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  1. Dear Pastor Linda,
    I started getting blessed from the beggining of the service. Hearing Pastor M’s message from his expereince of Carlifonia to Ndugu Flavour from Mazizi to your sermon. Now what is so refreshing is that I can sense God is about to do a huge thing through me and the syke and energy and testimony of flavour gave me a huge sense of “come back” to ministry. I signed up for jan class and i will explain why. Now the sermon today was powerful to me in this way. I got pregnant and left ministry. My hubby and family all brought me banquets and banquest of njahii and all kinds of fattening foods so that i would have enough milk for my baby. And i thnks God that i became a freshian cow for a good number of months. I added weight. I used to be petit and very pretty. But after raising my child to such a healthy age and good built body through breast milk, my hubby always tells my how fat, unattractive i am. No matter what effort i put trying to jog, he still crushes my effort with hurting words. Now that has really affected me and my performance at work. And you know when your husband chooses to resent you, he stipps you off confidence that inhibits you from being a fearless influencer. For the last 3 years i have known i am soo ugly and good for nothing. My hubby loves the baby like i dont exist. However over this lonely time i have become close to God and i secretely pray and fast for my family and for my hubbys business that is going so well for him. I sit back as he prouldy talks to people about his booming global business and how he has worked sooo hard to get to where he is. I dont think so, its God that has brought him this far. Now today, the message that ‘God sometimes changes the plans to open our eyes to see something of greater value” is so intimately recieved by myself. I feel like i must move on and look for my purpose. Then the rest God will deal. Mizizi for me is a must do. I need to reconnet with God. Connect with the church and connect with fearless influencer. I found it rather intersting how different we all are. I sympathised with ” Jonah the second, cos as he is struggling to get a child within his marriage, on my part the presence of the child that i love so dearly is what is breaking me to pieces in this marriage. Thank you Mavuno. Chic


  2. i have been challeged enough times and i am glad that its not too late.while staking stock of yar 2009,i have seen where i went wrong at work,relationship,and i am ready to start all over again,to be a better person.

    Thank you Pastor Linda


  3. Hi Linda! Thank you so much for yesterday’s sermon. As you stood up there n spoke of being played by God, I felt like u were directly addressing me. Last year, my mother underwent a very traumatizing experience; she was sexually assaulted by thugs who had broken into our home. At the time, she was 60 years n living alone in the village, so you can imagine what a terrifying experience it must have been for her.
    Now for you to understand my frustration with God, u need to understand the type of woman my mother is:
    1. She’s the kind the kind of woman who would offer the only remaining sugar in the house to our neighbor while we went to school without breakfast.
    2. She’s the most selfless, kind-hearted n forgiving woman have known all my life.
    3. She’s been a very committed Christian all her life, and she made sure all her children said those catholic prayers every morning n night. (She still insists on that when we go home for x-mas, lol)
    I remember when I went home so I could bring her to Nairobi Women’s hospital and I just couldn’t stop crying. Overnight, my mother had been changed from the strong resilient woman I had always known into this fragile n vulnerable woman who was so very afraid of the world. I felt very helpless n hopeless, hopeless that I wasn’t there to protect my mother, that I couldn’t even afford to host her in Nairobi where I could watch over her (I was jobless at that point, having just cleared campus n having no sibling in Nairobi) and I remember asking God “why her?”
    Suffice it to say that have been angry with God for a very long time, for I felt that he had really “played” my mum…until yesterday when u gave your message. Yes, I am finally at peace with myself n my God.
    I eventually got a good job, a big house n mum visits me once in a while but she wont agree to re-locating to Nairobi. I bought her a stronger steel door (anti-burglar) n every night I pray that the Lord will keep her safe.
    May the Lord bless you Pastor Linda & the Mavuno family.



    Daniel 3:18
    But even if God does not save us, we want you to know, king, that we refuse to serve your gods. We won’t worship the gold idol you have set up.”

