Playing To Win

What’s the worst job you ever worked in and why?

Work as a necessary evil: three responses…

  • The Withdrawers – Conscious of the evil in the workplace and fear being contaminated by it.
  • The Accomodators – Flow with popular culture without critiquing it.
  • The Indifferent – Feel overwhelmed or simply don’t care.

Daniel 1:1-2 It was God who set Daniel up to be in that hostile environment!

Jeremiah 29:4-7 The Fourth Alternative: Fearless Influence!

Daniel 11:32b (the key to fearless influence). ‘The people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.’

What makes a church great is not the number of people that attend it, but the impact it has on its society. The purpose of Mavuno Church is to create the opportunity for you to become a fearless influencer who knows your God. But it’s your responsibility to become one!

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20 Responses to “Playing To Win”

  1. Thanks Pastor M for the lovely sermon today…The sermon was like it was ment for me I wasan Accomodator and it had reached a point in my life that the decisions I was making were ruining my life. It was just last week I had a serious drinking spree that had me blacking out in the ladies room..I then decided that enough was enough and could not continue living this way…I believe am saved but I have been greatly been influenced by my unsaved friends, I have friends who are gay and in the process made me doubt my sexual orientation. But the sermon today opened my eyes in a way I had not seen myself, I feel a sense of a new beginning that I cant wait to be a fearless influencer to my friends and at my work place…I know the road will not be easy but my God has never let me down even when I sunk reallly low. Thanks Pastor M and the whole of mavuno for introducing a new me..!!!:)


  2. Hi Pst M and Carol,
    Thanks for the great sermon that we had today.
    Now, am on a totally different agenda, CONGRATS on your 16th anniversary. The first time i read about about the author of Mizizi bk I cried funny enough coz of the part of being happily married with kids, today the same thing happened. Not that am interested or anything but I realise I always remember my ex, we broke up when we were almost there. It affected me so immensely. Now kindly pray for me that I stop being a person of being rejected to a person of being accepted. Last week i was feeling so lonely that I asked God to give me alife partner even if He will not give me kids. Its a wrong prayer I know but I ask God to forgive me and to help me fix my eyes on Him. I hope to make my marriage a good one. Pliz keep me in your prayers.


    • feel ya Says:

      Hi Del,

      I’m not clear on why no kids but on the acceptance bit, He accepted you even before you were a thought.

      I have been rejected everywhere, my greatest struggle has been accepting myself.

      However, if i did not have my faith as the only faith (even when i don’t really see the signs), I would definitely be dead.

      This partner thing is not easy. Concentrate your energy elsewhere & you will not notice. I am heading towards 35, not sure if i will ever marry but i try not to think about that.

      Keep trusting all the same. When God decides it’s time to bless you, I trust He will.

      be blessed.

      You are not alone

      All the best


    • I can relate Says:

      @ Del & Feel ya,

      I can so relate.
      I am single, in my fortys with no children of my own.
      After a number of misses i realised that the decisions i was making for my life were not healthy. So i opted to wait upon God and i found peace.

      Does that mean that things are perfect?
      Not by a long shot.
      The big thing i struggle with & have dealing with is accepting myself.
      That burden has been brought to the cross any number of times.
      each time it gets easier.
      God has been faithful to raise up people around me who are standing with me and walking this journey with me. They pray with and for me. Having them there sure lightens the load. I truly thank God for them.

      As i go thru this, as i sometimes feel sad that i donot have these to call mine, God uses and has used me to touch a life…to speak life into someone else’s situation, to offer an unseen perspective and bring back a smile to that person’s face. So for where i am at, God will use me; has used me and is using me. So i have me a ministry.

      As you wait upon Him, seek Him…ask Him to show you what lessons are to be learnt from this time and place that you are in/at. He will show you and you will look back and see He is with you, will be with you and has been with you on your journey…through the tears, through the pain of loneliness and it is not for nada. Trust me…


  3. Hi,
    I attended Mavuno church live today for the first time, though I have followed your tvservices for the last several wks.I must say that it felt much better to be at the dome and to be extoled once again to be a fearless influencer.Sometime last year, I went into business with some foreign investors and sometime during our negotiations, we had a misunderstanding that made the deal fall through.I was very discouraged because I had literally put my all into this deal, and I was rather nasty, so much so that all communication between the investors and us was cut off.I went into a rather dark time, I felt so discouraged and though at the back of my mind I knew God was still on my side, I remember praying fervently to have that manifested, coz I felt so low.
    Late last year and early this year I basically went through the wringer, and everything I tried to do came back looking worse, my most sincere prayer was to have wisdom , to know what to do next, and I was feeling like I was flying blind,me who was always so sure of what to do next was floundering.I remember listening to Pst Linda saying how sometimes we are just consumer believers and the next morning I woke thinking about how I wanted to be a fearless influencer.When Pst Simon shared about the woman worth fighting for, I saw how my nastiness had caused a block not only in the business deal, but in my life as well, and I knew I wanted to be a better woman.Last week, God opened the door yet again, I am back in negotiating yet another deal, and this time, I will be a fearless influencer, I believe that I will put what I have learnt to practice, and I am assured of victory, because I am playing to win.God has answered my prayer, I have wisdom , though it didn’t come cheap, it’s that much sweeter coz of what I went through to get here.Thank you Mavuno family, for answering Gods call, and using your impact to help many like me.


