It Wasnt Me

Genesis 3:8-13

We are sinful people, born in sinful families who live in a sinful world…


Dear heavenly Father, you have said that pride goes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before stumbling. I confess that I have been thinking mainly of myself and not of others. I have sinned by believing that I could be happy and successful on my own. I confess that I have placed my will before Yours and I have centered my life around myself instead of You. As a result, I have given ground to the devil in my life.

I repent of my pride and foolishness and pray that all the ground gained by the enemy in my life because of it would be cancelled. I choose to rely on the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance so I will do nothing from selfish ambition or vain conceit. With humility of mind, I will regard others as more important than myself. And I choose to make You, Lord, the most important of all in my life.

Please show me this week, all the specific ways in which I have lived my life in pride. Enable me through love to serve others and in honor to prefer others. I ask all this in the gentle and humble name of Jesus, my Lord. Amen.

Adapted from ‘Neil Anderson, ‘Bondage Breaker’

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  1. Big up Pst. M! U r so gifted n continue to be a blessing to our lives. I am so humbled by the personal examples u usually use in the sermons- continue to keep it real coz u have challenged me a great deal.
    As 4 Kanjii n the worship team, the new corrupted song-‘n the reason is u’- it was awesome. So i av a special request- if u can do a compilation of the secular songs u av corrupted so far sometime this year, i can assure u me n a few others r more than willing 2 pay 4 the cds. thx in advance n keep it up. Mavuno rocks!


  2. It Wasn’t me!! Quite a cliché i must say. I honestly connected with your sermon Pastor M. It reminded me of the pride i have and arrogance that endures in my life.
    I didn’t know that pride has really change me and the people around me. Gosh pastor i really need to seek your wisdom for i have hurt many and caused pain due to my self motivated pride.
    Please teach me how to control my pride and repent to any worry, and i ask for forgiveness to the people who I’ve hurt. My God keep Blessing Mavuno Church..


  3. The whole sermon looks like was about me myself n i. I took note of every word Psator M said and i would only appeal for mercy from God to help me change for the better. i felt relieved after the sermon and i will keep clinging to God no matter what while repenting and confessing my sins.


  4. The sermon was great I felt like it was targeting me specifically. I have not been to church in like a year and I must say I am in need of an extreme makeover.
    This Sunday though I was determined to come to church no matter what but I woke up dilly dallying what not…..there was no elec etc… and for a couple of minutes there I had myself convinced that I can make up for it the following Sunday but I decided ‘no I said I was going to go to church and the least I can do is show up even if it’s for the last half hour of the sermon.’ Also I had been thinking of looking for another church besides Mavuno till I realised this was just another delaying tactic and I will not truly know I don’t belong till I give it a proper try.
    In any case I made it. I totally identify with the above prayer of surrender and what the pastor was preaching. I don’t know what to expect from God this year but I do know one thing I want to change my life and I want to bond with HIM.
    God bless the Mavuno team and see you next Sunday.


  5. Hey pasi,

    Jana’s sermon was deep and too relevant to me, i am thankful i came and that there is hope for me as well. what touched me the most is that, by the end of the sermon series, i will be free. I have struggled with purity for long unitl its not funny, the more i think about it the more i feel broken, i have vowed soo many tiimes and yet i will stay pure for months almosts the whole year, then something happens its just breaks my heart, i fell like i have been in obedience but the devil knows- thats the only thing that can keep me away from my eternal inheritance and that i may be unmarried for long coz i cannot go into a marriage feeling the way i do.

    I don’t want to get into the blame game, but its more of fatherwoods, so i end up looking for love in the wrong places, mostly men who are older than me my be could qualify to be my father and not available.

    Through soo many prophesies, i have been told that God wants to preserve and will keep my purity, so when i fall i feel played by God. I remain hopeful that he has it in control.


  6. I loved the sermon yesterday, as i always do. Pastor Mureithi Nyundo wa komeo, hahaha, said something that had been said to me before in the same exact words. I couldnt stop laughing.

    He said that we take in so much of people’s problems that it actually breaks us and destroys us. I am that kind of a person. More than often, i find people comming to me with their problems, i guess im available and i luisten alot. Unfortunately, it impacts so much about how i view things, i have become very negative about so maby things, i see myself getting into the same things as they do and i end up being extra cautious, and at times, even paranoid. It’s now so hard to trust anybody.

