The Coach Factor

What’s your natural tendency when you face a crisis?

  1. Turtle – withdraw, head off for a place of comfort
  2. Horse – dig in, work hard
  3. Skunk – fight back

Read Dan 2:1-13 & 2:14-24 (NIV)

Human wisdom falters, godly wisdom prospers.

Read Dan 2:46-49

Why is turning to God NOT our default response?

  1. Busyness – Psalms 37:7
  2. Poor Self-worth – James 1:5
  3. Sin – Proverbs 28;13 Proverbs 1:23
  4. Disappointment with God
  5. Lack of commitment to obey: God will never move you beyond your last point of obedience.

How can we access divine wisdom?

Listen to the coach.

A ‘Psalm’ about the God of the marketplace…

The Lord is my managing partner,
I need no insurance against loss,
He leads me into profitable ventures,
He keeps me from stress and disorder,
He restores me to complete wholeness,
He leads me in making ethical decisions, so that the God brand gets full recognition,
Even in the face of global economic recession,
I will not fear inflation,
For You are with me,
Your guidance and insight steer me right,
Your award success and favor to me,
in the presence of hostile competitors,
You pour favor and blessing on me,
so that I always have a surplus,
Surely goodness and love will chase after me all the days of my life,
And my every waking moment will be spent joyfully in God’s presence.

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50 Responses to “The Coach Factor”

  1. Pst.M,
    God bless you and continue to minister to you , you have been a blessing,I could recognize in myself situations where I have been a skunk, and believe me, until my attitude changed the situation really stunk!This is why we do church, to be equiped to wave His flag, and stand!
    Thanks for posting that psalm, I will speak it in my life until it is!I wonder can you post lyrics of songs we sing on Sunday too?They are such powerful declarations and sometimes we don’t get to learn all the words during service.


  2. Favourd of God Says:

    Hai pasi M God’s word 2day was so a student living with pple who dn hv any honour on virginity.ive stayd pure n hv vowd 2remain a virgin til am a student its bn dificult th@ @ tyms I feel lyk givin in 2b lyk my peers.that word ws timely dat am planning 2wave the flag ov jesus christ in my university thro’ applied knowledge.GOD BLESS U N MAY HE USE U 2 MINISTER 2MANY.


  3. Confession & I Need Prayers Says:

    Mavuno Staff & Pastor M,

    I thank God for all of you, may God bless you for the all the work you are doing, fearlessly influencing this city, continent and the world.

    I am encouraged by last weeks comment of a person who struggled with masturbation. I am Christian, born again who by people’s standards is doing well in the God-business…everything is fine with me (I think), kept from sex before marriage, I don’t drink e.t.c. as I try to live that life that God would say “Well done my good and faithful servant”, I love God and my life reflects it (I think) … BUT… the perfect picture is interrupted by pornography and masturbation for the longest time. I have failed in this so badly that I can’t find the courage to confess these things to anyone, maybe tis the fear of how they will look at me after. Unclean. Its not that I don’t know it wrong, its just that even if I say NO…even at that moment when I am doing it…I guess the Spirit is willing and my flesh is weak…

    Is it true that I have to confess to everyone or someone to be freed from this bondage? Because I won’t and I don’t want to confess. Obviously I am ashamed of it and who would want people knowing that ‘I am the masturbater, the guy who confessed!’ I am ashamed Pastor, I am frustrated with an ongoing sin that I know displeases God BUT I can’t help it…what do I do now because even when I resolve not to sin, I find myself in the same place.

    As Pastor S would say that there exists generational curses, I am starting to believe that maybe I have recieved a demon or curse by watching these things because I simply can’t explain why I am glued to the habit. Could this be true.

    I wish to be free one day, may God give me the grace. For the woman who I will marry, for the sake of our marriage. I don’t want the future of my generation to be put at risk because of a bad habit that I could stop.

    Pray for me, please, so that I stop.



    • The Xfactor Says:

      Its good that you have identified that you have a problem. We will pray for you…and would advise you to open up to a prayer counsellor and ask them to pray with you…i know that it is shameful, but take that step of faith and remember that Jesus died to take away our shame.


    • Mr. Citizen Says:

      God bless you pastor M. The sermon was great. Thanks for reading out my testimony on Sunday. I receive that blessing and prophesy in Jesus name. I am stronger each day. I long to seek God’s wisdom in my daily life and struggles.

      @Confession & I Need Prayers, I had been struggling with masturbation for over 12 years as Pastor M said and I tell you its not easy ending this bondage. I have met guys who used to do it 10-20 times a day and was encouraging that it could be worse. Its true you have to confess it by your own words to beat it. The more you say it the easier it becomes. Don’t be ashamed of labels, everyone has issues, but its God’s judgment that you should be concerned about not man’s. God will give you the courage you need.

