Guard Against Discouragement

To build a legacy of influence:


  • Refuse to be bogged down by setbacks.

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  1. Thank you Pastor Linda for that rejuvenating sermon… God Bless. My take-out:- I’m gonna keep working towards my God-given purpose no matter how discouraging it gets sometimes!

    Kudoz also to the tech-team that have made it possible for guys like me in the Diaspora to watch the service live.


  2. maxwell Lumbasi Says:

    this sermon was meant for me


  3. Concerned Says:


    Just found it a bit disturbing that some links to this blog are labelled “Guard against ENCOURAGEMENT”….is it possible to have that changed?

    Thank you.


  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever had one of those phases where you just felt like no-one got it and that HE didn’t care anymore. I was even getting tired of coming to Church and putting up this facade…questioning why some weird visitation of Murphy’s Law had decided to run riot in my life….then today happened.

    I’m still in “shock” as I recap the Sermon and the profound impact it had. I guess we really never look at the flipside and consider that there are forces at work hell-bent (in the literal sense) to keep us bogged down.

    I thank you Pastor Linda for that GOD-inspired and amazing Message. Thank You for taking the time to say it like it is, no sugar-coating, no flattery…but the real truth on the real issues that many of us are going through.

    If there’s anything I’ve learnt from Moses’ Edomite encounter…it’s that sometimes that’s not even the best path to follow. I thought back to days when I was so disgruntled with GOD…questioning and sulking like a child coz I felt HE was distant from me…and I actually felt shame. Now I know to soldier on with this Amazing Father and to wait on HIM. Surely, His plan is the best for any of us.

    May GOD Bless You Richly and Abudantly Pastor Linda and I can’t wait to give my testimony of what GOD will do for me and my family in the midst of these trials and discouragements.


  5. Thank you Pastor Linda for the sermon. I have been struggling with discouragement at my place of work because of constant non performance of my team and lack of support from my superiors. But after yesterdays sermon I am now looking at the big picture and I am refusing the set back. I am now starting to work my way through with God on my side. God bless you for the good work you are doing pastor Linda.


  6. Gogetter Says:

    My take out Pst Linda was that Am gonna make it!!!
    And the New look website rocks!. I love not just coming to Mavuno but serving in Mavuno
    Baraka Tele!


  7. Pastor Linda, I am truly blessed by your sermons. I started attending Mavuno this month and my search for what has been missing in my spiritual life has reached a happy ending. I look forward to Sundays and whenever I listen to your sermons I am encouraged and assured that with God nothing is impossible. God bless you for the work that you are doing and I pray and believe that Mavuno as a church will continue to transform the lives of people far and wide.


  8. Big thanks to God for such a great time in His presence, thanks for Pr. Linda and for entire mavuno leadership. Been visiting since the series began and my life is turning around with such boldness like never before. Am grateful to God for the transformation in my life and i trust Him for great manifestation going forward. God bless Pr. Linda, God bless mavuno, God bless Africa. Keep on changing lives with Gospel of Christ all around.
    Looking forward to this coming Sunday!


  9. Last born gal Says:

    Pastor Linda, another sermon right on point!! It could not have come at a more appropriate time. I serve at Mavuno and have been going through tough times and at some point I felt like telling God haiya ..these are your people, its your need to sort it out ama Im gone!! he! lakini jana was like eeeh!! yer reality check!! you said, fearless influence is never more certain than when in times of discouragemnt we look up and keep going!! that one was for me.

    Thank you again for allowing God to use you in such a timely manner.
    God bless you.

    Oh and wasnt saturday just off the hook!! We are trully blessed to serve in / belong to such a church!!!


  10. That was a lovely service, got to watch the Live service on Citizen TV. Mavuno is doing a great job.

    What I’d recommend though is that you show the service to completion before bringing on the reporter who talks to church members. People at home would also like to participate in Pastor’s final prayer, and this has been interrupted in the past.

    Maybe this section could come before the service?


