It’s My Life!

Numbers 12:1-15

When we rebel against God’s instituted authorities…

  1. 1. We rebel against God
  2. 2. We open the door for the enemy

Closing The Door of Rebellion…

1. Identify The Rebellion – Psa.139:23 ‘Search me, O God, and know my heart’
2. Confess The Rebellion -‘Lord, I confess I have rebelled against… by… Please forgive me for the sin of rebellion.’
3. Replace The Rebellion – Philipians 2:13 ‘It is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose

Dear heavenly Father, You have said that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and insubordination is as iniquity and idolatry (1Sam.15:23). I know that in action and attitude I have sinned against You with a rebellious heart. I ask Your forgiveness for my rebellion and pray that by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, all ground gained by evil spirits because of my rebelliousness would be cancelled. I pray that You will shed light on all my ways that I may know the full extent of my rebelliousness and choose to adopt a submissive spirit and a servant’s heart. In the name of Christ Jesus my Lord. Amen


27 Responses to “It’s My Life!”

  1. Hi Pastor M,
    Today was my !st Sunday in Mavuno this year and perhaps thats why i have this question. Personally i believe God gave us life to live (not really sure how others interpret this but for me its to enjoy it). Ok, i know some mwenjoyos are not God’s will but i just dont know where to draw the line. I know God wants me to LIVE (im sure its not necessarily in church but in the industry i feel passionate about) afterall Jesus came to give me life and life in all its fullness.So when my heart says Yes to something i tend to believe i should give it a try.Ofcourse, im not going to loose my mind while at it bcoz i also believe Jesus lives in me and hence i will naturally feel that my heart is heavy if im not doing what He wants me to. Here’s where i get confused even more…..Bible inasema…the heart of man is deceiving who can know it!! But si Jesus lives in me and therefore my heart is controlled by him ama? Plus, isnt this the same heart that has passion for other issues related to social justice that make me take action against what i feel is wrong?!!!! Yaani, as u can see im confused.I usually pray before i LIVE/ follow my heart and i tell God if this is not what u want me to do then let me not feel right doing it. AMEN. Is this the way to go about it?? I know God doesnt want me to be bored…n i believe He leads me to the path that leads to life and life in its fulness but i also dont walk around telling myself this is my life or His life. I just live!! coz i believe He’s already in my heart and He’s guiding me. May God give u grace to make sense of what im saying coz it can be confusing even to myself! God bless u sana and btw Pastor S & Sophie God be with you every step of the way.


  2. Cee N. Kay Says:

    today’s preaching was just awesome…. I looked and searched my soul so hard to see if i have been rebelious and i couldnt come up with a situation and i thank God for that. However i have been in situations or rather I am in situation where the people(some) who work under me have become rebelious… I look at them every day and ask myself what is the reason why they are rebellious and i dont seem to come up with an answer to that question. I have worked so tireless and very hard to meet there requirement at my level best, I have supported them in always possible still nothing changes.
    This has turned out to really affect my perfomance at work. I have not yet let my guard down for them to see that its affecting me but occasionally I lash out at them which leaves me feeling week and without hope. Pastor please advise and pray that this situation may be able to change….


  3. Thanks Pastor M.
    I found profound the saying” You cannot lead others if you cant follow other leaders”. I have struggled with this because I’m a strong Chorelic. I strongly await deliverance on this, I’m work in progress.
    God bless you for the transformational services.


  4. Hurting and confused Says:

    Hi. I’ve always loved the sermons at mavuno and I used to look forward to every Sunday to hear what God had to say. These past three sundays have been abit different though. I cant say I dont look forward to the sermons, but I do so with some apprehension. This is because I’m usually thinking, what other can of worms will be opened in my life? I am guilty of all the three things you’ve talked about-pride, the four lies and rebellion. I must say I’m not liking the makeover very much:( You keep saying that something beautiful will come out at the end of it but I’m just wondering if I have the strength to go through with it. Past wounds, mistakes, issues that I thought I had dealt with are coming up and I dont like it. I feel like God is poking at my wounds with a stick. I’m feeling emotionally drained. But then I think of the alternative, which is staying with a band aid over my wounds and I know that as much as it may be a comfortable place to be at, it’s not what God wants. So I guess I have to stay put for the makeover and trust what you say about something beautiful coming out at the end of it.