      Step 1 is to seek for help which you have done and 100% resolve to change. Throw away or delete all the porn and avoid the internet at all costs for the next 2 weeks. Seek God’s wisdom as Pastor M taught. Replace this with exercise (burn excess testosterone) and with good content, gospel music, preaching DVD’s and anything constructive. Read the bible when you get that feeling, pray all the time and ask God to suppress the sexual feeling till the right time (marriage).

      Step 2, If you are serious about getting a solution, come for Gideon’s Torch (men’s fellowship) every Wednesday @5-6am at the Mavuno dome, Pastor M, Pastor S, Pastor Amani and other guy leaders n men will be there. Also sign up for mizizi if you haven’t done it. Grow your faith, commit to a church program and shows God that you are committed to change.

      Step 3, Having accountability partners is really important to help you beat this and grow in your Christianity. Have a close friend keep you accountable for your actions. Do not lie to yourself that you can do it alone. I have shared this issue with the other men and they prayed over me. I have also found many more that beat this bondage.

      Step 4, I got baptized with water and the holy spirit and I got a spiritual solution. My conscience and spirit are clean. I live to share my testimony and bring many more to Christ because this is my purpose.

      For now, remember that an idle mind is the devils workshop. Keep yourself busy all the time. You have to remember that the devil knows our weak points and will keep attacking us till we pass on to the after-life. Shame the devil here on earth and God in Heaven will be pleased. God bless your every thought and action and see you on Wednesday morning.


    • Confession & I Need Prayers Says:

      I have a mentor, I think if it needs me to confess then I will confess to him, he has been my spiritual guide and he is responsible for my growth in Christ. I will take that step of faith as you guys have advised…

      I will also try make it for GT…though I make no promises.

      I have done Mizizi and most of the steps that you have mentioned I have gone through them, its just the confession part that I haven’t dealt with and hence my feeling that I needed to confess to be freed!

      Oh, and plus the baptism … I will follow up on that. Btw, what is the importance of baptism, I have never been baptised? Ok, I know its significance but is it a must?? We never covered that to detail in Mizizi…


    • F.R.Y (Fungua.Roho.Yako) Says:

      I hear you. Last week’s sermon was deep for me too. The sermon helped me firm up my convictions. I have been struggling with sexual sin and basically doubling in the world and salvation for the longest time.

      I took what pastor M said last week to heart and applied it. I resolved: No more suggestive phone calls. No more late night phone calls. No more desperate attempts to fill a void that God has allowed in my life through sex. I hear you when you say it’s difficult. I haven’t been sexually pure for more than a month BUT I have resolved to be sold out. HONESTLY.

      About confessing, I personally think it’s important. Confession to a Trusted friend lets someone else in to help you. I’m not sure about confessing to the whole Church…so I won’t comment there. I personally know that I need to find someone to walk with me and I don’t think it should be just anyone or the entire Church. A trusted, saved, female (in my case) friend, who can help me stand at my low, desperate moments and walk with me on this straight and narrow road. But after doing this all my life, I know it will take more than a friend to keep me accountable and help me stand. I’ve got to want it badly enough for myself to stand when no one else is watching. I know it will take personal committed actions and honesty with God.

      This past weekend was harsh. I went for a beautiful wedding on Saturday and there’s nothing like weddings to make single people really feel single. :-). I got really low and wanted to make out with the “usual suspect” but you know what I did? I got home, and instead of calling him up, in the solitude of my room, had a one on one with God. Poured my heart out. And the Word my heart found rest in is Ps. 22, 23 and 24. I praised God in Church yesterday because this one time, my reaction to a feeling of deep desperation was different. I woke up on Sunday morning without the usual feeling of guilt weighing over me.

      A few weeks back, I learnt Galatians 3:13-14. I like The Message version. It says, “Christ redeemed us from that self-defeating, cursed life by absorbing it completely into himself. Do you remember the Scripture that says, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”? That is what happened when Jesus was nailed to the cross: He became a curse, and at the same time dissolved the curse. And now, because of that, the air is cleared and we can see that Abraham’s blessing is present and available for non-Jews, too. We are all able to receive God’s life, his Spirit, in and with us by believing—just the way Abraham received it.” End quote.

      There are quite a number of potential generational curses in my family and in my life BUT I know where my victory lies. It’s in faith. Believing. Then after I believe, i must ACT. Faith without actions is dead. I gotta back my faith with actions. I’ve got to live free. Today.

      One thing that kept me going last week and kept me from sinning on Saturday night was the phrase: Know God (know what pleases HIM and what HE says about me) and Know myself (Know my weaknesses and strengths). Thank you Pastor M.