  11. OneAfrica Says:

    Pastor Linda, keep yelling!!! All of Africa(and the world) will hear you. Let’s give the enemy(and underlings) a taste of their own meds…get THEM discouraged!!
    We shall overcome, Jesus is shining His light on Africa…!!! Starting with Kenya.(read Mavuno)

    OneSaviour…OneChurch…One Africa


  12. Hi Pastor Linda,

    On Sunday you spoke to me.

    I feel that the service was about me. Right from the skit where I could identify with each of the missions the ‘underlings’ had been tasked with.

    I woke up in the morning feeling really discouraged. Feeling like God did not care about my issue, especially given that compared to the other issues of life it might appear very trivial. But it was and is still really weighing me down. Although I can’t say I am through this phase, I am better than I was when I woke up yesterday. Better than I was when I went to sleep. And resting in the knowledge that regardless of how the situation turns out, God still has my best interest at heart. He loves me and cares for me and my present situation has nothing to do with God’s perception of me.

    I thank God for enabling me come to church, I almost did not. I’d wanted to stay home a wallow in self pity.

    Thanks and God bless.


  13. Catherine Nyambura Says:

    Wow! Pastor Linda…just when I think you can’t possibly give a better message…you do it again. This whole month has been amazing. Sunday’s message was truly awesome. Made me remember a wall hanging in my house that is written in French which translates to “You can delay my destiny but you can’t change it”. I’m so encouraged. Thank you for reminding me that as long as God has said anything concerning my destiny, purpose, His will over my life….NOTHING can change it. Circumstances may seem to derail my destiny sometimes but God will always prevail. Praise the name of the Living God.


  14. confused Says:

    Thank you pastor lindah for jana’s sermon it was really uplifting. Currently im just confused coz yesterday i was filling on top of the world and today my world has just come crushing down infront of my own eyes. I’m married and have been praying and asking God to make me the best husband and also father to my offsprings in the near future and this has been my earnest prayer, but just today i got a message that is really making me discouraged heartbroken and totally confused and asking myself,WHERE IS GOD in all of the things happening in my life. my wife doubts her love for me and even our marriage and wants out from the relationship. I really dont know what to do, but the following word just came to me as im typing, that although i dont see HIM, God is still there but my heart is really trying to comprehend all these.
    Please pray for me that HIS will for US and me will be made known


  15. I love The whole series and every sunday my eyes are opened. God Bless Y’all..


  16. @ confused. pole for your pain. ninakuombea. stand still and know that He is God.
    church rocked so much on sunday. Kanji- you really bless me. each time i walk into church with the underlings pinned to my back- they flee, i feel free to worship. you got an anointing. guard it. God really believes in us- we- gon-make-it!


  17. maxwell Lumbasi Says:

    i have made up my minds not to think on the setbacks but focus on the big picture. Thank so much pastor Linda you never know how my life has been transformed


  18. Thanks Pastor Linda.God truly used you to reach many of us.This messege was for me and since sunday when i get discouraged i remember the sermon and refocus on God.Its easy to wallow in self pity and forget that this really is the devil’s mission to make you feel so discouraged that really you loose focus on the bigger picture.But i thank God because his detrmination to reach us though his chosen servants proves even more his undying love for his people.

    Confused hang in there and pray.I shall pay for you as well.I have a passion for families and am concernd about teh way our generation lets go so fast.Pray,dialogue with her and try counselling but dont give up.


  19. Pray for the family Says:

    @confused…standing to pray with and for you at this tough time.

    Father, Your son is in pain, He is calling out to you to heal his marriage. Lord, the institution of marriage is under siege; it is under such attack! I pray that You would quiet the hearts, souls, minds of both confused and his wife so they can hear You speak into their lives.
    I pray life; i pray restoration; i pray wisdom and discernment. Raise people around them who cherish You and are men and women after Your own heart; people who will pray with and for them, people who will stand in the gap for them especially at time of such discouragement. Let them know that without You as the hub around which their marriage rotates things will not work. I pray too that in everything that they see hear, think say touch or do, they will seek You first.
    People of God, please stand in the gap, on behalf of confused and his wife and all marriages that are experiencing discouragement and disillusionment…pray against all forms of death that come between a man and his wife; against any way and form of wedge that is driven into marriages. Pray life into each one. Holy Spirit, when we are discouraged & disillusioned, when life does not make sense any more, when it feels like serving God is too hard and it was easier when we were in the world, when we are tired and unable to pray, please intercede on our behalf. Especially at this time, i pray that You would intercede for our brother and his wife – give them the words they need to converse together, to pray together, to re-discover one another again. Bridge the gap, infuse their minds with memories of their love. That this rough patch will only serve to strengthen their love for one another and from this will arise a ministry that they will both serve in to minister to others who would find themselves traversing this path. Watch over them and protect them and their children (born and as yet not born) from the evils of this world. This we pray in the Mighty name of our Ord and Savious Jesus Christ. And all God’s people say AMEN!


