Wrestling With The Father

Generational Curses & Spiritual Bondages

BONDAGES – Sinful actions performed by an ancestor may open a door that gives the enemy the right to frustrate future generations

e.g. Occultism (Deut.18:10-13), Sexual perversion (Lev.23), Idolatry (Ex.20:1-5), Oppression (Ex.22:25, 23:6-9) and Murder (Gen.4)

Why are bondages and curses effective?
CURSES – God has given power to the spoken word.
Proverbs 18:21 ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue’
Proverbs 26:2 ‘Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest’

READ GEN 32:22-30

How We Break Bondages And Curses

  1. We Confess Ancestral Sin
  2. We Wrestle With The Father For Our Relatives
  3. We Grow Spiritually


Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You as Your child, purchased by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I here and now reject and disown all the sins of my ancestors.

As one who has been delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God’s dear Son, I cancel out all demonic working that has been passed on to me from my ancestors.

As one who has been crucified and raised with Christ and who sits with Him in heavenly places, I reject any and every way in which Satan may claim ownership of me.

I declare myself to be eternally and completely signed over and committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I now command every familiar spirit and every enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ that is in or around me to flee my presence and never to return.

I now ask You, heavenly Father, to fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I submit my body as an instrument of righteousness, a living sacrifice, that I may glorify You in my body.

All this I do in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


36 Responses to “Wrestling With The Father”

  1. want to change prostitute Says:

    Thanks people for being with me in prayer….I believe it will all be soooo well .Its amazing the little breakthrough am getting already…

    Am touched by the care.. a Pastor talked to me today.Although .I couldn’t reveal my story to her for prayer!!!!!!but once its all over and we are making history and am not feeling all judges.looking at me to torment me …Ill tell her..

    …I can say God took me through the bold step to write about my life….and that of my family and for sure God will deliver..”Last week I wrote that story of my life in tears and believe me its like the closure Ive never had in my life”.

    Pastor “M” please find a way of reaching out fellow pastors in mainstream churches who are ignorant about breaking this bondage s and generation curses….Its one of those sermons that made me cry through out the sermon….with reeling memories.

    See you church next Sunday..”Am not looking behind me for the mistakes Ive already made,….


  2. breakingfree Says:

    Today’s sermon was an eye-opener for me. I cannot say enough how much. My parents never married (my eldest sibling is 43 this year) and my father has children all over out of ‘wedlock’. My elder sisters are both divorced. My parents have had a troubled life together -in my memory, they have been separated 3 times and there were more before I was born.

    I am single and was in a relationship 5 years ago that ended acrimoniously, leaving me broken and bitter. Over the years God has healed me, transformed my life and I now know that he took me out of that relationship because it was not his will for me (I became born again while in that relationship). I am recently in a new relationship with a good man, someone I waited on God for and he sent me ‘his intended’.

    I carry fear, though. When I look at my mother and my sisters. Will I, too, end up in a broken/failed marriage? About 2 years ago, I found myself beginning to think and say to God: “I don’t want my mother’s life. I don’t want to be like my sisters”. I have always wondered whether I have reason to fear.

    Now I realise that my fear was not unfounded…it is very real -my family lives under a generational curse or spiritual bondage. But I am no longer afraid because now I know that I needn’t succumb to it. I thank you, Pastor M, for today’s sermon, as I thank God for you.

    I have a lot more questions, however. How do I know the difference between a generational curse and spiritual bondage? Does it matter? Am I able to pray about generational curses and spiritual bondage for people that are close to me or can I only pray about what affects me? How and where can I learn more about this?


  3. Superstar Says:


    This has to be the most ‘kupigwa randa’ that I’ve ever received form God since I got saved early last year!…and truth be told, I’m loving EVERY bit of it!

    Saturday nights have never been spent in so much anticipation for service on Sunday..and I’m beginning to understand the concept of coming with an expectant heart and even getting MORE than I could even imagine.
    Last Sunday (Let it go) was for TEARS! I wept to God in church…like never before.
    I remember that morning as I was getting ready to come to church, I told God that there was a way (kuna venye) He just HAD to speak to me about the situation (BRRRROKEN Relationship) with my sister. We haven’t talked for seven years (not even ‘pass the salt’ kind of conversations) and we live under the same roof. The thing is, we both feel nothing about it. Over the years we’ve grown to resent each other all the more, but now I have come to realize we’re both just hurting. She’s older than me.

