Talent Is Not Enough

Daniel 6:10 ‘Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to God…JUST AS HE HAD DONE BEFORE’.

It’s not about trying, it’s about training

*Talent is not enough
*Positive thinking is not enough

Why don’t peole like training? Training is often…

*Hard work

1Cor.9:24-7Remember that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize. You also must run in such a way that you will win. All athletes practice strict self-control. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. So I run straight to the goal with purpose in every step. I am not like a boxer who misses his punches. I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified

Society will not be changed by talent or by sheer talent or by positive thinking. It will take God’s people who are willing to pay the cost.

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16 Responses to “Talent Is Not Enough”

  1. just a kairetu Says:

    Pastor M in the 2yrs I’ve attended Mavuno,other than the sermon about my vision for my life(last yr),this wk’s sermon was,as u said directed at me,to think I almost missed church coz I had overslept.For about 3wks now I have been strengthening my resolve to seek God’s wisdom.I wnt play holy and say I simply chose to but at first it ws directed by the incubation phase I’m going through in my life.I stopped praying for simply a job(payslip) and changed my prayer to asking Him to show me where He needs me to fill a solution for a pressing need as u suggested.Sure enough last week I got a call about a volunteer opportunity at a local NGO in my area,I hesitated for a while but this monday morning after your sermon jana I called back the organization to take up the challenge.There may not be any pay but I knw it’s a chance to use what God has planted in meand it’s awesome that it’s in my intended purpose.As u said a few wks ago-sometimes even in the fire U can chose to still walk with God and be glad to knw other He’ll deliver u at His own time.I absolutely have loved this month,especially since we r inundated with sermons that just preach from the “happy go lucky” aspects of our walk with God.A few wks ago when u told us sometimes we will just have to trust God’s heart even when He witholds his Hand has had a significant impact in this incubation phase in my life!.I am glad you chose to show us that even as Daniel,a righteous man,went through the fire and knew the other aspects of God as a shield,comforter n deliverer.The best half of my yr has started with seeking His wisdom(through daily devotional reading) and praying with thanksGiving.NISHIKILIE NIONGOZE ILI NIWE UR FEARLESS INFLUENCER IN THIS place U HAVE PLANTED ME!Thank u Pastor M for being my trainer in this very tough walk!


  2. Hey Pastor M, i brot my friend to church 4 the 1st tym yesterday becz she’s bn goin thru sme hard stuff, just found out she’s pregnant though she’s still in skul and lives with her mom. I just knew smthn in the sermon would speak to her situation since that always hapens to me when i’m in trouble. When you prayed and said this prayer might save someone’s life we lookd at each other and stood up because she and her boyfriend are planning on getting an abortion for fear of what the parents might do. After you prayed we left church hopeful but reality set in and she’s amuad she cant afford to hav this baby. I know my friend, she’s a christian she just backslid after sm1 close to her died, she wont be able to live with this. What do i do? How can i help her b fearless and go against the crowd?


    • No longer Mine Says:

      Dear Hope,
      Its a great thing that you are standing in the gap for your friend.I know this is not easy but a noble calling indeed. I believe its in God’s time and not by coincidence.My prayer is that your pal will be overwhelmed by Gods love to the point she realises that we cannot limit God in his provision.
      The path she is about to take is efinately not any easy as she will have to live with the guilt.
      I have seen God come through for my friend who got babies, no job and the fathers took off.
      I am praying that she will keep the baby beleive you me I have been a victim of abortion and its is not easy to live with the aftermath especially when surrounded with beautiful babies.
      May she carry the precious angel to full term and God is definately going to come through for her.


    • Hope I mst say u r a gud frend. Wel its logic 4 any parent 2 feel disappointed. I knw u lv ur frend en her life 2 is at stake. Abortion is illegal en its murder.smth she’ll with ol her life. I hv seen it done en u wont like it. Its not how any party feels but saving lives. Wel the paroz ought 2 kmw. Talk her 2 speaking 2 a counselor. I pray both of u wil overcome ur fears. Silence wönt b an addmissible defence. I hv been there en i knw wat it feels 2 loose a baby. Ask God 2 giv u wisdom. I am more than ready 2 help raise the baby en help. You r a fearless influencer.


    • Dear Hope,
      I’m praying for your friend that she will stand firm and make the right decision. Don’t give up on her. Keep praying for her and encourage her to listen to God’s still, small voice. This is a very sensitive case and I highly recommend bringing her to church to see a prayer counsellor asap. If she is against the idea, please come alone and seek further counsel and prayer to equip you to stand with her during this difficult time. Please call 020-2304773/4

      Inerceding with you, 24/7 counsellor


    • Father i bring Hope’s friend before you.
      Thank you because there is nothing that happens without your knowledge,
      The world may call the baby illegitimate, but you call it chosen,
      am praying for your grace to be sufficient,
      That your daughter will understand that you make all things new,
      That there is nothing that is too hard for you.
      I pray that you will love on her in this season in her life,
      In Jesus name i pray, Amen.