    Many Christians today are seeking the wrong things. We have to see the
    things of God, the results of God, or feel something from God in order to
    trust in him. We want our job/wife/breakthrough/promise/blessing/vision/reward/ immediately, rather than daily trusting God and being lead to our destiny by him. Many of us are wanting things from God immediately, that only a relationship with him can bring.
    We must not pimp God Mavuno!!! God is more than a breakthrough or a financial miracle, God is more than an occasion to prosper or an emotional fix! God is a father! He wants to father his people. We can read too many books, watch too many “do it this way” videos, attend too many conferences, and get over-churched to the point to where we only trust in the results and effects of God and not the daily relational walk with him.
    Saints of God, the enemy is behind this distortion of the Gospel. He wants
    to bring God to you in the form of things so that you will not seek his

    The children of Israel would get tired of waiting on God, so they would
    just make their own God! They wanted what they could have immediately! They would give up on the process and try to make swift progress! Sounds familiar? That’s where many of us are today! We want a microwave relationship with God and we want to get what we feel we deserve! Funny how when we were first saved, we just wanted to be cleansed and our past erased.
    But now we have become spiritual pimps! We now want to use God to break us through, or bless us, and not even talk to him on a daily basis! We don’t want a father, we want a magician! “Please me Lord, gimme my wife, my job, my home ,etc”, without knowing his voice, knowing his feelings, turning from sin, or even reading his Word?

    We don’t want to obey him, but we want him to obey us! Stop seeking things from God and seek HIM and things will be added!
    That’s the formula Jesus gave. Stop waking up each day, trying to build
    your life on some man’s formula for success to get things. God gave you the master plan in his Word. You don’t need a method to find your destiny, all you need is a visitation by the Holy Ghost Stop seeking what you can see and trust God daily. He will surely lead you to the Kingdom and add the things that he has purposed for you when it’s time.


  5. Ps Linda,
    Your sermon spoke to my soul.
    Just read a comment by a blogger who said Good girls finish last, that’s has been true for me, at least that’s what I feel and I could be and hope I’m wrong.
    I’m 26, single and a virgin. I have been saved since second form, 10 years now and I have been in many ministries, have witness God use his power thru me, miracles, the worx. I have tried to keep myself pure, kuteleza teleza kidongo lakini sikuanguka. 2 me, I have felt that I have lived the good Christian girl life and I felt I deserve a reward in my adult life. But relationships have been the most painful thing I have gone through. I was in a relationship when I was 22, it was great but we broke up after 6 months for some silly reasons like “I don’t think this season is for me” said the Christian dude. For the next 3 and half years, I kept praying and waiting. When I turned 25, I went out with this gr8 dude. To me he was an answered prayer and everything was blissful. I was a good girl about to finish and then BAM! Barely a few months into the whole r/ship he comes up with a silly story like the one b4- ‘I’m trying to change you’. I was hurt and very disappointed to say the least. After 3.5 yrs, this is what I get? I spent the next few months feeling really played by God, really cheated, really disappointed really angry, really resentful, really bitter and really skeptical. To be honest God has control of every area in my life except this one……
    On 1st November, you said something really profound
    “Forgiveness is letting go of the right to revenge, the right to feel that you need to settle scores”
    So I forgave

    On 8th November you said something else really profound
    Paraphrased- if you hold on to something soooo tightly, your hands may not be ready to receive. Stop running away”
    So I stopped and let go
    And I started praying for that last guy and his family, as it occurred to me how much prayer I had been doing for his family and mine when we were together as we were prayer partners too.

    Then of Friday I had a strange dream, that his mother met me and told me to pursue him…. Again. Aaah! This is soo frustratingly endless!!! When I really work hard not to think about him and everything, his mother shows up in my dreams! Sigh!

    Then yesterday you said “Sometimes God changes plans so he can open our eyes to something of greater Value”
    So I have stopped to listen, wait to see and hear what God’s ideas are
    And I desperately pray this time, I can finish and finish well…..


