Unlocking The Love

September, Spred the Love month!

September, Spread the Love month!

Luke 15:11-30 The Story of The Prodigal Sons

1. There is nothing you have done that is bad enough that God cannot accept you!

2. There is nothing you can do that is good enough for God to love you more than He already does!

Love that is not freely given is not love at all!

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edit: You can view photos from Saturday’s Spread The Love festival here and here



18 Responses to “Unlocking The Love”

  1. i went for the kaka franka festival and it was fantastic i never thought i would have so much fun in the sun jumping up and down. i felt like a 12year old with bursting energy…it was fantastic ooo!(like i the nigerian movies anywho…the culmination of it all, the message that just really got me was the sermon jana by Pst M. I have heard all the excerpts of the bible you use read and understood them infact but jana they just had meaning.

    its overwhelming knowing that there is love like that in the world and yet some of us don’t seem to know it exists. i have faced so many issues as concerns love in my life and i have grown from them but yesterday’s sermon beats experience. love that is freely given, sheep that is lost and found and treated with so much love….i dont know how i can put into words how that sermon just shikad me…it makes me want to sing you know…

    No greater love than this, that you should lay down your life for someone such as meeee. i have spent a lifetime wondering why. the beauty of heaven is here in my life and i know there can be no greater love, than this.


  2. I loved pastor M’s sermon especially the part where even the first born son is revealed as also lost (i have never seen it that way being a first born myself!!). Keep up the good work guys.

    I however have been itching to say this and i finally decided to write it here; i was disturbed by what Pastor Janet said that ‘the devil has invaded our backyard’! I found her statement very judgemental!

    i believe if christians are to reach out to even people of other religions then we must stop seeing them as belonging to the devil, and instead treat them as we would a fellow ‘non saved christian’ if you allow me to use the words. A lot of us are christians because we were born and bred in christian families, and so are muslims, hindus etc!


  3. Thanks Pastor m for the sermon-i learnt a lot especially on the two sons….i didnt know that the ‘nice’ one was also prodigal but i now know….you are always such a blessing…my sis who is new in Mavuno said that she couldnt believe you used to be a ‘bad’ boy…….i was also deeply moved by Emmanuel Jal’s story and i related to it soo well coz i had just read the book of the lay who rescued him’Emma’s War’….you can get it at Book first at about kshs 800………..i watched his documentary and was all tears especially when his sister told her story….May God bless Emmanuel and Mavuno and all the other churches that are supporting his mission!


  4. first lemi just say i love Pastor M he is so real and makes us understand that he is human and goes thro’ what we the kawa people go thro,he makes me yearn for mo of the word of God and his sense of humor is just off the hook.
    i totally related to the sermon and you know what left me agape that God loves us unconditionally,and that nothing absolutely nothing that we can do to make Him add or reduce His love for us…what more then can we ask for?and why then cant we love one another irrespective of gender,race,and other differences after all isnt it the only obligation that Christ left for us to fulfill.
    Thanx Pastor M for that amazing service


  5. Pastor M, when you made that point about slotting in a prayer of repentance on your death bed, that just cracked me up. So it’s true, that great minds DO really think alike. And to think that I was the only one with THAT master plan. It’s amazing the level of stupidity we pursue with such passion in our youth. Now older and wiser, I know better, thanks to my father in heaven 🙂


  6. Thanks very much for your comments people. @ Edu, you didn’t just call the younger me stupid 🙂

    @ Ken, I did make a comment on Pastor Janet’s message in last week’s blog. While I don’t believe she was calling us to view people from other religions as the enemy, I can see why one could reach such a conclusion. So let me put the record straight. At Mavuno, we believe that God loves all people, and expects us to do the same. That even when we see differently from others, we need to first love them as God loves us.

    The reality is that the truth claims of the different world religions are not identical and their agendas have often been at odds. However, I don’t believe that should lead to enmity and fighting between us or to a rejection of faith as an inevitable source of tension, or even to the conclusion that we believe the same thing. But rather to interfaith dialogue that lead us to agreeing on what points we need to disagree amicably or change humbly and yet still leave us working together as Kenyans for the good of our nation.

    Our call at Mavuno is to model how a church operating in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious city can reach our generation and help them be all that God called them to be. Our ethos is not ‘believe before you can belong’, it is ‘belong then hopefully with time you’ll come to see for yourself why it’s important to believe’. God is a gracious God who loves and accepts all and He expects us as Christians to be the same. And I like what you said about none of us having a choice about where we were born!

    Thanks again for your comments. God bless and have a great week!


  7. The Sudanese musician…..wah wah wah!!!!! Guys go through stuff. Enyewe GOD ni GOD. One thing I got from this story….as the Bible puts it…”Train a child the right path and when it grows old, it will never depart from them – paraphrase”. It is amazing the he could remember such a deep word which his mum used to share with him (Jesus will save us) and even in his wickedness and having been deep into serious crime – murder for this case – influence, he could remember that. Can you imagine… Isn’t it quite true that whatever parents speak to their kids are such an influence into their lives??!! The mum is such a superwoman… I guess that this is a serious lesson to parents and the upcoming ones…this one moved me….. I now know something….THEY WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER, TELL IT TO THEM.

