You Can Run but You Can’t Hide

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  1. pastor linda, u are sent of God! If todays msg was not 4 anyone else, it was mine. I identified with the sermon fully. U talked of a lady who was hot 4 God in school, uni then she grew cold n compromised, my story is cut n paste. Saved years, no, decades ago. Member of cu in high skul, campo n hot 4 God. Joined employment, married n enjoying life. Then, vitukos started. Something dint work out in my marriage. It stressed me until i went into depression. I felt God has 4saken mi. When i luked at my life, i cun’t tel why God wud deny mi a child in a xstian marriage. Worse stil, i cud read papers n c on telly how unwanted children were aborted or abandoned. Why wud a loving God do that to his son? Doesnt the scripture say, whoever finds a wife finds a good thing n receives favor from the lord. It was not working 4 mi.We hv seen many gynas n done al tests in the book but no success n no explanation. As i went thru al this, my faith waned, my luv 4 God dwindled to an xtent where i was angry with God n in my heart, i knowingly n willing drifted away from God. I developed spiritual fatigue n stopped caring. I hv done things i dint know i was capable of doing. For yrs now, i hv had a mpango wa kando with a married xstian woman! I hav al along attended church n so has she. I hav heard al those great sermons in mavuno but it was like talking to a stone: to a wounded offended man. On the outside, i am a saint. I hav even been asked severally to preach. Surely man luks on the outside but God luks on the inside. U asked today, what happens when u hear the word of God n u continue in rebellion. I know the answer, u die, but somehow i hv continued to walk away from God. BUT, Today!, i decided to change course, for its fruitless to rebel against God. U cant win against God. U cant kick against the goads!. U can run but u cant hide. pastor linda, u hav helped mi, u spoke to my heart. My lyf has been like jonah’s boat but now the fish has vomited mi in nineveh. I am ready to obey God again n be a fearless influencer. I am like a pot marred at the porters hands. I am ready to b molded again to b what God wants mi to b. GOD is a good GOD for in his mercy, he has given me a second chance like jonah. GOD bless u pastor linda n keep preaching 4 GOD is surely with u.


  2. pastor L, that was a powerful message. got revelation that in the midst of all the storms in life, God is always close and will come at the opportune time.
    we can never hide from God however smart we think we are.
    may God continue to lift our pastors to even higher levels.
    in mavuno, i have found a home – where i always feel my issues sorted out. whenever i miss a service, i always feel like i have missed so much.


  3. wa wa wa Past. Linda, whenever you preach you challange my heart so much, that it gets me thinking 4 days and months, janas message was somehow like players of the bible – About sexual habits and pple in sales and marketing how they sometimes hang out with a certain group of pple to network in business. Am still asking myself where i will be in 5 yrs somethings have to change in my life coz at the moment am not sure where i will be. Am praying for strength and direction. Thank you so much, am now understanding the book of Jonah, to me it was just another story i learnt in sunday school, i never thought it had an impact at all but now i know. Am looking forward to thee upcoming sermons about jonah. Thank you Mavuno Church we are learning alot, I love Mavuno Church


  4. Pastor Linda, we need to talk. I think when you have stuff that you need to tell me we can have a one-on-one before you get to the pulpit. That is how it felt for me yesterday during the sermon. For a person in my position, the answer for the question of what will become of me if i continue in the same path in 5 years was the IT point for me coz the answer for that would probably be ” dead”. I thank God for you and i feel God has it covered for me. All i need to do is listen and He will teach me.


  5. "No More Excuses" Says:

    Heb. 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

    Good bye to excuses. Spiritual slackness is the enemy of spiritual growth! You will not mature in the things of God nor will you receive your blessing being slack concerning your walk with him.
    God does not reveal himself to those that are slack and he does not reward those that are sometimey! You must commit to seeking him and following him in order to receive from him. You have 2 choices. Either do it your own way, or diligently seek his way. There is no middle ground to stand on. When you choose to be slack and lazy, you chose to do it yourself. God wants those that can represent him well so he can show the world what he is capable of. Why would he want to show the world a bad representation of himself? If you are always talking about what you are going to do, but never do it, then you are slack. And why would God want to show you as his representation when the world will say, “I’m more spiritual than that without him!”

    God wants people that will hear his voice, and then follow his command!
    He wants Christians that are faith walkers and not jive talkers. He does not need anyone with a “i’m gonna” mentality, but he needs those with a “I’m willing” mentality! God has already given you the instructions, so now it’s time to move. It’s time to step out on faith and accept what God is expecting from you. Corporate Kenya does not respect lazy, slack people, so why do you think God is pleased with that? Some of us have been struggling with yesteryear’s mess, in the same place, dealing with the same issues for too long. God wants us to pray, and get up! Take up your bed and walk! Don’t just sit there, MOVE!
    Everyone is tired of hearing you say what you are gonna do over and over again. 2010 must be a year of no more excuses! You don’t have the money to start it? Who did? You don’t have the time to start it?
    Who does? You don’t have the courage to begin? Get some! Get over your hurt, your past, your slackness, and the spirit of hinderance and move forward! God is waiting for someone to advance the Kingdom of God with diligence and fervor. It is time to tarry no more!


