Weapons Of Self Destruction

Types of Addictions

  1. 1. Substance addiction – chemical dependency e.g. Alcohol, drugs (illegal, legal or prescription), sugar, caffeine etc
  2. 2. Behavioral addiction – psychological dependency e.g. gambling, overworking, shopping, internet use, watching TV, crime, sex, porn etc

The Addiction Cycle

  1. ‘Rush’ – emotional or physical ‘high’ often followed by an emotional ‘low’ or ‘hangover’
  2. Desire – longing to try the experience again, so as to recreate the high
  3. Habit – tolerance developed so more stimulation required
  4. Dependence – stimulant needed for normal operation. Negative symptoms if withdrawn.

Addictions are weapons of self destruction! See the example of Solomon in 1KINGS11:1-11

1 Corinthians 10:13 – No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

Closing The Door

  1. Aknowledge The Problem (James 4:10, Psalm 32:1-5)
  2. Seek Accountability (James 5:16)
  3. Starve The Habit (Matthew 5:29) 

Dear Heavenly Father, You have told us to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and not to gratify the desires of the sinful nature (Romans 13:14). I acknowledge that I have given in to sinful desires which wage war against my soul (1Peter 2:11). Please reveal to my mind the ways that I have transgressed Your moral law and grieved the Holy Spirit. I have sinned against Your holy law and given the enemy an opportunity to destroy my purpose (Ephesians 2:10 and 4:27).

I come before Your presence to acknowledge my sins and to seek Your forgiveness (1John1:9) that I may be freed from the bondage of sin (Galatians 5:1). I renounce my involvement in all sin, and claim through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ my forgiveness and cleansing. I cancel all ground that evil spirits have gained through my willful involvement in sin. I ask this in the wonderful name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen


26 Responses to “Weapons Of Self Destruction”

  1. hi Pastor M, today’s sermon was really relevant and I related to it. I am addicted to tea and I used to think its harmless.
    I have a question though : what about when someone is addicted to someone else or is addicted to you?????
    How do you overcome that addiction
    when do you decide to overcome it or at what point do you identify it as addiction and want to overcome it.


  2. Happy Birthday Pastor M.

    We thank God for you and pray that you have many, many more birthdays.

    Your sermon was out of this world. As much as we fear to admit it in public, we all have addictions and habits that keep us away from our God given purpose. I’m glad that during and after your sermon I was able to search myself deeply and admit to myself that there are things that i have been doing consistently that are keeping me away from my God given purpose. Through prayer and a conscious effort to ensure that I BREAK my addictions, I know I will truly be on the way to living a God driven and fulfilled life.

    Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for the way God is using you to change my life.

    Joyce Karanu


  3. Emmah Chemwotei Says:

    Hi Pastor happy birthday.Your sermon today was amazing.i didn’t know that tvcan be an addiction.as for me i watch tv more than 17 hours a day.i try to stop but i can’t.it has affecyed my time with God because even when am fasting i am always infront of the tv and at times i forget to pray.During the sermon i feltso guilty because i realised that i was denying God His time.Please i need prayers in order to stop this.I also have a family member who is an addict.My dad is so addicted to alcohol that am afraid he is almost losing his life.He lost his job around 16 years ago andfor the 20years i’ve lived on earth my mum has been responsible for everything in the family.i have 2 brothers,one just completed high school and the other just joined.my sister is still in lower primary.i wish my dad could stop drinking so that we could be a family again.i wish that my family will be strong and love will prevail as God wanted it to be.Ibelieve that God is going to see me through.
    By the way my life has really changed ever since i joined Mavuno last year in September.At least now i know how to pray and one thing i will live to remember is the love i have found in this church.everyday i long for Sundays to be with the family that is not judgemental,a family that loves me for who i am and a family that helps me find God’s purpose in my life.This family and the one at Mizizi that keeps me going and i thank God for all mavuno members.Pastor M. and your staff team and everyone i wish you God’s blessings in your lives as live uor purposeful life in Christ


  4. Hi Pastor M, God bless you for the wonderful service that you are doing and for the message.
    I was sitting there in church as you talked about various addiction and i really felt convicted in my heart. I have had different addictions over a period of time and all this come to replace another. the moment i take care of one addiction I pick up another and the cycle of addiction starts on the new one. I have fought with addictions ranging from pornography, masturbation alcoholism, TV, internet, sex etc. at the moment i am breaking off from the sex addiction thanks to the Mizizi class that I am attending.
    Your message was timely and I believe through your prayers and Gods guidance I will be able to break through the addiction life.