  6. Pastor Linda. I recently started attending Mavuno and I have been fight5ing with many issues. I have always been a God fearing person and I believe that all things come to pass by his will. I had been in a relationship with a girl for three years and I believed that this relationship would lead to marriage. I was so in love with this girl and I was covered by her that I could not see how I was ruining my life in all ways. After all this girl wanted to live a life beyond her means and drag me into it in the process. Once she found that I could not provide for her vanity she started to sleep with older men who were married and this hurt me inside and killed my spirit completely I started drinking uncontrollably and blaming myself for being such a fool. The last two services you asked that we stand and pray for those whom we have not forgiven to do so so that we can set ourselves free. I have prayed that God will give me the strength to forgive her and God will give me a good Wife to cherish and Grow old with


  7. God's baby gal Says:

    Wow – that was a wonderful word Pst Linda…thank you for being used of God in a timely way.

    The message was right at the heart of where I am at with God this year. I have been trusting God to salvage my marriage and family for sometime now. I have tried the whole works, fasting, giving, praying prophetic prayers, waking up at 12-3 am to do spiritual warfare…list is endless. The more I prayed the more things seemed to get worse…

    I had not given up on God but I had instead began to give up on myself…I thought perhaps the problem is me…I am not worthy of God’s intervention. I slowly stopped caring about what was going on around me…got too engrossed in my situation and forgot that God’s agenda is much bigger then my agenda.

    A few weeks ago God began challenging me to go back to my first love for him. To get my eyes off my circumstance and on to him…in spite the raging storm surrounding me. Therefore I have resolved to serve HIM and HIM alone. Although difficult I shall live my life as though I was the happiest wife alive, shall enjoy my kids, friends and people in general…God’s people. I know this is not the end of my story…my testimony is coming…but until then I shall enjoy my relationship with him who saved me, for he gives me a reason to face tomorrow.

    Thank you once more for being a blessing – continue serving him Pst. Linda.



    I didn’t know where to start , my lyf flashed infront of me as u asked to pray for the first group. found myself standin for the second category.
    I asked god open the eyes of my heart.
    continue to stand in the GAP pst linda ur r an anointed lady.


  9. thanks so much 4that msg. I hv bn hardeng my heart 4all these sermons but not this 1. U c i dint have a Nineveh or a msg so no missn but when i saw that title b4 we started the series, i knew it was 4me &sure enough it was. I hv bn a faithful Christian giving etc but when i lost my apartment, got depressed &started 2lose my mind regardls of my service &faith &eventually had 2return home from the US in 2007, i wondered wat was my faith worth, i prayed every way i knew, i gave sacrifly smtms, i stood on His promises. I hv bn mad ever since &even tk a break from His drama. My fear has bn:wat did i do wrong &can’t afford 2repeat it &just trustg Him yet i don’t know wat fire He’ll throw my way again &when. Even though i stood, i still find it hard 2let go but i’m workg on it. I felt so ‘played’ &wanted Him 2suffer &had said if He wants me that bad, He has 2say it b4 i can give Him another chance. During the anointg tm at the retreat, they told me God had bn searchg me out &wants me 2surrender all. That did it 4me. Thx 4 startg the process. God bless u so


  10. thanks alot pastor linda.
    that part of God being a magician resonated with me….
    i recall that i lost some amount of money this year as i insisted on pursuing a course which i believed would increase my credentials but on two occassions i started after h aving paid money and didnt manage to finish. i was pretty mad and confused at God coz i thought it was his plan. now i realise maybe i have looking up at him as a magician to unleash goodies when i want how i want- its painful learning how to change course and not run away … being able to see the bigger vision and things of value is a hard lesson.. am still learning.. God is not a magician He is my father and sovereign.

    God bless pastor


  11. Yawa Pst L.. This is my first time bloging. There sermon was really spot on. I started the year not really on the high one has during the new years, however mine was more of God concluding things that he had began in the previous year. I love to win in everything that I do and if I don’t win, then am normally crushed to death.. My confidence in winning is normally high when God is within my plans and I have really prayed about it. But this year nothing that I heard God tell me will happen this year has happened, Yani Nothing…. I even had specific dates and those dates passed like I had no specific mpango.. To say that I was crushed is an understatement. And yes God does risk loosing the investment in us when he changes his plan because I was out and almost gone for good. 24/7 week became worthless and I became num to GT. My take out for the sermon was you may loose the battle but not the war and surprisingly this given me hope. I went home after the sermon and got rid of the things that I was holding on that reminded me how God has played me mbaya! I guess this is the beginning of the healing process… I must say that I feel better, even though the wound is still healing. My prayer is that I receive total healing so that I could be victorious in the war! I have come to understand that it has never been about me, and God has a bigger agenda with my life which is greater than I could think of.