      Be encouraged. You’re not alone. Activate the victory and freedom that is already yours.


    • Confession & I Need Prayers Says:

      I have thus RESOLVED NOT TO DEFILE MYSELF WITH THE BAD HABITS THAT DISPLEASE GOD…just like Daniel, may God say these things of me when He gives a report about my life. God saw it fit to include that piece of information in His Holy Word…it must have and is an honourable thing of God Himself, the creator who by His Word light came from His mouth…how indescribable He is.


    • …and it’s clearly not going to be easy. It’s 10 PM: Numbers deleted, Daniel 2 already read…and yaaaani, change is not easy. I realize it’s gonna be a change in mind set, thinking and habits. God help.

      I pray for sustainability. That I would change to the extent that even beyond this season, I’ll be changed and win. Godly wisdom to live a God pleasing life.

      Writing this blog today helped me tonight coz you know what? I don’t want to write a lie in the coming days. Thank God for this.


  4. just a kairetu Says:

    Wow,the sermon was not only a lesson in learning but has planted in me a new desire to know God not only know him form what I hear but in a relationship with Him.I am proud to say,this monday morning,I have now started my daily routine of seeking His will for me first thing when I wake up.As Pastor M said it won’t be easy but I’m willing to put in the dedication that comes with knowing God’s will for me coz for too long I’ve used prayer as a last resort!Pastor M,when u said that there is a difference between a job and work,I felt like u were staring directly at me coz a “job” has been my prayer for a while now,yet i should be directing my prayer towards using my skills to fulfill a need.I decided to take ur advice n go help out at the local children’s home in my area and just that hour made a difference-the staff there were grateful as they have shortage of staff and that one hour helped.I’d be lying to say it wasn’t gratifying to feel I was needed n spending time with those babies sure made me smile-instant gratification better than the many hours av wasted buyng those pirated movies.Sothank you for tht challenging “pep talk”.I will go about my father’s businesss as I wait on Him to use me to find work that’s in line with my purpose(which I actually discovered after las yr’s sermons on the same topic of finding one’s dream/vision).I will digress abit n say I hope there’s a way u can go back to the way the worship part of the service was,abit longer with more songs packed into it than the short singing period n slightly long dialogue that goes on btwn the two “presenters” after the songs-just a thot,not necessarily criticism:)


  5. Totally Blessed Says:

    Thanks Pastor M! for the amazing,spot on and timely sermon.

    I have resolved to gain Godly wisdom by spending time with my maker.I will now make QT a must in my everyday life.I woke up for the first time today in many many months to have fellowship with God and it was amazing!I am looking forward to learning,growing and hearing from him.I sure pray that I keep it up this time round and that my QT will not be a routine task but much needed breakfast (daily bread).During the sermon,I also learned a lot and received personal messages from God.I was so excited after the sermon.

    Thanks again and may God continue to use you in powerful ways.God Bless!


  6. Thank you for a different Monday morning Pastor M. Usually, my Monday’s begin on Tuesday, if you know what I mean… Thank you for the change in my life. It’s dreary and cold outside but I’m looking for ways I can be the solution provider to people around me at work. How many ways are coming up? My goodness!!!! It’s true that my outlook on life influences my actions. Many thanks!

    Yesterday was a download of soooooo much – that entire service (from the praise & worship to The Word) was like a deal – two services in one. I feel like I have to take a day and meditate on all of it and let it take root and go deep – all the way to my toes.

    What keeps resounding in my head is how God can “engineer” circumstances and things can be seeming to go “wrong” but that’s just an opportunity for me to stand for him. I hope ‘Just Words’ & ‘In Pain’ were in Church yesterday.


    • King'ori J. Maina Says:

      In Joseph’s history we see something of Christ, who was first humbled and then exalted. It also shows the lot of Christians, who through many tribulations enter into the kingdom. It is a history that has none like it, for displaying the various workings of the human mind, both good and bad, and the singular providence of God, that in making use of them (the tribulations) for fulfilling his purposes.

      God likewise gave Joseph the prospect of his advancement, to support and comfort him under his long and grievous troubles. Observe…Joseph dreamed of his preferment, but he did not dream of his imprisonment. Thus many people, when setting out in the world, think of nothing but prosperity and pleasure, and never dream of trouble. His brothers rightly interpreted the dream, though they abhorred the interpretation of it. While they committed crimes in order to defeat it, they were themselves the instruments of accomplishing it. Thus even the Jews understood what Christ said of his kingdom. Determined that He should not reign over them, they consulted to put him to death; and by his crucifixion, made way for the exaltation they designed to prevent.

      Jesus & Joseph, two examples of God engineering the ‘wrong’ to make right!