    Thank you for the very eye opening and inspiring messeges you gave us yesterday.


  7. Hey Pasi,

    Jana’s sermon was deep and relevant to me. I was totally excited when you said that your prayer it that we will get freedom from our struggles and past. i have issues with sexual purity, last year i was able to keep pure but fell towards the end. the sad part is that i tend to fall into the trap of older men who are fit to be called my uncles or more so my father, so i look for assurance from mature people. i guess coz i look for a father in them, if there is one thing i would like to be free from is this sin, i love God and i have been told through soo many prophesies that God wants to keep me pure and protect my purity, when i fall i feel played by God. i feel that this is what the Devil uses to cripple me, especially when i am getting to enjoy my relationship with God, i fear coz i want to get married pure, i feel this is what would keep me from meeting my mate.but for some reason i still remain hopeful that God will deliver me.


  8. Susan Aquila Says:

    Enyewe Pastor M that sermon came into my life at the perfect time. Last year was a very difficult year for me and everyone kept prophesying that it was my year of completion. Enyewe God was sculpting me. Having been at home to raise my daughter for a year, I started looking for a job like mad in 2009. Ready to make my own my money and leave my husband of two years because things were just not working out. No job was forthcoming. I started a business with a lady who does not walk in the ways of the Lord and it crumbled. I got very sick and needed surgery but then my medical cover was cancelled. I hit the wall hard. In frustration I turned to alcohol and smoking which only brought asthma and stomach ulcers back into my body after years of being free from them. Nothing was working and honestly I just wanted to die. Then a friend invited me to join Mizizi and while going through it, I realized how full of myself I had been. How God was not in the picture in my life. I was doing it on my own, my way and God needed to get my attention because I was headed for destruction. Now this series will help me understand why what happened did and what I can do to stay close to God and not loose track along the way. Like the singer sang, ‘I don’t want to be the same again; I have closed that door’. God bless you immensely.


  9. Thanx passie M for last weeks sermon. U described me to the core and addressed every issue that i have been engaging into. This pertains to the three outcomes that occur when we don’t take responsibility.
    For one in treating myself badly, i masturbate to get rid of the hurt of past relationships n frustrations of life, i also avoid talking in crowds coz i feel like i have nothing to offer or contribute… Just feel like i should have been invisible…

    I also evaded the temptation of becoming a lesbian and turned to sex with multiple sex partners just to feel loved even for those few seconds that im been violated and exploited. I have now graduated to entering into all perverted sites, pron, lesbian, beastiality n lately incest.

    I have two jamaas coz i cant stand being by myself and i have turned into such an i dont care that i even slept with my best friend’s ex knowing very well that she still has feelings for him.

    I met my current guy in a club n by the second date, we were intimate. Thereafter i met another guy in a party and what started out as a one night stand turned out to him giving keys to his place…

    In allowing others to treat me badly, i have in the recent past allowed men to mistreat me n i clinged to the little affection i could get coz me n my dad have ever been tight, we are always at logger heads me being the black sheep of the family and all.
    I allowed him to push me into a course that i dint want and though he pays fees faithfully and he thinks that im in my final year. on the contrary, the truth is after him discouraging me in first year coz of poor performance , i have pending units 21 to b exact from 2nd year to 4th year…

    Im the most sarcastic being on this planet n my pals at times get annoyed when i take my sarcasm too far.

    Summing it all up i got issues for real and being raised in a pentecoastal family, who are all saved n speaking in tongues and the works, i just dont know how i strayed this far being born again myself…
    I do need this extreme life make over, im sick and tired of living this life. I have no where to turn to, no one understands and my dad saved as he is will kick the crap outta me for ditching school for 3 years. I dont know where to start.
    Maybe i should run and cease to exist, or just do everyone a favor and fall from the face of this earth…

    God had better intervene coz im lost without a course and thats y im sleeping around, feeling lost lonely, worthless, unloved..


  10. Pastor M,

    Everyday I come to Mavuno Church (or attend any other), I pray for Deliverance. I find myself watching porn and i feel very dirty. As I write this, i am already tired of this sin that so easily entangles me.

    I work in an ICT based career and if you told me to keep of the comp or the net, you are kidding me. I have tried to keep away, and it’s hard., and affects everything I do.