  12. I Was Really Played By God Says:

    I have been born again for years, trusted God to do great and wonderful things in my life, of which He has. A few years ago, I felt I was ready to move to the next stage of life, marriage. I took the step of faith and spelt out to God the kind of wife I needed and for sure He delivered, that was the good part then. Some six years down the road, I feel I was really played. I say so because after the wedding the marriage began and that is when I learnt that the person I’d made vows to is not the one I requested God to provide, the kind who is a helpmate, a companion and one I can talk and share with. Today, we are blessed with kids and we both have great jobs. However, I feel played because the wife I now have almost feels nothing about the family that we have established. Be it a family project, a loss in the family, a success story, running after our kids events including schools and church, building the family through words of encouragement and finally the way Pastor S. puts it, the pan cakes (the food part), all this is left to the daddy of the home. I feel short changed because I seem to get no effort from my wife in the pertinent home issues. Now, surely, what in the world of greater value could it be that God wants me to open my eyes to if right at the home, the most important place for us, he played me? It’s been a life of near stress and I do not think I deserve this.
    Played Husband


  13. Gods baby gal,
    am glad that you agree that your testimony is on the way.That makes two of us in agreement! Something caught my attention in your blog post that the more you pray the more things seem to get worse.The devil will fight every vision dream and promise that God has given you.God calls us to have faith that inspite of things looking worse we can still trust him to see us thru. I know what God has promised me in this season yet everything around me looks impossible.I have just stepped up the game because the devil is a liar.May God see you thru this situation.Your dream will become a reality.


  14. mimi mwaminifu Says:

    Pr Linda….as your preached i just thought of myself…. i was/ still am at that point of giving up on God. You see i was an atheist and could try to prove to you that God does not exist! I realised my completley LOST thinking and turned to the one and only true God, creator of Heaven and Earth through whom all things were made. Have tried to live by his word, good girl, active in church, sincerely cares for people, selfless giving and supporting others but i at times feel played in the things that matter…The man i was supposed to get married to left me after 7 years of dating, dowry paid and all that. he then maried within a year and voila got a baby..while 3 years down the line am single and searchin! After deciding to turn back to God, I quit my well paying job…because i was working in a health institution that would procure abortions….. and now …i am unable to get a good job……Yes i want the foofoo rice, someone to talk to….prayed and fasted…still feeling left…Nitado what?


  15. Played!
    BIG time…
    That is how i feel.
    I have been obedient…yet on a level it feels like i am on my own.
    Indignant is a word that comes to describe the feeling.

    A part of me gets the message Rev. Linda preached and the other part says NO! i want it now! Do it now!
    Sounds kabisa like a tantrum.
    Even i am amazed at seeing that not-so-pretty side, definitely does not make me look good (only weak people do things like that)…definitely does not make Him ‘look good’.

    So there is a/there are tough lessons to learn in the way of trusting God, trusting that He knows where I am, what i require (like really….beyond it being the right thing to say)

    It was/still is a tough sermon to digest.
    Like cud, it keeps coming back up again, needing another phase of the digestive process…and most times i just wish it would just get on its way.

    It is a humbling place to be…to just see that this ‘tantrums-galore’ way of doing things is so representative of how i have lived this gift of life. So i am clear that there is a message here and i need to cool this ‘hothead’ and quiet this overactive ‘it’s not fair’ mind to be aware that i am in the presence of God & to be quiet enough to actually hear Him. I gather i am in the flame and wa! is it uncomfortable but i know there will be a powerful testimony when the refining process is done.

