The Faith Of Champions

Read Daniel 3: 1 – 25

3 Stages of Christian Maturity

  1. my Shield – God can keep me from fire
  2. my Deliverer – God can get me out of fire
  3. my Comforter – God can be with me in the fire

When I cannot see His hand, I can trust His heart

Habakkuk 3: 17 – 19

‘Though the fig tree does not bud, and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails, and the fields produce no food, though there are not sheep in the pen, and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Saviour’


19 Responses to “The Faith Of Champions”

  1. Encouraged Says:

    Hi, I am “Just Words” in the flesh

    I wanna say thanks for all your prayers & encouragement especially from Pastor M. I appreciate it & like Pas M, I wait for what is ahead.

    I have been “called” for a lot, I’m just POOR at waiting.

    Just yesterday, i told God to give me Grace to endure being “mediocre” in my eyes while i wait for His “Big Agenda”.

    However, WHAT DO YOU DO WHILE YOU WAIT? (I wish i could put this in red & bold it-this is a suggestion)

    Anyway, I am SOOOOOOO glad that my post PROVOKED such an HONEST sermon.

    Many people focus on the victories of God, no one ever talks about the fire & Him being your Comforter, Deliverer etc.

    As Pas M said, when you don’t hear this side of the story, you begin to wonder what is wrong with you, which God do you believe? Are you confused? Are you not praying right etc. As a result, i have invested so much in prayer and especially warfare just to “overturn each stone”.

    For me, I didn’t ask for a BIG agenda though i do LOVE greatness. Who doesn’t? I was just living my “ka-life” when God decided to interrupt it then i went with the flow. He prophesied BIG things etc. However, when I did what was expected then things got too complicated, I wanted out.

    Now after Mizizi, I’m giving Him another chance. I wish He could warn you. It’s been 2 years ONLY since the ordeal-trusted someone; a mentor, things got messy. He rejected me when i was most lost & confused, more than that, his wife hurt me more than words can say, God basically dragged me through the gutter, etc

    Who warned me that i would have problems with my mentor & his wife? They should have known better. They were the “mature” ones & I was & I am “the child”.

    Now i am supposed to give God and His servants a chance.

    Eh, it’s to say the least, Very Difficult. Anyway, “I can do all things…” HAHAHA

    I trust ONLY God ( & that has its issues) & me when i believe in me.

    Let’s just say God has a lot of work to do!!!!!

    Anyway, the point was to say thanks Pas M for a Very Honest Sermon.

    God RiCHLY bless you. I am SOOOOOO glad to be in Mavuno.

    Thanks for heeding the Spirit!

    Since i know that, when someone gets saved, i tell them- Get ready for a Bumpy ride! Tusiwafiche!

    Blessed Week


    • Hey Just Words, and all others who are similarly afflicted with never-ending situations,

      You ever think that God is in Heaven laughing at you … that’s where I am!

      When I pray and ask for help, and then the opposite happens, secretly I wonder whether God was laughing at me the whole time I was asking Him for help.

      But that’s crazy …right???


  2. Cold hearted Says:

    I am already a ‘B’ yet i’m polite. I sense this rage inside which could bring out the person i keep out of the world as much as i often can. I tend to withdraw or become quiet to keep peace. I am already a very ‘tough’ girl now but i sense i will get worse. Being nice has broken my heart repeatedly so now i hv 2 protect myself esp safeguarding my confidence. This is priceless to me. Forgive me. I just pray that i don’t cause anyone pain. PS: HOW DO U GUARD UR HEART WHILE BEING ‘NICE’? Nice wk.


  3. praiz God pastor M I just don’t know wat to say after that sermon it was great i’ve bn saved 4 10 yrs now en do u know i’ve bn askn GOD to show me the results of almost everything b4 i do it en if i am not certain I just let it go i now know how many testimonies I’VE LET GO EN IAM NOT WILLING TO LET ANY MORE GO I’VE DECIDED TO ACCEPT GOD AS A COMFORTER EN DELIVERER AM WILLING TO TRUST HIS HEART WEN I CAN’T C HIS HAND.THANKS, GOD BLESS U.


  4. Amazed! Says:

    Pastor M!
    Thank you so much for listening to God and following the Spirit in terms of the direction your sermon took!
    I have had the hardest year in my whole entire life…and yet, I probably have served Him most this year. From family crisis after family crisis, to being let down by friends who I had invested in, to reaching a stage of confusion about my career and my purpose in Christ, to feeling like my life and plans had just been put on hold…sort of like a CD/DVD skipping in the same place…yaaani…through all that…I have served Him and felt close to Him and had faith and even claimed the promises in His Word that were mine for those specific situations.