    And I have an addiction to coke 🙂 i am really gonna have to tell it bye and start taking more water i think thats better.

    God bless you Pastor M. and happy birthday to you.


  5. Happy b/day pastor M!!!
    i want to thank God for what is happening in Mavuno.
    jana’s sermon was so powerful from the worship to the preaching. i could sense a powerful presence of God.
    i have had an behavioral addiction spanning 27 yrs back.
    i know it is wrong but the body has been weak.
    i keep repeating and and confessing every other time. the devil has used this to destroy me and to make me guilty all the time i do it.
    sometimes i have felt hopeless.
    jana i got the revelation that i need to stop grieving the holy spirit of God.
    my heart has been willing but the body has been weak over the 27 yrs.

    i found myself totally opened up yesterday after the sermon. i confessed in tears and feel totally freed.
    i thanK God for what He is doing in this church.
    i feel free and free indeed. pls pray with me – i want to be used of God.
    i am soon igning up fpr mizizi to grow further in the spirit.

    God bls mavuno church!!!


  6. Don’t know many people born on Feb 25th like me, so from one birthday mate to another…Happy Day!
    For me the most powerful statement you made in this series, which you said as a by-the-way, is FAIL FORWARD! It takes lots of courage and faith in God. In everything I do from here hence, I will fear failure NOT. Thank you


  7. Mtheiya flani Says:

    Manze pasiii u have mulikad’ me yaani. I have been into masturbation from as early as 3yrs, and I could innocently do it as am being bathed till my mom started punishing for doing it.
    I religiously did it once or twice a day all through primary to date. In highskul, I combined this with sex and I even used to skip classes to go masturbate.
    The worst came when I went to college and internet porn ws so available from class and porn dvds were so available.
    With internet exposure, i came to know of things which I never knew existed including beastiality, gay porn, child porn which I had a large collection of.
    I knew I had a problem when I realized I could do it even to 10 times a day till orgasms became physically painful.
    Long story short, I gave my life to Christ here at mavuno, threw away all my porn which ws the hardest part. But i realize tht I have gotten into a cycle of viewing porn, masturbating, then regret followed by praying for forgiveness.
    I want out. I want to stop this so bad. I sure will put wht we learnt this sunday into practice. Its been 1 day now, which for me is like the longest time……..and counting. Pray for me as I work my way out of this bondage…1 day at a time


  8. Happy Birthday Pastor M and thank you Mavuno staff for your commitment and for letting God use you to bless mavunites.

    @ emmah, God is a merciful ask Him not only to help you stop the TV addiction but also pray for the desire to stop TV addiction also ask God to give your dad the desire to quit drinking alcohol….what is impossible to man is very possible to God.

    “How Great Is Our God” by chris tomlin is such a powerul song, please listen to it.

    Be immensely Blessed 🙂

    Liz Karanja.


  9. Confused Journeyman Says:

    Thanks for bringing to the fore some truly challenging realities about our lives. How does one overcome adddictions? They obivous temptation to go back to the habit often is what makes it seem almost impossible..does someone have guidelines that one could use? this could also help accountability partners as they stand and pray with you.


  10. Hi Pastor M,
    OK the sermon I must admit was out of this world man it was a too touching. From the time I came to church I knew it was going to be diff because God was there, I could feel His presence all through the service.

    My worry is I have an addiction am a sex addict and when I cannot get someone to have sex with (Clande) I either masturbate or go get a prostitute. Worse still is that I serve in a few ministries at mavuno and like the last time Saturday (20th feb) I had sex with someone and I was on a 21 day fast and was halfway there day 11

    Pasi, I am tired of living a double life how can I be a leader of God’s flock and still a sinner, surely will God ever forgive me? am I really worth even coming to church in the first place let alone be a leader?

    Pasi I felt a great relief when Pastor S made us say the prayer of breaking the addictions I know I am free, but my worry is should I continue with the fast? am I really forgiven?