    So good people, when we feel like we are passed over, let us hold on to His promises. Jana i heard a song on the radio and its message was that He is always on time. The song was about Lazarus. It went something like…even when He was 4 days late, He was still on time.

    So as Rev. Linda said, ‘God changes the plans to open my eyes to something of greater value’. I sure cannot see it for the desperation of where i am @ at this time (i want that money released kama jana!) but i am learning to trust….

    I guess no-one ever said walking on this journey would be easy.
    What i get is that i am not alone…

    Barikiwa zaidi.


  16. Never too played Says:

    My heart goes out to the played husband. It looks hopeless and like all is lost. But is it? I like separating fact from untruths that hold thought patterns captive.
    For a start, none of us can for sure say exactly how God works, but the one thing is that He works ALL things for good of those who love the Lord;those called according to His purpose.
    When we ask God for anything,He gives it knowing how it will affect our lives from beginning to end.
    All of us are a Work In Progress and nothing sharpens us more than our life partners (mostly in ways we don’t like).
    As Pst M and Carol would put it, there is no ideal life partner.Take the focus of her and focus on being an even better husband-loving her and presenting her blameless before God. Work on yourself,pray for her.
    The Mavuno series “Happily Ever After” expounds more……get the series @ church and watch the movie “fireproof my marriage”.Its something exactly like this;with a happy ending.
    What is it that God wants you to learn? Ask Him earnestly and determine even in the most desperate of times to seek His will.Lastly,have faith in God even if it means hanging on a buddy’s faith!


  17. I have been following the blogs and messages on line for more than a year now and I must say they have been a blessing to me.But this months message got me thinking.Wait a min.See I gave my life totally to the lord three years ago and since then it has not been a smooth sailing.I first lost my mom right after that, she was the only parent I knew and my best friend.Since then it has been a roller Costa of situations and circumstances.I give, tithe and pray but feel like God have not been there like I would want him to be.My relationships,finances been a mess even after involving Him.I have come to place in my life where I can’t be able to pray anymore,what am doing is crying every time I go before Him in prayer.Tears just start running down. I cant help it.My heart is broken and wounded.


  18. Standing in the Gap Says:

    Dear Played Husband,

    Can I just say that your story is most disturbing, especially because most complaints of a similar nature are leveled aganist men and not the other way around? Also knowing the central role which women play in the home…
    Makes one wonder how many men are hurting and in need of ministry.

    I commend you for your courage in sharing and promise to pray for you my Brother.


  19. Outlasting the storm Says:

    @Getting up, I totally get you. I’m 30, single, and a virgin, and no, I’m not unattractive, ugly, or anything close to that… I started seeking God for a boyfriend the day I turned 18! I remember kneeling by my bedside in campus and asking Him to lead me home to the partner He had in mind when He was creating me. And then, just as I was getting off my knees, cheerfully expecting to meet some nice HOT bloke the following day, I heard Him say to me in that still-small-yet -clear-voice, ”you have a choice to settle for less, or trust me for the best!” 12 years on, I’m still waiting on Him. It’s not always been easy… I met a guy I really fancied and who liked me too, but had to break it off with him because he wasn’t born again and things were beginning to move to the ‘next level’. I felt a great sense of loss and pined for this guy for 3 years after the break up, yet deep, deep down I knew, being with him was treading on dangerous ground. Anytime we do things outside of God’s will, we give the devil a claim and a footstool to that situation. My friends accuse me of being choosey. But I know I’m not. Like we all do, growing up I had a list of requirements that my spouse needed to have. With time, I’ve shed some and kept others, not because my standards have gone lower, rather, because as you grow older, what may have been important to you as a 23 year old, may not necessarily be that big a deal when you’re alot more mature and wiser. That said, there are things in my quest for a mate I have purposed that I will not turn loose even if it costs me; one of them is that whoever I choose to spend my life with must be a born again Christian – and one that I am attracted to! I am not naive, I realise that there is no guarantee that he’ll be all I ever wanted him to be. However, like king Hezekiah, should that happen, I can confidently turn to God and ask Him to ‘’remember…’’. Thing is, God has really been good to me. I don’t feel desperate despite of crossing the big ‘3 OHH!’ threshold. For most of us who trusting God for life partners, I think being content in our singlehood without being complacent is really important. It goes a long way in helping us be still and allow God to mould and prepare us into the kind of spouses He’d like us to be. So ‘Getting up’, just steady on…if you ask most married couples, they’ll tell you that a bad marriage is far much worse, than the most loneliest moments of singlehood. So don’t rush it, give up on God’s promises or breakdown in process. Sex, relationships and marriage were God’s idea. He knows that you and I and the other person have sexual needs and the need to have a companion. Remember, He makes things beautiful – in His time.
    @Bold Lion: I too was abroad for years and had to return to the country because things just weren’t working out in the ‘land of milk and honey’. Despite being true to my faith, everything I touched there seemed to go up in flames! So, I’m praying for you tonight, that God will give you peace of mind, that in time, He will reveal to you what is in your storefront and why He hid it from you at the forefront.


