Playing Your Game

Read Daniel 6:1 – 10

Envy has three stages;

  1. Disappointment
  2. Dislike
  3. Destruction

Envy destroys my peace and distracts me from my purpose.

Forget the rest, play your game.

People who play their game are;

  1. Focused
  2. Grateful
  3. Gracious

Watch the archive for the Ustream.TV live sermon here;


23 Responses to “Playing Your Game”

  1. redeemed. Says:

    Today’s sermon was so on point, because I could identify so many instances that I have just been plain envious.And I so wasted time and effort, trying to understand why I wasn’t getting this same perks in my life, and I forgot to play my game.Today, standing in church and letting it all go was a bold step of faith for me, and in my mind, I started seeing ways in which I could rectify some of those relationships that have turned sore because of the green eyed monster.

    I have been thinking of the way Pst. M, says about sharing the ideas God has given you, and how this is an abundance mentality, and there’s more where those ideas come from.I am coming from a place of hoarding my ideas, being very secretive , and this is clearly a paradigm shift for me, yet I know deep in my heart, that it is the right thing. So I am leaning on Gods grace for this, this is clearly one of those areas where I am really at the end of my tether, but I am assured of victory, because God says so.

    Thank you so much Pst.M. for being obedient to God’s call on your life, I am learning so much and each week I am moving closer to who God needs me to be.


  2. So true…the most gracious people are those who have come into their own, in their own way and even having made it big, remain humble…playing their own game! Truly inspirational…


  3. bruised, beaten yet beloved Says:

    hmmm…..i came to church today unsure of what next. Pastor M. for real this was my sermon. an upwardly mobile professional assertive pretty young woman. i almost have it all and i have been a christian almost all my life. God has been really good to me yet i never realized the kind of envy i carried around my shoulders. For so long i thought God just didn’t like my vibes especially when it came to relationships. all my friends are married and i am going for their baby showers and it hurts. I even dared ask God what i did wrong to end up single for so long. In the process i stopped waiting on him and for the past one year i have coveted other people’s husbands since they looked like they were it, since i could not get my own i found myself having a relationship with a married man, it went from disappointment, dislike to destroying a family as i opted to play a game that wasn’t mine. I am in the process of mending my life a slow painful path, but thanks coz today the message was mine.


    • May God give you the grace as you follow his leading. He is always faithful, he expose stufff in us because he wants to change us. Hold on to his direction and let him complete what he started. All through he will carry you through.

      Am praying with you, because i know that at the end of it there is gonna to be a testimony; a story so amazing that all glory will be to God.


  4. millionaire Says:


    Thanks so much for the sermon.It was one of those sober reminders about the things that can easily beset us. For a long time and without noticing i was paying other people’s game;both in the workplace and in ministry.

    Now i realize how liberating it is to run my race!Not comparing myself to the next person but pursuing what God wants me to do.May God bless and refresh you as you run your race of leading Mavuno and turning people into fearless influencers of society.


  5. miss joy Says:

    yesterday’s sermon was too intense for me. i never thought that envy would manifest itself in the ways that Pastor brought it out. I just started coming to mavuno actually yesterday was my third Sunday and i believe without a doubt that it is where God wants me to be. i have always been jealous of my friends famiies. you know the perfect one’s where dad is a friend to all and mom is a wonderwoman..yeah,those families. my parents split up and we chose to move with mom. this was three years ago. on 30th January,my estranged father was found mysteriously killed with stab wounds and no bood on him or on the site. i went into depression and i am just getting back on my feet and struggling to grow in faith. anyway so much for being jealous.
    Pastor M,you spoke to me when you said that God cannot bless me the same way he will belss my friends or other people and now i know he has a super unique plan for me. i have a two year old son,whom i bore out of wedlock and am no onger with the father,but i know it is all in God’s plan. He has been with me through stuff i cannot dare write on this blod due to the intensity.
    I would like to caution the guys who have the tendency to want to be like other people or want what they want because you only see the surface,what lies deeper within is not as beautiful.
    Forget the rest and play your game coz God will not bless what YOU will not do.
    Thank you Mavuno,for accepeting me with my issues and making me feel worth it everytime i sit in the dome for service.