  5. Today during the sermon, I felt like the carpet under my feet was pulled and I found myself lying face down on the ground….my father has taken another wife who is one year older than me. I am disgusted, disappointed, I feel trashed, disrespected and truly don’t wish to relate with him in any way. Then comes the sermon, I am supposed to respect God’s instituted authorities, my father, and am supposed to obey God’s law, honor your father and mother so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you…..I am so hurt, angered, bitter and resentful. I don’t even know how to move on, do I have to have a relationship with my father, get him involved in my life? I have been praying for my family since last year for unity, harmony, salvation etc and this just feels like a slap on my face.


  6. this months theme has been everything i have been dealing with and even had decided to do. mavuno leaders be blessed cause i hope you do realise how very important you are to speak what God wants some of us to hear.


  7. Hi Shi,

    I am really sorry that you feel the way you do about your family situation right now, and especially so your Dad. But I will urge you to just take into consideration what we’ve been taught about respecting authority. There’s a verse in the bible about honouring our parents, so that our days on earth will not be cut short.

    As much as it hurts, your Dad is an adult who made a choice. You may not feel it’s the best one, but he’s living his life. Please live yours as well. Try. Woiye I know it really hurts, but just submit to God’s word on honouring your folks, and that will make your days count. 🙂


  8. What an amazing, and hard hitting sermon that was yesterday. The note you read from a lady on the mavuno blog- one that spoke about living with an emotionally abusive and bitter mother…every single thing she said resonated with me, and it saddens me that someone else out there has lived/is living a life similar to mine. The ‘It’s my life sermon’ is definitely a bitter pill to swallow. I suppose it’s difficult to reconcile these thoughts-despite the resentment and anger I feel towards my mother, I am expected to not only honor her as an authority in my life, but also to bless and not curse her. Yikes!!
    @’Hurting and confused’ above- Ditto.


  9. Mr. Citizen Says:

    This Sunday’s Sermon was great. It made me realize that the change against Kenyan’s rebellious nature must start from me. I was great to hear all the examples and i felt you when you talked about the traffic and watchmen examples. May God bless us all as we continue in this long journey to the Kingdom.
    I have one concern thought. In the past 6 months I have come to mavuno, I have been fed spiritually and fed the church back, I have attended mizizi and the climatic retreat was an award winning soul winner. I would like to suggest you increase the prayer time allocated during the service. The main reason I come to church is to be fed and let go in prayer to the Lord. Please consider this, I think it will do a lot of good to balance all the component. A few more minutes of prayer never hurt anyone!


  10. A pretty new member of Mavuno Church….So far….Mavuno Church is a real Blessing and it feels warm to be part of you.
    God Bless Mavuno Abundantly………Amen!


  11. Hurting and confused Says:

    @ Torn, I so feel you. After the sermon on Sunday, I went home determinned to start honouring my mother but she did something that made me want to ignore the whole sermon. It made me realize that I truly need God. This is not going to be easy. I’ve had this bitterness in me for so long that being angry just seems like the normal thing to do. After calming down, I started thinking that my mother hasnt had an easy life hence the bitterness and anger. What pastor M. said about honouring our parents despite their issues may be really hard but its what God requires. I know its really hard to reconcile this but with God’s help we’ll get there, I believe.


  12. At first i was attending a home church then a friend invited me at mavuno.
    I went there on and off last year. Every time i entered that gate, i used to leave it a blessed person. I have really commited my 2010 and i don want to miss any service this year. I like God’s word and am trusting that very soon i wil be a changed and a born again person. Thanks to pastor M for the blessings through the word. I feel so blessed and i would like mavuno to be my church. I have joined mavuno and as Pst M. said am ready and willing to be a changed person, the person that God want me to be. God bless Mavuno.


  13. Thinking Aloud Says:

    @ Cee N Kay-Maybe you should approach the juniors who are rebelling against you and try to find out why they behave a certain way. It will be wise to use examples to support your observations e.g. “I have noticed that of late you have been (describe their action) and as a result, there is (consequence of their action). Is there anything affecting your (performance, work, behavior) that I can help with (your input as their boss)?”