  11. Hey!
    I understand that yesterday was your b-day….hope you had a happy one…so you’re getting closer and closer to the “toothless generation”hahaha…

    You seem to have read my mind with this sermon….my addiction: worry…! Yes, this is something if there were ever Grammy’s, I would win hands down. I tend to worry excessively, and once I start worrying, it’s endless: I’ll worry about work, I’ll worry about my personal life, and the list goes on. It tends to wear me down and give me a negative outlook towards life. Th interesting thing is that I am aware that this is an unbecoming habit/addicition, and I am really trying to rid myself of this.

    I read something today that gave me peace and lightened my spirit…that verse for “Cast your worries unto Jesus for He cares for you.” This verse taught me that 1) God does never intended for me to carry my burdens solo 2)That I can do something about it by bringing it to God and letting him take care of things 3)That God loves me very very much (am still trying to decipher this one out). Am currently in the process of re-developing my relationship with God, that was my goal for this year and so far, it has been a journey that I am enjoying and taking one day at a time.

    PS: I tried the Mizizi class but at the time I felt out of place because everyone sounded sooo “holy and in tune with God”, but am one to never give up, so will give it a go in April 2010

    My experience at Mavuno has been one of enlightenment and it has given me the zeal to get back on track with my spiritual life. More so, I appreciate that you speak in a language that connects with others like me..you know, not scaring us about hell, fire and brimstones, rather teaching us that God is a “guy who wants to be befriend ordinary people and guide us towards living extraordinary lives.



  12. Pastor, i do hope that all is well. I thank God for this ministry and for your gift of communication. I am a new member of Mavuno (4 sundays old) and i must say, i look forward to coming to church every sunday. Your summon on addictions hit home with me..i believe i have so many addictions that they can all form an entire football league. The fact that i am able to look back and actually identify them now, is a big achievement. What i choose to do with what i identify is actually my real fear. You say come to Church (mavuno) as you are…And i have. i am at the seeking stage (for football team number 1 and like i said there are several) some of this may have caused some chemical imbalances in my system and i believe prayer and professional help would do the trick. I am still learning my way around the church so i am not sure if Mavuno has created a data base of diffrent proffesionals capable of handling issues that church members might have. This would really be helpful. I came to this place completely broken and i still am. Thank you for not condemning me but allowing US to have a space of self discover. WORK IN PROGRESS.


  13. Happy Birthday Pastor M, Really thank God for you.Extreme Makeover is really making me over. Since it started, my life is not the same. In the addiction area,I think am addicted to pleasing people..ok..not exactly but I think I worry TOO much about myself-physical appearance.which births other addictions like shopping excetra. Last week was also any eye opener for me, I went home and went through my books and shock I had a bk ’48 laws of power-Robert Greene’.just flipping on the topics was a rude shock-How to form a cult,How to crash your enemy totally, How to pose as friend and act as an enemy.e.t.c. Funny I had read this a few years back and some of the lessons/laws had stuck in my mind,I dont even know how I got the book! I destroyed it on the same sunday you preached!.I wish you all the best and may God continue his work in you because am proud to say am a different person since I joined Mavuno.


  14. @ Emma , I feel your pain, I am in a similar situation , my Dad is a classic A type alcoholic . He used to be a brilliant man with a good business who took good care of us till 16 years ago when the habit completely took over , now he just sits at home and drinks whenever my mom enables him.

    I too also have two younger Brothers who now look up to me to provide evrything , material and moral support. I have been putting one through University ( thank God he is almost done) and the other through high school. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and sometimes I feel its not fair coz now my mom looks to me for evreything including emotional support which I feel sometimes to be inappropriate.However I have no choice, I am all they have got.

    It has taken a toll in my marriage and though my wife seems understanding , it seems I do more for my side of the family and inherently it breeds tension in the partnership.

    I have taken a decsion not to drink coz I have seen first hand the effects of alcoholism , however the financial pressures have led me to a different kind of addiction. I am addicted to money…. classic A type Duffle Bag Boy, am not happy when I dont have money , and the more I make , the more I need it… I am always constantly thinking about the next way to get it, and its never enough even thoughI got plenty and I hate , even shudder contemplating being poor!

    Is there any rehab for this kind of addiction.


  15. Happy Birthday pst. m. Thank you for being a blessing to me especially. You got me thinking about what I want to do with my life on the decade and not just that but to live in such a way that God is glorified and if I were to go home today I would still be happy.