    • Miss Joy,

      Thanks for blogging and sharing the deep things in your life. Am sorry about the loss of your dad and the stress that this brought to your family.
      For real God has a unoque plan for you! Indeed your name speaks it all;choosing the joy of the Lord regardless of what you are facing. May the joy of the Lord always be your portion.

      i encourage you to come to the Prayer Tent after service every sunday we have prayer counsellors who will pray and stand with you through this. You will make it for sure by his grace.


  6. pleasantly surprised Says:

    I almost didn’t make it to church yesterday and kept negating the story about envy saying it didn’t fit into my life… that I’m not an envious person etc but the markers that portray envy are a current part of my working life and I realized I have allowed envy to take a front seat in my life.
    I thank God for showing me the truth and for his use of you Pastor M, to help shepherd his sheep.
    With this information in my heart and hopefully written on my soul I can continue to do my best to become a fearless influencer 🙂


  7. envious ivy Says:

    Hi Pastor M,
    I’m an intern, and I’ve been one for about one half years. life as an overworked, underpaid suck up is by no means rosy. so this ‘mulika mwizi’ sermon was for definitely for me. i have watched girls i went to high school with buy plots of land, cars, apartments and all of of that other stuff i day dream about while in a city hopper as i head home after a long day,s work. i wonder what it is i dint do right. but in the wonder of where i am and where they are, i end up changing my career path six times every week. so now all i get is tension headaches and an occasional ulcer flare.
    so quite obliviously, i hadn’t the faintest idea that envy was this big a deal, that when you called for people to stand i couldn’t bring myself to stand because of the kind of guilt and shame i felt. to realize that all this time I’ve been giving people empty banter about living in my God ordained purpose; while i was busy at work with another person’s game…this was unbelievable.
    i think the most shocking part of it all, was that as bad as I’ve been feeling about the state of things, i was on both ends of the envious stick.

    see, a couple of months ago, i was informed of two other ladies that were roughly about my age were coming to work with us. i haven’t been working long but the infamous state that exists amongst working females is something I’d heard of quite a bit. so before the girls came, i was the dutiful christian and prayed for peace in the workplace. but oh wow was i in for a shocker!!!
    a month into our working relationship things had boiled over. and there were rumors, the bad character denting kind or rumors. now i can recognize the face of professional sabotage from ten miles away. I surprised myself by the way i dealt with whole situation. and despite of how badly hurt i felt. nevertheless, even after forgiving, she still came after me, but now with a different set of tools. this time she aped all i did, and went for the more upgraded version of my actions as she threw in unnecessarily hurtful and snide remarks where she felt fit.
    its been a struggle but wow!! i am eternally. because i now i understand. how lucky i am, to now know the truth of my thoughts and actions and still see them in someone else. Now I’m learning to shift my focus back to what God has set apart for me and learn to be compassionate with those who are yet to get there.
    A friend and I used to have a saying when someone thought we look dashing..we’d say “this is us broke!” but after living a couple more years we’ve changed this to “this is us blessed” little did we know just how much that means.


    • @ Ivy,

      God has a way of letting us know things about us that we never thought we had inside. His word is sharper than a double edged sword, yet at the same time his love and grace are sufficient for us. 1 John 1:9 ” If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” That is the beauty of this awesome God we serve.

      I pray that God will guide you in this situation. You dont need to fight back let the Lord fight your battles. I believe that as you stand for him against the flow he will honour you big time and exalt you. May the Spirit of God be upon you always as you be the salt and light in your work place.


  8. In my own opiniön, i found envy 2 be positive and negative. On positive side,it has helped me 2 raise my siblings en make them comfortable as a teenager infact as their “mother”.I have envied gud homes en families. I have been alwayz focused en determined. On negative i worked myself out never gave 2 myself. My contentment comes after al hardwork wen pple i luv r happy en comfortable. I count it success. Envy provokes me atimes 2 go beyond limits 2 attain goals which r unattainable. I dont spear head envy if it leads 2 the negative


    • @ Martha, I hear you but I’d just like us to remember the 3 stages of envy that Pastor M shared:- dissapointment, dislike and destruction. Envy and jealousy are at first very subtle but if we give them room, they grow and end up destroying our peace and purpose.

