Have Moral Courage!

Numbers 25:1-9

To build a legacy of influence you must exercise moral courage!

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23 Responses to “Have Moral Courage!”

  1. Hi Mavuno. its great to have the live service and I am now able to wath the service in chad. I have previously been downloading the sermons but what a great opprtunity to catch evrything on real time. may the Lorg guide you to greater heights to reach the world!


  2. Thanks Pastor for the sermon today. Being saved, I realised am still in category 1 people yaani I just watch as things happen and dnt even stand up even for my rights, I just sit and move on..May God bless you because now I can stand up and say sth…


  3. Th service was morally upliftin..th scriptures no point..i have my life to th one who died for me..i like mavuno service as i can get it on telly..kudos pple


  4. Pstr Linda,

    I got issues!! Lemi just say that God has been using you to unveil our eyes!! I have been blessed by your sermons.

    Just a question, what if we have done all these and nothing doing. Is it okay to leave. Yesterday you read a story that i related with; the graduate’s story. I am in a position like hers and i dont know what to do. My company is going down because of some culture where top mgt benefit themselves with the company resources. Things have gone so bad that even salary dates are uncertain, the company debt is way up high and no change. I have tried to correct things where i can and confronted issues and people(including the MD)


  5. about what is going on but nothing doing. I resorted to a daily prayer and also encouraged the christians around to pray with me. I has been almost a month but still nothing!! What could i have missed ou? I know God put me here for a reason but i don’d see any much progress and it’s weighing me down. I feel like i’m fighting a loosing battle. I remember you talked of setbacks, those have been so prevalent and i have laways asked God for a way out of it and he has been faithfull though every time he releives something, another comes up AND now i feel tired because i need answers…
    My question is..would leaving be unreasonable considering i have tried all these?


  6. Woooow…..Pastor linda.You were on fire today coz that sermon was really really touching.I don’t know about others but personally i felt the sermon was at the right time and the right season.Everybody should play his or her part if we are to realize what we have been yearning for i our country.Kenya is a great country with excellent people and i thank GOD that we will live to see the KENYA we want.
    It’s time we took our role in leading and guiding our country on the path of success.What we will be remembered for as GOD”S people.Ask yourself that and TAKE CHARGE coz the future of KENYA is in our hands.


  7. thekenyannutcase Says:

    that “Denny Craine” loop in the play promo just did it for me. will def be there for it.

    thanks Pst Linda for the challenge through the series.



  8. Patrick Muchiri Miiri Says:

    I followed your Sunday service through Mavuno Church Live on Citizen TV from Nakuru. It was timely. We have to act and note be back benchers.


  9. Patrick Muchiri Miiri Says:

    I meant that we have to act and not be back benchers .


  10. @WK:
    What you are doing is commendable! Standing up against corruption and oppression when it would have been so easy to be quiet and get by. In prayer and bold action you have sort to make things straight. I really admire that. You are a True Fearless Influencer in every sense of the word.Listening to pst.Linda preach yesterday i realized how many times i had failed God by failing to stand up for what is right.

    Don’t give up now. You’ve come too far to quit. It might seem like nothing is happening but you are changing stuff in the heavenly realms and bringing down the mighty strongholds of corruption and greed. These practices have been built over time and it will take a while to bring them down. Remember Elijah’s story in 1 Kings 18:

    41 And Elijah said to Ahab, “Go, eat and drink, for there is the sound of a heavy rain.” 42 So Ahab went off to eat and drink, but Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face between his knees.
    43 “Go and look toward the sea,” he told his servant. And he went up and looked.
    “There is nothing there,” he said.
    Seven times Elijah said, “Go back.”
    44 The seventh time the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.”

    Don’t give up now O. The salvation of your work place is closer now than when you first started praying. Am praying with you.


  11. I was blessed by yesterdays sermon.I learnt to correct things when they are going wrong.Thanks pastor L, God Bless u.


  12. Warriorness(lady warrior) Says:

    Pastor L
    To be honest,that was my sermon,i needed it am glad i came to church,i have been praying and believing God for a change at my work place.
    I took a bold step and reported an anormally i came across in my line of duty ever since i have not had peace.the culprit was fired and he blames it on me,i have een scared for my family and that of my loved ones,i have been accused of so much after this,so many false allegations ,but i thank God for my friends more so my boyfriend,whose been there for me my bosses who elieve in me,praying with me,and for that sermon once again,my conscience is clear and now more than ever i believe that God is in charge i have told Him constantly that this is His battle not mine and believing the word that the enemy will attack in one direction but flee in seven directions same things that were mentioned in prayer,am soooo happy sooo relieved and believing in the Lords protection no matter what,it also came at the same time when were fasting in my Ombi class and the days when were praying for work place,is this God or what?Heeeeeeeeeey!!
    Continue praying for us and for me.
    God Bless you


  13. GREAT to have a visual of sermons!!!! blessed!! Hey something went wrong with the audio – lost on ustream pls check it out for us. God continue to bless you n use you. watching from worcester USA where I have become your unofficial ambassador. I want to share and ignite the fire all around.


  14. Thank you Pastor Linda,i watched service from home as i felt a bit under the weather.The messege spoke to me as most of the times i would compromisse and ignore ills around me if only for peace. i know realise that i need to speak more about issues and stop taking comfortable positions just because i have a way out.I am praying for moral courage for i realise it is only by totally surrendering to God’s will that i may stand up effectively.