  20. Pray for the Family Says:


    the glitch reads like – our Ord and Savious

    It should read Our Lord and Saviour!


  21. Pressing on Says:

    Beautiful sermon.
    I love the way the series has built up from one week to the next.
    It has come at just the right time for me; the time i really needed this message; at the time i was needing direction.

    A week or so ago, i was listening to a gospel station and wanted to have the lyrics to the words of some of the songs. One of those songs that stayed with me and gave me much encouragement is by Selah and is titled ‘Press on’. So off to the internet i went looking for the lyrics.

    The words to the song go something like: –

    When the valley is deep
    When the mountain is steep
    When the body is weary
    When we stumble and fall

    When the choices are hard
    When we’re battered and scarred
    When we’ve spent our resources
    When we’ve given our all

    In Jesus’ name, we press on
    In Jesus’ name, we press on

    Dear Lord, with the prize clear before our eyes
    We find the strength to press on

    In Jesus’ name, we press on
    In Jesus’ name, we press on

    Dear Lord, with the prize clear before our eyes
    We find the strength to press on
    We find the strength to press on, to press on.

    You could catch it too on youtube: – or

    After listening to jana’s sermon, this song has been playing in my head since then and has acquired a whole new meaning for me. I really can see how discouragement has been a key driver in my life and how i came to accept it and buckle down when it checked in.

    Recently, we sang ‘imagine me’ and said bye bye to a good number of things. Add to the list of things to say kwaheri to – fear, discouragement, despair, doubt, disillusionment, depression

    So, despite all the ‘downers’ that could possible come our way, in Jesus name we press on!


  22. Hi Pst Linda…..hope you are well and the favour of the lord is with you this week.Being a Catholic since childhood,coming to mavuno 2months ago has been an amazing experince.From beind an angry person to being the best i can be,having discovered my purpose.

    The sermon this sunday was awesome and you spoke to me….was about to give up but now i feel renenergized to go thru life again.Pst M caled out to people who are discouraged, but i could not stand i felt like God doesnt listen to me.

    But am now starting afresh and sayin AM GONNA MAKE IT!!!!


  23. @ Confused:
    I join with others in praying with you. I know for sure that it’s gonna get better. This aint the end. Take the resolve like Habakkuk did in Habakkuk 3:17-18

    17 Though the fig tree does not bud
    and there are no grapes on the vines,
    though the olive crop fails
    and the fields produce no food,
    though there are no sheep in the pen
    and no cattle in the stalls,

    18 yet I will rejoice in the LORD,
    I will be joyful in God my Savior.

    God is able. He is making an amazing story with you, stories that will change many lives and uplift many hearts. Hang on to Him to the end. Its when you are in the deepest hole that the stars shine brightest. You will stand to bear the testimony that only God could have done it. And you can always come to the Prayer Tent on Sunday and have someone to encourage and stand with you.


  24. Dear Confused, i had church with you guys from Uganda over citizen t.v and was totally blessed, you guys have what I dream about evry sunday! beleive me, i’ve been at a place where it felt like the devil were reaping the ground from beneath me and believe me, that’s not the place to mop but to fight! take authority over your family and declare to the devil and his demons that He will not take your family from you, not on your watch mister!!!!!! not on your watch!!!!!!! and you and Jesus call the shots here. Meaning, if Jesus says, thru you, that your marriage is over, then it is and from what I read, to you it isn’t and that means the devil has got this whole thing kinda mixed up. Take your authority back becuase Jeremiah 1:9 says God has put fire in your mouth. Therefore open your mouth and tell the devil to leave and if God’s Word is true, which it is, then he will leave.