      I pray that you will come to the place where you can play your game regardless of what happens in other people’s lives. I admire your determination and urge you to be focused on God’s purpose on your life despite what’s going on around you. As you press on, May God continue to strenghthen and bless you. May you boldly proclaim like Paul…” I have learned the secret of being content in every and any situation!” God bless, 24/7


    • Holla! Thanx alot manze(24/7). I have just been going thru the sermons en now i get it so well en so clearly. Am practicing to be grateful,patience en content. I must say it aint just a cup of coffee but am picking up well especially at work place working with (EGRs) extra grace required peaple.


  9. Changing Says:

    So my envy is of a different kind than addressed…i envy virgins and morally upright people. Strange I know but thats what i envy. I realised that most if not all of the things people envy are attainable but not my objects of envy. Anyway Your sermon has at least taken me a step further into accepting myself big, fat, flaws on all. Thank you Lord.


    • @ Changing,

      Could it be that probably envy them because you feel you have messed up and cant be like them? But you know what God says…

      2 Corinthians 5:17 says ” Therefore is anyone is in Christ Jesus he is a new creation,the old is gone and the new has come.” So you are a new creation in God. You have been justified by his blood-just as if you never sinned and thats how God looks at you. Romans 8:1 says “There is therfore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

      Keep waiting on God and always seek to be renewed by God’s word. For sure he is changing us from ordinary to a fearless army of Christ.


  10. hi,

    When we started this series, not sure what i expected. I think i expected to be told:

    These are the ways to succeed in the workplace (drop-down list), in relationships (drop-down list) etc but it’s been a great emotional ride.

    The sermon was EXCELLENT. However, how does one differentiate between admiration, coveting & envy?

    Also, i think many of us ‘envy’ others not for where they are but because they seem to have figured out their game while we’re still trying to figure out ours.

    I think it would be good to give us guidelines on how to identify our game e.g. how does God speak, how do we know when we are on the right track especially considering those who are not saved, how do we seek God adequately for answers etc.

    So many people are frustrated and are suicidal, mean etc because their lives are not going as planned.

    We each have a plan for our lives & when that plan is interfered with so much, it leaves you wondering if ur ok, or is that person’s God different from yours etc.

    Please, i think this is critical especially for the young adult who is trying to figure out their life before it’s ‘too late’

    God bless you so much Mavuno & more so Pastor M. You are indeed a blessing.

    On that note, i think the Mizizi book should be reviewed since you are more enlightened now & there is less pressure from when you started.

    Also, thanks for lowering the cost of the marathon courses. It’s good people are buying their own snacks. This way, u can’t have what you can’t afford unlike when it’s offered free.

    As for Ombi, the approach needs to be changed. The book is lovely but since the approach is different from Mizizi, it’s not getting due credit which is EXTRA sad after all that research & u know some people go thru these classes without reading their books.

    Alright that’s all folks! Enjoy the rest of ur week


  11. Prity lady Says:

    Pastor M. My mother praises God 4 u cz u always teach the word as it is n in a diff perspective altogether.u take gd cre of her daughters spiritualy thru God. B blessed.
    Nway,thanx 4 the sermon.thank you 4 i knw am nt envious.i dnt pray 4 evil on successful frndz.i just fl bad i dnt hv alt of wat my frndz hv. Thanx 4 th sermon may i neva b tht envious to destroy myslf. Pastor M.,i want to send u to God on my behalf.i am praying for a certain man i fell in love with.he was perfect 4 me bt we cldnt b cz of jelousy 4rm hs ex n a lng story.i want hm to b in my life in due tym.we dnt even tok alt aftr these incidences.i prayed bt i want u to ask God if he wl ever be myn cz i wl do anythn He tells me just to hv hm.i cnt seem to let any othr guy in just incase he shows up…plz hlp me Pastor.i nid to knw n move on b4 i miss God’s sent.rply.