    Right now…I am not sure that I will have a job much longer and I have no idea what is the next step…BUT I HAVE PEACE
    The family crisis just went up a notch…BUT I HAVE PEACE
    My list of friends has shrunk and Im learning that maybe introversion is not such a bad thing…BUT I HAVE PEACE!

    I know that God only allowed me to be in the fire because He is WITH ME! and Because He knows with Him I can make it!

    Irrespective of what comes my way…I know without a shadow of a doubt that HE is!:
    my Shield – God can keep me from fire
    my Deliverer – God can get me out of fire
    my Comforter – God can be with me in the fire

    On Sunday I could hear pst Linda so clearly! “Eeeeeeeeh!!!! You gonnn make it!!!”

    FO SHO!


    • You will make it for sure! Am so encouraged by your testimony..
      Keep holding on to the one whose promises are “Yeah and Amen in Christ Jesus.”

      Remember Numbers 23:19 ” God is not a man that He should lie, neither is He a son of man that He should repent. Has He not said it? Will He not do it?”

      May God carry us through even when we do not see His hand or feel His presence.


    • wanguisummedup Says:

      eii yaawah am so blessed by the space you are in because trust me I feel you and yeah we gonna make it for God is with us in the fire through the fire and to keep us from the fire!


    • Amazed – i just wanted to tell you that your words “I know that God only allowed me to be in the fire because He is WITH ME! and Because He knows with Him I can make it!” have REALLY spoken to me. We serve a great God and I am more than happy to face life WITH HIM and be part of the awesome testimonies and deliverances that will happen as a result of the fires HE WALKS WITH ME IN. The Greater the Glory to HE who deserves it ALL. The greater the testimony to those who are yet to experience the amazing love of God.


  5. fearless... Says:

    ok, i sat in the sermon thinking yenyewe God wanted to speak to me. i met a situation a while back and as kawa i was praying for God to keep me from the fire, i was reluctant to go through with it. in my mind God was meant to keep me shielded.last week i was thinking bout the situation and i realized the only way for it to end was to go through with it.on sunday i got to know not only should i go through it but i should trust God to hold my hand. am still surveying the matter, things are bound to get very ugly or they can be pretty good.either way i know my God in heaven is sufficient to get me through the good, the bad and the downright ugly. i step into the fire,albeit afraid that i might get burned but i know even after i shall be redeemed by his glory…cant wait to see what God does,i will go along with him,trust him.


  6. Child of the Most high Says:

    It is so amazing that the 3 hebrew men were ready to be thrown into the fire even if God did not come to save them. Wa!! I wonder how many christians are ready to take that step
    I have been in the fire for a long time; one after another. It is not a pleasant experience & sometimes you wonder whether God is there with you. I recently went through a heartbreak and i felt played by God; however, there was no one i could run to/ who could understand me so He was the only one i had. I did not fathom why He allowed pain yet i consulted him before i took any step & i did what i thought is right. This is a very hard moment to face as a christian but i have chosen to hold on despite the heat of the fire.
    The sermon was an encouragement i dearly needed. In deed i have decided that when i dont see His hand, i’ll trust His heart.
    God bless you pst. M for reaching out to many in pain as a result of doing what is good and right.


    • Be encouraged Child of the Most High.

      Like Paul would say “I consider my present suffering as nothing compared to the glory that would be revealed in me..” Because His ways are way higher than ours. Though we cannot see clear now someday it will all fall in place and we will be grateful He carried us through.

      Praying with you.


  7. Hello “Just for words, -now Encouraged” . I am glad to know that you are encouraged. i can only but imagine how you felt when all was just words. But I guess we all have a part to play in this game of life. i just want to try and answer your question when you say … ”WHAT DO YOU DO WHILE YOU WAIT?” as crazy as this sounds…, SERVE GOD WHILE YOU WAIT, WHILE YOU WAIT,WORSHIP HIM, WHILE YOU WAIT…dn’t give up and keep running the race. even when thingz are crazy and ugly…hold on to God and trust that He will work it all out for your good… its amazing what you will see Him do through you. be blessed. Thank you Pastor M for the words of encouragement I know i am going to testify of the goodness of this AMAZING..AWESOME GOD. God bless you so so much!


