the inside of us and on the outside [the actual doing]. In other words it is God who produces every good desire in us to change. He literally breathes good desires into us and brings those desires into the place of action. This is why when all is said and done and we become the kind of people
capable of changing the world, we cannot take pride in our own accomplishments. From beginning to end it is the power of God that infuses us
with the desire to do good and accompanies those desires to the point where they become concrete actions. Without his prompting we would be completely unresponsive.

  • Application

Start by engaging in God’s word.

If you are going to change the world, your diligence must match your destiny. Many of realize what it is that God is calling us to. Unless you give in your time, your destiny can be aborted. Your diligence must match your destiny. Are you engaging with God at the level of your destiny.

Psalm 139 23 -24
Investigate my life, O God, find out everything about me; Cross-examine and test me, get a clear picture of what I’m about; See for yourself whether I’ve done anything wrong — then guide me on the road to eternal life.

God has put you in the place where he is doing amazing things. He is doing a new thing, but the higher you go the more you delegate.

  • Prayer

Gen. 21:8-21. Some of us are so discouraged that we can’t even connect with this series. Like Hagar, so much stuff has happened. You are in a wilderness experience and you have put your vision under a shade and moved some distance from it having given up all hope of its survival. I sensed the Lord saying that He has provided a well for you in His word. You just need to open your eyes to see it. And you also have to fill your container with water and water your vision.

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How can we change the world?

Can you remember putting in a little extra effort in something and getting a lot more out of it?


12 Responses to “Be Diligent”

  1. Thank you..really informative!!


  2. Thank you Pastor Linda, I am one of those that the word on discouragement was meant for. when you prayed I just kept crying remembering that the night before, I had opened up to God telling him, I felt I was dying inside because of dryness and discouragement. I bless the Lord for using you to share that word with me.

    I also recognize that the message about diligence has come to me many times over but I have downplayed it and subscribed to the Bedside Baptist Church every morning :(. I feel strengthened to up my game and seek God while He may be found by committing to waking up early in the morning to pray and seek his face because I know He has called me to be a world changer


  3. Jesus' Freak Says:

    Thank you for the Series… I missed the Sermon yesterday because I was away from Nairobi for the weekend…

    I am a proud MDTerian and a so proud of you: our Mother Church.

    Thanx for updating me on the Sermon for Jana! And the other series..I have been following ’em closely. 😉

    Keep up the good work.

    And do much much more.


  4. Yesterday’s sermon spoke to me. I keep having this feeling that God is preparing me for something but I’m not sure what.
    When you said you sensed that God was saying he will provide a well for someone, I really hoped and prayed that it would be me. I have really been going through a lot and still am..but trusting that God will soon come through for me. Though at times i get so discouraged and just want to stop praying.
    I hope God can soon speak to me and answer my prayers.
    Thanks Pastor Linda 🙂 Be blessed


  5. Maina Wanjagi Says:

    Though I missed Sunday’s sermon, I have read it and I feel that much is what I have aborted because am not springing into action. I am that kind of person that spends a lot of time dreaming but doing nothing. I am praying to God to give me that courage to be diligent in what I do and start acting.


  6. Dear Pastor Linda,

    It feels good to be up early at the office one hour before the rest of my colleagues come. By the time the office staff are in I have done so much and my day starts very positively. I have also noticed that the early morning stillness and quietness gives me time to reflect and strategise. I had blogged last week on other matters but i am also very pleased to have a solution to my issues.
    Thank you Linda.


  7. Thank you Pst.Linda for your wonderful exposition of the word.I have been reading thru Psalms and when we started I thought of Ps119 and wondered how I would read through it with 4 other chapters in one day.But after Sundays sermon on diligence I said to myself I would go thru it, and today morning I am glad to say I did, what’s more it talks repeatedly about following and delighting in Gods precepts and since I was going somewhere I really needed God to come through 4 me I found it an enriching prayer.Thank you for leading us this way for this month.


  8. thekenyannutcase Says:

    loved the encouragement.thks Pst Linda


  9. Pastor Linda your word has been timely in my life and may God bless you mightily for enriching me. For a long time I was not diligent with my spirituality. I believed that somehow God would communicate His will and purpose for my life without much effort from my side. Over the past two months I have sought His will like never before, I would wake up at four am to read the bible and spend a lot of time in prayer asking Him to reveal Himself(i still do). The Lord has been faithful and has confirmed that Im on the right track and has told me His will for my life. Its true that the more we seek Him and are obedient the more He reveals His will over our lives.
    thankyou and be blessed.


