Take Initiative

Could it be that God may  have a different agenda for us from working as hard as we can to pay our rent, put our kids through school and have a once in a lifetime holiday? God leaves us with no doubts as to what agenda he has for each one of our lives.

Read Luke 14:25-33

Matthew 5 puts it this way:

13“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

14“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

2 Timothy 2:4

no one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier

The war is won or lost based on your ability to follow instructions.

How do we receive instructions? – Here is the formula: S.O.A.P.

  • Scripture

You receive your intelligence briefing on a daily basis in the General’s tent. As we read God’s word, seeking clarity about our role in the mission to change the world, the Lord Himself communicates to our soul. Spend time in scripture, reasoning it out for yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit. Here is the thing, every time you sit with the Bible characters, they mentor you.

  • Observation

Allow the things you are going through to connect with scripture. When you come to the word of God it is critical that you be aware of where you are in that moment. You approach any moment in God’s word shaped by where you have been, what you have learned and what matters most to you. God will speak to our felt needs.

  • Application

Begin to transport those things and import them into your circumstances As we experience the love of God in the places of greatest need we gain the capacity for courage in the difficult things in the world. Big and small decisions that change the world require that we pay attention to the things that bring us joy and frustration.

  • Prayer

When you connect with the briefing from God’s word begin to pray for those things. As you pay attention to the word you begin to discern when God is leading us to keep doing what we are doing and when God is calling us to move on to a different place. It is the things that you pay attention to that you will envision and ultimately execute.

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16 Responses to “Take Initiative”

  1. beatrice akinyi sewe Says:


    Pastor Linda? i just pray that God will continue using you. i don’t know how i can explain what i feel when you preach my God!!!!! For sure God is using you mum love you sooooo much even when am writing this i feel like crying because for sure you inspire me with a spirit filled sermon. I pray that God will help you in everything you do including your marriage i really want to always remember you whenever i pray.
    Please pray for me and my family i pray that God will always be our source in everything we think or do. i wish my brothers and sisters would be able to see how important it is to know God and that they are just wasting time.
    Am planning to get married have had issues with my sister and for now am just waiting on God i pray that we will do it at HIS own timing and not ours and mostly for everything to fall in place the way God wants.
    Thank you Pastor Linda may God bless you and keep you
    can’t wait for next Sunday


  2. Can all sermons be like this in mavuno. The word was preached and it did its power of transforming us. God bless you Pastor Linda.


  3. Jane Kimani Says:

    This sermon was just immensely relevant to my circumstances. The career question is something that I am now beginning to ask myself repeatedly, but the real question in there is, have I surrendered my will to God and allowed his purpose/Agenda to be the key compass in my life? This question, amongst many others were the basis of this sermon. This is therefore the week to let go, and let God..Thanks for the teaching Pastor Linda…God Bless


  4. Pastor Linda,
    I felt like you were talking to me direct. I am in a total dilemma and trusting God to review to me the right path.

    God has called me to serve, so I started a website to help guy in Bondage and Addictions called i-Stopped (http://istopped.wordpress.com). It has been an amazing thing so far and its becoming more demanding each day. I also enjoy my career since it is as fulfilling because I make a difference in the corporate sector.

    I got the message yesterday loud and clear and am trusting God for an answer. I pray that God blesses you for such an inspiring sermon, protects your family and provides abundantly. Happy voting to all.


  5. Once again, awesome stuff! God bless you Pst. Linda. This message is so in kairos (perfect time)!

    Let me encourage those Pst. Linda prayed for who are at the end of their rope.

    This year started with SO much crisis for me. But God pulled me through and taught me so much in the process. God’s word says (paraphrasing) ‘No temptation (crisis) has overcome you than is common to men (i.e. it’s kawa 🙂 ). And God weighs it and makes sure that you can handle whatever you may find yourself in (i.e. if you are going through it, then that’s proof you’ve got what it takes to thrive in that situation). And even then God still provides a way of escape for you (i.e. kikiumana kabisa kabisa yaani umelemewa kabisa kuna njia ya kuhepa)’ I really pray this can be a revelation to those of us in dilemmas – God says you’re backed you up from all sides.

    The cool thing about crisis is that it is only temporary (Eccl. 3). It’s a season. If you are like the man who built his house on a rock, then it’s the storm that is passing. You just need to dig deep and hold fast to God. The only permanent things in existence are God and God’s promises. I’m glad we’re reading the psalms this month, cos as we read through we are reminding ourselves God’s promises and God’s unchanging love for us. And if we can focus on that we’ll pull through. Remember, it’s the storm that is passing, you will still be around even after the storm dies out so DON’T make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation – this is what suicide is – a permanent decision on a temporary situation (eeeeh I’ve sorta been through this one as well h) so take my word for it)

    I was once deathly sick and by God’s grace I survived and at that time God taught me a simple phrase – ‘What Will Not Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger’.