  7. Changed B Says:

    Hi Pastor M. God bless you so much. I was very blessed by sermon yesterday and actually you were talking to me. I respond to crisis the turtle way. One thing that made me realize that you were talking to me is the bit of human wisdom. The whole of last week i was calling and texting pple asking the who do they know in places…I really like working with CBK and guys keep on telling me that I have to be from a certain family or a “somebody” to work there this has really disturbed me and i keep on asking pple whether they know somebody there. I am born again yet i do not seek God’s wisdom i trust in pple so much. I wanted my brother to get a job at nakumatt and the same position stood…”who can i talk to who is known there”…thanks for praying for me i hope i will learn to Trust in God and not human am seeking God’s wisdom. Thanks so much for your blessing and informative sermon…It was ment for me..


    • blessed Says:

      Hi changed B,
      I thought its a great coincidence that you mention your desire to work for CBK and looking for connections to get there. My bro who has been searching for a decent job for close to 10 years, got a job contract from CBK a few days ago. I can assure you he knew absolutely no one there. He just did the interviews and God came through. The whole family had been praying for him for a long, long time to get a good job and God finally heard our prayers and even exceeded our expectations. He’s a great God. Its not about who you know, its about having faith in the father of all and waiting on him. God bless.


  8. Want Out Says:

    I did not make to come for the Service on Sunday but I really wished i was in there. I am going through a series of what i would call “repeat sin” I have done Mizizi and went for the retreat. On Saturday evening an old friend of mine had just returned into the country and she really wanted to see me. to cut the long story short we went to my place and we indulged. I felt very bad and guilty that it happened since it feels like i have opened the door to many other that have been on my case and i have been running away from.
    I tell them that I am born again and i have left my bad ways. however i still keep on falling into the temptation. I have been running for some time now like Joseph did but this time round i felt like i was left alone to hang dry……
    I need prayers i need someone to stand with me. I do not have the courage to talk to Prayer counselors….


    • King'ori J. Maina Says:

      If you missed the Sunday Sermon you can watch it online here; Playing To Win – The Coach Factor archived video


    • @ Want Out:

      Make the resolve and God will respond. God will always honour your resolution.
      Have people to stand with you and be accountable to someone. Somebody who will walk with you.
      Take courage and share it out. It doesn’t have to be with Prayer Counselors. It can be your prayer partner.
      Don’t give up and resign to fate.God actually wants you to be victorious. Praying with you.


    • Want Out Says:

      the prayer partner thing is becoming complicated since during Mizizi i was allocated a prayer partner who is not saved.
      I have been trying to pull him up in the word but its hard to share with him this stuff coz it may break him down since he is also struggling with almost the same issue.

      I hope all this will go away. pray for me that it all goes away.


  9. Liverpool fan Says:

    I’m hugely blessed by this sermon series yani! especially last sunday’s sermon…basically about focusing on why God put us in the predicaments we find ourselves in.
    i just want to thank God because he is faithful.i’ve been really waiting on his response conserning my future…university and he has kept me waiting..but he has really reveiled himself to me in the process. He kept reminding me that at the end of the day, He is God. I’ve learned to trust in Him…and to speak by faith about things in my life, like Daniel did when he said he would reveil to the king the mystery of his dream and its meaning even before he’d worried…sought human wisdom then finally prayed and fasted haha. Praise God! He is becoming EVERYTHING to it should be


  10. Changing Says:

    I had an unexplained a rash on my left leg and a problem with my teeth(am due for my second operation and several root canals) but am saved-ish but it was shocking when you revealed what God was telling you plus you looked me straight in the eye when you were saying this precisely when you were saying about the rash coz u place your hand at the exact leg and position of my rash. Should I be worried?


    • Stop.Running Says:

      @ changing. ’nuff said. Stop Running. You can’t out run God!


    • Mr. Citizen Says:

      Do not be scared when God talks to you direct. Its not about intimidated, its God telling you that he has picked you among the billions on earth and knows you by name and what you are going through. Tap into his love and you will be amazed of his goodness. Salvation is getting to know God whole heartedly and surrendering your all at the cross coz Christ die for you. By his strips ( )


    • God loves you so much.
      Imagine He had to single you out from the whole crowd because he was actually looking out for you.
      Listen to his voice. Heed to his call.He has an awesome plan for you for sure.
      You are beloved and highly favored of the Lord. And no you don’t need to be worried, because Romans 8:1 says “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

      I pray that God will heal your rush and be with you as you go for your operation. If you have not done Mizizi please sign up-it will connect you to God, to people and purpose…And probably he will show you why he had to single you out of the whole multitude.