  25. Tazmania Says:

    The sermon was profound. Insight into my circumstances did in fact clarify that God was speaking to me during the sermon in a very simple and straight forwrd manner;

    1. That i must expect the challenges i am facing yet not be subdued.
    2. That one must always have the bigger picture, a battle not clearly won
    does not mean the war is lost. The objective must be to ultimately win
    the war.

    May the Good Lord continue to use our dear pastor.kudoz


  26. The sermon was really deep as has become akin of all mavuno sermons since i started attending about a year ago.
    The discouragement sermon was really great especially because it seems as if everything i do i am faced with sooo much discouragement from everywhere and i always end up giving up. in my relationships, my career my life, people always have something negative to say about all i do. i must i have really big dreams but i know that i know that i can do it…but its hard, besides no one believes in a wall flower.
    The beautiful thing i learnt is that the reason for so much discouragement is coz the legacy am building for africa is really huge. it makes sense why there is so much disapproval all around me. Wacheni tu…watch this space


  27. This sermon could not have come at a more appropriate time. The organization I work for is looking to expand to other markets and I have been charged with the duty of finding these opportunities. I have surveyed the land and brought a good report. If not me, then who? Every week has been a pointer at what to to look our for: let go of my fears despite my inadequacies, guard against discouragement as the work ahead has challenges. I have been immensely blessed and I can only wait in anticipation for the next sermon. God bless you Pastor Linda. Its even more amazing to see members of my lifegroup be pioneers in their lives, God be praised.


  28. A.Y.Sande. Says:

    Hey Pastor Linda!


    It makes my heart bleed to note that all of Africa is in a trance, some discouragement and defeat induced malaise. We are under a languid and lugubrious spirit. We’ve got to reverse it, that is true ministry… I remember a sermon by Pastor Obasike saying, “The spirit of excellence is the spirit of solving problems”.

    I hope you can challenge our now international audience of Africans to awaken and take back this continent, or our childrens’ children will receive debt and dependancy as an inheritance from us.

    Let us not make the Chinese mandazi, let them have to plant nuclear energy facilities and whole cities to pay for our massively value added goods and services. How can we have coincident; low wages, high unemployment and massive underdevelopment as if we can’t translate our needs and opportunities into work and investment opportunities which will solve the aforementioned problems?

    Kind regards,

    Real_Time Economy.


  29. His Friend. Says:

    Barikiwa sana Pst.l.

    In the past ,i have been distracted from pursuing my dream by discouragement and Fear.I quess if were in Israelites shoes i would have been tempted to go back to Egypt and do so while complaining .not any more.

    I choose to follow and trust God even when i can not understand why he allows discouraging situations to come my way.I will believe that if i fail in doing one thing ,God will use the failure in that thing to get me to my destination a better person.

    I will remeber this sermon while going through difficult situations.

    God bless the Mavuno team


  30. His Friend. Says:

    To Confused.
    The lord is with you during this period.He is loves you and understands what you are going through .He will be with you till the end.I know the lord will grant you wisdom to handle the situation

    am praying for you and your wife.


  31. Dear Pasto

    How can you speak directly into some ones heart, week after week. You have to mentor more people .

    Your energy is great on any subject. Let God use you mightily.


