Playing To Win: The Review

1.      Playing To Win
In a harsh marketplace, withdrawers try to keep away from workplace culture so they will not be contaminated by it. Accommodators flow with popular culture and adopt whatever current thinking is without critiquing it. Indifferent Christians feel overwhelmed by the problems in the workplace or simply don’t care. BUT God has a plan for the marketplace and has strategically placed us there to further His agenda. To succeed, you must know God, his purpose for the marketplace and for you. The people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits

2.      Training Camp For Winners
The corporate culture of the marketplace will always try to steal your identity so that you can abort your destiny. You will be tempted to take shortcuts now in order to fast-track your success. But when we resolve to honour God in the marketplace regardless of the consequences, then we invite Him to fight on our behalf. What you resolve today will determine your success tomorrow

3.      The Coach Factor
In the marketplace, busyness, poor self worth, and guilt will often lead us to looking for human solutions to everyday crises, unaware that God has huge reserves of wisdom that He wants to supply for us to succeed. We must develop the practice of constantly seeking God’s wisdom for every work or business decision we make. Because human wisdom falters, godly wisdom prospers.

4.      The Faith Of Champions
Many times, bad things happen in the marketplace precisely because we choose to honour God. As a result, many of us quit on God. But the trials we face in work and business can actually cause us to know God in ways we never would if we didn’t face them. When I cannot see His hand, I can always trust His heart

5.      A Winners Attitude
Sometimes our worst enemy is not failure but success. Power and success have a subtle ability to turn our hearts away from God and towards ourselves. We must deal with success in the marketplace by Acknowledging our source, Being God’s channel, Cultivating truth tellers and Daily choosing to serve. Remember, It’s not by me for me, but by Him for Him

6.      Going Against The Flow
A leader isn’t always the cleverest or the most informed person in a room, but they are the person who has the courage to do the right thing when nobody else wants to do it. Rather than wait for a promotion or position so you can start to confront the wrong things you see at work or in our families, you must begin now. Because no courage, no influence

7.      Playing Your Game
The ‘green-eyed monster’ aka envy destroys our peace and distracts us from our purpose. The secret to conquering envy in our lives is to discover our God-given purpose and to stop playing someone else’s game. Forget the rest, play your game

8.      Talent Is Not Enough
Daniel served for 60+ years in the government service and yet no performance review could fault his excellence or integrity. All-round lasting success doesn’t just come by sitting back and waiting for it. It’s not about trying, it’s about training!

 What is one truth you remember from this series that you will commit to practice for the rest of the year?


5 Responses to “Playing To Win: The Review”

  1. Last born gal Says:

    I was not in church sunday but this has been….to say the least a life shaping series. I dont know that I can pick one truth out of the series.Almost everything resonated in me, mostly to seek Godly wisdom, To resolve now,Train train train and to Trust His heart. God bless you Pastor M!


  2. Harmony Says:

    Training, training, training!
    Playing my own game, running my own race!
    Going against the flow, daring to swim upstream!


  3. I came to mavuno the first time at the start of this series.Each and every week, I learnt a practical truth to apply, my best however was the first, those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.I have been a Christian for many years, so this was not a new phrase to me, but the word of God is new every morning, and I told God there and then that this truth had to come alive in me.I have many testimonies, but one in particular stands out for me.

    After wk 4 the faith of champions , I went out of town for a funeral and I lost my phone.It was a hard blow for me,and I remember sitting in the car and telling God this was one instance where I really needed to trust His heart, and by the next day in my mizizi class I was laughing about it, I knew somehow God was in control and something good would come out of the situation.Last wk, someone called one of my friends, they had found my phone and were looking for ways to contact me.This doesn’t happen in everyday Kenya, but God is faithful, and He has come thru’ for me, I have every confidence to trust Him even for bigger things, and thru bigger crisis.


  4. Changing Says:

    When your constituting the panel for the constitutional debate please don’t forget to include the presiding judge of the interim independent constitutional dispute resolution court. she is a mavunite.


  5. Pastor M, thank you for allowing God to speak through you in the past 2 months. The series on the book of Daniel was strategic for me as I starting out on a new job in the governance sector. My three key take outs were: those who know their God shall be strong, do exploits; whatever you resolve today determines your success in the future, no courage no influence and play your game.


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