Recognize Your Weakness & Address In Advance

What is your greatest weakness? What is the one thing that Satan could use to keep you from being world changer? And more importantly how do we become the kind of people who are becoming aware of weakness that can derail us?

Read 2 Samuel 11:14 – 26

David’s greatest enemy was not the Philistines or the Ammonites. His greatest enemy was himself. The thing that eventually undermined this great leader and a servant of God was his inability to control his sexual desire. Unable to recognize and understand his drives, in the end they undermined his influence. Because his weakness remained unacknowledged, he remained powerless over them.

To become a world changer you must defeat the enemy within.


  • Scripture

2 Samuel 12: 1 – 14; The Lord sent Nathan to David

  • Observation

As David heard the Word of God it searched him, assessed him, took stock of him and the enemy within him. The confrontation by Nathan is what freed him to choose the right course of action, which was to come before God in confession. Nathan took David through a fearless moral inventory. And that is what helped him take stock of what he was, where he wanted to go and what was holding him back. As we read God’s Word, we need to ask God to assess us and to help you take stock of who you are, where you are, where he wants you to go and what is holding you back.

God sets us free to choose actions that are driven by our goal of serving Him.

Psalm 139: 24 – 25

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. 24 See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

  • Application

God uses the lives of Bible characters to confront us with our destructive ways. It is the word of God that corrects you. You can pretend to everyone else but not to the Word of God. It is a mirror that shows you a reflection of yourself. It straightens you out. The Word of God will enable you to celebrate others.

As we consistently apply God’s Word, He transforms out internal fears and drives that have the power to sabotage our best intentions.

  • Prayer

Unless God’s Word shines spotlight on our heart, we will self destruct. If we are walking in the Word, it lights up every area of our life. You don’t just read the Bible, it reads you. When we do it on our own we have no way of seeing the things that are potential destroyers of our dreams. But God’s Word enables us to see that panoramically.

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17 Responses to “Recognize Your Weakness & Address In Advance”

  1. just a kairetu Says:

    Today I came to church downtrodden but wearing a smile(managing perceptions).I have been following pasotr m’s advice to daily read the bible in my quiet time adn ask God with thanksgiving in my heart for wisdom to do according to HIs will.I have been struggling to be positive about tis exercise but i’M A WORK IN PROGRESS.A few weeks back I had applied for a position that’s in line with my God given purpose.I made it through to the second n final round of interviews with stiff competition.I was humbeld my CV had counted amongst many other more expereinced people.I guess I had taken Pastor LInda’s advice to ask for the showroom n not the benz itself.The sunday before the interview,I went to the prayer tent to ask God to do HIs will.God spoke through Nyambura,a prayer counsellor who told me whatever the outcome to believe in God’s will&be ok with it n simply enojy the interview process.I did so and before the panel started shootinng questions,I asked God to do HIS WILL AND ALIGN MY DESIRES WITH HIS WILL.I guess he did so coz I got an email of regret,though the feedback was positive.I cried my lungs out as I felt it was a dream job in line with my purpose.I dusted myslelf up and reminded myself I had asked GOD TO DO ACCORDING TO hIS WILL..After that on wednesday something strange happened,in my sadness instead of doing my daily reading OF Psalms,I got this nagging feeling to read Samuel.I ignored it at first until thursday evening when I found myself opening the book of samuel and finished reading it on sarturday nyt,I went to bed I n did not quite get why i ws reading it.So imagine the loud gasp I let out when Pastor LInnda quoted the book of samuel today.SO this evening I’m going to get on with book 2 of samuel.I walked into church sad that my 2yr long jobhunt had not come to an end,but I left church amazed that he spoke through the Word to me.I will trust hi s heart that even though HIs withholding His hand,I am seeing HIm speak to me in the pat h of spiritual growth.As i get on with this incubation phase I will be content that His word is a light to my path and a lamp to my feet,even when I’m not seeing all the answers right away for this job prayer!wow,I’m glad I read the book of samuel those past three days b4 coming to church!


