Where u @?

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Where u @?

Off the Radar

Jonah 1:1-9

It is not hearing, but obeying that makes you a worshiper!


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  1. down n out Says:

    Pastor L, was spot on.i have been a christian for a long time, and have known something isnt right for sometime, just couldnt find the words for it. truly God’s word cuts between marrow and bone..i am at a painful, humiliating place i never thought i would be in a million years, not because i am superman/woman. but because i have been surrounded by such great sermons and such formidable examples of greatness. i have watched others falter and regret. i would have been expected to perform better under pressure(to whom much is given, much is expected ama?)
    back to matter at hand, obedience is everything..how do we obey God when its hard?is there like a formula to conform your will to God’s?do you fast and memorise scripture then you’re heart will be yielded?will God have to crush me through circumstance?how does this work in real life?


  2. Pst. Linda, yaawa. That was a wake-up call for all of us who have been hearing this great sermons, know what we are supposed to do BUT have slackened and not done it. May God help us! Yes, as it says ‘to obey is better than to sacrifice’.
    @ down n out. There’s no formula to obedience, i think. Its just that obedience. If you ask your child to do something, you expect it to be done, right? No formula for it.
    Obedience is a choice you make.
    God bless


  3. kingdom seeker. Says:

    Blessings Pst. L.
    i agree with you,we need to obey the voice of the lord.My greatest desire and prayer is that i hear that voice.


  4. To a lot of people, I have come across as a ‘bila issues’ mama. Some call me tolerant, others call me carefree, etc etc. In a lot of ways, that has been true of me. HOWEVER, one thing that simmers below the surface it my inability to trust once trust has been broken. I think that in a lot of ways, that can be justified – and I love it that way. What is not justifiable, though – is my inability to forget when I’ve forgiven. Throughout Ombi and my last Mizizi journey, God has been speaking to me about that. If you forgive and do not forget, I think it means that you have not really forgiven that person. The fact that what they did keeps creeping to the surface when you think of them/interact with them means that you haven’t let go of the issue.

    If you compare this kind of ‘forgiveness’ against God’s forgiveness and his perfect love, he FORGETS immediately. He throws the issue into the ‘sea of the forgotten’ and never uses that as a basis for his interaction with you. His love is perfect, and so are his expectations of you. This is how we should be. This is how we free our hearts from becoming calloused, and our souls from becoming constipated!

    My issue with forgiveness was that I told myself I’d forgiven those who wronged me, without speaking about my hurt, stemming from the topic under discussion. I felt that as long as I did it in my mind, it was alright. After our Ombi retreat last month, I made a commitment to share my forgiveness with those who had wronged me and it made a world of a difference. I learnt that when you forgive, you provide a platform for those who have forgiven you to speak about their feelings regarding the issue. Sometimes, they don’t ask for forgiveness because they’re embarrassed or because they don’t know how to bring up the topic. When you provide the platform, you give them a chance to share in God’s perfect love, because they embrace your forgiveness and they can then forgive themselves.

    Paul, in Colossians 3:13, advises, “Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” When Jesus taught us how to pray, he prayed “Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.”

    What this tells me is that if I do not forgive, I’m blocking the pathway to my blessings. I am reducing myself to a pretender and a fake! Not good. Not good at all.

    If this word is for you, do not only hear it. Hear it and obey – change the world by changing your heart. Change Africa by changing your little corner of the world. It’s not going to be easy, but it will refresh your perspective on the awesome God we serve.

    God bless you sana.


  5. God says if we love him we will obey his commands! The sermon was a clear reminder of the need to obey! Its interesting how we can despised obedience to God despite us knowing that his plans for us are for good not for evil,to give us a hope and a future. That’s a promise, therefore no matter how hard the situation,good is the intended outcome,a hope and a future. We have been deceived to think a certain way based on the world’s standards and that causes us to measure situations based on this. But bible says thanks be to God,his love endures forever and that’s why he rebukes us and teaches us how to walk. Indeed his rod and staff are our comfort. He leads us in the paths of righteousness for his names sake! We are mavunites and we worship the Lord the maker of the land and the sea!