  20. 'Forgiving God' Says:

    @Sophia pole sana for what happened to your mum. Donno what else to say…


  21. No marriage is better than a bad marriage.Choose life,choose obedience.


  22. played right? mother dying when young..father…well….!
    gosh where to begin.. where to begin? well… am nearly 40yrs will be turning this year…my life has not gone the way i thought it would..whose does? isnt i ask… well am a second born of a very large family i think my dad was aiming for a football heeee manze our family life was so dad married and married mpaka me i thought surely there is no chicks left out did’nt matter their age…. some as young as us..well.. what do u do when u have lots of money that you dont want to spend on ur children..spend it on women right… well to cut the long long long story eventually died of aids… in those days..this is 10 yrs ago..and to be honest i wanted him around so i could ask him why…. but he bailed that’s how i see it.. i have not forgiven him…my mum died when i was young… and to be honest i did’nt know her too well and from what i hear she died because my dad had married someone else and she was not good at asserting her rights… i vowed to be completely opposite of her… i have been trying since and to be honest am not winning…. i had to look after my siblings i still am… the ones who have finished school their lives have not turned out how i envisaged them… but who am i to remove a speck from their eyes when i have logs..right..even though it has costs me so much money to take them to school and subsequently to college..their lives to do not reflect this fact which makes me feel like a failure… gosh… am just a mess..i try to hard i dont really like pple knowing that am a mess inside …i hide and hide..but it does come out in different ways even though i refuse to acknowlege that… i hve a fiance who i met whilst i was desparate we have come to far for me to extract myself… i feel it’s not his fault that i chose to go out with him ..i do love him though he’s just not my type of guy or should say what the type of guy pple would expect me to go out with… eish… issues.. me i dont pretty broken…i have been suicidal for so long but it’s easing now… sometimes i wonder what type of a mother i am…sometimes i wonder what type of a xtian i am..what type of a friend….sister… wife/fiance? i make friends but when things go wrong they pretty much get rid of me quick smart without even giving me a chance…as am writing this am convicted to think of my part.. i know all things work for the good of those that love God…that was my verse for the whole of 2009….
    asking bloggers please pray for me that i will find peace in who i am not who i think is should be…
    that God will cleanse me so thouroughly that i will bring glory to his kingdom.
    that i will be a sheep that hears it’s shephards voice
    that i will let go of all my issues related to family and friends
    that i will be santified and blessed to be a blessings
    that i will realise my worth is based on what God says about me not man
    that i will realise am a good mother…good sister… good friend… good worker… good xtian
    that God does not see me how i see myself
    that no matter what drama is going on in my heart , mind and soul God is in control
    that despite my upbriinging God already has in store for my portion of joy ,peace and happiness…

    that it’s not what i do ..but that his Grace is all that matters.

    i know this is such a long blog and i may never blog again…but felt the need to just blog this and am hoping it will be cathatic… thanks to all that will read… may you blessed … AMEN


  23. @who am i, praying with you. May this be your year of restoration and perfection.


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