    After I got saved, I brought the issue to God and told Him, “You know God, You have the answers and the cure…You do Your thing.”
    I still had feelings of “I hate her soooo much” and “Why does she behave the way she does?” or “She’s so stuck up!” but slowly I decided to pray about it at least everyday.

    Then when Pastor M spoke about forgiveness and letting go..the WHOLE sermon was for, as I said, TEARS!
    Then this Sunday..these generational curses got me thinking a lot (and I’m still meditating about it) that there could be much more than just selfishness that has caused the rift between my sister and I.

    My whole family knows about it and how ugly it has gotten over the years.My mum, dad,aunties have tried to intervene but pride and the other lies from the enemy have always taken the front seat.

    I’m believing God for a miracle of healing this year – between my sister and I. All those years wasted are going to be regained in His name…I mean, GOD has said that it’s not by my might or by my power but by HIS SPIRIT!!
    Who am I to even think otherwise!!!???…

    I’m really glad, and I know God is faithful. I can’t wait to see what it will feel like to bond with my sister.
    And apart from that, my mother will also be able to rest! 🙂


  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Pastor M. Thank you for the Extreme Makeover series. I come to church every Sunday itching to know what it is you’ll tackle in your sermon, because what we’ve done so far is so relevant to my life & that of my loved ones. I’m embracing change & this series couldn’t have come at a better time. Be blessed. 🙂


  5. Rahim Rahimtulla Says:

    I cannot begin to say how amazed I am at what God is doing in Mavuno, through the pastoral team, support staff and the congregation at large, Mavuniteism is no longer an in house reference for those who attend church at Mavuno, it has become a movement. I draw reference to the blog posts that Pastor M has been reading every Sunday, my heart went out to all those brothers and sisters of mine who are going through so much, and my immediate question was, “how can these hurting ones be reached?” I thought about how all these companies have live chat sessions available for customer care and my suggestion to the Mavuno team is why not set up a live chat helpline right here on the Mavuno website? For those who would be in need of talking to someone as opposed to simply leave a blog post here. In addition, in terms of man power, the counselors could be recruited on a voluntary basis and may actually contribute or donate their time from wherever they may be; whether at work, etc, depending on the time they are willing to allocate and dedicate to the service at hand. This way, the numerous persons who leave their heart wrenching posts can have an opportunity to have someone to talk to and help them through the challenges they are facing. With those few remarks I would like to commend Pastor M, Pastor L and the rest of the Mavuno team for a fabulous job, for being willing and obedient vessels that the Lord can and does use to transform the lives of many; in heaven awaits you all a glorious reckoning and manifold rewards for all this. God bless and God speed.


  6. Powerful word that was… I thank God for answering my questions and for opening my heart to listen to Him.


  7. millionaire Says:

    Pastor M,
    Thanks for such an earth shattering message. Yani this is the message of the decade..its one of the best news that ever landed on my ears. Indeed this gospel is called the Good News.
    As i listened to you speak i began identifying trends in my family and i can now understand the root of all these things.I realised that there has been a curse of “Almost there” in my family-where especially the men are educated with degrees and what but we never seem to amount to much. Just when things are looking and breakthroughs are just a click away everyhting suddenly fizzles out…and its back to square one again.
    Now i know where the genesis of all these is. Thank you for releasing me into my destiny as my spiritual leader. God bless you.Now i gotta go to WWF


  8. What to do... Says:

    Pastor M
    Sunday service was hard. I had been battling with that issue for some time and just felt God was speaking to me. I have been married for the last 4 years, and kept wondering why my husbands family was plagued with illnesses, poverty, alcoholism, violence and battery, carer limitations. In the 4 years i have been in that family, one bro in law has been arreseted for theft at his work place, one has been divorced, my mom in law is constantly battered by her alcoholic husband, and some of my bros in law appear to be addicted to liquor and cigarettes. My husband seems to be the one who is doing well in the family (he is the last born), but we are still plagued by stagnation in his career. He is so intelligent and hard working, but cant seem to suceed in exams and projects he puts his mind into. I also suffered a miscarriage last year. When another of my brothers in law was diagnosed with a terminal illness a month ago, my husband finally came out and told me that his grandmother was a witch doctor, and she had cursed their family coz my husbands father married a lady he did not want. I had constantly asked my husband things like this when we were dating/courting but he failed to inform me. He also kept away so many other things that i discovered when we marreid. But my husband refuses to deal with it, and all this is supposed to be a family secret. But how do you cleanse the family (gideons action) if you dont come out with it. Im so scared and disppointed coz i feel these things should have been told to me before we got married, and somethings needs to be done to break this chain and cycle. All this has put a strain to our marriage coz i feel like the foundation was shrouded with deceit. i told him everything, but he kept a number of things about his family from him.
    I love my husband but Im so terrified coz i dont know if i can do this much longer. I feel like i have worked so hard to achieve all the things in my life, and I dont want to suffer over actions/words that i was not a party to. What to do…


