24/7 Giving



Romans 12:1-2

Three marks of a 24/7 kingdom giver…

1. The Leader – Matthew 6:33, 2Chronicles 16:9

2. The Enterprise – Galatians 6:9, 1Corinthians 10:31

3. The People – Matthew 5:16,


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  1. Hey hi. I visited Mavuno chach 2day for the 1st time? En man, I was blessed abundantly. Powerful message with a Father en Sons to testify of God’s doings. Awesome. The Leader, the Enterprise en the People all surrendering to God is the way going up.
    How do I get Mavuno praise en worship DVD?


  2. Hey Mavuno, I overcame the weather and came for my 1st Sunday service this month.I was pinching myself for missing the other initial sermons!! WOW! I’ve never heard any one speak with such a powerful spiritual and entrepreneurial eloquence in my life!!. Mavuno and the young christian entrepreneurs needed such a compelling speaker as Mr. Wahome. God bless you Sir for blessing us with your wisdom. I’m definately enrolling for your mentorship classes Sir!..Mavuno is really turning “ordinary people into fearless influencers of society”..


  3. I started coming to Mavuno Church about six months ago. Before then, I actually thought Mavuno was a fad that would go away just as fashion. One day, I followed the advice of two people very close to me and came to Mavuno. It was an experience that has forever changed my life. I now look up to my Sundays more than I ever did my Fridays.

    The current series ‘Show Me The Money’ has given me valuable insights about the 24/7 Christian living lifestyle and the understanding of ‘He (God) owns it, I only manage it’. I was recently downsized from a multinational company due to the financial crisis. Fortunately, I had a business that I had registered a while back to fall back on. I have come across several challenges in my efforts to operationalise my business. Some of these challenges have crippled my faith. Thanks to the series and the wonderful counsel of Pastor Wahome, I now have a charged faith and can rely on God to meet my ends.

    One thing that I have noticed throughout the series is that it seems that both Pastor M and Pastor Anthony Wahome have enjoyed the success that they have after marriage. I am single and in my twenties, I would like to know, how important it is to get a life partner who will share with you these experiences? Is it better to have one before or after the success that God has in store?


  4. Hi everyone, hope you are having a blessed Monday. i don’t know about you all but yesterday, i felt that the sermon was speaking directly to me. i joined the company that i work for 2 years ago and half of the staff(mainly junior staff) are born again. One day the office assistant approached me and told me that before i joined he had been trying to get the senior management to allow them to use one meeting room for morning prayers but there had been mixed reaction and no approval was given.

    i on the other hand never did any thing about it. Needless to say our company has not been doing well. Our salaries are always late, the accountant always has “no money”response to any request. My boss gets moody when there is no money and all the problems, which i realised are spiritual warfare since i am doing OMBI, are all because we are not doing it God’s way.

    So i was challenged yesterday, i will take up the challenge and start morning glory and i want my boss and all employees to attend the Kingdom principle class. Could you please tell me how we can enrol.

    Thanks and God bless.


  5. Confused Jobseeker Says:

    Hello mavunites I have been coming to mavuno since April this year and since then, my Sundays have changed now i no longer look for excuses to miss church but rather have a reason to cancel all my engagements to focus on being there without fail, its amazing u guys are true influencers. In this series we’ve been having we have really talked about giving and i have listened keenly and been greatly challenged by it, here is my question. Being a jobless university graduate, on one hand I recognize that I am no exception to the giving on the other hand the job market ,being what it is, does not know this. when someone is literally living on any and every shilling they can get how do they put aside their basic need and go ahead and tithe or give of their meager possession?


  6. Mr Wahome, Pastor M, thanks for a very inspiring series. I’m a different person where money and God are concerned since the begining of this month.
    I’m due to join a friend in setting up what I believe is a very viable business in the next one month. My issue is my partner is not a believer. I will have significant influence in the business but how do I ensure that we all follow Kingdom principles and yet my partner is not a believer?



  7. M.E.
    Once again, accolades to the duo for the spectacular show yet again as you spread the gospel, re-claim, restore, restitute the many while touching on the reality in totality. As we move towards the end of the series, you may wish to include on the list of questions to be addressed next, whether giving is in itself a necessary condition or a sufficient condition for planting the seed. With these and other concerns raised by the rest, we hope you have full plate as we glorify the name of God.


  8. The fact that there were true examples in life is what drove it home.

    I have then resorted to give and receive from God. I choose to honor my parents and submit myself to God and his will.

