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  1. Amen Pst Kiama. Thanks and God bless!


  2. What a timely message pastor Kyama! I’m starting 2010 ready for Part 2! And because it’s in God’s hands, I know it will have a great ending.


  3. Pastoe Kiama.
    Asante sana.
    As you started about sequels, i kinda wondered where it would end.
    As it developed, i went like hmmm….

    Then came the clip of the nigerian movie.
    It was hilarious!
    I laughed…hard…
    Nothing beats using humour to convey a salient, a powerful message.
    I know this one is ingrained for life.

    It was all so relevant…
    What an eye-opener!
    Hmmmm….to look at and see how many endings i am still stuck in and not moving on from.

    Interestingly i met an ex at that service.
    It was a confirmation for me of the completenes of all those relationships that i got into that were not it…

    Now to what areas of incompleteness i have to deal with…
    I am trusting that God through His Spirit will reveal all to me
    Pray with me to put closure to all and move on!
    So that for each situation i will sing the theme song from jana…
    I will never be the same again.
    I can never return
    I have closed the door
    I will walk the path
    I’ll run the race
    And I will never be the same again

    Barikiwa zaidi!


  4. me, myself and irene Says:

    Church rocks! I’m get so thrilled when guys make the decision to get into a relationship with God! It’s the best thing that ever happened to me and the adventure just gets better every year. Awesome stuff Mavuno team,and to our very great God be all the glory. He rocks!


  5. just watched the new video by Mavuno Worship Project i rocks!great job guys! Christmas is here! :))


  6. I thank God for ordering my steps, am looking back through the year and i can indeed tell of God wonderful works in my life, and i can say things began to unfold as soon as i joined mizizi. This December marks the end of part 1, i had tried before my way but it never works only letting Go and letting God.

    The message was so timely, it made me realize i was in the right path, God has taken me into a time of healing and i can gratefully say he is a faithful God he will never ever fail you, it does not matter how gross the circumstances may seem to be, God will always come through. i cant wait to see my part 2 coz i know its gonna be awesome, but that is only determined if i stay in his path.

    Why lie! God is great!!


  7. wellll….welll…..i don’ ven know where to start but sunday was my sunday.i go to church and i see people wake up to be prayed for but man!sunday was my turn.when pastor Kiama started preaching about sequels,i wondered,now what next?then followed the nigerian clip,it was just hilarious my guy yaani i laughed and laughed… can imagine i even forgot i had broken up with my boyfriend that thursday morning….then the message was delivered to the owner yaani me……people i cried and cried and i was not crying because i was hurting but because pasor Kiama was sent to me by sir God.thanks so much pasi for ministering to a needy part one needed to be closed like with effect…i think it only God who can understand the hell have gone through in my past relationship coz enyewe….have had it.people say they have had dramma in relationships but i tell you guys i have had more than enough.women after women and have come to a time all i have to do is to put closure to all and just develop my relationship with God all my sisters out there who maybe having the same issues in their relationships,if at all your young like me just dating,let nothing stress you,concentrate on your self,love yourself first before you let any man to LOve you….then date someone who loves you more not the one you love more then have someone who respects you and your feelings.remember to play someone is not only physical,playing someone’s feelings is the worst……gals!!!!we need to style up and tie God in our hearts and never live Him behind.i thank God for pastor Kiama because he helped me close my part one and start my part two…..God bless you. i know i will never be same again.NEVER!


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