  3. Sista-aglore Says:

    Hi Pastor Muriithi,
    Yaani i have no words! I sat through yesterday’s summorn in awe, i felt you were talking directly to me!
    You see, i have been working for my current employer now 5 years!!! at the begining i was giving it my all but at somee point just lost focus and was just given the bare minimum- enough to pass my appriasals but nothing Amazing!
    I had aslo gone back to school and was determined to finish my degree and again i just lost focus and let the semesters slide…
    I started a side hustle, registered the company ….full of psyke(i could already visualize seating next to Richard Branson and exchanging trade secrets…goood times…!) but again i have never looked into this businesssince registration!
    Yaani Passie…my life is littered with unfinished projects!!
    i have strengthened my resolve to go back to school and sign up for the Sept- Dec semester, i need your prayers to see this through this time.
    I have also realized that if at work i cannot be faithful with the little God has given me then he cannot entrust a bigger responsibility on me.. i am going to do my best and give it 100% again.
    Thanx so much Pastor Muriithi, my brief for this week is already in motion, NO MORE MEDIOCRITY!


  4. Last born gal Says:

    Yaani jana…I dont even have words. Church was off the hook!!whaaaaaatttt!!!! First maze the worship team y’all did an awesome job!! Worship was soo good I stayed for 2nd service just to experience the worship again! It was goood!!

    Then the sermon..wah! pastor M! talk of hitting the nail on the head!! The pst two months God has been challenging me about my work and for me to be able to stand like Daniel..lakini jana it was like this is it!! Like Sista aglore said..NO MORE MEDIOCRITY. I want it to be said of me that no one could find anything wrong with my work!! Yaani I thought about it I was like if someone checked jana…wacha tu!! Lets just say Im moving, moving forward!! Started with waking up and doing my QT asking God for my brief for the day and for sure He did!! I love this!

    God bless you!!


  5. Jentezen Fraklin Says:

    “God has given gifts to each of you.”
    1Pe 4:10 NLT

    Your work is important to God. Your job uses up forty hours in your week, so it should represent Him. “God has given gifts to each of you…Manage them well…then God will be given the glory.” We’ve each been given talents for the purpose of honoring God in this world. Undiscovered, undeveloped gifts dishonor Him; so do misused ones. God has gifted you to do something in a way nobody else can. By tapping into your unique abilities and using them to promote His kingdom, you’re fulfilling His will in the truest sense. Paul says, “Everything comes from him…and is intended for his glory” (Ro 11:36 NLT). The breath we breathe, the blood that courses through our veins, the gray matter between our ears are God’s investment in us. And He expects a return.

    Max Lucado writes: “We exist to exhibit God, to display his glory. We serve as canvases for his brush strokes, papers for his pen, soil for his seeds, and glimpses of his image…He un-commons the common by turning kitchen sinks into shrines, cafes into convents, and nine-to-five workdays into spiritual adventures…When you magnify your Maker with your strengths…your days grow suddenly sweet.” So, be like the great New England preacher Jonathan Edwards, who lived by two resolutions: “Resolved first: that all men should live for the glory of God. Resolved second: that whether others do or not, I will.”


    • Jentezen, good stuff. Maybe u shld consider working at Mavuno, or serving in 1 of the ministries?


  6. Hi Pastor M,

    thank you for sunday’s sermon. this was it for me!…the last 2 months have been awesome. On sunday when you gave your list of how you train, I was in awe. In awe because, one – you have the discipline to do it and two- because i have been doing the same thing for 2 months now- waking up at 5am to pray ( with time i will do 3am!), getting home early after work so I can bond with my 4 yr old son and help with homework etc and finally am going for my retreat with my prayer partners this friday. I cant beliveve that God has been walking with me and clearly I am on the rite track

    I did mizizi last season and i must say that has made all the difference in my life rite now. first of all, my phone book has reduced at an alarming rate because God is continually getting people who are not aligned to his purpose in my life out of it. Previously i would feel guilty if someone just stopped talking to me or i just got out of someone. Nowadays i know that i dont have to deal with people who I gave priority in my life yet am just an option in their life.

    Last week i got news that I have been promoted. Now I know God is putting me in that postion so that i can become a fearless influencer rite there.

    Thank you Pastor M and God bless you.


  7. Wat blows my mind is dat daniel wld go down on his knees 3times a day. I dont remember if i hv ever knelt down 2 pray b4. May b it ws coz am a modern xtian en didnt want 2 get dirty or it even didnt mk sense. I wld raise issue on why i shld raise my hands. Wel i guess if i ws kneeling i wsnt kneeling enough. I hv learning 2 kneel more,read the word deep en practice more. It hs hlped me 2 learn abt God en find myself in him wanting more of him. It in his presence wea am strong en belong. Psalm24 i pray i’ll b a generation that seeks the face of GOD. Down at ur feet oh lord is the high place…en the little i hv learnt frm him i cling 2 en gives me reason 2 live again. Now we pray often with my housemate


  8. Edward Kobuthi Says:

    I have read the book of Daniel before and even heard sermons on the same book. Indeed Daniel and the Den of lions is an all time favourite story. I have never viewed Daniel as a work place example a man with no blame and could only be trapped on something between him and God. Very touching that he practiced praying his God all his life and praying and being upright became Daniel and Daniel epitomized what was good and upright.
    On Friday I attended the breakfast and I have not seen people blending with one another so well like they have known each other since birth. but I will talk about that may be next week.