    Keep up the good job.


  9. haloo pastor M and Mr. Wahome, this 3weeks have been a blessing to me and to many and i feel like i am ready for the world. my question is simple, i am a student and i get my allowance from my parents weekly, i want to know if i should be tithing this as sometimes it is not enough for my need and if so should this be weekly as i get it or at the end of the month. thank you….you guys are a blessing.


  10. …:(did we have to sing a remixed version of a secular song for praise and worship?…most of us know the actual words and really…sigh…did we have to do that during praise and worship?:( I hope I’m not offending anyone but the holiness of the time just felt watered down…please don’t be offended.it’s just that there were many of us who felt that way and I thought we should let you know.


  11. @Kim, do not yoke yourself. I have been taught by experience and it was not nice at all.

    @Winnie, this has been an ongoing debate, may God’s will be done regarding it


  12. Pastor Mureithi & Mr. Wahome. THANK YOU.

    I’m a classic example of the Mavuno Experience. I’ve done Mizizi and I’m even understudying this Season.

    My life was going ‘GREAT’ until everything came a-tumblin-down. I hurt and ‘lost’ my girlfriend, got retrenched from my very cool, important and prestigious job (although the Salary belied this fact) and lost many ‘friends’. Having reached rock bottom, I gave my all to Christ. Did Mizizi religiously, attended GT (where I re-dedicated my life after Pst. M was led by the Spirit to call me out) and lived for God, all the while waiting on Him to come through.

    Well. HE DID. I got reconciled with my girlfriend (who God returned as a WIFE), healed Family Relationships and lastly got a job. A Better (and dare I say, more prestigious and challenging).

    ”Show Me The Money” is exactly what I needed. I’ve never been a diligent Giver, never understood it. But now I’m fully prepared to do my duty.

    Sunday’s Sermon felt like God had answered my prayers. It touched alot on issues I was facing. I have 2 questions for Mr. Wahome. How can I best lead/manage while respecting my colleagues and applying Kingdom Principles and How can I also apply said Principles and minister the Gospel to them?

    I look forward to attending your Course and may God continue to Bless You ABUNDANTLY. May God also continue to Use and Bless You, Pastor Mureithi, to continue this great work for Him.

    Thank You.


  13. Hey all, thanks for all the comments and questions. Keep them coming!

    @ Winnie & KIM, you ask an extremely relevant question that is very pertinent to the ’24/7 giving’ message. Mr Wahome and I talked this last Sunday about removing the barrier between our ‘secular’ lives and our ‘spiritual’ lives so that all of life belongs to God. That’s the only way that we take over the business sphere so it becomes an expression of God’s kingdom. At Mavuno, we use that phrase (take over) a lot. What we model every time when we take a popular culture song (secular or otherwise) and add godly lyrics to it is that ‘the earth is the Lords and everything in it’ (Psalm 63). We believe that our mandate is not to create a Christian sub-culture, but to ‘take over’ every sector of society, and turn it around so that it expresses what God originally created it for. This involves not just music but politics (the ‘dirty game’), business, media, the justice system, the environment etc. What fearless influencers do is take over what was formerly known as the devil’s territory and declare that it belongs to our king!

    Here’s an interesting document that I once shared with our leaders concerning this very issue. It’s called ‘The Gospel According To PSquare‘.

    Hope it helps you as well as any others who have wondered why we do what we do! Feel free to write me directly if you have any further queries on the document (muriithiw@mavunochurch.org)

    God bless and have a happy Kenyatta Day. 🙂


  14. Both my parents passed on. I have been under the care of my bro since. Should he take the place of my parents even if he’s been less of a parent to me?
    At what point do you start giving to your parents/guardian? I am still in campus and i depend on my guardian.


  15. Wondering gal Says:

    Thanks Pastor M and Mr. Wahome for this months series on show me the money!……I have learnt lots and am applying the giving mentality to make it my lifestyle.
    I attended this months series as a result of a flyer that was given to us in traffic. I loved the first sunday sermon so much that i told my boyfie about it. He however was reluctant to attend with me the following service. So i kept coming for the rest of the month hoping i would make life changing decisions that would benefit both of us.
    Thing is, he doesn’t like being told what to do…..so even when i gave him Kingdom principles to use in his business, he dismissed them and said i was trying to change him and that he would continue doing his business the way he always has. He is a faithful tither, but his decisions (in my point of view) have led him astray and caused him too loose in business deals.

    how can i help him? He is in debt, and he lives a flashy life. I do not want to be dragged into debt…..