    On the sermon walalalalala… I saw myself in the mirror, the boundaries I had pushed and the cycles of repentance sin repentance sin that I have found myself in. I have thought of fasting and prayer but now I know. If it is the hand that is causing me to sin then I will cut it off. Thank you Pst. M!


  16. Happy B/day Pastor M.

    Im really confused whether its addiction or possessed. I had a relationship en last yr we broke up since the guy told me he was seeing another chik. i was so disturbed, in the process I decided to get saved. Every time I think of this guy, I cant let him go off my mind most of the time he is in my dreams. My story is very long have talked to different people who know Christ more but still???????????please pastor M help.


  17. Naked and not ashamed Says:

    I feel so Yucky! First lets start from the fact that i was seriously hangovered as you preached. Then i had to seat in the overflow coz i was late for church, and i didn’t have sun glasses on. My head was spinning in all directions and seated not to far from me was my ex and across from me was another ex oh Jesus! How Yucky, i felt. I am one big mess. I have what i believe to be a behavioural addiction. I attract emotionally selfish men. Its so bad that the other day when a guy, who kinda likes me , started telling me about himself, i could finish his sentence. I mean really is the world full of so many troubled men? And why me? Really? Anyway before i place the blame on anyone, i just want to say that am tired, of one searching for love from men! Two, attracting those sweet talking handsome men who are always too sure that they’ll hurt me, and they do!! Three, i want some self control in my life! As in , i am probably a perfect example of someone who just can’t be alone! Am hanging on a cliff, i need Jesus to save me!


  18. Beloved, Anointed and Blessed Says:

    Happy birthday pastor M. God bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or imagine. 🙂 we are blessed to have you as our head pastor.


  19. Why is it that when people open up freely to tell their problems it motivates those who haven’t engaged in it to watch out while at the same time those who stopped to continue to work hard not to go into it, while those who tell it to work hard to stop?

    Why is it that what people write here they cannot tell anyone?

    Is it because the church has not opened up for such people?

    Is it because they fear what others may think about them? At least here they’ll not be known?

    Since we have all sinned is it okay for all of us to be open without fearing what our neighbours, who are also sinners like us, will do?

    These are my questions.

    I had addictions before. I’m happy now because I overcame them. The word of God was the first thing that had to live within me so I could appreciate fully that what I was doing was wrong. The next was for me to accept that what I was doing was wrong. Then I had to ask for forgiveness from God and to denounce it. However I realised that that is not enough.

    I realised that I needed to constantly live (and not read) with the word of God. The word of God had to become both an inspiring, wise, knowledgeable, corrective and warning word within me.

    The next thing I realised is that I needed to pray always, even when you don’t feel like praying. This is important as sometimes what stimulates one to addictive action can be active when one is at his/her weakest moment. This is where God’s intervention helped a lot. Read how God works in 1 Corinthians 10:13.

    I also found out that in order to remain accountable to myself I had to join a church group. Here everytime I encouraged a fellow Christian to do right it made me to work hard myself. However if you are already in a group in church and you still addicted to sinful things then I’ll propose you get an understanding elder of the church and open up without any fear. Be careful not to choose an elder who will condemn you and not provide a practical solution. It should be an elder who is ready to sacrifice his/her time and call you oftenly to find out how you are and give you encouraging words, and also an elder who you will feel comfortable to be with and who you can always inform whenever you fall. I prefer an elder because sometimes opening up to someone who is also weak can make both of you fall.

    Next thing I found out is to avoid anything that will make me fall. Here you will also need to look at the pattern of actions that leads you to a fall. You can be surprised that some actions which seems harmless are so harmful. Growing up with Christians can assist you so much.

    Will our world be so great if we all do right things.


  20. Last born gal Says:

    Pastor M,
    I donno what to say…May God bless you!!! Happy Birthday and may the next 4- uears ne even greater than the former! We Love you!!

    @ Mtheiya flani Just as you said it is one day at a time..you make it through day one jioni you are like he!! Thank you God you have brought me thru that one..now for kesho..dont forcus on the net 20 yrs..one day at a time!!!

    @ Confused Journey man, As pst M put it Acknowledge the problem, seek accountability and starve the habit. Iam working though my addiction I have dealt with one and two yet to seek accountability but I am working on it.