  6. Sunday 8 Nov.Well,the insides oof a fish are not a bad place to be when u r escaping death.Hmmm.Perspective.Joanh,thanks for being like me that so many thousand years later,I can learn from you.Asante Pastor Linda


  7. Pastor S,woieeee what was that prayer at the end of service?I fled..perhaps am being like Jonah again? How can I secure an appointment with you?


  8. So what if I continued doing the things that I have been doing this year for the next five years? waaaa…. that was it for me in the sermon. I made my resolve to change… May God help me to walk as he desires that I may turn out like Joseph, Daniel, Paul and other heroes… Thank you pastor Linda.

    Here’s my thought on the Mavuno marathon and why i am in…

    The services are like a movie poster, Mizizi is the movie trailer, God (director and producer), your life (the movie), you are the star and the lifegroup is the crew that make movies possible. We take turns in being the supportive cast with assistance from God’s co-directors (the pastors) we will be stars on the frontline. We are family stuck together, the rest around are fans.


  9. pst. L, walalallaaaa, that was harsh but so true. May God continue to give to the courage to speak His word without fear as you have been doing challenging us to live upto His expectations.


  10. Hi ,
    Pastor Linda
    huh, i had a chill and my mind just froze through the sermon . I am that girl you talked about ….i am jonah ….. i know that God will use me some day …
    we get to mid thirtees and all that you have learnt flies off the window ..Sadly good girls finish last . I have watched my friends who move in with their boyfriends or stay over for the weekend and happily get married after a while . Oh by the way they later happily come to church .While i have been “nice’ good guys pass me by
    today i will be lucky to have a date because i am complicated . where are the men in the church ????. i have also sadly watched gals getting married to people they are not compatible just because the guy is saved … and the gal is in pains to hold an intelligent conversation.just because they are not interllectually on the same level so they end up settling for less .
    We compromise to get a brilliant fun guy who is not saved and yet it does not pay . .. we are neither here nor there and do not have a stand .I say we because sadly majority of people who you open up to seem to be struggling with the same issues having reeds coved on the face and walking with a swagger . As a church we need to pray for contentment and true satisfaction in Christ as singles . And for Brilliant Godly men . life is trully fruitless without christ .


  11. thanks pastor! that message was God sent to deliver me from my bad habit of clinging too hard for things that cant get me far in life. i have definitely changed my course!



  12. Hi Pastor L, I must say that the sermon was just what I needed. I recently gave my life to Christ but I had not changed any of my past ways cos of this amazing guy(I thot so at the time). I was even planning on moving in with him. I couldn’t change my ways cos I was afraid of loosing him. I was so scared that I turned my back on God. Then 3 weeks ago, he breaks up with me. I was shattered. I locked myself in the house for a whole week. I even missed church for 2 weeks. But on sunday, I just knew I needed to be in church. I realised that like Jonah I had run away from God. He really wants to use me but I wasn’t giving the Lord a chance. That day I called out to the Lord to take me wherever His Will directed. In 5 years from now I want to have made a mark in the christian community. Be blessed Pastor Linda and all who were touched like me.


  13. am one person who comes to church, sits at the back and just listens, am afraid to get so involved, I did that in a previous church and brothers were on my case didn’t really get a chance to know God that well, I felt alot of pressure I left, I didn’t really grow spiritually went through classes under duress, went to the retreats with a wounded heart because I didn’t get much out of it, I just felt like I was being manned to tag along, but no one really addressed my issues and reason I was in church in the first place. Well i try so hard to walk the walk but I just find it hard, my prayer is that God will have mercy on me and save me for real, I have never been happy in my life despite going to church like every other day.
    Well, last sunday Pastor Linda’s message really touched me..esp when she said ” why one is maintaining the swagger yet they got so much weed on there head” I felt like she knew me personaly…well that’s me, looking at me, you wouldn’t know how much stress I go through, I am well dressed, everything looks so cool on the outside, but pretty dead inside. This message got me thinking really hard, for once I shed a tear in church, I felt desperate and am really thinking change. Pray for me


  14. fantastic series. No wonder the bible says our righteousness is like filthy rags…it sure is. nway am concerned about some people who are being used to help christians ran away from God.
    a couple of weeks ago my neighbour n his goons( am not insulting them trust me they are) were talking about how thay have heard that mavuno has fly mbuzi’s (girls, imagine they call us that) nway and they said they will fake salvation for a while, get mbuzi’s, use them then damp them as they usually do. I am so afraid Pastor Linda on one hand but glad that they will come to church no matter the reason. I have seen how many girls lives they have destroyed and just like jonah i fear them coz if i correct them i dont know what they would do to me seeing that i live alone and they are like twenty of them. Am so worried and helpless. Mavuno daughters of zion please be careful.