    • Amazed! Says:

      WOW! How blessed are you to receive a direct call and message from our Heavenly Father…That is how much He loves you! Don’t be worried…just see it as a personal hand written invitation letter, from the most High, Signed Sealed and Delivered straight to your hearT!
      @Changing…there’s no more for being ‘saved-ish’ God wants EVERYTHING!EVERY PART OF YOU!

      Surrender and welcome to the family!


  11. Pasi, 4 2months i hav nt bin able 2 go 2 church bt on ths sunday,by God’s grace i did. N wat a timely blessin it was. I hav lost my way n dint knw hw 2 come bak 2 God. Your sermon was an eye opener n i decided 2 use Godly wisdom instead of human wisdom n my my didnt it prosper. On my lips r jus songs of praise n thankgiving. He is truly amazin!


  12. kairetu Says:

    waa si this sermon was timely!!!as in so so timely.i am an extreme of a turtle and a skunk-never balanced.i have been struggling in a relationship due to these reactions that i have.sometime back the r/shp met a storm,wasnt sure it was goin to recover. things were bad for like three weeks, then they started picking up at some point then jana they came to a crashing stop, i was outrightly disrespected on purpose. i felt bad, pisd off,e.t.c but there was something different this time around, after the initial shock of the incident i felt a sudden peace,like it was goin to be ok.ever since the series started i have been involving God asking him to guide my reactions,he has heard and guided me in my steps…i was surprised that God could be that 4 now the human in me is panicking for some reason but the spirit is just growing stronger.tough times but like daniel, i will keep seeking God for in him i find myself.worship for me has transformed and my life has taken a direct turn for the better.prayer has become every moment anywhere.thanks pasi for this very timely word.i will strive to be a daniel in my generation…….


  13. I loved the message. 2 weeks back I was praying for a mentor and thinking of who could mentor me. Last week, I got an impression in my heart: The mentor(s) in my life will confirm what God is saying to me. I already need to be sure about what God is saying directly to me, before my mentor confirms it, challenges it and/or cheers me on. My mentor(s) should not replace God’s voice in my life; neither are they responsible for my growth with God. He/She will simply confirm what God is saying. Pasi, the phrase “Listen to THE coach” gives me peace, confirms my conviction, is so real and challenging. What an adventure life is.


  14. I was just checking to see what the Mavuno blogs are all about with absolutely no commitment to share.
    …then the crisis set in…still in as I write

    I’m in this work setting where I have been sharing with my LG members, about how my boss always threatens to fire me.

    Then this morning, she talks about how she’s been threatened by our overall boss to be fired. And she was really upset.

    Thing is, what went through me was not glee but wondering what I could do to sort this. This felt like an opportunity to make a difference in my workplace.

    I haven’t prayed about it or anything like that but I shared it with a member of my Lifegroup

    Then the crisis hit..

    I have been asked, by the overall boss, she who can REALLY fire, whether I have what it takes to take up my boss’ job. Via a text. whether I have the guts and bXXXs to do it.

    Now…the crisis is that…

    I don’t think I can do the job,right now, having watched what it entails…I am scared of what others would think if I take it over at this stage…

    and the crazy thing is that i have been in this sort of situation before…more than once. And if the situation was turned around, I was always asked, would the other person take the job without batting an eyelid?

    An unqualified yes! is always my answer.

    I don’t know. It almost feels unethical. And I haven’t even responded to the text. Which already says a lot.

    The human wisdom that i am relying on here is, my boss’,mine, my past bosses and the more I think about the worse I feel.

    And the reason I am thinking that God would not help in this situation is that “I am being ungrateful” or “It’s rather obvious what i should do” or or or or or

    Right now, I think it’s an unfair situation to be in and it’s pretty much like the guy on the cliff who was asked to let gob by God

    “Anybody else out there????????”


    • Mr. Citizen Says:

      @Turtle in the House, God chooses the Unqualified and Qualifies the chosen. Don’t turn it down. Its a great challenge and opportunity to show others what God can do in your life.


    • ” Father i want to pray for for your child.
      You say in your word that if anyone lacks wisdom they should ask you,
      And you will give them without finding fault (James 5:1)
      I pray that you will give Turtle your wisdom,
      That you will open her ears to hear what you are saying to her,
      That she may be sensitive to you and perceive your move,
      Go ahead of her and make every path straight Lord,
      May she hear your still small voice ever so clearly saying,
      ‘This is the way child, walk in it.’
      Thank you Lord because whatever we ask in your will we receive,
      May there be a testimony of how you came through,
      That all glory and praise may return to you.
      In Jesus name i pray, Amen!”