  9. Tasked for my famo Says:

    Pastor M.
    thank you for jana’s sermon.

    As you spoke, as Pastor Sophie shared, i began to see my family situation.

    I have grown up feeling really disconnected from my parents.
    I knew they loved me.
    We were seen as a model family. We were provided for. we wnet to the best schools yet my brothers and i always talked about how we were all just strangers sharing a roof. It was the emptiest feeling. I shied away from getting too close to people lest they know that my life was a sham beyond the shell they admired. i never heard anyone tell me that they loved me. Dad was working for the government and was pretty authoritarian in his approach. how i longed to just spend some time with him; with Mum. the only time i got attention was when something was seen to have gone wrong. i remember that one of my aunties (by narriage) was an english teacher in my school. she sent for my folks one day and told them all these lies about me.when Mum & Dad came home, i had already been convicted – never had a chance to say anything for myself. That day i died – the child just died. I was in Std. 7. Enyewe if my folks thought i was no good, what hope did i have?

    As i grew up i learnt about our family background.
    On Mum’s side, her father – who was a pastor – was killed at their gate. it is thought that he was killed by his brothers because they wanted to take his property. Cucu was 24 at the time, she had 5 children (2 from an older wife who had passed away) and expecting the 6th. it was a hard hard struggle for her and she became hard! to this day that hard edge has never softened and Cucu is always in fight mode and it has sucked away at her vitality and well being. she will and does fight anything – why should she come to visit, why should she drink the medicine (like that). she had to fight off the brothers , she had to fight off a relative who had married a muslim shikh and who always took children, who were named after her, from the various families saying she was the best one to take care of them. So small wonder she got into that mode. she now does not know any other way to be. the guys in our family who are named for guka have one issue or another – the oldest of the lot is one who has not done much with his life. he is a really sharp guy but somehow nothing seems to work. the next oldest has dome well for himself. he is wealthy no doubt but he is not happy becasue he has no children with his wife. he is alwasy caustic about situations. His grandpa on his Dad’s side said that he should never inherit in that home becasue he is named for an inlaw. i guess that is where his determination to make money comes from – to show them that he does not need them! the next one cannot seem to break out of the situation he finds himself in. he too is a brilliant guy who has a real gift of strategising, working with his hands but none of that works for him or his family. the last one takes off and can go for a good long time without getting in touch with his Mum & bro.

    On Dad’s side, the scenario is more complex.
    A forefather had 4 wives. When this Mzee died, his youngest wife was really very young and had a son. His eldest son took her as his wife – somthing there about dowry bot going back (never really understood that). the eldest son and his ‘stepmom’ had a family. As far as their family went, there were 2 generations among the children. The lady’s first born was her husband’s step-brother who was also an uncle to the children born thereafter. Imagine what that does when it comes to matters of land! A whole big mess and there was always tension when we went ushago. It was not happy and we began to really hate going there. It was also not until we were in high school that we first spent a night at my Cucu’s place i.e. after Dad built a house. so we really missed out on spending time with Cucus (there were 3).
    Now guka, Dad’s father came to hospital in Nairobi to the King George. that was kindu 1948. He was admitted for a few days. Word was sent home that he had recovered and he was expected home. He did not turn up. It is said that a relative who worked at the hospital gave him something and guka died. no word was sent home. by the time, a few days later, that people decided to come and see what had happened, he was nowhere to be found. it is said he was buried in a mass grave somewhere. that relative confessed to an aunty asked to be forgiven. that aunty forgave him to set him free but was bitter for a good long time becasue she was an infant when her father died and she never knew him. she felt that that relative had robbed her of that. one day, not too long ago, as i sat with Dad and once more listened to him talk with such longing for the father he was robbed of, i saw him in a different light. i saw the lostness of a little boy who adored his father, yet whose father was gone for good and he did not get a chance to say kwaheri. i shared what i had seen with him and he was quiet for a good long time. when he finally spoke, it was like letting go of a load he had carried for a long long time. Dad was 55 at the time. i stpped seeing his distant separate style and began to understand him and so start to heal the hurt i had regarding my Dad. It has not been and it is not an easy journey but in the series i have listened to, i have had revealed to me the bitternesses i have carried with me and so afforded an opportunity to shed them.