  8. Catherine Says:

    Thanks Pst M for that sermon. I totally loved what you kept emphasising…when we can’t see God’s hand we can trust His heart. For the longest time I have always known that my faith in God is always the one always under attack. There are things I have prayed for for a long time and sometimes I feel like “Ok…God…I’m getting impatient here. Where are You” (this is not to say that He has never answered any of my prayers…He has…but sometimes the pending issues threaten to overshadow the answered prayers). During such moments I just feel so tired I want to crawl to a corner and just stay there. But a bulb lit up for me during worship when Kanji was talking about our response to God….I realised that my faith becomes vulnerable when I do not understand that God is working all the time, even when I can’t see my answers, He’s working out things for me and in His time He will reveal the answers. So….what can I do for this God who loves me soooo much, who never slumbers, who never forgets me, who knows me by name, who cares about my every need, who’s working out everything for me?……trust Him and give Him my heart…surendered…it’s the least I can do. Thank you for that awesome worship and great sermon. Kanji you have a great gift in ushering us to God’s presence and truth….I love the way you always explain what we are doing….may God’s annointing continue to flow over you. Pst M….I’m speechless.


  9. Hi Mavuno. I have been a keen follower of all your sermons through the television and you have inspired my life. I was a believer and a minister of the word through praise and worship, but the devil separated me from God. I got saved last Sunday and am ready to take up the gospel and FIGHT TILL THE END.


    • wanguisummedup Says:

      You gonna make it Daughter of God You will


    • Praise God Winnie!! I thank Him for saving you from the lies of the devil. As a former backslider who returned to God’s loving arms and is now actively serving Him, I tell you that GOD WILL COMPLETE YOUR SALVATION. He will not let you fall. Put ALL your trust in HIM! May God bless you and keep you and uplift you. He will return unto you what the Locusts stole. God bless you.


    • Winnie, let me also encourage you to join a Life Group. Life Group members stand with you through Life and will be Kingdom partners in your walk and service. Also, if you have not done Mizizi, please register at the earliest and do it. Mizizi will equip you very well as a returned believer in helping you build an open, deep and real relationship with God. And remember Mavuno’s prayer tent always has prayer counsellors available after service should you need someone to pray with you, counsel you or listen to you. I’ll be praying for you dear sister.


  10. this is for the completely ADORABLE christian.
    that i submit this special fragrence …

    a fragrance that is woven with the thread of perfection…
    ……… LOVE
    Jesus has been our best source of inspiration,
    in all creations…

    When the sun rises in the East, The lotus blooms ….. to say you
    “you are so lovable” ,

    this fragrance is for that gal whose had a brocken heart
    you are beautiful the way you are…

    this fragrance is for that gal who thinks that they are unworthy
    you are not a nobody, you are a child of God
    you think that God doesn’t like someone like you, you are a friend of God
    you are not useless, you have been bought at a price

    this fragrance is for you who thinks you won’t make it,
    be assured that all things work together for good
    be confident that the good work christ began in you will be perfected
    and you can find grace and mercy in time of your need

    if you thinking you are worthless, this fragrance is meant for you,
    you are the salt nd light of the earth,you can make a difference
    you are ordinary, and you can do all things through Christ
    and remember that God is with you, always
    His perfect love drives away all our fears.

    This fragrance is for you, the complete lady/gentleman reading this
    to say ………
    you are LOVABLE, you are ADORABLE

    for the sunset, …. It’s fading glory
    for the nights, …. It’s Star-studded brightness….
    for a rose, …. It’s fragrant sweetness

    And for you, … Let it be …..
    ……. Love

    ……… CHRIST


  11. Bubbles Says:

    The summon last Sunday just clicked. Just like the whole series continues to be just for me…so was last Sunday’s summon. As I went off into the week thinking… I go into the fire this week….I better be knowing that God is with me in the fire.

    Then yesterday I made the final click; Its not about my feelings, its about the committment. If I follow my feelings (flesh) I will not hear or feel God..but if I stick to my committment, I will always hear God. This applies in my workplace, my marriage, my relationships and everything I do. Daniel and his peeps were not feeling like going into the fire….but they were committed in their faith in God and in they went knowing and trusting God would be in there with them, whether they burnt up or not.

    I have been having such a rough time in the office but when it finally clicked…I have had such a different time in the office. I am no longer listening to my feelings – towards my work or my bosses….but now focusing on my committment to God and what He would have me do at my work place.

    Im at peace knowing God is my all in all – and though I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me.


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