  6. Rev. Linda,

    You made being in that service quite uncomfortable. In fact Very. Kama unaweza, punguza kidogo.

    Nonetheless, I choose to obey!

    I think what Mr. Wahome said applies everywhere. “If you are not willing to give God 100% (of your money and resources and life et al), then you are probably not saved!”. Obedience is better than Sacrifice” and this I choose!

    It’s time to walk the talk!


  7. It is possible for sinners to do positive things but obedience is better than sacrifice.


  8. @ KIM well put and thank you for bringing this home. Obedience is a choice


  9. 'Forgiving God' Says:

    I heard pst Linda talk of her desperation to make God look good. I know a thing or two about that…

    I’m a Christian and have been since I was a child. Three years ago God answered my prayer to travel abroad for further studies. While there I made friends with all sorts of people. In particular, I formed a close friendship with someone who is an evangelical atheist 🙂 I have since developed a passion for people who, hand in heart, do not believe in the existence of God. My aim is to always live an attractive Christian life. One that bigs up my God.

    So, I become friends with this girl who doesn’t believe an ounce in God and I set out on a mission to show her that she’s wrong (all this while, I’m careful not to come across as being legalistic, preachy or judgemental). There one occasion towards the end of our studies that has stayed with me since. We were taking a walk (we usually did in the evenings) and she said to me ” you know, the difference between you and me, is that you have faith and I don’t. I wish I had faith”. We had just finished our studies and I had hinted to her that I wanted to do my PhD (a desire that in the next few years would become all consuming for me). I had so much faith that God would hook me up with the funding necessary, and I let her know that much. There was not a doubt in my mind that He would. She too became convinced that because of my faith in an almighty, God whom she did not know, I was going to get the scholarship for my PhD. When it didn’t happen and she instead got it, she was dumbstruck and angry and my God. So was I. She once said to me ‘’look, you with all the prayers and me with none and I’m the one who’s better off”. I tried to show her and even convince myself that God knew better (and wisdom tells me He does), but it was and has been hard for me to accept what happened. I felt like God had wrung out my heart. Nonetheless, and though in pieces inside, I continued to try every whichever way to make God look good.

    The day I packed my bags to return to Kenya was the most gut wrenching day of my life. I still can’t think about it now without feeling a lump rise in my throat and all the emotions come rushing back (please don’t misunderstand me. I love my country. I’m proudly Kenya. I just feel let down by someone I trusted so COMPLETELY and UNRESERVEDLY. I’m not saying I’m perfect or anything. Just trying to give you a picture of what He means to me). That experience left me soar and wounded. To me, God let me down big big time. I had tried so hard and trusted him so deeply to get my PhD off the ground. So when it didn’t happen and my atheist friend stood in tears watching me return to Kenya, I saw her doubt the very authenticity of everything I had ever said to her about God. She even told me ”I hate your God”. I was confused and angry at Him too. Every time I opened my mouth to defend Him, it felt like as if I was making excuses for God, yet again.

    I got a really soft landing when I returned to the country. Much as I still hurt and don’t understand, (because I still want to do the PhD), I’m thankful for the small mercies that were awaiting me when I got back. So pray with me when you feel lifted that His grand plan will unfold and that I’ll have the patience to be still and trust Him still, especially when I can’t trace his hand. Because every time I think I’ve got over that incident abroad, something happens that reminds me of my desperation – the endless days I spent praying and fasting that God would make things right, and He didn’t. One particular day comes to mind when I was running through the fields (going to work) feeling as though my heart was breaking and pleading with my God. Still, he didn’t.

    Anyway throughout that whole experience, which is what I wanted to tell you Pst Linda, is that I felt God profoundly say to me ‘’ how can you defend me? I am God, The ALL MIGHTY, I can defend my own good name.’’