    • This blew my mind on Sunday: That God wants and desires to reveal HIS will to me. I’ve always thought that I’ve got to do something great or special to stand out for God to speak to me. Isn’t it amazing that all we need to do is to ask God to show us the way and then trust HIM on the same? HIS Word says HE is willing and HE is not man that HE should lie. HE keeps HIS promises.

      Turtle, I pray God would show you HIS way out. I pray God would impart HIS divine wisdom to guide you on the way to go. Believe that HE will coz HE truly can.

      Please come back and share how HE will have made a way. I know HE will. Look out for HIS provision of wisdom and direction.


    • I didn’t turn down the job…

      …but I didn’t accept it either.

      the whole thing didn’t feel right. And responding via a text, I felt was not the way to go.

      I sat down this morning with the CAN FIRE boss and asked her what was going on. She said she was having a moment. I think the God wisdom thing was to wait…and I’ve got something to pray about/for now…WISDOM,Knowledge of His will for me and power,guts and bXXXs to carry it out.

      For the life of me i wold not have thought to seek His wisdom


  15. I usually read the blogs for encouragement but this time i really wanted to see if the person Pastor M. pointed out would post something and indeed Changing did. Dear Changing,Listen to the Coach!!! He singled you out of a crowd of people and used Pastor M to point you out to the minutest most unique detail about you. you are very special to God. Clearly God is far from being finished with sorting you out, He is able to complete the work he started on you. God loves you so much, you are so special to him and yes take this very seriously because God Himself is taking you very very seriously.


  16. Amazed! Says:

    Wah!I have been away from church for a few weeks and so glad I came back when I did.
    I have made a commitment to listen to the Coach and trust in Him only. His voice sometimes is hard to hear, so I am listening extra hard to hear him speak about my situation.
    I have been waiting for peace and clarity on my job, which I know I need to leave. First off…its not in line with God’s spoken plan for me (revealed and confirmed by others) Second, it is a difficult, dark place to work with an erratic boss who people fear.. Third, my heart has checked out and I am not committed. BUT I am not letting go until He blesses me…and until He says go…and I am not even sure that God wants me to let go 100%…but I do know that He has said that there is more to His plan than this.
    So for me…like Daniel..I am going STRAIGHT To my coach…the THREE-IN-ONE! For a clear way!
    Also…I resolved to stay away from a certain som’barry’s advances. We are not in a relationship, but we are attracted to each other, and particularly when its cold or we feel lonely, solace is found in each other’s arms. We have never had sex…full intercourse, but its like Pst S and the 2 Mavunites who helped during the Purity talk @ Mizizi asked…how far is too far.
    I know that him and I are going to far…and in the wrong context! But I know God is strong and able to keep my mind and heart stayed on Him!



    • I feel you, Amazed. STRAIGHT TO THE COACH and away from the sam’barry’s :). I so hear you and feel you.

      Good to know I’m not alone on this walk.

      One thing I know from experience about God is HIS peace. It’s a trademark of HIS presence and purpose in my life. Was in a similar predicament with my career (not just a job…) and waited on God and do you know HE came through? Right now, I’m not doing what I’ve always done and I know that GOD is so faithful. I’m doing so much more with my life now than I was exactly a year ago and seeking HIM to take me to the next level. The one thing I know that will get God moving in your life, like HE did for me, is complete obedience. I like what Pastor M said: God will only move me from my last point of obedience. It’s so true. Last year, I decided to be faithful in my tithe and just recently, to stand my ground when it comes to the certain sam’barry’s (plural) in my life who are not clear on the end goal of their advances. That for me is my new point of obedience and surrender.

      Let’s Stand, Listen and Obey then watch God take us to the next level.


  17. Hey, i enjoyed that sermon. it was interesting. I love the way you do your thing. I think i have been a turtle. When crisis comes the first thing i reach for is a drink or two and even some fun through sex, going out etc. Just as a consolation to the situation.

    I am also a horse cause i will run to God and do all i can to find out the explanation so i can get out of the crisis soonest.

    i think we need a sermon on quiet time (QT) coz it is clearly important but no one teaches you this stuff.



  18. Suggestion from Concerned Says:


    This blog thing is a good idea and guys are REALLY writing which is good thing but was wondering: If i have an issue and cannot find the right topic under which to talk about it, then what?

    Will i have to wait until a topic that fits the bill is talked about and what should i be doing in the meantime while I wait?

    Can we get alternate blogs for general prayer requests pleeeeeaaaseeeee!

    Thanks, Concerned


    • @suggestion from concerned, thanks for your blog, prayer ministry team are working on a blogspot for general prayers (not related to the sermon) and hopefully it’ll be up soon just watch this space. In the meantime keep posting your prayer requests on this one and we’ll be glad to stand with you in prayer.