    • @prity lady,

      Your situation may not be fair but please do not be stuck on that page, I am certain that God has a new chapter for you that is filled with love, blessings and favour. Just keep going to God with open mind and arms and let his will be done. In due time, the past will be dim compared to what God has laid ahead for you just as @no regret has testified.
      Be encouraged.


  12. Hi,
    This Sunday’s sermon was out of this world literally especially because it spoke to me more than i had expected. Every Sunday i pray to God to give the pastor the words to speak to me and even more so, for the word to be a great teaching to me.

    However, when i said the prayer on Sunday i did not think Pastor M’s message would make me feel like SCREAMING!!!! Lemmi tell you, i was touched to my bones!

    I’m a single mom and not in a stable job yet, while my close pals were in Uni i was taking care of my son and only cleared Uni last year. Most of my pals are settled in already, in great jobs, driving, married and that kind of thing. I have envied them but not ANYMORE! I am now playing my own game, and i will finish this race and successfully just as Pastor M blessed us.

    After service, one of my pals who i envy called me, she was also in the service, would you believe she confessed how she envied me, that i’m a mom and for the kind of person i am!!! I could not believe my ears. Now, i know that many others envy me, and i will not envy no more!!!

    I am blessed at my game and thats THAT!!

    Stay Blessed!


  13. no regreat Says:

    Hi prity lady,i know vry wel how u feel coz one time,i ws in that situation,ma 1st boyfe that we had dated for almst 4years dumped me i and felt so so painful that i decided 2replace the pain with church and God kiasi,coz while we were dating inever used 2go 2church and ma main prayer ws that God cld re-unite us, i prayed til igave up cz thngs were goin fur he got a job transfer and he engaged the chik,itz now 2years down the line God didnt answer ma pray and am very greatful ,at the moment the dude is realy asking me back and istand firmly saying NO never and nt regreting a thng about it.I am single and ad rather be single than go back 2that r/shp,am happy &stil waiting on God for ma tender warrior,the dude won bt lost,ilost bt won big .i thank God 4the breakup and not answering ma prayer or rather giving me a no,iws so much concerned wit ma desire and nt God’s desire 4me.
    All i can tel u is that God’s desire is the best and u’l neva regret,u juz pray and his will wil prevail,God knows wats wats gud 4u itz either him or someone else.juz try him
    U dnt ave 2go extra miles 4God 2ans ur prayers


  14. Wondering Says:


    I need to be clear on what happens at salvation since Christians may still need deliverance (freedom) even at salvation. The verse that says: “Behold the old is gone & behold the new has come” What does this verse mean?

    Also, what am i to expect in salvation for myself and from God? Am i favoured a little more in the area of prayer, relating with people etc because i am now saved or what?

    I am asking just to be clear because maybe my expectations are unrealistic and I need to ammend them.

    What did God become at salvation? Just a source of Hope or what?

    This is VERY important because it will alleviate some frustration and I’m sure not just for me but for many.

    If u can shed some light, please feel free.



  15. Prity lady Says:

    Hi no regret.thnx 4 th encouragement.i am vry young,20yrs.i blv tht if God cme thru 4 u,he wl cme thru 4 me wl b hard moving on cz bt i wl try my best.i hv alt to luk 4ward 2 in my i cntnue with seeking God,i knw al gt sme1 beta than hm cz tht sam1 wl b God-sent. God bless u n kip u 🙂


  16. Nafsiyangu Says:

    I am watching this sermon 21 days later online and I must say it relates to me. I ve suffered a case of sibling rivalry all through my life and this is fuelled further by my parents. Being married for 5 years without a child my younger siblings all have children kills me its so bad that I have refused to visit them and their children (I live outside the country) and I go crazy when my mother tries to give me updates about their lives something inside me stirs up and I feel so angry (i guess its the green eyed moster). My husband and I were doing well finacially now everything seems to have fallen apart and financially we are struggling due to bad investment decision and my siblings whom I supported in school are doing so well they have even bought homes.

    Listening to the online sermon today I let God take control and I have decided to play my own game and I know I am going through an incubation period and I am thanking God for everything and will work very hard at restoring all the relationships I have messed up and take interest in my nieces and nephews lives more thanks mavuno for your online ministry you have no idea what help they have been especially when living in a country where there are no reliable churches.


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