    So there has been a whole lot of hurt hanging over our heads.

    Just talked to a friend who goes to a different church and shared with her about jana’s sermon. she was quiet for a while and then said that her mother in law had said many times that everyone named for her father was a drunkard. and looking at the people named for this man, it is clear that that pattern has passed on to the next generation. so my friend is determined to break the pattern so her 3 year old does not follow that path.

    till i heard the sermon and began to see the need to just PRAY! over my family. i had prayed but there was no direction in the way i prayed. i had no idea what i was dealing with. Now, i just want to see life breathed into my family and all of us set free to live fulfilled lives.


  10. Pastor M, thanks so much for the continued series of the extreme make over.
    it’s a blessing 4 pas weeks of the series.
    i feel there is so much revealed to me over the period.
    your topic on bondage was an eye opener.
    i know u have been subjected to acts of uganga by my ex. but i feel feel after getting the revelation that we need to break those bondages.

    In mavuno, i have found all i may have been looking for. May God continue to use u to make sermons presentations in the simplest way like you’ve alwys done.
    You are such a blessing – May God bls u and lift you higher and continue to give you the humility you have to be a blessing to many.


  11. Mimi ni mmoja wao Says:

    I want to thank God for leading Pastor M to yesterday’s sermon

    Pastor M, What you preached is deep. Having been born in the African family where some traditions were so valued predisposes almost all of us to these bondages. When I look back at my family tree, I find that my great grandparents were sooth sayers, prophets of some sort or witch doctors. Clans were known for some specialities – warlords, best beer/drinkers brewers, fortune tellers etc. Just till the other day, polygamy was the norm in the African traditional set up. Children born with deformities were a sign of bad omen, they were killed = murder.

    Now pastor, If I am a first generation Xtian, how much do you think I need to deal with?

    I am carrying a loadful of all these issues n others that I do not know of; I get married into a family that has its load of issues which I might never know of. Pastor this becomes a buffet or is it a PUNCH.

    Its from this kind of background that I would request if u would dedicate a whole series on foundations and generational curses and on breaking them. May be the whole congregation would walk in solidarity with those with issues – take a week on prayer n fasting together n wage serious warfare; Pls Pls Pls.

    I am a first generation born again Xtian , first time I attempted towage spiritual warfare, I was beaten blue black by the devil. I know better now, Whenever I am waging those wars I ask somebody with spiritual authority to cover me. Not everybody knows this. Its serious spiritual warfare. Its not a joke.

    God bless you as you impart this knowledge on us thereby impacting society positively.


  12. miss wambui Says:

    wow!!! I felt like the sermon was speaking about my family. we have a generattional curse of divorce in my family that is now in its third generation. the girls named after one of my grandmothers NEVER propsper or get jobs, they all all miserable housewives. Almost all of my siblings and cousins have had children out of wedlock and come-we-stay is the order of the day. to add to that, abortion is so common.
    my immediate family is alot like pastor sophie’s: i’m the only person that speaks to everyone in a family that has suffered divorce. i’m also the only believer in our family and the men in my family HAVE NEVER gone to church. I’ve often felt helpless whne i think of my family but pastor sophie’s story has encouraged me to press on and be a shining light to my family. I pray that God will use me to bring salvation and healing to my family and most improtantly, to break all the curses affecting my family.


  13. aspiring servant leader Says:

    As i drove out, i was amazed to see Pastor M and a member of the Mavuno staff standing near the gate saying kwaheri to everyone and wishing them a blessed week.

    I watched as a small girl ran to Pastor M and hugged his knees. I was in awe and immediately all kinds of questions came up for me.
    Like – what does it take for a leader to be a servant of those he leads? is it possible for a leader to be humble? how does a leader set aside his personal feelings and attitudes for the greater good? Am i that kind of leader? Do i love God’s people as i am tasked to do?