    @ Lost one… He i feel you but know this for sure God REALY does forgive you and as the Bible says as far asthe east is from the west does He separate us from our sin, so as you pray about this and work on it God will bring unto a completion that which He has began in you. I tell myself everyday..starve the habit…starve the habit …just as you would anything else..flee from the temptation that makes you fall..and when you are thru one day be thankful for that one….STARVE THE HABIT!!!

    @ DJ I encourage you to go to Mizizi, join the next session. You will be shocked al lthose pple you thought look ‘holy’ have more issues than you could imagine!! Its encouraging to know you are not the only one struggling!! As Pastor M says we are a church with pple not afraid to show that we have issues!!!

    One day at a time people… starve the habit!!!


  21. Pastor M, I have been thinking about what you shared and I came across this verse in the bible Psalms 55:22 that says, “give your worries to the Lord and he will take care of you. He will never let good people down…” So Pastor M, who is a good person?

    I don’t feel like I fall into that category. I fell that because I am not innately good God can’t take care of me. So I am thinking good in this context means, “God I am good in Christ Jesus and I will daily repent my sins and come before you as good, but through and in Christ Jesus despite the factor that I will be inclined to sin more often than not (in what i have done or what i have failed to do, in my thoughts and in my words)

    So now, how do I accept and live in the reality of my humanness (sinful nature)? This is a huge burden for me.

    I truly want to be better, be good and experience God in a higher spiritual fashion, I crave that and my sin lets me down and brings me down. I realize that weaning off habits takes time and I want to hope and believe that with daily persistence reading Gods word, praying and practicing what you have shared with us in church (I need to believe) it will get better, I will get better, get to good.

    Reading the scripture passage made me feel sinful and unclean and un-deserving of anything good, because I am not good. How should I approach this challenge? What attitude should I take on? How do I address my sinful nature in respect to God and his word and Christ death on the cross for me. Because in all honestly, I am faced with the reality that though I am born again this does not negate my sin, I will sin and fall short. So what does that mean should i read scripture in light of my salvation cause I cannot see it any other way, is that how God see’s me through Christ and in Christ cause if that is the case oh what a relief, but what next cause I am still sinful (we all sin every day in every way)

    I honestly believe my lack of knowledge in this area is causing me a lot of agony and confusion and definitely warping the image I have of God and his word in relation to me as a person and it makes me sad.


  22. Happy Birthday Pastor M…you are doing a great job and when i grow up i want to be just like you.

    Someone talked about leading double lives and i feel the same way. Why is it that at times you want to do the right thing but you are just stuck on doing the opposite. I really want to serve in church but i feel condemned on my lifestyle. I’ve not given up though on this dream because i have seen God change me little by little. I used to be very negative and sarcastic but even my close friends acknowledge the change.

    All i know now is that Gos is for real and nothing’s too hard for him,including our addictions. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s prayers. Guys please make a date.

    God bless..


  23. Happy Birthday Pastor M. May the Lord continue to use you to change others!! You are truly a blessing.


  24. Pastor M u bless me always,mine is weird coz me am addicted to stealing,i steal steal n steal especially money.Me am not asking for much please just pray for me,i hav been praying for myself for the longest time i can remember but i keep doing it oevr and over again.I just want to stop.i even steal from my friends,my boss,my colleagues,please pray with me to break it in Jesus name.God bless u


  25. its a great blessing to have u pasi and i just thank God for u, blesiwa sana i hope God will take me to may place of purpose


  26. searching Says:

    @Renee, i completely understand your misery. i felt like God was overly demanding, and each day there are tens of things to be sorry about.you shall never be worthy of God’s goodness or mercy. never. and neither will anyone else for that matter. God’s word, shows how absolutely Holy he is. and how much we’re not. it makes us feel terrible, until you discover, that God, Holy, righteous as he is, loved you while you were yet a sinner(as in right now) and even died for you! we’re forgiven, and it makes me love God all the more. he’s merciful. it has made me to be merciful to other people who’ve hurt me, cuz God knows am no better. its humbling.
    @ naked and ashamed- God loves you, forgives you and will help you reconstruct and transform, we’ve been where you are, the best part is that He’s heavily invested in your transformation and will get you there. virtual hugs.:-)


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