    • May the Lord surely open the doors for you p.k. And yes you are on the winning side.Praying with you that God will do such an amazing work that your area of influence will be enormous.


    • Amen!


  4. Pastor M,

    Thanks for a powerful sermon and great to have you back.

    I related to the example you gave of someone who worked hard and excelled and it was noticed at the work place, but later ostracized for the hard work. This is quite common i think at the workplaces nowadays:

    A few years back i was working for a multi national company and all was well. The company has this policy that a Regional Manager does not stay at a station for more than 3 yrs. So after sometime, we recieved a new Regional Manager, and trouble began.

    The new guy was plain out racist. Soon as he arrived, he started masterminding scams where he swindled the company of money thro outrageous purchases and fake non-existent sub-contracts. Those of us who liked to work hard he frastrated and did not support as required so as to carry out the company’s assignments.

    I remember one time after working very hard on a project, and sorting out all its problems, and without confronting him … he walked into my office and told me not to expect anything extra for the work i had done. I was shocked since i had not asked for anything. Anyway … soon after i did a background check on the guy and discovered that in his past employment he had been Regional Manager of two companies that were once operating in Kenya, but these companies had folded up and left during his tenure. I knew disaster was on the looming.

    That was when i took the step of faith to leave employment and start my own business, and its been four years now, with no regrets. God had already put the desire for me to do this in my heart but the courage was just not there. So i think God had to “rock the boat” as He did with Jonah, so that i could leave my comfort zone. Now i have been able to create employment for myself and a few others for the past four years glory to God.

    I feel i should share this and hope it is an encouragement to someone else whose “boat is rocking”, to consult the Lord on next steps. God bless you pastor M and the whole Mavuno family.


  5. MissPiggy Says:

    I was absolutely shocked to discover yesterday that I’ve been wearing ngozi ya Fearless Influencer kumbe ndani I am a major Accomodater!! That was a serious light bulb moment. I always thought that because I am a Mavunite, I’m saved, Mizizi-d, Ombi-d, Lifegroup-d and serving in ministry, I qualify to be tagged a fearless influencer and to do all that pertains to the tag. But yesterday’s sermon… was a life changing moment. Wow. I also was guilty of spreading the “muslims-are-coming-for-us” agenda. I knew I needed to pray, but I chose instead to instill the ‘fear of Islam’ into everyone I know so that they could vote “No”.

    Pastor M you are exactly where you ought to be. God bless and increase you.


  6. Pst M, the msg was touchy, close to the heart and absolute reality. I love the fact that it describes where each n everyone of us is positioned in our christian life. i am an accomodator and i wanna change coz am blessed to have learned that i need to influence here in the world coz its my home.


  7. Scented Sapphire Says:

    So here I was, complaining about my job and moaning about it. I then got reminded (by God no less!) that I prayed for this job, and just before it came through, I had written a verse down in my journal, one close to Prov 10:22-The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow, and another verse that talks about happenstance being God’s will. So I figured there is a reason why I’m here, and I best understand that before I seek to leave. I have a pin-up on my notice board that says “The winner looks at the work that needs to be done and says, here’s my opportunity to make it succeed.”

    After Pastor M talked about there being a purpose in each of our situations, the above came to mind, and I said a quick prayer that I would fulfill my purpose at the work place, and that while at it, I would do it joyfully. I knew I needed to do this; I guess I just needed reminding.

    As for the categories re accommodaters, indifferent’s et al, all points noted and action is in the pipeline 🙂


  8. RG says Says:

    Thanx pastor M the sermon was a plus may God truly reward you.


  9. Deeleegent Says:

    Those who know their God shall do exploits! What a great promise! Thanks Pastor for the compelling message for us to influence, not to be influenced. This man Daniel I have come to like him, coz jus after doing the 1st chapter of Daniel He comes across as a very confident decisive man, and with a great practical wisdom! Believe you me his diet of choice was jus amazing! Yaani thanks Pastor for making church happen not only on Sunday; also through out the week! I choose to influence. I seek to experience God. Cheers!(Happy anniversary Pastor!!)


  10. NYAKERENGA Says:

    Pastor M
    Hongera to u & ur swit heart.
    Marriages @ that level ni baraka tele.
    The sermon was amazing .
    It’s like u have been watching my collegue & l.
    We came for the over nyt her first tym there and we were blest.
    Sunday’s service put me in the box.
    I’m in the position l’m because he has a greater purpose for me.
    A few of my workmates come to church and l’m happy for wot
    God is doing in their lives.
    My prayer is that God countinues to anointing the Mavuno team in
    every way.