    Pastor M., thank you – that you took the time to be there and to just shake hands, say kwaheri, hug that little girl – Wow! that was such a powerful visual for me – of who a servant leader is and of the kind of leader i want to be.


  14. I am born again, walked with the Lord for 25 years, though looking back…it is by grace that I can claim to be HIS.

    I have now completed 1 year since I first came to Mavuno during the happily ever after series, my wife and I felt this is the church our young vulnerable marriage will flourish. The Lord has continued to confirm Through the other series and especially MIZIZI.

    What inspired me to write is the makeover series and especially the last sermon. Pastor M was used of the Lord to allow me to see the extent through which ancestral and immediate family choices have negatively impacted my life, I have also seen how not dealing with them and sometimes little compromises in my own life have given the authority to the evil one to have a claim in my life. I come from a polygamous family and since I am from the first wife, we have been the target of witchcraft. I do not even want to get into the details of these…

    I have prayed the prayer of deliverance and taken note of the sermon, I am afraid at this point I must keep a safe distance from the rest of the family but like Joseph I will seek to win them over to the Lord, I have tried “Humanitarian” action to elevate the rest of the family but it has made me even a greater target… so It was with a heavy heart that I began to close the door to most of my step brothers and sisters, I realise I was not helping them and allowing them to be a channel for my continued oppression (Despite them not necessarily participated in witch craft)). My wife and I HAVE SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and love must be tough.

    We have taken steps in prayer and closed the door to evil one……We have also endeavored to walk closely with the Lord.

    Thanks once again for the way the Lord has used MAVUNO AND CONTINUES TO .


  15. DearPastoe M,

    Thanks for your sermon on extreme make over, Sunday surmon was actally directed at me. My Grandmother and my mum nvr married, and my elder sister got children of wedlock, l did the same. I have been in a relationship with the father of my child for the last 18yrs and we have bben in and out of this relationship. My brothers have married twice, and always havibg trouble with there marriages, my sister has been in ond out of relationships and non works out and l beleive this is a generational curse, please pay for us so we can get over this. God bless you pasor M



  16. No contest Match Says:

    It’s from the sermon again this Sunday that it was revealed once again about Ancestral sin. Pastor M (or any one else who picks this up), is true that ancestral sin are sometimes also transmitted through the names we are given? I am named after my grandfather who was famous for having out-of-marriage relationships with other women, this ‘appears-to-be-passed-over’ to my dad who since I was 9 has never lacked any outside relationship with other women who he is not married to. As a solution (DIY-without-God) I took the stand that it stops with me. I decided not to get into any relationship or evade which has now seen almost all of my peers married but I am still not even close. Every time I get in to a relationship (or come close to having one) with a woman, I always wish it doesn’t work so that I can be alone. I don’t like this but I keep doing it. I desire to married one day. I need prayers to stop this because no-contest running is gonna catch-up with me now or later. It’s made me not to be involved in any ministry despite going for Mizizi and Ombi. I


  17. bitterness Says:

    thanks GOD for pastor m and the whole family and the prayer time.for the people who prayed for me in my situations God bless you abundantly in all things that you do.am doing ok and am praying so that God can change all the situation in my life.


  18. getting out of the curses Says:

    pastors m,

    i am born again,i was brought up in christian family and christian environment.pastor for real as you were talking i thought about my family very hard.in my dad side there is sickness,poverty,there don’t communicate to one another but my mum side we are all OK and believe in God.in my family we don’t communicate with my dad because every thing is mum doing all the struggles in the house rent,school fees,everything and when we tell my mum she can not see it,am just fed up with all the situation i don’t know what to do for my mum.right know there not staying together because we decided for them to part ways is better like that.i love God but for me is difficulty to understand why my family.we do well in life but at some point we can see the fruits of our lab our and all the people are taking about us .but as you preached i thought we can set done as family then pray hard to break the curse.my mum she has a stable job and also bought a place to built a house she is not thinking straight i don’t know what to do.
    my dad side there don’t even help there mum so am praying that the curse will not follow as because my dad mum she is a witchcraft.
    the all sermon i was crying deep in side my heart asking God to see my family through.need prayer.
    God bless you pastor m for the sermon


  19. dear Pator M
    i’m a 2nd generation christian who thanks God for a curse of witchcraft and family violence that was broken by my dad. He was born into a very abusive home where his dad ( my grand-dad) was barbaric and deep into witchcraft – to say the least .
    When i heard pastor Sophie speak about her experience , tears welled up in my eyes knowing that could have been myself.