    Something to this end might give you insight into what the problem really is. Maybe they find that you are dominating them, always having the last word such that they don’t feel like their input counts for anything anyway, too results oriented that they don’t think you care about them as people (sometimes bosses/leaders can be so results oriented, that they step on toes without realizing that they are doing it, and their subordinates resent them for it. Over a long period, these juniors repel the in-charge and rebel, knowing that they are doing it, but almost always not caring!)
    You have said you “Don’t let your guard down” and have “lashed out” occasionally. This might make them perceive you as someone who is not interested in relationship, much as it might be a false perception…

    I am in a similar situation, although I’m the junior. I feel I have a good working relationship with my boss, although there are numerous times I have wanted to put UBER HUGE thumb tacks on his chair and have him injured so that he can’t sit for the week because he always wants to have things done his way, without allowing me to think for myself! Of course, guidance given when something is out of my “league” is highly welcome, but when I’m doing it his way down to my breathing style, it’s stifling and suffocating, so I know I lash out on the inside and I’m certain it’s obvious at times.

    I’m thinking he needed the sermon more coz he’s the reason I want to rebel (maybe I should email the entire sermon to him!) but I’ve got to recognize him as my leader all the same and try handle his personality in wisdom, giving him pleasure leading me at the same time.

    One of my maxims at work: I do to others what has been done to me (e.g. helping solve a problem without being highhanded coz my boss helps me out with things I don’t understand, at least by giving me guidance) and I don’t do what wasn’t done to me (e.g. my boss doesn’t shout at me even when I’ve messed up, so I never shout at my juniors)….. In a nutshell CNK, be introspective and assess how you handle things, and whether you’d love your way of handling things if you were your juniors or whether you’d love it if your seniors handled things the way you do. Hope it helps….


  14. I was not feeling like going to church – christians do feel this way,right! but i had this desire to check out mavuno. So i did, and bang! God’s spoken word hit right where i am at. I have been cutting my bosses with my words over the last few weeks, justifying how good i am at the job, than them.

    thanks for sharing the timely word. i will watch my words.


  15. The other Says:


    Guess what, you are not alone. that is exactly what i hve been going through. the heart of man is deceitful above all things. let me shock you. last sunday in church i came early, had my breakfast and entered the service. just when pastor M started preaching my heart was so restless i had to live and went home to sleep ( I didnt get to hear the sermon). this week i have had feelings i shouldnt have and my heart is getting enticed in a way that doesnt make sense- i do what i want. it changes my mood suddenly and i have been praying to God to handle it coz its too volatile and random for me.

    this is where i wonder is it true that we should follow our hearts coz that where God is? should i use logic in dedicing things or I should just follow my heart.

    am confused but praying the God rules over my heart.


  16. Wira Manenos Says:

    In the past I have been told that I should cover the nakedness of my leaders, just as Shem and Japheth did for their father Noah when he was drunk and naked inside his tent. It’s a good story to compare to figuratively; I should not go out and talk about my leader’s weaknesses or slander him, but should have his back at all times and choose not to badmouth him.

    I have no problem with this school of thought; it’s just hard to draw the line between running away from a situation (read changing jobs if I can’t hack it with my current employer) as opposed to talking to someone about it and finding out how to handle it… I guess it’s all in how it is said i.e. to a third party? How do I detach myself from any negative feelings I might have towards my boss (read leader) when I am expressing my issues to a mentor in conversation in a bid to find a solution!?

    I’m having a “repel-ious” (not rebellious)attitude towards my boss : I feel he imposes his way on EVERYTHING, sort of like he HAS to have his footprint on everything, effectively removing freedom to think for myself when I can; he is vengeful, to the extent that if he knows I need him to do something and he feels pushed, he will omit me from the process just so that he can be in control. I like getting things done when they should be done, so when something drags on because of his inertia I get upset!

    I thought I had figured out all the personality types but this one is beyond me! I am having a hard time trying not to repel the boss and I fear that I might eventually rebel in the long run, if I haven’t already!
    Gosh. I’m willing to hear from someone who has handled such a boss successfully: whatever did you do to make it work?!? I don’t want to rebel…. I need to make his work easier as he leads me… H.E.L.P


  17. Child of God Says:

    @ Mr Citizen, I’d like to invite you to breakthrough prayers that are 1 hour before every service. They are held at the prayer tent. Karibu sana and enjoy an exciting time of prayer that sets the scene for the main service