    I am very gifted in the things I do, but am scared this is probably my dark side and it impacts everything else. I have resorted to lying, anti-social behavior, stealing time, money and resources just for one more glance. Recently the IT guy confronted me and i said, It wasn’t me.

    But I trust God that this 2 months are the window opportunity for my deliverance and thrust into Destiny and Purpose. I am going to do it through pryer and fasting, but i will not just pray for my self. I pray for the other surgeons and nurses who will be with the Great Physician as he works this live heart surgery for the next 2 months.

    Pastor M you are a very strong prayer item, and will fast for you too, for me, that God will use you to sort me out. Please listen for what he has to say to you for me, because i really need to be sorted. this is my sermon series.

    God Bless you!

    Please pray (and fast) with me.



  11. Maureen Ndungu Says:

    Hi Pator M,

    First of all I thank God for Mavuno. My life has never been the same again.

    I cannot wait for God to make me over again especially with the extreme make over series.

    I usually deal with counter attacking when I have to deal with a situation and sometimes i also do it nil by mouth. I have been confronted with a situation where the father of my child has gone to the courts asking for full custody of my son. am feeling very hurt and discouraged at the moment and am tempted to fight him back with all the bad things he did to me including a physical attack and driving drunk with the child on his laps hence endangering the baby’s life. the first session of court was held on 12th and he did not get the custody instead he got visitation rights for 2 weekends in a month. Am thanking God already for that.
    Hearing has been set in March and am trusting God for his Favour, his grace and his victory in this situation. I know now that I cannot do this alone. I choose to rely on the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance so I will do nothing from selfish ambition or vain conceit. I know am a winner in Jesus name.

    Please mention my name when praying for mavunites.



  12. For me, its the prayer that caught my attention.I have sure felt that i have been proud and arrogant.It has cost me and am going to have that as my prayer.Thanks


  13. Shalom Dan Says:

    This is so true


  14. its my first time to blog,thanks God am doin it.let me say thanks for yet another great sermon.for opening my eyes to see wea l really stand.God bless you.


  15. Blogging this is hard. I’ve been overtaken and stripped bare this week despite not praying (rather in agreement) the surrender prayer. Some guy in my office told me that my office mates were “discussing in agreement” in my absence, that I am donning a hair style that a supervisor is not supposed to have.

    My question is, where do people get time to be fashion cops when they ought to be busy performing? and even if they have appointed themselves, why cant they call me aside and tell me in a way that keeps me “honourable”? I always have more than I can handle in a day to notice others dressing, why can’t they ask me to share work with them? Furthermore, did any of them pay for the kinyozi or offer styling advice?

    This really worked me up, but as I shared with my wife the frustration of trying to cope with such office mates, she kinda did not agree with me, so an argument ensued.

    With my wife is not siding with me? Come soon Lord.


  16. Its amazing when I continued praying the prayer we prayed on sunday abt pride, God has bin doin exactly wat i pray. I thot i was humble ‘ya rit!


  17. what a timely message from God through you Pastor Mureithi, I believe that He will only provide “wind assistance” this year if we are pure and free in spirit. its not just about church, or giving, or tithing, or mizizi, or an experince, etc….. but its about a life style. i way of life in Him… its gonna be hard, make no mistake. but our Father who is merciful, will give us Grace sufficient to Breakthrough.

    my life has not been the same since i began coming to Mavuno church. This journey I will enjoy taking, with you, and all the Mavunites.

    thank God for you Pastor M.


  18. Hey Mavuno Pastors I have lost hope i cant keep off porn and masturbation even after praying and fasting for many over 60 days. please have faith for me.


  19. Take me over Says:

    Pastor M,
    Asante sana…
    For being so open to share so frankly and forthrightly.
    Last sunday’s sermon left me feeling so understood..the responses, the ways of treating self and others.
    I began understanding why i do life like i do…why i operate like God does not really have time for someone like me..i got to hear and see the frightening level of ego, pride and arrogance i have been living from while operating like Holy Joe, can-never-do-no-wrong-hence-better-than-the-rest.

    For as long as i can remember in my 40+ years, i have struggled with a really poor self image, of who i am, who God sees me as…
    I hear the whole created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made and all the other good stuff…yet a part of me hears this with cynicism…like yeah right!

    the contradiction being feeling ‘special, better than others’ and on the other hand feeling like i am not important, not worth anyone’s time. Sounds warped, right? And i want out of that vicious circle! it is and has been suffocating me for the longest time. i donot know how life would feel without it.