    Every-time my dad narrates the story he sheds tears … not tears of sadness but of joy that he faced up with the demons that had scoured their lives for so long.

    Family curses are a reality but i thank God that they can become history. My dad accepted Jesus in high school and had to live with the shame of banishment from his own father. banishment then was a terrible ceremony involving witchcraft but through it all forgiveness and more love from daddy to grand-pa was overwhelming and grand-pa gave his life to the Lord in 69… its now my duty to take up the mantle and claim my family and the family after that … for generations to come

    there is hope… there is hope….
    and We can then say with confidence,
    greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.


  20. I would like to encourage everyone who has posted his/her story. It is really touching n i feel you on this issue of spiritual bondages. Pls lets all remember that we wrestle not against flesh n blood, bt against the powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Thanx for sharing.


  21. @ want to change prostitute He who the son sets free is free indeed, I know God is going to surprise you by just how he is going to use this mess by turning it to a message for his own Glory
    Baraka tele!!!


  22. Bitter & Confused Says:

    I also want to take the time to thank every1 who prayed with me last week. Pastor M and staff team, God bless U abundantly. Incidentaly, I come from a 3rd generation xtian family on both my parents side and my ESTRANGED husband from a 3rd generation polygamous family. I am the first woman in my entire family to be separated from her husband. Its interesting how the sermon on generational curses has just opened up my mind to realise that I married into a family with curses that need to be broken for my son’s sake. Pastor M, I thank God for using U to open our eyes to spiritual and generational bondages that have affected our very existence. God bless U.


  23. Pastor M i concur with Rahimtulla about helping those who are willing to seek further help after posting their stories on the blog. i am amazed by What God is doing in MAVUNO in terms of transformation. i m linking up this message with the one in 2008 about the REFINEMENT PRECEDING THE ASSIGNMENT- am excited and a bit apprehensive coz i know God is about refining me for an assignment in this season. i pray that i will be TOO RELEVANT TO BE IGNORED THIS YEAR AND THIS SEASON. am curently doing the OMBI class and cant wait to serve. God bless you pastor and your team as you continue to reach out to this generation that really needs your leadership.


  24. Ezekiel 18 is self-epxlanatory. The soul that sins is the one who will die. Please be encouraged to repent of your sin and do right.

    Ezekiel 18: 4

    For every living soul belongs to me, the father as well as the son—both alike belong to me. The soul who sins is the one who will die.

    19 “Yet you ask, ‘Why does the son not share the guilt of his father?’ Since the son has done what is just and right and has been careful to keep all my decrees, he will surely live. 20 The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against him.

    Ezekiel 18:30

    ‘Therefore, O house of Israel, I will judge you, each one according to his ways, declares the Sovereign LORD. Repent! Turn away from all your offenses; then sin will not be your downfall. 31 Rid yourselves of all the offenses you have committed, and get a new heart and a new spirit. Why will you die, O house of Israel? 32 For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign LORD. Repent and live!


  25. taking up the mantle Says:

    hi Pastor M,
    thank you so much for taking us through this sermon series and for allowing God to use you to address issues that we would prefer to keep hidden and buried. i come from a family that has mega issues just like my fellow bloggers.most of the problems are from my dad’s side. my grandmother who i am named after was into witchcraft and that resulted in her cursing all her children or is it sacrificing them?and as a result, all of them died in quick succession, starting with my dad. and then she died after they had all died. as we were growing up i remember my mom always praying and telling me that i will never turn out like my grandma. i didnt know why then. after i did Ombi, i remember going home and talking to my mum about Gideon’s action, and she almost cried. i think deep down she was hoping i never get to know the issues in my family. she then told me that she had also been doing a similar prayer programme and praying and fasting violently about the issues. i know because of my mom those generational curses and bondages are broken in Jesus name and we will not allow the devil to continue holding captive our family. in other words, there is hope for all of us, as the first step is identifying where the problems are.