    WK -If there’s something i remember from Ombi its PUSH-Pray until something Happens.Perseverance in prayer is key to an answered prayer.Think of the woman that prays for a baby and God blesses her after say 8+ years.He comes through let us remain faithful and HE trully will as well.


  15. Pastor L,

    Sundays sermon was not only timely but you knocked me off the fence….A high fence. i didn’t enjoy the thud…so i ain’t going up there again.. 😀

    For a along time i have enjoyed the comfort zone, taking no risk just living on the periphery just watching things happen……That reminds me in high school i learnt of chemicals called “spectator Ions”. These chemical just do not ” take the centre and Dance” with the rest of the ions during the reaction.And that’s boring!!! isn’t it!

    After my Mizizi experience Boring is History. i can’t help it but to get involved and enjoy the action as God enables me to influence the world.

    Using Nike’s Marketing slogan ” Just Do It”.


  16. Waithera Says:

    Hi Linda
    Thank you so much for your message on Sunday(28th March). To be honest I did not even finish listening to the message(sorry no offence).
    However, when you were giving the matatu scenario. You made me stop and listen in my living room, I found myself lifting up my hand.
    Now I have given up on going to church.
    Your PA was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless her. You will not believe it but she made me think that Mavuno church is different.
    You honestly made me save Ksh 3000. for real by your message
    God bless


  17. The very first time i heard of Phinehas and the courageous act was in Sunday School. Hearing it again from a different person was amazing and it still echoed my sunday school teacher- we need radicality to stand for God’s truth. It is not easy but more than anything- It pleases God. Pastor Linda, that was awesome and may God keep finding an instrument in you.


  18. Enyewe si poa kuchill.i have been chilling in the wrong relationship for just too long in the hope that someone would change but i thank God i finally saw the light and He opened my eyes fully to see the death that was upcoming when my boyfriend beat me up with the mum.i learnt to correct things when they are going wrong and thanxs pastor Linda for ministering to me especially after that scary moment.Everything happens for a reason and that is why i believe that God opened my eyes to escape my death early because He needed to close that door and open another one for me.


  19. that was an awesome sermon.
    i felt blessing and at mavuno i always feel at home.
    God bless you pastor L.
    Mavuno, you are impacting this nation positively.
    it all starts with each of us – we have to stand to be counted if we are to save our country and make some real change.
    God bls mavuno.
    and with the live coverage on tv, you cant know how many people you are blessing out there!!!!!
    all the glory to our God.


  20. Last born gal Says:

    Pastor Linda…ur sermon..on point as usual. One thing is for sure I wont ever sit back and watch as things go wrong!! I have been challenged and really blessed!!

    Taking fearless influencing to the next level 🙂


  21. To me the entire sermon has been prolific in that the whole month was the start of a journey that at first didn’t look clear to my eyes. I was fearing for the worst and funny enough the the past sermon spoke to my heart. I wanted to be a student leader and was feverently praying to God to ask Him to help me raise the cash to print the material to campaign material. I had a deadline of Wednesday last week in that by Friday my posters, fliers and banners would be up.

    Wednesday came and went without any sign of response for my prayers. I even had to chop down the budget from 21000 to around 5000 for making two banners and fliers at least to publicize my bid to be the Deputy Secretary General of the Kenyatta University Students Association. Nothing happened and I had to face the elections courageously without much publicity. I lost terribly and got so many people calling me up and laughing at me. It was really painful and my walk with God was jeopardised. I felt alone. He checked out on me. And left me alone. I wondered what was the use of my leadership ambitions? The shame it brought me was too much. My head went at an all time low. and made me to write the poem that follows below.

    Its a few hours to dawnbreak,
    after a night consisting of nightmares and restlessness,
    a night of insecurity to my sleep,
    a night of expectations dashed by my own flesh and blood,
    a night that I sweated to my intestines.
    A night of uncertainity and fear all through,

    in a few hours the day breaks,
    the owls and bats scamper to hide from the light for darkness is there refuge.
    The dew will lay on the grass,
    and the young hoppers would sip fresh clean water.
    In a few hours the sun will rise in the horizon.
    The golden rays of the sun coloring the sky, a perfect ambience.
    In a few seconds the sunbird will sing,
    the hornbill will howl and the cock crow.
    I will open my eyes to a brand new day,
    a brand new hour with brand new blessings.
    Even though my past still follows me,
    with echoes of the voices of hope and concern alike..
    Whispers in my auditory canal about the person in me.

    Maybe this wasnt Your plan,
    or it is Your master plan,
    Maybe this is Your way of life,
    I dont know coz am still learning about living Your way.
    And even though my hope in You at best is below low…
    My faith at best is weaker than weak itself,
    am still hopeful in You and faithful to You.
    In You am rest assured to find peace,
    In You am rest assured that I will find rest, rest in You.



  22. Asante sana Pastor Linda,March has been marvellous tx to your powerful teaching/preaching.Moral courage stood out,I am one of those types who just won’t hush at the face of injustice and it is discouraging to stand alone so often.Bless Phineas,he encourages me big time,there’s a man with zeal for God.Here’s to many more.Baraka tele.


  23. Life’s experiences have moved me from ‘category 3’ to ‘category one’ person. The sermon cut to the very core of me as i realised how much ive changed. Lots of work ahead for me


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