  32. Hey fearless influencers,
    @confused, i am really sorry about what you are going though but as much as we are in different shoes we are just different sides of the same coin. just to give you a little testimony of how Gr8 GOD is and that HE does not forsake the righteous, He is faithful to His people but you need to ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened for all those who believe prayers can move mountains and even as we pray for you, you need to believe and pray for yourself as well and believe as we gather He is in our midst. He is a mearcifull God, a miracle worker, with HIM everything is possible, you can not change her mind but God can. He will work for you.
    I lost my mum in 2006 and she was my all, i never knew what life ment untill then, just a young girl and a first born of four a now 13yr old,6 and 4yr old boys. it was tough and crazy as i was in hyschool, sponsored and i cleared the next year, my brother who’s efter me got sponsored at JGA and i thank God for that now i was left with this two, my first relatives gave up on assisting with the fees and i had to take over mark you with a hyschool diploma who wants to employ you? i worked as a sales girl to marketing and grew in marketing as they were short contracts i moved from company to company and when i had nothing to do i would get frustrated, i got sponsored to college for the first sem and my sponsor ran broke so i started to work harder for my fees as well and felt it was too much but i finaly completed but could not afford my exams so i went back to marketing and got a long (contract for ones)…began to settle slowly as i moved nearer to work and got a boyfriend got engaged and got paged, we broke up and my company colapsed then everything started falling apart and i had to move back to my grandfolks, i couldn’t get a job i mean who employs a heavy woman? but this one company gave me a marketing job for a month contract and that was it as i ran broke my bro’s chased out of school i was frustrated as i was helpless and i got sick in my head i could not focus i was hurting so much, questioned God but couldnt blame HIM i blamed me, went through mizizi and it lifted my spirit, i started to view things differently, my life group had me a baby shower then my leaders helped with my hosp bills and there i began to face GOD,.couldnt wait to get back and start termaking as i pray and cry to God i asked that He takes His time to bless me. i go through challenges as a mum but i am proud and do not regret having my son MICAH! he is a gr8 blessing to me. 8months down the line i am so frustrated because of seeing the boys out of school but i do not seize seeking HIS help. i get a call from a certain lady for an interview the same day, i meet her and she is describing the kind of job she needed me to do instead of interviewing me and askes me when i would be available and i said immidiately and she said i should start the next day. now i am the HR MANAGER of DRESS YOUR EVENTS LIMITED, with a hyschool diploma only trained for about a week and my job is a handfull. it is more than a miracle i am very gr8full to HIM and as tough as my job is i know GOD put me here for a reason, it is my second month and i am working my best off! so pray hard HE can do the unusual i prayed for a job i did not merit and ALAS am here. and i say EBENEZA THIS FAR YOU HAVE BROUGHT ME AND STILL TO TAKE ME! GLORY BE TO HIS NAME OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER. AMEN!!!!


  33. Impact life! Says:

    The stuff the sermons are made of needs to be in or become our DNA.

    Imagine for a moment that these lessons were learnt when we were yet children.
    I know Greenhouse is doing an excellent job incubating leaders of our future however si that is like one day a week.

    What if this impact was daily?

    Prov 22:6 … Train up a child in the way that s/he should go and when s/he is old s/he will not depart from it.

    Think for a minute – the calibre of citizens we will be raising?
    Starting at home continue at school and on to church.
    Can you see what Kenya and beyond her, Africa is transformed to because we choose to fearlessly influence?

    Are there schools in the offing?
    The vision looks to schools/academies that play a significant role in turning our children (whether they be in children’s gardens through pre-school to primo…past that to Seco and onto Uni.)

    I say the time is ripe … that we ought to sit down and develop Mavuno education … a curriculum modelled after God’s own heart, a curriculum that takes into account the lessons that are taught to the fearless influencers at greenhouse, teenz konnekt and the church at large and prepares all to take a stand for a society that influenced for and after God’s own heart.

    Mavuno, semeni… Si we can do this?


  34. Robbed at church last Sunday.

    First, let me say that I was really moved by your sermon Pastor Linda. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to so many. I wrote notes as you spoke, but little did I know that I would need to refer to those words so soon.

    For the first time ever, I decided to leave my car in the outside parking lot so that I could take some time to catch up with my old Mizizi friends, Life group members and other Mavunites, instead of leaving as soon as the service ended as I usually do. I decided to park outside so that I wouldn’t get caught in the traffic jam. Since I’d seen others do it, and understood that there was security, I thought I was safe.