    For those dealing with some kind of temptation – masturbation, fornication, or whatever other habit ht is – I was once taught that the word ‘tempt’ comes from the process the Romans used to make swords (and I needn’t say anything about the Roman empire to prove they knew their military hardware) Anyway, to tempt was when they would take the sword and put it in fire till it’s red hot, thn they’d pull it out when red hot, plunge it in cold water, pull it out and then hold it up in the light and where the molecules had not come together well they would hammer it cos those were points of weakness. Then after hammering it against an anvil, they would put it back in the fire and repeat the process all over again and again till there were no black marks (points of weakness) in the metal. Then the sword was ready and a centurion could trust his life with it in battle.

    If you are willing to go through the process while focusing on God, this is exactly what a crisis can be for you. You turn out stronger. It’s ironic, God will allow the enemy to ‘tempt’ you, and if you pass the test – you come out as a deadly weapon against the same one who was being used to make you strong (God is like SO cool, eh?) Think about it – Job, Joseph…. Jesus!

    Be encouraged – Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world! I hope this helps someone.


    • I’d also recommend two books by Dr. Myles Munroe – ‘Overcoming Crisis’ and ‘The Principles and Benefits of Change’


    • me,myself and Irene Says:

      Eish! Nice one KC. He is too cool!


    • Profound what you say KC..

      The truth is that we have overcome, because we don’t fight to win; the battle has already been won. May God teach us to be true soldier and focus on the true battles to be won. Reminds me of pst.M’s “Its not about trying, its about training.

      God bless.



    What a service, what a sermon, what a preacher…..Pastor Linda.

    You did it again Pastor Linda please preach the word for us like that. We don’t want anything else THE WORD. We are living in a time that is similar to those being spoken of in the book of Amos 8:11, ‘”Behold, days are coming,” declares the Lord GOD, “When I will send a famine on the land, Not a famine for bread or a thirst for water, But rather for hearing the words of the LORD.
    So don’t beat around the bush with sweat words give us the word the way you gave it to us on Sunday. God bless you.

    1 Cor 1:17
    For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel–not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.


  7. That was an awesome sermon.

    It felt like a truck that came out of nowhere and blindsided me.

    Especially during the altar call. I didn’t realise until then that I had reached a point of giving up.

    I have had this personal dilemma regarding my belief that has not been resolved for very many years. I have been coming to Mavuno for the last one year and indeed, that experience has been one of empowerment, enlightenment and one that is full of joy.

    In fact up to last Sunday I was serving in one of the ministries and I was asked to step aside because of this issue which is, I think, fundamental to one’s faith; the Christian faith in particular.

    I am willing to step aside simply because service to Him is about Him and not me. I am grateful for that realization.

    It has been an awesome experience except for that issue.

    I have prayed and cried to God, and there have been pleeeeeenty of tears, to have this issue resolved.

    So, I am taking on SOAP as my marching orders as I seek clarity, direction and wisdom.

    One thing I am sure of is that God is stuck with me. What I don’t know is what He wants with or of me.

    And this heart now needs rest.


    • @ Weary of Heart:

      God is always with you.He knows you inside out and is not surprised at the things that you are struggling with. All he requires is a contrite heart, because that he will never reject.

      Look up to God and him alone.I pray that he will deal with what needs to be overcome, so that you are released to your destiny. Remember his grace is sufficient for you bcz his power is made perfect in our weakness.

      Am praying with you.


  8. Wow Pastor Linda! I have heard the voice of God,I was made for greatness and I am ready to apply SOAP, I went to the prayer tent to agree with God as per your instruction and am ready to take on higher initiatives, no more mediocrity n filling God’s in tray with a 5k raise-:) , am going for bigger! May God Bless you greatly and pray for us for CONFIDENCE as the devil is a liar and he uses fear to stop us fro excelling and taking on challenging initiatives,Mavunites, we must step out of the Boat!


  9. I was thinking some more about this & two things occurred to me. First, the bible uses another analogy for the citizens of the Kingdom of God (i.e. Christians) it says we are ‘Ambassadors’.

    By my little understanding of diplomacy there r a couple of characteristics of an ambassador that are just mind blowing:

    First, an ambassador is the highest ranking diplomatic entity in any government. You don’t want to mess with an ambassador. If you mess with one you might as well be callig war on yourself because you are messing with a government, not a person. The word says ‘The angels (army) watch over the sons of the Kingdom’

    Second, an ambassador is literally a government on two legs. The government ‘confers’ itself on an individual. When u meet Ranneberger yo meeting the United States of America, not an individual. Christ said ‘i confer on you a Kingdom just as my father conferred one on me’. That means you r literally a manifestation of God’s Kingdom on earth!