  10. ghettofabulous Says:

    i loved the sermon on sunday a blessing…my question is what about us wh pray and seek God at night before we sleep??? i find it very difficult to concentrate in the morning….so now???


  11. Peter Kamau Says:

    Thanks Pr. Linda for your sermon its been encouraging to me to move to the next level with GOD and also grow in intimacy with his word.Thanks again Pr.Linda.


  12. Kenya’s 2nd birthday has been and gone. The skies were overcast; the balloons didn’t fly, some doves returned! Omar al Bashir gate-crashed and the Air-Force fly past were cancelled yet nothing could dampen our enthusiasm. Patriots turned out in large numbers to witness the birth of our 2nd Republic. As one who was fortunate to witness the birth of our 1st Republic albeit through the eyes of a six (6) year old, I couldn’t help comparing the two events. There was a restlessness and unusual joy and excitement in the adult population in our rural Tigania close to Kianjai Market. I lived at the Chief’s camp which was the epicenter of local the celebrations. There was song and dance and shouts of Uhuru not to mention the feasting consisting of “nyama choma, chapatti” and rice which were rare delicacies consumed only at Christmas. Even the normally restrained and cautious Administration Police (or was it Tribal Police?) threw caution to the wind and sung “tufunge Safari” not to the Command or “Amri” of the Queen/(K.A.R.) but to Jomo Kenyatta. Then came the moment when the Union Jack was lowered and replaced with our colorful flag amidst chants of “Kenyatta aheisha bendera”. Shortly thereafter I was disconcerted when the portrait of a beautiful lady wearing a crown and accompanied a dashing young gentleman in resplendent military attire (in later life I learnt it was Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip) was removed from the wall and replaced with one of a shaggy bearded man in a beaded cap (who I later learnt was Jomo Kenyatta.) All the entreaties from the adults that Kenyatta was the hero and that the lovely couple were our oppressors failed to impress my young mind. How could it be? The couple looked so civil and gracious and the African gentleman looked… kind of grizzly! But then again for the first time in my fragile innocent mind the adults seemed “to have lost their marbles!” I would henceforth have to handle them with caution until the “Uhuru” madness passed then perhaps they would regain their senses.
    As I surveyed the events of the re-birth of the 2nd Republic from the comfort of my lounge I am dismayed to state that the high energy and vibes were not as palpable as in 1963. It took the wisdom and discernment of Pastor Linda Adolwa of Mavuno Church at Belle Vue to bring to my consciousness that I may have been afflicted by the disease of the middle-class……the comfort zone. According to Pastor Linda the middle class watch historic national events from the comfort of their homes in a box named television. The energy or vibe of any event cannot be exquisitely captured in a box! Positive development rarely takes place from the comfort of the couch.
    To the Pastor they are a detached lot who have abdicated their national responsibility to political leaders and others. Uhuru Park to them is “so yesterday” not to mention the fear of pickpockets, poor crowd control in event of stampedes whether caused by bees or some other phobias. Then there was the bomb….one bomb in 47years has provided the perfect excuse to avoid National functions! Who is fooling who? They don’t even enjoy chapatti and rice as they are within their daily reach!
    The middle class must arise and take control of their own destiny. Their abdication of duty and lack of courage to make hard choices has left them in an impotent comfort zone yet they are the cogs and wheels that turn industry and run the economy. A nation deserves the leaders it elects and for as long as the middle class takes a detached back seat in national affairs this nation will remain stuck in a rut of incompetence, corruption and poor political leadership. Our new Constitution only lays down a framework for good governance and development. It is but a foundation. The body or the meat of the Constitution must come from the citizens. The middle-class by virtue of their education and experience now has a wonderful opportunity to lead and drive the process. They must grab this God-given opportunity with both hands and seize the moment to indelibly write their contribution in the book(s) of history. Anything short of this would amount to a betrayal. In the words of Pastor Linda Adolwa, “to change the World we must set things in motion against all odds.” We must be pro-active and move out of our comfort zones to enable us to succeed in the new Republic. As one who had the privilege of watching the birth of the 1st Republic through the lens of a peasant and the birth of the 2nd Republic supposedly through the eye(s) of the middle class there is certainly something wrong with the current picture! It is not only myopic but unrealistic and out of touch with the hopes and aspirations of the people of Kenya.
    DAUDI MWENDA.P.O.BOX 24943-00502 NAIROBI.CELL:0722154722


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