  10. I learnt in the last 24/7 that the most profound love and commitment to God is when you tell God (and is the truth in your heart) that I love you even when things ain t working out..u still are my God! And am trying so hard to put this into practise n as Pstr Linda reminded us that wen u feel u love for God is waning (maybe due to a sitiuation) begin to be wary as to whether ur heart is hardeing..So I pray..that it will always be the case for me, that God will be my God irregardless! God bless you all!


  11. Hey. Is it just me or is it that nowadays the sermons are not posted in the blog?


  12. Passy, that was awakening, looking at Jonah i see my reflection , i have been listening to Gods word ,i feel sometimes he has spoken to me but decide to take it slow , which is fades after a while as time goes by , i believe this series was meant me and others like me Kudos Rev


  13. @’Forgiving God’ i feel you. Just as you said God defends Himself and He doesnt need us to do it. On the issue of the PhD, please ask God is that is in His will for your life and if it is in line with your purpose. Once you know your purpose then, it becomes easy. Meanwhile, just obey


  14. Amazing Grace Says:

    Rev. LInda,
    Thank you for the word and thank you for getting us out of our comfort zone again. If i can say anything this year has been one for getting us thinking and re-evaluating our lives over and over again and we are getting stronger in our faith.

    As for obedience I have since learnt how to listen and obey albeit at times with a bit of prodding and pushing. I think what we need to learn is that our weaknesses are not God’s they are ours and are planted in our head mostly by the devil to make us look and feel inadequate and therefore we refuse to obey.

    I have come to liken God to a parent – maybe because i’m a parent and totally understand how it works. I often tell my friends imagine if your son/daughter obeyed you as a parent would you reward him with a spanking or with a negative reward. I doubt. Same with God when he asks us to do something even though it looks hard what we have to do is obey and he will take care of the rest. He will help you through the difficult moments and most of the time what i have come to understand is that God usually gives us an answer and we need to find what the question was. ie. if you go through a difficult time what was it that God wanted you to learn in that obedience stage. Maybe he’s moulding you for the future.

    Obedience and the results are just amazing. I will urge all my brothers and sisters to take the plunge whenever they are directed in a certain way. Fear comes in the way of obedience and fear is from the devil not from God.

    Thank you Rev. Linda for the message cant wait for this Sunday.


  15. Pastor Linda
    I was amazed at how Frank and Vulnerable you allowed urself to be last sunday.I loved you for that and feel a connection.
    I m a christian,but in hiding,never been in a fellowship coz im afraid of opening up and allowed my vulnerable me to be seen am afraid to be judged, i feel no one will understand me or accept me.i got issues

    i did Mizizi it was awesome but i quit at week 6,the heat was too much.

    I however feel the need to be surrounded by friends and to belong.to a group of pple who will love me n accept me even if it means doing Mizizi all over again.

    Could anyone connect me to a life group in Imara/Villa France area????I need somewhere to belong


  16. Just like “forgiving God” says… you need to learn to trust and obey God with all your heart, mind soul and body coz as He beautifully puts it in Jer 29, For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back from captivity. [b] I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile.”………. LOVES IT!!! you could run like to the ends of the earth AWAY from Gods presence as our little heads percieve or like Jonah to the high seas, He just sits back and laughs, He sooo knew you’d do that!! so how bout we stick to the plan, HIS plan, Obey it and breathe easy… He knows its not easy for you to obey so dont sweat it, just allow yourself to listen and OBEY!


  17. The story by “Forgiving God” captures situations that most of us grapple with silently lest we send wrong signals to those who admire us. We feel let down when our expectations become unfounded due to circumstances beyond our control and wonder whether it is really worthy sticking to this faith. However, it should be clear that these things happen for a very good reason and it is only God who knows why, though it is later revealed to us. Remember his faithfulness in the whole journey you have travelled since starting school and seeing how many have fallen off as you move up. A Master’s degree is not a small achievement and you should count your blessing instead so that a PhD opportunity emerges.