    Shock on me when I walked back to my car, found the back right window smashed, doors unlocked and everything in it stolen – my laptop, digital camera, car stereo, one speaker (coz I guess they couldn’t pull the other one out) and a whole bunch of other electronics and gadgets that I just happened to have with me that day because I had been facilitating a workshop the day before. I am an independent consultant so this basically means that I have lost my entire office. I even had a 90 page report written that I was going to submit the next day, but now I have lost it and all the research data along with it. Unfortunately, my back up flash disk was also in the car.

    Needless to say, I am extremely discouraged and wondering why this would happen while I was supposedly praising God and being so grateful for all the wonderful things happening in my life. Yes, these things happen, and this too shall pass I’m sure, but right now I am consumed with anger and frustration.

    Is there no way that the church can help? All I want is my information – work and personal documents and photographs that I can’t recover otherwise.

    In the meantime, I hope I can figure out a way to let go, dust off, and move on.

    Discouraged, angry, and confused.



  35. Hi,

    was visiting another church last sunday so missed Mavuno service but when we met at life group yesterday, this was a real encouragement “that even when we dont feel God,He’s still with us”.

    It occured to us that when we are really down, things just dont seem to be working, heavily discouraged, we often think God has taken off…
    We dont necessarily have to feel Him to know He’s there with us, we just need to trust that He is coz He is!


  36. hi Pastor Linda,
    Your sermon on Sunday found its way into our boardroom on Monday
    I work for the President’s Award-Kenya, a youth programme for young people aged 14-25 yrs.When in your sermon you mentioned of having gone on expedition to Mt Longonot and how some of your friends went ahead and got Awarded, i almost stood to shout the Award was in the house!!!to me this was a confirmation of the good work the programme is and has been doing in challenging young people to set positive challenges for themselves and strive to achieve them.
    When i shared this in the board room we all were re-energized.Thanks Pastor, you put encouraged us to keep on.


  37. Kenny Ken Says:

    Woooow…..Pastor linda.You were on fire today coz that sermon was really really touching.I don’t know about others but personally i felt the sermon was at the right time and the right season.Everybody should play his or her part if we are to realize what we have been yearning for i our country.Kenya is a great country with excellent people and i thank GOD that we will live to see the KENYA we want.
    It’s time we took our role in leading and guiding our country on the path of success.What we will be remembered for as GOD”S people.Ask yourself that and TAKE CHARGE coz the future of KENYA is in our hands.


  38. Kenny Ken Says:

    @Zawadi…Am so sorry for what you are going through at this moment in time.All i wanna say is that remember that GOD hasn’t forsaken you at this tempting periods.Prayer works miracles and i believe 100% that GOD’s is gonna reveal himself in your situation in the most unexpected way.Keep on raising GOD in whatever situation and be sure that he will come to your rescue.


  39. Kenny Ken Says:

    @Zawadi…Am so sorry for what you are going through at this moment in time.All i wanna say is that remember that GOD hasn’t forsaken you at this tempting periods.Prayer works miracles and i believe 100% that GOD’s is gonna reveal himself in your situation in the most unexpected way.Keep on praising GOD in whatever situation and be sure that he will come to your rescue.


  40. Dear @ confused,am hoping you will post an update so God’s people can pray for your specifically.But first I want to share my story.This is tough.
    One day,I finally decided to leave my spouse.I simply quit our marriage.Trauma can do strange things.All I saw was hopelessness.I had prayed..actually I was so grieved there were times I just could not pray.I sought help.My spouse initially went with me then faded away.One of the things that eventually guided me was my spouse’s actions.I decided to base my decisions on what I saw not what I wished for.So what do your actions tell your wife? Are u wishing one thing and living another? My spouse whom I loved so very much injured me so deeply I could not hear their words,I simply saw their actions and they not only sent me packing,but slammed the last nail on the coffin of what should have been a wonderful marriage.Please be honest with yourselves.Talk with not at each other…and you choose to show leadership by praying for your marriage & family.Lose the blame game.You are the high priest.I cannot pretend to know what’s right for your marriage but I can tell you that I do wish I was more spiritually mature and have since taken measures to correct my own faults and cease focussing on my spouse’s..(which make no mistake were at the time horrendous..sinful and often just unacceptable.)May you and your wife find grace,God’s truly undeserved favor and may this extend to your marriage.


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