  18. Sundays sermon on rebellion left me confused, and the more I tried to reason it out, the more I got lost.
    I work in the development arena on issues of Governance and Social Justice. Generally, I research, and bring up issues that are not addressed by Government in order to activate for social justice. Thus, we are more or less always on a collision course with authorities. I love my work, and I am never one to walk away from a place where rights are being abused without saying something.
    The sermon then got me thinking; Am I rebellious? I know I am mostly always against the grain, but I do all this for justice.
    Secondly, I have always heard that all leaders are appointed by God. You only have to look at African tyrant heads of state,and the resultant suffering of the people, to understand why I am not so sure about all leaders being appointed by God.
    I guess all I am trying to clarify is, when is the line drawn between rebellion, and agitating the leaders for social justice? Plus, is it really wrong to want to eject people out of political office before the end of 4 years (in the Kenyan case) when their continued stay only brings disunity?
    Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem being led, i.e having a leader. My problem is of bad leadership. I feel I would be committing a grave injustice if I were to stop speaking up. But then, am I rebelling?


  19. kingdom seeker. Says:

    Hi child of God, i will be joining you and mr.citizen for prayers an hour before the main services start.

    I just want to encourage Mr.citizen and others to also consider maximizing on the quiet time with God.Spend at least 30 minutes everyday with God:pray for mavuno or your church,commit every other issue you have to God, seek his will and read the bible.


  20. Cee N. Kay Says:

    @ thinking out aloud…. thank you very much I will re-asses myself and see where i have not been up to the standard.
    I would like to point out that I have given them a free will to do there work there own way and ask for assistance where they need which i give whole heartedly.
    i make them my friend i don’t know if its being so much of a friend that is making all this resentment when i ask something to be done….
    I would like to share with you and see how to grow each other and yeah i feel you about putting a THUMB PIN on someone sit. I thank God that I have never been rebellious to any of my bosses…


  21. Pastor M i joined Mavuno church early this year and i must say am so blsd by the sermons so far…the 2 sundays have taught me and my partner alot.I have joined Corporate mizizi and i must say on Mon Amani ther facilitator story was an eye opener.Sunday service was just the best and i muist say u were talking to me n my family how i wish i was with them.
    God bls you.


  22. Mr. Citizen Says:

    @Child of God,
    Manze thanks a lot for the heads up. I guess my mavuno buddies all don’t know about this. I would appreciate if you share the information to people on Sunday. I went to Gideons Torch (GT) for the 1st time this week and ti was just powerful. Unfortunately, I am getting attacks from the evil one from left right and centre. Please pray for me to be strong against all these temptations.


  23. @ th other n zipper,
    i soo feel u!
    May God give us wisdom on these matters.


  24. Mr. Citizen Says:

    @Kingdom Seeker,
    Thanks for the encouragement. May God bless you too much. I am not yet used to the routine but I try to do it while at home & work. Problem is the turns of distraction. I will make time for it. I really want to get close to God but the flesh is fighting hard. I am too hungry for God but my body and mind is rebelling. What to do? Atleast there is the extreme makeover series to help. I will come for the prayer all nighter tomorrow @9pm. See you there. 😀


  25. guilty as charged!!! Says:

    Pastor M.

    At the begining of this series, i was thinking to myself….”now how is this passie going to change my way of thinking??……yani he thinks he can transform me in two months???….try two years!!!!”…..but now three sundays down the line i feel like God gave you A SNEAK PRIEVIEW about my life and those three sunday.

    I’m a very rebelious persons…..its either my way….or my way!!!…(yea, its that bad) but after the sunday sermon i think/know i’ve jus been the unGodlyest life ever.

    I’m praying that in the next sermon i wont feel shy to give my life to christ like the previous sundays. keep blessing people like you have blessed me.



  26. jaimey254 Says:

    hey, been attending mavuno church for 2months now, i am not saved , everyday i think of doing so i change it for a laiter date, in anycase the extreme make over series has been such a blessing to me. for ages i,ve debated about the existance of God due to the fact at times i make genuine prayers and see no results , yet the non belivers even the atheist around me there lives seem to be full of blessings hence it made me to totally rebell. but after attending 2 of the extreme make over series , my view of God has some what changed i still do not understand him and how he works but hopefully i,ll get to know him more and more. hope he,ll get to reveal himself to me.God bless you


  27. Pst. Judy Says:

    hey, God is waiting for you with open arms. I am praying for you that you will respond to him tomorrow in church. Today if you hear his voice please do not harden your heart. God bless you.


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