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  1. I would like to share with you my miracle after the season of “Show me the Money”.

    During that season, i had shared on this blog how i worked for a corrupt born again christian that influenced me to take part in his shoddy deals. I also shared that i was afraid to quit due to the fact that i had bills to pay and my family really depended on me.

    At the end of the season, during the final sermon, Mr. Wahome touched upon my situation and said i should not dwell on my bills but in my faith and trust in God to deliver me from them should i stand for what is right. To me, it was all the encouragement i needed and i decided to quit my job (i had no job waiting but i had faith that my family and i would never lack and something good would come along with time). I am telling you, as long as you believe, God will never fail you. On the day i resigned, i received an offer from a reputable organization offering me double of what i earned previously. God is truly faithful. I could hardly believe it. I have already started off at the new place and i am very happy. As pastor Grace said in the last service, i feel blessed until i am embarrassed.

    I want to Thank God for his angels at Mavuno! May God continue to use you to change lives!


  2. Amen! Marie I rejoice with you in knowing that truly our Father does own Cattle on 1000 hills!! Baraka tele!!


  3. me, myself and irene Says:

    Wow! Good on you marie!And all glory to God for his faithfulness.


  4. Amen Marie! What an awesome testimony. Praise God


  5. Amen pastor kiama


  6. Marie……………….Amen to your tetimony…….i used to go through the same but God delivered me even before i knew i was in it……just before i got saved and started mizizi.

    Now i look back and see how amazing He truly is that i now work in a clean environment and can have peace that i am not involved in such crimes that Kenyans have made a way of life.

    you see the devil just loies to reputable business people the for you to win a tender you ust ‘know someone’ and as Wahome well put it-you forget the strong talents that God has given you to write a good proposal and you keep depending on men….veeeery enslaving i can tell you.

    I pray that in the near future when i launch my consultancy firm that i will be like Wahome-pray for the tender beofre it goes out n go on and wait for His doing!

    Oh…..i love to be saved!i feel sooooooooo good….so great!


  7. Bold Lion Says:

    On the EXTREME Make Over Series,

    I have been hurt by spiritual leaders, family etc.

    I have suffered rejection, emotional brutality, had someone i trusted let me down etc. etc. the amazing thing is: this is when i grew the most spiritually. I have been misunderstood all my life, I’ve suffered depression & even been suicidal a few times due to the performance trap lie.

    May i add that this is very tricky since whether we like it or not, our lives are dictated to us by society in MANY ways e.g, if you’re a divorcee, you’re not working, you can’t seem to get a mate etc. Naturally, the society sees you a certain way.

    I think our greatest enemy is not even us or the devil but the society and its perception on various issues.

    So what the Bible says is all nice & dandy but without having an outlet to display your worth, it gets too tricky.

    When you live for success, the performance trap really gets you. But we all live to be better tomorrow. I always make fun that i don’t wake up every morning bcoz Christ died for me but for a higher calling-whatever that may be.

    Through the worst, i know that i am stronger now & i know what is most important now-happiness, joy, peace, true friendships- the priceless things money can’t buy & that are not easy to come by & i know who i am & how precious life is-can’t afford any mistakes not in career or relationships or decisions etc, every moment counts.

    I am really enjoying the series. God bless you so much


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