Sex In The City

Illusion: Sex in the media is OK so long as I am informed, amused or entertained.

  1. Illusion of Satisfacation
  2. Illusion of Value
  3. Illusion of  Relationship
1 Corinthians 6:
18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body.
19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;
20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your body.


  • Do not linger – v.18 Flee from sexual immorality
  • Feed your appetite for relationship – In addition to being reactive to flee, v.20 Therefor honour God with your body

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14 Responses to “Sex In The City”

  1. Thankyou Pastor Milton(Mashariki Campus).We christians need to draw the line,i didn’t consider flirting a sin until jana during the sermon.I’ve decided to starve that bad habit and live holy and pure as God dictates in his word.Can’t wait for sunday 11th.God Bless Mavuno church.


    • Good work Pastor Milton and all the Mashariki crew!
      @ Edu;
      The grace of God is sufficient for you as you follow Him. For sure God will grant you your desire of living a holy and pure life,keep holding on to Him. I pray for you that everyday will be a journey to holiness as we get transformed into the image of Christ. God bless you


  2. thamas ojijo Says:

    just a little more,just a little more again and again till we become drunk of sin,Thanks for the warning you wear preaching i came to realize the reality of how sin can destroy the desire of our our hearts by its cheap enticing tricks like the prostitute in proverbs.the scripture says in revelation;flea out of her my people flea out of her my people lest you will be destroyed by its wrath,thanks passy again and again


  3. My best take out on this wonderful sermon, I am Gods giffen goods, this has totally revolutionised how I think about me.Thanks Pst Kiama, this was truely a word in season.


  4. Wah, Passievyou were just too direct n u hit it at the core! I swear most of us r chained by ‘lingering a bit tooo long’ n am in the process of cutting down stuff like tv, oh my God, Kendra, Kadarshians n the movies n the hunger to be hot like ghe celebs!am fasting from the dn TV n start practicing good habits, time to train from last sermon series, will be trainingvto have healthy habits, God Bless u bold MOG!


  5. Mr. Citizen Says:

    Thanks Pastor Kiama for the message on Sunday.
    Yet again, I blog here thanking God for saving me from masturbation and pornography after a 12 year addiction. Its a great testimony that he has done so, and I long to serve him and help many more to get a practical solution, like I have applied in my life, to get ride of this bondage.

    Your message hit the nail on the head, we live as Christians longing to service him, but with loop hole in our salvation that the devil uses to destroy our Godly purpose. I have decided to starve my eyes of lustful glance, my mouth from flirting and my mind from aimless browsing on TV n Internet till I can beat this 100%. The walk has not been easy but to those going through this there is a solution if you want it bad enough and the solution is in Christ. explained to me that this bondage is a chemical addiction and until you work to replace time spent on the addiction with positive content, your dependency on it will be a vicious cycle. Off one day and back another! I recommend guys suffering for sexual bondage go to that website. Constant prayer and practical help did it for me, so just be consistent in helping yourself and praying. God is waiting.


  6. Oh i loved the sermon, its just life changing, you know there some “good” programs and some series that i used to watch and to i thought there was no harm in doing that, the underlying message is usually soo subtle that we never realise when we get hooked up.

    Thank you Pst. Kiama for letting God use you in order the eyes of our understanding to be opened to be see as they reaally are.

    I look forward to next sunday to discover more truths.


  7. Last born gal Says:

    This sermon yaani just was on point like I donno what and like Pearls said the reminder that I am Gods giffen good. I have to act like one, a repeated reminder this week that I am chosen, special!!Thanks Pastor Kiama. God bless you!


  8. Andrew Ngatia Says:

    Hi guys. Drew here from Mavuno south c.Just want to appreciate the sermons on the net.Am in europe right now and is my church right now. God is really molding me through the sermons especially the sermons for last month (playing to win in the market place). Cant wait for the sermons this month.


  9. Pebbles Says:

    i missed the sermon but my lifegroup member told me about aint missing again,thanks be blest.


  10. Thanks for the sermon. I understand now that my present dilemma is one of my own making. A married colleague had been flirting with me for a long while. Even though I had always said to myself that I could never ever ever be the “other woman”, that I was a God fearing lady, that I deserve better than to be his “side dish, that his wife and kids deserved better, I flirted right back. It was playful and in my view harmless fun. Then I had a really bad breakup with my boyfriend. I was hurting deeply from the rejection when Mr Married Man stepped in to soothe my heart or maybe it was just my ego. Messages every few hours telling me how beautiful I was, what a fool my Ex was etc etc. Long story short, he asked my out for the one hundredth time and this time I accepted. Even though I didnt sleep with him, I did things that definately compromised my relationship with God and even myself. Whats even worse is that I now find myself deeply attracted to the guy. Why? I dont know honestly.
    I’m still trying to get out of this. I try not to be alone with him in a room, I havent gone out on any dates with him since but I am very vulnerable to him. I know it and HE KNOWS IT. Please pray for me on this.
    For anyone who didnt quite understand the sermon, maybe my struggle will help you somewhat. Watch the flirting girls and guys.


  11. Prity Lady Says:

    Thanx 4 the rily pointed nt a holy person.av bn lingering n av lingered too determined to step out of it.i knw al need new friendz to start again… I hp God wl help me. Th truth s tht wen we do these thngs, we tend to forget God is there and that he cnt b mocked. Altho i knw he has 4gvn me,i knw al neva b th same agen.


  12. Dan Dada Says:

    First of all I would like to thank God for you mimi for being soo open and to pray that He brings people around you whom will give you mad love that you will achana with mr. Married. By the way mimi are you a member of an LG?
    Pastor Kyama I praise God for you and for how He used you. I struggle with masturbation infact I have tried to stop but after your sermon, I realised where my problem was. I linger ALOT, infact let me be honest and say I enjoy it when a movie has such scenes. Infact the lie I sometimes tell myself is that atleast “everything is working well” since am single and all BUT guess what happens when I go to bed? The amazing thing is that since I am saved there are nights I cry out to God and tell him how I want to stop ….. this sermon opened my eyes and I have made a few HARD decisions that I won’t linger at all. I thank God for Mavuno and the pastoral team for being so real.
    The other thing I wanted to point out was on the illusion of relationships. The reason why we get caught up in virtual relationships is because most of the times as human beings we do not want to pay the cost of a real relationship; I honestly think that we are abit too selfish that most of the time we accuse ( and I have done this) others of not loving us because they don’t call us enough, they don’t reply our texts, etc, etc. But, have you called, texted, etc,etc? Infact during life group as we discussed this sermon we realised that most of Paul’s letters had alot to do with relationships people in the church were having. I think for me a Big take out from this sermon will be to work on my relationship with other people because God made me to be a relational being.


  13. This is gonna one incredible month. And truth be told, we all in this, young and old, male and female….


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