    • God remains faithful! keep trusting him and doing good! i can attest to your hardworking nature and character! something for you..
      My life is but a weaving,
      between my Lord and me,
      i cannot choose the colors,
      he worketh steadily
      Of times he weaveth sorrow
      and I in foolish pride
      forget he sees the upper
      and I the underside
      Not till the loom is silent
      and the shuttles cease to fly
      shall God unroll the canvas
      and explain the reason why
      – Author unknown

      So keep the faith and we who have watched this journey wait to see the pattern that will unfold….. hang in there….


    • just a kairetu:@carol w Says:

      carol,n thanks to you ,i will be forever grateful you helped me confirm where my God given purpose lies!!!much better than a quick fix that a payslip can give:)


  2. I will be Strong! Says:

    I have always been in denial about my weakness….but its so clear to me and I have been comfortable sharing it with anyone…..I am a lady well into my thirties, I have never imagined at any point in my life i would still be single at this point in my life. When pastor Linda mentioned about rejoicing in someone’s success….well for me I find it so hard when I hear so and so is getting married, I get this sense of sadness and bitterness and keep asking God why He has forgotten me. It eats me up so much sometimes…but I know one day God will see me through…I choose not to give in to unnecessary pressure..I know God will see me through!


  3. You going make it…For sure!!!


  4. Whhhhhaaat! Pastor Linda uko juu-est!
    I was touched by the sermon and most of all by what God had to tell those who have a calling. I have blogged time and time again on what has done for me, called me to do and I am thankful for he is a faithful and merciful God.

    I couldn’t believe that I would be a prayer-counselor but I am one. I started out a website to help guys who are in Bondage and Addiction called i-Stopped ( and the response/feedback from people visiting have been overwhelming. Almost 1000 visitors in 1 month. I long to pioneer this ministry someday in Mavuno and change a city, take a continent and win the world.

    I feel like God is refining me in the flame, bringing out my imperfections and preparing me for the great work ahead. I heard you loud and clear “Discipline, Commitment to the Word and Installing software in our hearts that will execute God’s command.” Just like David who had a blind-spot, a weakness, we all do. I thank God for using that message to refine the church. He revealed a very strong message to me last week (when I was asleep), about the torment of sexual immorality in hell and someday, I will share that in church because his instruction was that I tell it to the whole church.

    Being calling is scary, but I am encouraged that He calls the unqualified and qualifies the chosen. Just like Samuel, Moses, David, Saul even Jesus himself, we are being prepared. I am a work-in-progress and will continue executing his commands in my life and on other people’s lives.


  5. pastor Linda you are surely God sent. your sermon is just what i needed. i had been praying on saturday morning, and the most amazing thing happened….in the mid of the prayers i went speachless and started cring uncontrollably. i tried to stop and compose myself but the feeling was overwhelming. then i had this filling that i was in the presence of God, pastor Linda i could feel he was right next to me!!! i sat in bed, tears streaming down my cheeks for a whole hour, i tell you that was the best filling ever. the same thing happened on sunday when you asked to pray for the first group of guys…i broke down in tears again, filling the presence of God, i felt like he was agreeing with me and telling me that he’s chosen me to do something great. 😉


    • We are truly favored of the Lord, that the great King of glory would grace us with His presence!!
      May you be drawn close to him by the day, beholding the presence of the glorious Father who reveals himself to us so graciously.

      God bless.


  6. Hey,
    I thank God for bringing me to Mavuno Church home of the fearless influencer’s. I must admit that through out the year the sermons have been on point but this one has made me realize that you must deal with the enemy within. I have entered the marathon and always try my best to change my daily living. God has seen me through as he has given me a good job and i concur that its not our ability but our availability that matters. However in the midst of all the good things that have happened i have been unable to quite some of the bad habits that i had. I try but i always end up going back. I now realize that i have to die to self and as God takes me through life’s journey i must be willing to do his will. Am doing QT everyday and have accountability partners and am hoping am able do displace all the evil mass in me through the word. I also know am headed for greatness and wouldn’t want to ashame God and the church through my character. Thank you Pastor Linda for the sermon and yesterday i vowed to do Gods Work as Long as he takes care of my business. Where would i be without you God?


  7. what!the surmon was hot like fire1i was sitted there n it came to me tha i have to acknowledge my weakness coz smday in the right environment it shall come out!!pastor lind thanks for guidin us to do somthing abt our blind spots!