    We sang
    Lord make me over…

    I would add
    Lord take me over…

    All set, bracing myself for the surgery and the recovery, the birthing, in me, of a new child of God.


  20. Pst. Judy Says:

    waoh! An amazing sermon to start off the year! Thanks Pastor M for the amazing sermon. Been thinking through it in my devotions this week and praying for myself that God will deliver me so I am free to live out my purpose as he planned! To all of you who have raised prayer items, I am praying for you by names. I also invite you to our prayer tent (behind the big dome). There we will be glad to pray together with you. You are also invited for our prayer service at 7:30 am at the prayer tent. Praying for you and I know God will lift each one of you to the place where you belong.


  21. Heh, we need to pray! Just reading through the blog i realise we are in need of God to sweep over us a great deliverance. The series is timely and i pray that what God has started in the year 2010 that he will bring it to completion. And i praise him now for every mavunite that he is healing because it is going to transform us to be more like Christ and that i believe is what the world needs!


  22. Mavunite far from home Says:

    Hey Pastor M,

    I went away for jobo after the 1st sunday of the year and I feel so bad that I’m away for yet another sermon (I’m at home, Kenya, a week every 10 weeks) but reading the blog i get a drift of what the sermon was.

    Pastor M, God bless you immensely and all the pastoral team plus Pastor S (will always love you man of God) for what u doing in the ministry. To all u Mavunites, never take it for granted getting a chance to attend mavuno every sunday, some of us abroad would kill for such an opportunity!

    Waiting for the DVD on the series in earnest… God’s blessings


  23. i ev been listening to all the semorns online coz am not in the country,this is the most powerful ministry i ev ever experienced in ma life, i ev been wondering if mavuno can make it aodio visual for us, we miss to see our ministers as they minister.



    Hi Pastor M.

    The sermon today was on point! i came to Church asking God to speak to me and maaaan, let me tell you HE did.

    My take-home is 2 main points:
    1. That i am NOT a failure. You see, i’m 28 and single…I’ve been single 3 months now and it still hurts… At some point, i felt like a failure at love since it hasn’t worked out yet. Today however, i realized that I am not a failure – the relationships are what failed, not me. What a revelation! I have been internalizing these failed relationships without realizing what I was really doing.

    2. When you talked about the guy at the well in Jesus’ day, something struck me. What Jesus was really asking the guy was, “How bad do you REALLY want this healing?” And that’s my take-home #2: How badly do I want what God has in store for me? Whether it’s in my career, ministry, friendships, school, family, husband-to-be…? Thank you for praying for the people held back by fear. That used to be me. Sometimes, I’m not sure what God would pull out of HIS goodie-bag if I let HIM. I was afraid that HE would pull a prank on me and letting go would be for less than what i have. I refuse to think that anymore. I am re-formatting my hard drive from today. How badly do I want God’s plan for my life? Badly enough to go at it with all I’ve got; to cut out bad habits; to pray and learn how to listen to God; to be available to HIM and live an open life before HIM. I am trusting God, taking HIM at HIS Word. I like what you said about being available. That’s all God wants.

    You know pasi, if God doesn’t do it for me, surely, who will? Truth is, without HIM, nothing’s for real.

    Thank you Pastor M!


  25. Fab Pst M, u r changing our lives in in abroad, cold u work on posting the service on line audio visual, we need that kindly, n we r many.
    God bleess Mavuno, God bless Kenya,God bless Nairobi.


  26. make me over Says:

    OLLa Pr M and all Mavunite bloggers……..I’d like to encourage all of us to keep each other in prayer and fasting…true: we all got issues but our God is bigger than our issues and He will come through for us…..God bless y’all


  27. Hey pastor M…
    manze God haz used you to change my life and many of my friends lives…
    we were destined to death and dine with the devil….
    But until i came to Mavuno church where they speak my language and found where Gos is.
    Many churches i have been to,they teach on where God was and not where He is.
    We want a NOW God not what he did…What HE is doing NOW! He is a PRESENT help in times of trouble.
    A NOW God.
    Unashika….A NOW GOD walalalalala…….


  28. God Chaser Says:


    I live in South C Akiba and have found it challenging to make it for Gideon’s coz of mobility. Anyone who can offer me a ride on Wednesday morning?


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