  26. the sunday’s sermon was just the nail on the head for me. there many things that i have seen in my family and have happened in my family that have opened doors for the enemy to have authority over us. i can remember when i was around class 2 or 3 i was taken by my mum to a certain man and whatever rituals that man performed on me i dont know. he gave me small cuts on the inside parts of all my joints and the forehead and i know everyone in my family was taken too.as a family all we’ve seen is one struggle after another from fornication,pregnancy out of wedlock, abortions, rebellion and the list continues. in terms of growth when things just are about to get better something happens and we go back to ground zero or even negative. after the sunday sermon, on monday morning i woke up early to pray and break every generational curses and bondages in my family. please pray with me that God set us free from every curses and bondages that we may experince freedom and abundance that we’ve never experienced in a very long time. may the Lord bless you.


  27. set free guy Says:

    Hi Pastor M and the amazing mavuno Leadership team,
    God has seriously been using the extreme make over series to sought me out.
    I am this guy who was core is serving God but seriously struggling with sexual lust and this always filled me with guilt and a feeling of am not the kind of guy who was created to serve God.
    I attended to the overnight prayer meeting and some prayer counselors prayed with me and i felt accepted and genuinely loved.
    The Sunday service just blew me off.Getting to hear that there are some things that we struggle with that come from generations past. When Pastor Linda was leading us in prayer there was this awesome presence of the God and couldn’t hold my tears back.
    The Lord set me free.The past one and a half weeks has been amazing.You need to realize that if two days past by with out having lustful thoughts and the drive to do some regrettable acts it would have been an achievement but its been more than that.
    Just joined mizizi and for me its like an A.A class coz at all cost i need to stay clean and a team to be accountable to will help me out.
    God is real in Mavuno why lie.


  28. Hi Pastor M, mine is a REQUEST for u to post EVERYTHING mentioned at the sermon including examples. This week’s sermon notes were too scanty. I have friends who don’t go to church & so i send them the notes. PLIIIIIIIZ. Thanks. Blessings. Love u. Great job!


  29. Pastor M, following that sermon, it would be nice to do a series on spiritual warfare-how 2 identify ur under attack, how 2 different. trials from demonic attacks,the types of warfare etc. I have a friend who CAN’T pray loudly or 4 her family coz she’ll b strangled bcoz apparently she’s wanted on the other side-death. She lives in fear. How do u help such a person? One of her family members was into witchcraft; mayb a witch. I 1ce was going thru alot financially, so i said a daring prayer: whatever devil is involved in … May u die/smthg… (don’t remember) The following day i woke up with a strange rash. I thought OK no more daring prayers, don’t know what could happen next! There’s a book-‘rules of engagement 1’ by Cindy Trimm-it’s lethal but repetitive so don’t know. When i stopped reading it suddenly, i felt my whole body under fire. Couldn’t wait 4 the day to end & it’s like a spirit was unleashed coz i dint feel alone after that till i lost my apartment. Too weird. Also after service, go personally or send some pastors to the prayer tent; they r more connected. I gather u guys have a special prayer service b4 1st service. That means 2nd is being played. Pliz :-)Blessings. Continue the HARD work. Thanks every1 for sharing. God bless u all & deliver u completely. I think also do a series on prayer-what prayer to pray when-sometimes we need to travail, sometimes be confrontational, etc.


  30. This is very hard for me..I have been able to post a comment because I didn’t know how to put this..My mother accused me of having an affair with my dad n the things she said that day are still very clear in my mind.sometimes I fear am gonna be the jealous type mother like her and I can see it in my day to day dealings with others.I don’t want to inflict pain on my children or them to their children.am a teenager and this really disturbs me sometimes and i ask why?i need help,please pray for me.thank you..


  31. Thank you Pst M for boldly preaching this series. Even I who has been a Christian for many years still identify with those family curses issues–and long to do a type of Gideon’s action in our immediate and extended family.