  19. confused Says:

    Hi, first I have to say that last Sunday’s sermon was totally awesome. And the fact that Pasi M talked of job searching while using time wisely,reminded me that I’m not entirely useless to the world as I was debating with myself.For one I know that i’m a horse. Aside from all this my confusion comes from the fact that I don’t know what I want and i’m 24. Like Pasi said I don’t want to look for a job but for work. something that I will surely enjoy doing because I get bored easily. I am saved somehow, out of sorts with God and don’t know exactly how to ask him to show me the way or my purpose. One thing I know for sure is that I don’t want to walk through this life without purpose. I know that I have resources and I know that I can do and be so much without entirely relying on employment. This I know because it rings in my head daily. But I feel so confused and crippled and I don’t know how to move forward.Advice!!!


    • millionaire Says:

      I pray that the Lord will guide you.

      I know what you are talking about. The confusion of not knowing what you are meant to do. I was at such a point sometime back. Like you i knew that i have resources and employment isn’t my thing. But how was i to start? what was i to do?
      Until i realised one great super secret: The way to the king’s presence is service. I undertook to serve God @ Mavuno. I would come to volunteer and do whatever had to be done.And i mean whatever. I gave my all in serving God. I was in the presence of God and of his people. I met people who prophesied into my life and who God used to show me my calling and gifting.

      As i write i now know where God is calling me to. I call myself Millionaire bcz am convicted of His calling in my life to be a Kingdom resource channel. So serve the Lord. Give Him your all and watch Him do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can ask or imagine. I hope i have encouraged you.

      Proverbs 3:6 ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. in all your ways acknowledge the Lord and He will make your paths straight.”


  20. Cheapest of sinners Says:

    Without knowing where to start I’ll go right in. I’m born again , over a year now and baptised, even serving in ministry. However I can’t seem to die to self on all issues, drinking, smoking cigarettes and marijuana, sex, porn, and masturbation. I’m praying to God, who has blessed me so much since He saved me, for grace to overcome these issues and the will and strength to endure. I have confessed these things to one person or the other but can’t seem to break free of these bondages. I know I can’t do it by myself. Please pray with me.


    • @ Cheapest of sinners – you are not cheap, Jesus paid a dear price for your life; He gave his own life so don’t anything else. I am praying with you right now – God is able to break strongholds and to deliver us. Keep believing and don’t give up on yourself. I will keep praying for you


    • Mr. Citizen Says:

      Cheapest of Sinners,
      I am praying for you right now!


  21. Media shout team @ Mavuno, you’re doing a GREAT job.

    Thank you for uploading the sermons on the net. It’s amazing how easy it is to share the Word now. I sent the link via fb to a friend of mine in Dubai and she was so glad that she has “..the Word direct from home in her living room”. I didn’t think she’d watch it but she’s just posted an fb update that she has watched it. Thank you Team Mavuno for making this possible. Thank you for helping me to share God’s Word with her. Makes me smile. I’m honored to be part of Mavuno.

    Merci beaucoup!


  22. A troubled soul Says:

    Thanx for the great sermon n guidance Pastor M. i havnt bn in church 4 a wyl now, partly bekoz of the guilt av accumulated from my sinful lyf n also koz i was somewat giving up on myself. I’ve been running around in painful r’shps one after the otha n even runnin mre than one a tym thinkn it will help cover the damage if eithr dint work out..the thing i hav learnt from al ths is that am becomin mre of a wreck.hurt and pity r wat i sleep n wake up with. my self worth is now on a minimal n wyl am hurtn n feeln unworthy of God’s grace, samthn tells me there’s no mre need 2 do so n here i land. I must say that this week has been a little different tho, i have been at my al tym low bt readin thru Daniel like u asked is actually uplifting. I am beginin to see the need to keep myself frm wat is unpure and evn tho self doubting,thinking about Daniel and the three other prophets surviving the burning furnace tells me that God is able to take me thru it n i really want to take that chance. Please pray for me as you read this and hope with me that God will not leave me in this troubln trail…more to that, i need much more prayer to make it to mizizi (after signing up more than once n not eva makin to the classes) for i need redemption n a new lease of lyf too.