    Perhaps God has purposed that you land a particular job that doesn’t require a PhD, through which you could eventually get one anyway, as it happened to someone. Dont forget that most reputable organisations prefer degrees earned with combined practical exposure as opposed to marathon programmes catapulting people into areas, they were not ready for with a disatrous ending. Know that God’s timing is the best.


  18. init2winit Says:

    Hi everyone, hi pastor L. I always come out blessed after every mavuno service since i started attending early this year. This is a bit off the topic but I felt I had to, now when we were doing a recap on the past series’ i thought i’d go back and listen to man enough again coz i had the cd but hadn’t listened it thoroughly, i missed some of the actual sermons due to work. And as i was listening and reading along, i thought this was actually not adequate for the bigger picture. Maybe i missed it but isn’t there supposed to be a series on woman enough or its equivalent to balance the equation? because now we know what we must do as men, however what happens when our efforts are being compromised by women or the special woman in our lives who are actually the pink men of the world of women and as is the current trend, look down on men because they are somewhat becoming “independent”? We know what Adam did wrong, what should Eve have done? Will the real women enough please stand up! Be blessed 🙂


  19. Pastor Linda,

    Thanks for the word yesterday . I am challanged when you say we take stock, Sincerely i have nothing to be pround of for the last 11 months . With your massage jana i will now make a difference in the remainder of the year. In my mind i thought i was doing well buying share and land, I have sinned kabisa. I am attending Mizizi for the first time and i need total change. Pray for me coz i have bin swallowed like Jonah by life issues and dont know where i will land.


  20. I loved my spouse to bits,married them,was trashed to bits.I agonised (it felt like death ) then decided I need to live so divorced them.What a shock to discover I still love this dysfuntional creation of God.My ex is to me what alcohol is to an alchoholic.When will God get this whale to spit me out of its belly? I choose obedience.


  21. Obeying the Lord always leads to the best outcome. It shows that we trust our Father,that we can believe He is up to something good even when we dont understand whats going on.Hard though it be sometimes, i am learning to trust Him…
    I believe God desires us to have the faith like that of a child;go when He says go,stop when He says no…Trust and obey for indeed there is no other way to be happy in God. God bless you pst.Linda.


  22. Hi, You seem to have stopped uploading your sermons on the website… mimi si member lakini was getting drawn pls resume if u can…


  23. @PEARL

    Thank you for expressing interest in a Life Group as a step towards walking in accountability. Please get in tpoch with me on kenyattao@mavunochurch.org for more information. We have two groups in Imara/ Villa Franca area.

    God Bless you.



  24. “Forgiving God”
    Your story touched my heart.
    Just an encourager, Jeremiah 29.11 says “For I know the plans I have for you. They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a hope and a future”
    This is the real test of faith, believing what the word of God says about you inspite of the circumstances. Remember, the word of God is Spirit and is Life! God knows your script and the good news is that its not over yet!.In due season he will reveal the plans he has for you. Just keep the faith.
    When things are really tough, I always remind myself of these words from the bible …”that the plans of the mind belong to man but the answer of the tougue is from the lord..Dont remember where this is found.. somebody?…
    Keep praying for your friend and God himself will show up in a way that you may not expect and she will believe your God.!


  25. hi. i have only come to mavuno once and that one time was so awesome for me, im in KU and i go to Mavuno Downtown. to all of us who feel so played by God and like life is going Kindah not the way we wanted it to, and its like though we are in the book of life sometimes it seems that god is in a different page and stuff…………. we all have to come to a point of believing that even in ur deepest troubles and inconveniences, even when nothing seems right, even n that desperation GOD STILL WANTS YOU TO ENJOY THE ABUNDANT LIFE. that He still means and intends what He says in John 10:10 to be a reality for you. Even I has to believe that He came so that i might have life and have it in abundance. so the question is, what is the abundant life?


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