  15. @ No More Excuses – Thanks for the reminder. My middle name has been ‘Am Gonna’ I am even tired of hearing myself say that…
    2010 is the year of No More Excuses!


  16. Pastor Linda,
    Wow! thank you.

    I heard Jonah’s story and it might as well have been my name in place of his. I have been running from God for a good long time. I have had all kinds of reasons why it cannot be me…why it is definitely someone else…that i need to be kabisa sorted and perfect so the Lord can use me…that way there are no skeletons to deal with bla bla bla bla bla…

    Jonah in the whale was a story…never even thought why it was in the Bible…like so many other aspects of the Bible, a good Children’s story. My interpretation would be so different if i ever took the time to have a look at what it means…. for instance when Jonah was fast asleep while the ship was tossed about, i would have thought, rather self-righteously, that it was because he had his act together that he was secure knowing everything would be good. I immediately saw and heard myself in that. I realised that i have lived my life judging, criticizing, critiquing… Almost like if i was not good enough, no-one else or nothing else should or would be. Everything will have a blemish so i can be okay that my blemishes abound. In any case, that is definitely not where God desires me to be.

    I see the need to take on obedience bila kidding, no debates, coaxing, cajoling, manipulating..just that He says it and I do it.

    I had the occasion to choose obedience over being reasonable the other day and it was an interesting experience…I had a look at that dwindling, rapidly depleting bank account…it was time to pay my tithe and the reasons (good ones i might add) came fast and furious for why i should hold off paying the tithe. Talk about World War III…it raged. Obedience triumphed. and with it learning to trust Him for provision as i go through this stage in my life. This is especially hard for this independent, got-to-do-it-by-myself, got-to-do-it-my-way, don’t-depend-on-anyone, be-x steps-ahead, take-in-all-the-scenarios kind of person.

    Talk about rubbishing everything i know to learn a new way…His way. It sure has not been easy to let go of what i already know to take on what He wants, where He leads me…the amazing thing though has been the peace, the calm in this my storm. In the everyday scheme of things, it should not be that way…peace & calm, like water & oil, don’t mix with storms & tempests. Time i was belched out onto land …

    Yesterday, talking about expectations that bombed…the accompanying self-righteousness and the attendant disappointment had me see that i have lived my life with huge expectations and not dealing with the disappointment…it went something like, if i acknowledge i am disappointed then i am weak and that is a bad thing…so clearly i lived life in denial. Standing up to acknowledge that there are places i have held on and people/situations i have not forgiven because i was too proud to deal with the disappointment.

    Thank you for this perspective on Jonah (read Nafsiye). It is a humbling place to be. Setting the pride down, acknowledging i have lived in Prideville, have kept home in Superiordom and set up Critical, Judgemental conference centres. Feel stripped … and i know this gives me a clean slate. Time to clean house…throw out the old furniture and burn it on a bonfire…, whitewash the walls and bring in new furniture…new resident in the house!

    Will i be able to do things His way every time? Definitely not on my own strength. Lifegroup, here i come!

    Looking forward to next week’s sermon.


  17. @ ‘no more excuses’
    Your post is powerful. The part that has really spoken to me is:

    “Some of us have been struggling ……. dealing with the same issues for too long. God wants us to pray, and get up! Take up your bed and walk! Don’t just sit there, MOVE!

    ……You don’t have the money to start it? Who did?
    You don’t have the time to start it? Who does?
    You don’t have the courage to begin? Get some!

    Get over your hurt, your past, your slackness, and the spirit of hinderance and move forward! God is waiting for someone to advance the Kingdom of God with diligence and fervor.It is time to tarry no more!…”

    Just came from the Mizizi weekend and reading the blog, recalling the service, i can see how much i have been a consumer (read sponge) just soaking it up…not appying it…picking it up again next sunday.
    So church is more than just congregating to hear a great sermon…unless i go out and apply it…unless i am willing to take on life; to be bold and live it for God; to become a contagious Christian…unless i am willing to step out in faith, it has all been theory and really great insights.

    I need to step up, step out and take up my place representing the Kingdom. Do i know how that looks? Probably not but i also trust that God will guide me, He will put me in situations where i reflect His light, He will bring people my way to guide me and walk that journey with me.

    Sure, right now there is battle royal going on for why someone else is the right person for it….

    Time to get up, to MOVE! Time to squeeze out that sponge and put it to good use.


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