  16. Mr. Wahome and Pastor M, Do I have to give my tithe to the church or I can give it to a needy cause?


  17. I am continually blessed by Wahome and Pastor m and it has been eye opening.

    Congratulations to the development team and the project looks awesome…i have been asking myself a stupid question….how shall we raise Billions in such a short time?How important is it to build such a park when we have thousands of homeless,hungry…IDPs and such?But my answer came sooner than before i asked Pastor S….whom i had planned to call.I went to buy some nice stuff(Hand woven mats) at chrisco Church-kibera yesterday and found that they have built a beautiful church compared to other chrisco churches with halls and other working areas….within the church,they have a hall where women from the slum are coming to learn how to make hand woven amazing mats(carpets,table mats,toilets mats etc etc),they also have a school and are impacting greatly on the area around the church plus the church members as well…and as we discussed with my sister,we agreed that Mavuno Park will be a long term solution to issues of the society while probably donating food to homes etc maybe great but short term.

    Going forward,i can gurantee my full commitment to this project…i want to plug in to God’s work and contribute to this great long term solution that will change many people’s lives for generations…….and i agree with Pastor M…..that money is kidogo….Yes we can!God bless you Pastors and great mentors like Wahome for letting us see how amazing God can be!


  18. Hi Pastor M & Mr. Wahome.

    Yours is truly a blessed church. For someone who leaves just next to Mavuno,I felt really sad that I had never taken the initiative to attend any of your services for the 1 Year that I have lived in South C. This past Sunday was my 3rd time to come To Mavuno and it marked a new beggining in my life as I gave my life to Jesus.

    God has blessed me with my own business and I would like to enquire on how my wife & I can enroll in “Kingdom Principal Classes” as I believe it will be of great significance to the lives of my wife,associates,employees & myself. I really want my company to become a Kingdom Enterprise.

    God bless you Pator M and Mr. Wahome and may you continue with the good work.

    Thank You


  19. Pleasure Seeker Says:

    Thanks Pastor M and Mr Wahome,
    I have a couple of queries you could halp me out with. First, say i have a large amount of money that i would like to tithe, say about 1,000,000, woukd it be ok for me to give to say Mavuno Church 500,000 and the other half to a church that i feel committed to that is incomplete, for its completion?
    Second, does your tithe have to be paid in a church?
    Its been a great series Pastor M, but you know what thats what i always say at end of every series. God Bless you all, your wife Pastor M for making all this possible, Pastor S and Pastor Linda too.


  20. The sermon was waaa…don’t know how to describe. I even had to go for prayers immediately after. I have so being trying to get things done by my own “will” power instead of submitting to God. Monday when I got to my business I prayed and told God to take charge, he leads i follow. I know all will be well and I’m now thinking of how my employees can get to the same page. Advice on this will be wonderful???? maybe an office mizizi mmmhh

    God bless Mavuno and it’s purpose


  21. I’ve been blessed by the months sermons realizing for real that He owns, i manage. I feel ready to take up the challenge of letting Jehova God (fully) take over our business (God & Me).

    I’ve surrendered by life and business to Him but i realize i’m so impatient waiting on Him in decision making. Whenever i need to hear Him say “Yes or No” He just doesnt; considering time factor. I wonder how it feels for God to speak you. I’m good with God right now and i know for sure He loves me. pls help me understand how to listen to Him coz I realize I do more of talking than listining to Him. I can attest that He has been there for me & the business.


  22. lightbulb on my head Says:

    Mr wahome. Do you have any political ambitions in the nearest future (like 2012)? If not, this is a petition for you to run for president. Alternatively, maybe one of the other COYA kingdom business dons would consider it. I really think this nation needs a committed God fearing leader to prosper. I also think Kingdom business principles should be applied in running a nation.

    So how about it……???



  23. Thanks Pastor M and Mr. Wahome for the wonderful series.The teachings are truly amazing!!!!!

    Please explain the sowing a seed principle again.The thing is…I’ve heard a couple of sermons on the same and I have a sort of overload that is confusing.I also missed a sermon….maybe that’s why I need a recap.

    Still on the same……..I need capital to start my business…..should I sow a seed and wait to reap the capital???? considering it’s God business anyway.

    God Bless!!!!