  11. Victorious Kingdom Knight. Says:

    In the many legends of King Arthur and his knights, one of the common things is the concept of the round table, infact they were called Knights of the Round Table, this is where all members, from the King to the lowliest knight sat together as equals and deliberated, and fought for a common purpose.
    I am calling on anyone interested to join me in forming Kingdom Knights of the round table.
    A knight needs armour,and skill to fight.

    In his sermon last Sunday, Pst M. talked about Jer.29:4-11, verse 7 says, And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the LORD for it; for in its peace you will have peace.And one thing he said that caught my attention was that we should pray for the prosperity of the place we are in for that SEASON.
    In the 1990’s, when the constitutional review process started in Kenya, there were also several prophesies concerning Kenya as a springboard for revival, we are already seeing it happening, like in the recent CHAT awards where Gospel music was winning awards,but this is just the tip of the iceberg ,so to speak.
    We need to wage war, in the spirit for Gods word about our nation, our homes, our work places, our businesses, our churches to be fulfilled.In Daniel 10, scripture talks about how Daniel started to pray, and he kept at it for 3 weeks, and when the answer came, he was told his answer had been sent out the day he prayed, but for 21 days the messenger had been fighting off the enemy, but Michael was sent to help him out,Daniels prayers had released what was needed for the answer to get to him, we need to keep at it until the promises are fulfilled, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, and powers , and to be a Kingdom Knight we need to put on the whole armour of God,
    Eph 6:10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.
    11Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.
    12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
    13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
    14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place,
    15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.
    16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
    17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
    18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.
    One of the best wars to wage war is to speak Gods word about us and what we are praying for, Isaiah 55:11 says no word goes out of Gods word and comes back to Him, without accomplishing what it was meant for, so just like Daniel claimed Gods promises about his people, we need to claim Gods promises about our world, your home, your community, your life.Speak Gods word back to Him,and watch Him do wonders in your life.
    Imagine what is accomplished through the internet, and lets create our own worldwide web in the spiritual realm,coming together for the common purpose of prayer, have a round table in the spirit.
    Wherever you are, in the world you can claim Gods promises about your world.
    This is one of my prayers, please share any others you may have.
    Isaiah 2: 2 In the last days
    the mountain of the LORD’s temple will be established
    as chief among the mountains;
    it will be raised above the hills,
    and all nations will stream to it.

    3 Many peoples will come and say,
    “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,
    to the house of the God of Jacob.
    He will teach us his ways,
    so that we may walk in his paths.”
    The law will go out from Zion,
    the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

    4 He will judge between the nations
    and will settle disputes for many peoples.
    They will beat their swords into plowshares
    and their spears into pruning hooks.
    Nation will not take up sword against nation,
    nor will they train for war anymore.


  12. I enjoyed the sermon.

    Funny how life happens on Monday to Saturday then Church happens on Sunday. Monday this week was a hard day. Last Sunday, i was challenged to have an honest relationship with God, Our Father. I can’t write a fantastic praise report yet but you know what? I really, honestly want to get to communicating with God, The Father. I feel MissPiggy. I’m Church-d but surely not influencing at work…or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t want that, no more.

    I’ll take you up on reading through Daniel, Pastor M. I heard an illustration the other day from T.D. Jakes: God, is The Father and I am born again through The Church. That makes The Church, the Bride, The mother. Am I talking to my Father directly, or talking to HIM through my mother – The Church. That’s essentially what happens when I connect with God only on Sundays at Church. I am talking to God indirectly- as if I am afraid of HIM. Thanks for the challenge to study Daniel this month, Pastor M. I wanna gain some ground on my Christian journey and grow. HONEST. I’m so hungry for God. For contentment. My own Terms and Conditions, do not apply.


  13. Last born gal Says:

    Pastor M,

    Welcome back. we missed you. Amazing sermon as always. and its great how when God want to get a message to you it comes at you from all sides. Reading the book of Daniel…wah! I am just challenged! I was like Miss Piggy..”wearing ngozi ya fearless influencer kumbe I am an accomodator”!!I hope to be the kind of employee (at least for now) that Daniel was!! I am learning not just to be the agent to achieve Gods purpose at my work place but also for His purpose to be accomplished in me!! Looking forward to the change in the next weeks.

    God bless you


  14. Hi pst,i loved ur sermon abt the three categories of christians…i think im an accomodator. I just dont knw how 2 say no women….not just in matters of love,bt also in matters of money,time etc…and its killing me….there these two great women…one is a gud girl who is good 4 me,the other is a bad girl bt very aggressive….i havent told either that i love them,bt they r really persistent


  15. Pastor M, great sermon today.

    You talked in passing about prohibition from drinking and mentioned Prov.31:1-9 . I feel to share the following verses also:-

    Isaiah 5:11-12
    Isaiah 5:22
    Romans 14:17.

    Great week ahead and be blessed.


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