    • blessed Says:

      if there’s one thing i learnt in life is that relationships test every area of our life.their pattern show us something we need to pay attention to.from your post i get the feeling you need to look in the mirror and let yourself know that you are blessed, a chosen member of the kingdom,that God loves you so much he’s always trying to get ways to get close to you….may God remind you of your worth and his desires for your are blessed…


  23. Hey Mavuno Maze i love the summons, Praise and worship last Sunday was just what i have always wanted, Yani if worship team can be doing that every Sunday my life will be different and i know that. What i love most is the way you tell people to stretch their hands at the end of the service you bless them i love that. Anyway si kwa ubaya and am not gonna say this coz of what people say out there coz believe me people can talk, most of them have complained about praise and worship in Mavuno that they sing Circuler songs and all that. Am 27years that means am still hyper, jumpy, and all that kind of a thing. One day i came to church early and wanted to just enjoy praise and worship before i get to listen to the lovely summon i get from you pastors. Truth be told i was disappointed cos i was just seated waiting for them to finish then i enjoy the summon which at the end of the day i go home a differnt person, I couldn’t dance or enjoy it, sorry to say this but i felt like worhip needed humility before God,no overshouting and struggle or being overpowered us as in it wasn’t flowing smoothly or naturally according to me. Am i JUDGING? am sorry pray for me if thats the case may be am different!. Just thought it was good to tell the truth since these are matters to do with church and i believe that truth and church are connected and if we don’t want to be told the truth then we are not practising what God says in His word.
    Anyway lets forget about all that the best thing i always do is to pray when people critise everything in Mavuno.
    I have issues back at home though.
    We are 9 siblings am the 6th born no one is married yet and thank God am going to be the first one, now my elder sister is like 39 not married no children no boyfriend nothing and when she’s expressing herself she sounds like she would love to get married. Now i have a boyfriend whom i have dated for almost 4 years and we are planning to get married in November 20th, 2010 all plans are under way. My boyfriend doen’t have much actually what he gets at the end of the month can only cater for his rent and nothing else. I work for media on contract and and i also get kidogo money but at least it can sustain us if we plan well. We stay together the 9 of us apart from my Bro who’s in Denmark studying\schooling, second last born in UG doing Law and has a kid and the last born who’s in USIU hasn’t finished her studies yet. Things have not been so good for my Big Sis at work of late and she’s stressed coz she doesn’t have money. I use to help her when i first got this job which she help me to get, but now that am planning my wedding i can’t help anymore, my other siblings who are working doesn’t seem to help much with the shopping and small things here and there. Have never seen my Big sis bringing a man at home or anything of that kind. Remember she’s sacrificed her happiness for us including getting married. That tells you that she wants the best for us, she wants us to be happy and live a good life. Up to now we still stay together withher and my brothers who are in their early 30’s some have actually fikad 30 “(4 jamas in the house)”. I want you to imagine what i went through when i decided to tell her that i want to get married to this guy who doesn’t have any thing, by the way this guy has never even gone to college he comes from a poor background and still has to support his mum. He’s a very nice guy but sometimes cos of all this i wonder if i should continue with my idea of getting marriage. I told my sister thatby the time we’re getting married BY FAITH GOD will come through for us and she was like whatever you want to do if its business do it first and see if its working then get married, i asked myself if this is the right thing to i dont want to start anythig like business before i get married coz it will look like my own powers, where is God in all this if i make it in business before marriage. I know thez a thin line between foolishness, having faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for or things that are not seen. If someone out there like you pastors think am doing the right thing then tell me something pray for me, JUST DO SOMETHING like pastor Linda says please am scared. I started telling my sister about my marriage proposal since last year up to this year three months ago is when she tried to at least seat down for once and let me explain the whole thing. Me and my boyfriend have made the budget and plan of all activities and given roles to each of us on things we should be doing to make work easy, i wanted him to come home in June 26th, 2010 to introduce himself officially and i told my sister twice this week and she was quiet, i don’t know wether to continue telling her or not i don’t know. What do i do? We are also planing for my boyfrind to come home to bring dowary in July but we don’t know where the money will come from. We don’t have time am scared, i sympsthise with my Big sis what do i do? is there a way we can help to even keep her going to church don’t think she’s saved but am praying for her she’s started going to church i hope she meets someone there. Hey she’s also comlicated and doen’t trust just anybody!. I have great ideas about business God gave me ideas great ones and when i start thinking about them i feel like doing it the next day how do i start? how do i get capital, my job is not very stable and it has so many challenges its just that i fight them on my knees and it actually works though this week was tough i felt like i could loose my job any times o much is happening please help.
    By the way the wedding is still in November thez so much i haven’t said about my past that is also going to affect my marriage if i don’t deal with them you know things that happened to me. When pastor M. announced that they will consider people who have no cash for weddings and stuff i was happy and went quickly to sign please again pray for me for things to work.
    A’l continue up dating you thanks
    Have a lovely Sunday


    • my sister please take heart.Do not be disappointed but trust in God,keep your eyes fixed on him and your wedding shall come to pass.Only make sure that your salvation is genuine and God will take care of the rest.Do not worry about your past,everyone has one————-.Only make sure you are trully born again and sincere and God will prosper your future


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