  24. waaaa…..I just read the “Gospel according to PSquare” article.Thank you Pastor M.Its spot on.I must admit I was also in shock when I got to Mavuno and had a gospelirized secular song during worship.Now I get it.Enyewe Mavuno is not a fad….God dwells among the Mavunites.I am so glad that I came.


  25. lovely and life changing month @ mavuno this month my questions are short and sweet. Mr. Wahome mentioned ways of how we can plug into God’s purpose/our Purpose but i would like him to expand on what they mean
    1. how do i please God?(what does pleasing God mean? being a good obedient ,tithing, prayerful always perfect child???????HOW CAN I PLEASE HIM?
    2. how do i find his heart / please his heart- Mr. Wahome mentioned that we should seek God’s heart that seeking his heart allows us to plug into our purpose but how can we SEEK HIS(GOD) HEART????please expound on this.


  26. Hi, I started attending Mavuno Church in April. I love the preaching/teaching at Mavuno. Tis on another level. Very refreshing from the good old shouting and hysteria. I am an Interior Designer by profession and would like to be involved in the up coming projects. My current job is ok but ………….? (no comment). I want to be involved in something more worth-while. Please give me details of how I can be of service to God.


  27. Thank you Pastor M and Mr Wahome for such an inspiring message the whole of this month. We have been absolutely blessed by you.

    I have a query that you can address this sunday. Mr Wahome, you mentioned that at one time you were in huge debt and eventually managed to get out of it and now your investments are thriving.

    I am in huge debt incurred through the years and I have tried in vain to get out. I still tithe though but I would like to have a permanent solution such that when my salary comes, i can meet my needs and bless others without straining. I dont live an extravagant life but the money is simply never enough. Sometimes I get so discouraged but I am sure there is a way out. I have been crying out to God to help. Please share with us a step by step approach of how you managed to get out of debt because I can assure you that more than half of the congregation at mavuno are struggling with debt judging from the majority of my friends.

    Looking forward to this. Will be doing the marathon but will be right there for second service because the last three weeks have been phenomenal and I cant miss the last session.

    God bless you.


  28. Effective Says:

    I have been truly blessed and transformed by the sermon, it has been on time with where I am at as a person, and may God bless you Pst M and Anthony Wahome…..My question is…

    With regard to giving to the poor, our relatives and parents, i purposed from a long time ago to give to them and i budget monthly, pray and give. However, i feel like those whom I give do not use the money wisely e.g. spending on luxury items, which I myself for go, and then when their needs (which is the reason I gave) like fees, food, water and electricity emerge, they call me up to help. So I resorted to paying for the basics for them, but my frustration is, they still seek me out continuously for help to meet additional needs & luxuries, and when I am unable to, I’m seen as “mean”….so the question……How do you give to those in need, in a manner that teaches them to become wealth creators for themselves and those around them and yet not dictate how they should spend the cash or avoid frustration when no matter how much you give it’s never enough for them??


  29. Hey, I want to start a business. I have this business idea. Two of my friends know about it and want to be part of it. They want shares. They may contribute positively to some aspects of the venture. How do I go about this? Do I let them in and if so how do I determine the shareholding? The business does not require much capital, just time. I have the technical skills to bring the business to fruition and some one of the friends is actively looking for leads. I have done the ground work and even had meetings with potential clients. The other friend talks and doesn’t do anything that may drive this venture. I need to tread carefully so as not to loose any of them. Saidia. I believe our skills are worthless without Gods favour which I have experienced. I have also learnt not too place emphasis on material things. I also believe God talks to us. I have ignored that flash ‘nagging’ feeling (talk) severally and been car jerked more than once. Thanks for the great work you are doing.


  30. Show me the Money has been a blessing to me, and so many in church! I love what some1 wrote and said that he got to know about the series coz of a fliyer given to him in traffic!! and he has been blessed ! waaw! Thank you Mr. Wahome and Pastor M. My question may be similar to one the graduates here have, or those starting life on the employment side (that is the 1st job) . If i earn jst enaf for my expenses how do i tithe? how do i break off from living an insuffient life to being a cheerful giver. I believe that God gives the sower the seed to sow! n that I am blessed to be a blessing to others. i guess i am being impatient . But how can i enjoy giving , pay tithe cheerfully, be a blessing to others, support the project in church and the income is jst not enough? pls advice and pray with me!


  31. Hey all,hope you are being blessed as much as i am.Awesome 3 weeks.Pastor Wahome just to take on that favour,despite classes being full to 2015,my spot is for the Jan 2010 intake so please send me the reg forms.(cheek in tongue).
    Vincent you can get that praise n worship cd at the info desk on sunday.In case its not available on the particular sunday you make enquiries please leave your contact with the guys manning the desk and expect a response.