    Today I went to Kiambu prison (I am doing Ombi and the prison visit was part of the many activities lined up)
    I was at Kiambu prison at 8.10 am and was there until 10.30 and had to leave for an engagment I had but returned again at 1.10 p.m.

    During the greeting and meeting session before I left I spoke to three young men.
    First I felt ashamed because I was expecting to see older people. The young men I met reminded me of how I and people 10 years younger than I and older have not lived by Daniels principles. We have let our young sons, brothers, nephews and male cousins down. We were never there for them and that is while Ndung’u ( one of the chaps I met in Kamiti) is in prison serving a term he should never be serving.

    Ndung’u is in prison for 30 days for touting. Is touting such a serious crime that one needs to be locked behind bars?

    Njuguna was the other young man I met. He told me he was implicated being a “Mungiki” and he is due to complete his term in October. I am sure if he had a good lawyer he would probably have gotten a lesser sentence if not out right discharge.
    My third contact (I can not remember his name) but he touched me most. He told me he was implicated of having fire arms and will be behind bars till 2012. While talking to I had this strange feeling that he will be released before his official term ends and I told him so. If indeed he was implicate and I have no reason to doubt him God will reduce his sentence.
    From the three stories narrated here all these are very young people locked up because I and other men neglected them or we neglected to do something about the systems that are so punitive to petty offenders and cheer when real crooks get their way out. ( Remember Fai Amario, a confirmed crook) We should be the ones serving these sentences because we failed to do what is our rightful God given duty.- abuse of office by absconding our duties as men.
    The two are serving what in my opinion should be non custodial sentences but again we have refused to petition the government to ensure petty offenders serve their terms as “day scholars” and do some community service at the chiefs/ DOs / DCs camp.
    As I was looking at the faces of these young men something continued to cross my face. How many people are out here who should be in jail but because they have money bought their freedom and are enjoying their ill gotten wealth. I can not help remember Goldenberge that almost brought Kenya’s economy to its knees. Anglo leasing scandal, and the recent maize scandal and many others that may not have received as much media attention.
    Thank you the Ombi leadership for arranging this very momentous visit. The readings that were done were very appropriate.



  9. Edward Kobuthi Says:

    Thank you Pastor Muriithi for continuing to bring people that can share with us issues on the constitution.
    The session on bill of rights was very enlightening to me. The one on land was just as enlightening so was the one that seeks to give the marginalized access to positions such as the youth, those with disabilities and women. The session that touched on devolution was also enlightening.
    During these four sessions was able to write something as points I noted for or even against the draft constitution as the various speakers were taking us through their respective sections.

    I have listened to the debate on Kadhi courts and abortion before including some ” propaganda” that was circulating through emails purportedly by christian authors which were indicating that the draft constitution seeks to pave way for converting Kenya into a muslim country and that Muslims will have access to our churches and that our property will be taken and mosques erected. Also that abortion was being legalized citing health professional as ” any one ” including mortuary attendants.

    I sighed in relief when today some one came to talk to us about these things. Unfortunately may be I was expecting too much I left church even more confused. Other than noting that todays’ speaker will vote NO, I am not sure I got his reasons for No both in the Kadhi courts sections as well as in the abortion area.
    I had a pen and a booklet but I wrote nothing. I was expecting to fill several pages with points but I have none.

    Probably we need a forum as Pastor Muriithi suggested.
    From todays session would I be right to conclude that the “Christians” have really nothing tangible against inclusion of the Kadhi courts and the abortion clause?
    If we reject the draft constitution we then get stuck with the old one which has all these things we are rejecting.
    What I heard today is that we can reject the draft and then amend those sections and then vote yes and that the church will take charge. I kept wondering about the time factor and whether it will not be several years later that this will happen and I shudder what will happen to this country in 2012 with the old constitution.
    May be I need to stop here and wait for the open forum.



    • On matters constitution, wat caught us offguard was the tone of Mr. Simiyu’s discussion. He came across as quite antagonistic, n his points were not very clear. My 2 cents however is if the church is to effectively communicate its agenda, it should stand on its own and not mix agendas with politicians in the no camp who r basically confusing Kenyans.


  10. thekenyannutcase Says:


    i commend you and the church for taking time to minister to those who are in prison.

    i concur with you and Pst we need a forum to discuss. probably before service begins on Sundays??

    most boring one for me was that guy for lands-why get someone who wrote the part of the law(part of the problem) and hope he can explain the contention???the Pst who came juzi i’ll was just too excited to construct meaningful pointers!!!must have been an evangelist before he got his new job.

    i hope through the forum we can discuss all the 29 issues in contention and compare with the current katiba.

    all in all i enjoyed the series-sermon!!!


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