This July At Mavuno!

Exit ‘Different Strokes’ and ‘Cosby Show’ and enter hit shows with agendas that ride on the grey…the days of black or white are gone and we have been caught pants down. We are battling to draw the line, to stand for what at some point seemed obviously evil. It is not too late to start a personal righteous revolution…to take a stand that will have a spill over effect on family, community, national and the continent. This July (2010) at Mavuno we make a stand…a fearless stand for righteousness. Come and be counted!

  • 4th – Sex In The City
  • 11th – Charmed
  • 18th – Miss Jay
  • 25th – Pursuit Of Happiness


One Response to “This July At Mavuno!”

  1. Interesting series. Talking about illusions, there’s a nice documentary on how corporations create ‘wants’ and drive consumers in a very calculated way to pursue these through intentional advertising that shapes perceptions and beliefs and some illusions capitalism as made us believe in – I’d recommend it –


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