    Pastor M / Pastor Wahome please break down this further for me:-
    1)what is the correct doctrine on seed time and harvest time.when do you plant seed and when do you expect to harvest.
    2)i tithe faithfully,i bless my parents financially,i look after an orphan-the point am making is i have done all i know how to have God turn His face in my direction,but i still experience lack,debt, financial adversity,etc.How would you explain / interpret this.
    3)Please explain the bit about offering as stated in Malachi.What exactly is it

    i look forward to Sunday.God bless.


  32. Hey, last Sunday’s service was awesome!!!!It was my first time at Mavuno and I loved it.First, I would like to say am in awe at what God is doing through born again Christians in this country I never thought as a Christian it would be possible to succeed in the business environment but now I know all things are possible through Him who gives us strength!
    Where are the classes on Kingdom principles held and how can one enroll?
    I would also like to know if there are Christian women out there who have been able to succeed in business, would also be very inspiring.
    God Bless the work you are doing the teachings are amazing.


  33. Pleasure Seeker Says:

    …i have one more question on tithing for Pastor M., i tithe on a weekly basis what i recieve from my business, but i do not label it on an envelop “tithe” i just place the money in the offertory bag. Now what does this mean my tithe isn’t recognized and it is actually used for some other purpose? I have always understood that all of God’s money in the church was for a good cause. Please don’t tell me different.
    Thanks Pastor


  34. Mavuno Mavuno you rock!! I have been so blessed for the past 4months since I started coming. I came totally broken, now I have found a reason and a new meaning to life. I now know my purpose. Suddenly found myself doing Mizizi (currently) and its awesome. Then came along Pastor Wahome. I feel like Ive been through a rollercoaster. Am truly blessed and thank you Mavuno Church.

    My question to Pastor Wahome is know at what point did he know how to turn his life around? He gave his sad and great success story, please I would like to know the process or his road to greatness.

    God bless you Pastor Wahome and Pastor M.


  35. Great sermon! Says:

    Hi Pastor M and Anthony. You are truly blessing me with this series. Let’s just say I’ll leave God to handle the heart of giving. It’s amazing how quick one is to give to family and friends but the others……. you become mkono gum. But I’m sure God will reveal all in good time.

    Another thing….. thank you for the free breast screening but these guys became weird after. I was told by one Dr. to go for a Mammogram at their hospital and that it would cost 500/-. When I I called to make an appointment and told my friends about it, it turned out to be 2,500/-. Probably this is not your turf but could you possibly ask the hospital to stop telling their ground staff one thing and doing something totally different? Now that ticked me off…….. and YES! I’m complaining because money is tight right now.


  36. hey u guys jst joind mavuno n am proud 2 sy am a mavunoite yall bring church hme lyk sumtin else as in sunday jst bcame my fave dy of th wik thnx 4 th gret tingz u doin i totali enjoyd th ‘show me the money’series esp wahome mad props


  37. kingdom seeker. Says:

    blessing psts.wahome and M.am a changes mavunite.My life has been changing gradually since i joined mavuno/mizizi in may this year.God is slowly helping me overcome the struggles i had,one being paying tithe.i would steal from God and give my parents and the needy but still not the full amount.Through mizizi and Mavuno and Mizizi ,the lord has given me grace to pay tithe,give offering , support Gods work, save and invest.God has topped this up with favours and a lot of peace i did not have before.The renewal of mysalvation has led my family appreciate God and put their trust him.

    Ma greatful to God for helping me realize that what i need is him and not things.i have learnt to appreciate him as my lord .I have learnt that He loves me and has great plans for me that are superior than i have for my self.He is taking care of me and knows all my needs even those unknown to me.

    show me Money series..walala! . I knew God has good plans for his children but i did not imagine they were that great.i guess i had sank very deep in mediocrity .I knew it was the lords pleissure to bless his kids so that the world may learn from the kids.i now know that the lord fights our battles and goes ahead of us in everything. I regret the past years of hoarding and unbelief,The devil is a liar.

    i could go on,and on but i have a great work here .


  38. Peter Mbatha Says:

    I was blessed to have watched the 3 sermons on “Show me the Money”. I was challenged and would love to attend the Kingdom principle class. Could you please tell me how I can enrol.

    Thanks and God bless.


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