    Third,an ambassador has absolutely NO worries! As soon as the gava makes u an ambassador, they tale over ALL your material needs and bills. You never have to be concerned about housing or clothes or rent etc. The govt wants to make sure yo full attention is given only to it’s concerns and it’s interests. As long as u do this, yo sorted. Christ said Matt. 6:33 (paraphrase) ‘Just be concerned about the Kingdom and it’s interests, you don’t have to worry about house or car or clad, your King, (Head of government) who is also your Father (& God is a responsible dad) knows u need these things even before u ask. Those guys who r not covered by the government r the ones who have to worry about these things, not u!’

    Fourh, an ambassador never represents himself but his govt. He NEVER gives hiss personal opinion on anything. Ambassadors always speak like this when asked questions ‘My GOVERNMENT’S POSITION on this matter is…’. This is so cool! That means if someone asks your opinion on homosexuality u don’t have to be fidgety, just say ‘I have no opinion on that matter. But it is my government’s opinion that homosexuality is an abomination’ see, you’re totally absolved n don’t have to feel shy about anything!

    Fifth, an ambassador may be in a foreign country but he is not limited to the laws of that country, remember – ‘You are IN this world but not OF this world’. Even his embassy and residence are not part of the host country. If u walk into the US embassy you’re no longer in Kenya but on American soil. This is why political escapees seek something called assylum in embassies, cos the govt can’t force itself into the embassy, that would be an act of war.

    The last one is the sweetest! Just google ‘Diplomatic Immunity’.

    The word also calls you God’s son (let’s not even go there), a ki ng (when it says He is King of kings, the small ‘kings’ is referring to you not some monarch),a priest (representative) and citizen (again, wacha tu).

    Now, dare I ask… Who would not want to be part of this Kingdom??? – the only reason these things don’t work for us is simply lack of understanding, ‘My people suffer for a lack of knowledge’, Solomon says, ‘In all your getting get understanding’ 


  10. Millionaire Says:

    Thanks for the sermon pst.Linda may God richly increase you all round; in family and ministry.

    I got to read the Psalms and aint it amazing the things i found out!

    1) ” For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous…” Psalm 1:6
    ~I am watched over, not by CID,CIA,FBI but by the King of battle.

    2) “Ask of me and i will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Psalm 2:8
    ~Talk of modest dreams! Nations are wants us to rule over!

    3) “Surely Oh Lord you bless the righteous. You surround them with favour as with a shield.”
    ~His favour is all around me! How profound is that.

    5) “What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honour.” Psalm 8:4-5
    ~I was amazed at this.Truly what a privilege it is to be a child of God.

    6) “The words of the Lord are flawless…” Psalm 12:6 and 18:30
    ~Enough said! Whatever he has said is true and perfect.

    7) “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wing.|” Psalm 17:8
    ~Indeed the one who watches over us will neither sleep nor slumber.

    8) “He reached down from on high and took hold of me..” Psalm 18:16
    ~ Thats the much that Jesus loved me, reaching out to the mirry pit of sin where i was and picked me, cleansed me and embraced me with love and compassion.How great is the Lord!

    Then i came to a verse that really blew me away i cant get over it:
    Psalm 18:35 says ” You stoop down to make me great.”
    Yani that God would come down to my level in order that he may take me to greatness…now thats being turned from ordinary to extraordinary!

    Lets continue searching his rich Word. God bless.


  11. All i can say is thank God for the message. It is very timely.

    I always thought being filthy rich was a great ambition. Clearly, it’s not great enough. God is good. I really needed this message.

    Now working with God to find out what His agenda is & learning to get my briefing. That’s not easy but doing it now.

    It’s very good to know that we are the ones who are to get the brief for ourselves. I have relied on pastors etc on Sunday but they usually fall short coz they can’t feed each sheep on the area they need nourishment.

    So stopped complaining & started getting my brief myself.

    That has helped me a lot in life.

    If my General says it’s ok, that settles it regardless of what someone else says.

    Blessings, Blessings & More blessings Pastor Linda.

    I am SOOOOOO excited about this series & the way i was struggling to get to church on Sunday though made it for the whole message. Glad i dragged myself there.




  12. Pastor Linda!
    The messaged has Changed my life, in the past i have limited God and almost given up my vision for missions. The summon has been a source of encouragement to keep fighting for the Call of God and the purpose He has Created me for.
    In the past many not understanding missions from friends and family had discouraging me and were asking me to give up the Call in my life. Thank you The summon has made me more on fire to move on .Thank you for lighting the fire in our hearts that were giving up on our self and God.
    God bless you sooooo much! I was born for such a time as this!!!


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