    Here is a word of encouragement for all of us who need the deliverance of the LORD:
    “Shout for joy, oh heavens, rejoice oh earth, burst into song, oh mountains! for the LORD comforts his people, and will have compassion on his afflicted ones….This is what the LORD says, ‘Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you…Isaiah 49:13, 25


  32. oscar ogwang Says:

    How thankful I am that God is bringing such things to the fore in the lives of His children.We need deliverance!Fo about 20yrs now, there have suddenly been DEEP issues in my family…a family that seemed to be very much “tight” and “with it” in the past.We are a very blesssed family, BUT somehow, stuff happens in our lives that keeps us from living life to the full.We all know we are blessed AND ideally should be way ahead in life, but sicknesses and unexplained fears and tensions in the family e.t.c. have pulled us down substantially.These started after my elder siblings got married.Little did we know how much bitterness, unforgiveness, pain e.t.c. would be built over the ears due to seemingly trivial stuff.At some point, some in the family were not even talking to each other.Others moved “far away”…ostensibly due to work, but I have always have a nagging feeling that it was more to escape the issues and pain.(In our family, we tend to be very good at avoiding issues so as to “keep the peace”.Not so some of our in-laws and extended family!).Mum was very tough, even controllking.Dad was very “timid”.But they both dearly loved and sacrificed for us.Nevertheless, there was this underlying “tension” at home.

    When the “issues” started, most of us younger siblings were still in school and simply played the “avoidance” or “spectator” game.But as we grew older and also got our own jobs and spouses, things caught up with us!The thing is, one can never escape.About 5 years ago, against all expectations, I became an intern at Nairobi Chapel, then at Mamlaka road.I learnt so much then…and I sensed that the issues in my family were not just issues.Thy were spiritiual.I tried to pointbthis t to my family, but the sense I got was that no one wanted to listen or to take me seriously.It is only in the past two or so years, when things have been a lot more difficult for the whole family, that this has been appreciated by most of the family.Last year,recognizing how blest we were growing up as “a family that prays together” we started monthly family prayer gatherings…and there’s been a tremendous change!I HAVE HOWEVER NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND EXACTLY HOW TO PIN-POINT THE ISSUES I THINK PEOPLE ARE STRUGGLING WITH (CHILDHOOD PAINS , UNFORGIVENESS, HURTS, BITTERNESS E.T.C.)UNTIL NOW!This series has given me the means to call attention to such things in our family, so that, by God’s grace, we may all find deliverance.We are having our monthly prayers as a family this coming Sunday, and I plan to get recordings particularly of THIS sermon and play it for the whole family.Then we can have a real prayer session.

    I am also trying to slowly recruit my folks to do Mizizi (some have already done it at NPC Buruburu, and theirlives are very different), But that is a bit of a challenge because they worship at different places.

    The only thing I am wondering is why these sermons are not already on the web…because I wanted to refer my folks “in diaspora”…Canada, Germany e.t.c., to the website so they can listen in and participate with the rest of us.

    God bless you all.He whom the Son sets free is free indeed!


  33. Thats all i feel….EMPTY


  34. Not spoonfed Says:

    @Bold Lion…I applaud that you share the sermon with your friends. May i be so bold as to ask if you would invite them to church so they can get the teachings for themselves?

    If they are not willing to come just yet, may i suggest that you take notes during the sermon. The things that will likely jump out at you are heard from the place of the experiences of your life. As you forward the bullet points posted on this blog, you could flesh them and share what you heard – what the sermon was for you. What was your take-home from the sermon. I donot know your experience or that of the other bloggers but i find that when i share what spoke to me, it becomes concretized (is that a word) and the leasson is learnt, firmly. Also when i share from this place, it is not reported speech but rather a testimony that i am sharing and i have found that people can relate and draw it to their own lives. I have found that the beauty of having a dedicated notebook (say, titled Sermon series, complete with dates, times and who preached) is that you can pick on it and follow a thread of the sermons and see the patterns of learned lessons and answered prayer as God works a great miracle in your life.

    So, i for one am ok that the notes remain as they are – neutral – so that we can all have just the reference point as we draw the sermon to our lives. what say you?


  35. Thanks Mavuno staff, Pastor M and may God continue to use you and bless you immensly.

    Colossians 2:8-9
    See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of the world rather than on Christ, for in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form.

    I watched the secret early last year tried to use its teachings but after awhile realised that the void could only be filled by God through Christ Jesus and this led me to Mizizi and during the prayer counselling i denounced all” teachings” from the Secret plus other books i had read like feng shui……For all those who have not taken the Mizizi class ….no words can xplain the transformation in my life.
    Be blessed,


  36. Its funny how I am just trying to unravel my past and I find this. I truly believe if you sit still and listen he will speak to you. Thank you Pastor Simon for the blessing you have been.


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