Desperate Times

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  1. This is my 1st time in about 3yrs away from Mavuno & in a new country. I miss my home church already but know that I am in the Philippines on assignment. Please pray for me that I will be the Fearless Influence God purposed for me here even as I pursue my Training. God Bless you all


  2. mwanamavuno Says:

    Yesterday’s sermon was for me!
    Obedience – a word that sounds so simple to pronounce yet an action that takes almost all effort to accomplish. At a time when i have to learn to be obedient to God especially when it comes to those that lead me and be able to go beyond just following to also being able to speak for what is right is just something that requires grace.
    It’s a blessing to know that God does not lead us to what He has not prepared for us to be in… that the Ninevites’ hearts were prepared to search for God and all God needed was a person to obediently provide God’s counsel is mind blowing.
    Oh Lord, give me grace and insight to your word; that I may speak your truth and counsel because it, simply, is from You.


  3. What a sermon! Says:

    I thank God for all you pastors for just as you are pastors you are also children of God and must feel played from time to time. I thank God for your willingness to serve regardless because it is such a blessing each time you get up to speak. I always thought the story of Jonah was one of punishment but I see it now as one of love. As some one put it when running away from death a whale’s belly doesnt seem too bad. I pray that God will be patient with us even as we seek to please Him


  4. Hi Pastor Linda,

    I have been Totally blessed by this months sermon, i have been smiling every day but i was hurting for having lost my parents to HIV, they were totally faithful To God, and for a long time i have been feeling played by God, am so thankful that God asked you to preach about it, my life group (ashes to beauty) members have been helpful, but i guess i have come to realize that when things don’t work out our way, its coz God is preparing us for greater things, my dream is to bring a smile to many people, and i guess letting my anger out was my first step, am in Love with God, and i cant imagine being anywhere else if not serving HIM. God Bless you and increase you in all ways.. “hata upana” just kidding…


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