  8. Dear linda, at the mizizi retreat in july 2010, prior to the begining
    of the catalyst formula, i heard God telling me that young people have
    lost people of character to look up to. That we are tired of being
    mislead and thus settling for and being ok with tribalism, hatred,
    civil wars, bad governance, corruption, generational grudges, vengence
    etc. Am a 30year old lady, i was honoured to be asked to head an
    organisation, which has made me consider my faith very seriously
    actually more deeper in a quest to find Gods wisdom in leadership. My collegues of
    8years and who are older than me asked me to lead them through a new
    dispensation at work which is much tougher in my reflection. I am honoured that there is something in me that makes people convinced that i can take them towards a vision. Pst. Linda, when you mentioned about leaders that go unchecked and unquestioned, it hit me right there that that could be a major issues of concern. My
    predecessor is a powerful person who is pretty much unchecked and
    unquestioned which i sense has resulted in them being insecure,
    insensitive, vengeful and very controlling. Sometimes I grow weary of
    exercising any leadership in an environment where the predecesor is
    not willing to relinquish control. Whereas the rest of the team feels
    they want me to take over, i feel i lose alot of time and energy
    sorting out deliberate messes and crisis made by my predesesor. I
    would prefer to spend more quality time reflecting and building vision
    for the company. Linda this scenerio is exactly what i heard from God
    that our generation will produce fresh leadership that will influence
    the next generations. In the catalyst formula, God confirmed to me by
    telling me the vision must be to go grand for the sake of africa. BUT, to do this, the catayst formula is inviting us to reflect from within and deal with stuff that hold us back from being more efficient and effective. I
    look at my 21month son and i only pray that we will set such high
    standards of Godliness that we wont have to get concerned about their
    generation. I worry and wonder at what could other young people be
    going through with their predecesors. We will make it. Regards w.


  9. After reading these comments,am just amazed at what God is doing.Well,having graduated from Ombi late last month,I felt an urge to change my world by introducing OMBI at my workplace.Normaly we have devotions every morning,but different people speak everyday.I didnt know how to go about it but,I photocopied week 1 and distributed to everyone,allowing them to read before friday.I was shocked when guyz decided that instead of reading the whole wk’s content then we discuss,that we discus each days content together.We started and we are on day 4 today.Am seeing God transforming lives,people are asking questions and praying in prayer partnerships AT WORK.Am soo jazd that even one of my colleagues says they’l do OMBI at her house,needless to say that almost everyone now wants their own copy of the book.No more photocopies,and this is just WEEK 1.God is amazing.


    • Wow! aint God amazing or what!! I believe that is God’s desires for all of us, that we will be change agents whenever he has placed us.

      May God see you guys through this season of Ombi. I pray that after that God will unleash you out as a fiercely trained army to take territory for the kingdom until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and his Christ


  10. where i was seated on sunday am the only person who did not stand up when u asked for those who want to be used by God. I dont regret it coz the conditions u gave were really something and i dont think most people who stood understood. i acknowledge that they had good intentions but that was a big bite for me to swallow yaaaaani i knew for sure that God would elevate me to fantastic positions but i asked myself whether i will not have my ends in mind. as in will i still be able to follow Gods path even if its contrary to mine? Am not that spiritually mature yet!!!


    • @ changing, Thank you for your honesty. That’s exactly where God wants you to begin. After David sinned with Bathsheba he prayed Ps 51, God saw his brokenness and forgave him. Like David God want you to come to Him honest and broken and He will use you. It is said Ps 139:23,24 (Search me, O God, and know my heart;test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting) remained an anchor in David’s life, and God described him “as a man after His own heart.” Please let go and let God transform and use you for His purposes.


  11. Its such a great thing to go over the Psalms. There is a Psalm for everything. Its so amazing to find this…David was a true radical and truly a man after God’s own heart. I even cant comprehend how he got the words. Truly God’s ways can not be understood but we have the tip of the iceberg through the Psalms. I am lagging behind but will finish it too.


    • dream gal Says:

      @istopped….i feel you.looking through the book of Psalm, David understood God’d’s heart and was as real as could be.though he had issues he was real with God something i’m learning through these readings.I’m also behind but will ensure i finish the Psalm race.


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