    Hey Pastor M. Si that shirt you were in the past Sunday was on point. Siezi mind kujua hiyo shop…..niko serious by the way Pasi…..


  8. just a kairetu Says:

    I would like to say thank you to a certain lady usher@mavuno.I may not have attended church the past 2wks or so coz I’m struggling to get past this incubation phase but in good time I’ll come back.I digress,I’d like to thank a certain usher who so far has not only been a mentor to me but also a blessing and a dream deliverer…she “found” me on this blog and handed me a career lifeline.So despite this incubation phase,I’d like to say a thank u prayer for such lovely people like her who are a mirror example of mavuno’s slogan” turning ordinary people into fearless influencers”…she has not only renewed my faith in God but she is a Proverbs Woman who lives not by word but by deed(s).Usher Carol(oops i just had to reveal your identity), thank you for helping me get on the path to my dream and for being so supportive.It may be incubation phase for me right now,but atleast you helped confirm the path I want my dreams to take. Be blessed for continually being a blessing unto others like me and spreading the love in deed!A moment of thanksgiving for One of mavuno’s gems-Usher Carol.hehehe,sorry carol such rare kindness can’t go unmentioned!


  9. How can I get the sermon for last Sunday? Its not been updated on the usual download page. Thanks. 😀


  10. I loved (as always) pastor M’s sermon on Sunday, and my word was that there’s really nothing I can do to make God love me more. However, back to the story of the prodigal son, as much as I got an epiphany (as did many in the congregation), that both sons had been out of touch with their father’s love, I must say that being the kind that’s very choosy with words, I had a weird feeling about Pastor M calling the other son ‘prodigal’, and decided to instantly google the meaning of the term, and came up with:

    1 : characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure : lavish
    2 : recklessly spendthrift
    3 : yielding abundantly : luxuriant —often used with of

    At that point, within me started the debate on whether this was something to raise in a forum to be discussed, or not. One part said, let it slide, the other said, you have got to say something. I decided not to stir up anything by keeping quiet. Barely an hour later, while discussing the sermon with a friend, he mentioned that the deepest part of the sermon for him was how Pastor M brought out both sons at being prodigal. It hit me that more people than myself had been affected by this statement, and I pointed out to him that the older son couldn’t have been prodigal, because the word simply didn’t describe him as he was in the parable, in which he was rather diligent/faithful. He marveled at how quick I’d picked that up, and I was stunned that that was the one thing he’d related with.
    Anyways, that was that, until while watching Pastor M on Capital Talk with Jeff Koinange (which my pal called me up to alert me was on), Jeff pointed out the same thing, and this huge conviction fell upon me that I needed to blog this.
    In essence, pasi, this info/knowledge passed unto the congregation may have a huge impact on how everyone interprets the passage, yet may be based upon a wrong premise due to the use of a single word where it ought not to be. Now I don’t wanna be the judge of anything, but as a matter of integrity, will you please set the record straight on this one?

    I hope I don’t sound too harsh, I speak the truth in love.


  11. hi,

    just wanted to remind us of keshos aflewo (Africa Lets Worship). its an opportunity to spend the night in worship for our lives, nation, continent.

    It will happen at the npc Karen from 6pm on friday to 6am on saturday. hav gone for other aflewo nights and it has been amazing. pliz plan to come.



  12. This sermon was mother of them all, yani i have listened to the parable of the lost sheep but looking at it from the angle of drifting slowly while grazing till, oops where are the rest am lost! pst M this alerted me yaani you mean i can get lost and discover when suddenly i cant see the fearless anywhere near me. As if that is not enough, the other son you just rubbed it in, i cant earn God’s love, being first born you stepped on my toe and squashed it, i believe in doing the right thing pushy and hard on the rest of siblings and there is kind of approval from parrents, this can slowly sneak in my relation with God and it just alerted me to remember God loves me i cant earn his love.


  13. @ Mavunite

    i wasn’t in church Sunday, Sato night found me in Ngong rd so i went Chapel and had an awesome time. i can’t wait to listen to the sermon online and get what Pasi was saying.but just to throw in a thought to what you have highlighted.

    it’s interesting to note that the story should have been rightly titled “the parable of the loving Father” .the focus of the story is the uncondtional love of the father to the sons who don’t love him back like they should. one choses to leave and the other stays however both do not honor their father.often times we focus on the one who leaves and ignore the subtle sin of pride/jealousy… the other son reveals.

    from the definitions you’ve given from dictionary.com that’s the 15th century definition of the word.words have meaning in context. i can say “prodigal with smiles” and it will have a meaning.

    i’ll however listen to the sermon first.BTW when you say epiphany do you mean you had a Christian holiday in the Christian definittion sense or had a deep realisation in the secular sense of the word?if the holiday that was really cool, coz many christians don’t celebrate it!!!



  14. @ just a kairetu
    thank you for the glowing tribute! 🙂 im humbled again and again as i was only doing what i would have wanted someone to do for me if i was in your shoes! i know your dream will come to be. you have the right heart and the right attitude! im glad i could be of help and like i said im still looking out for you!


  15. @thekenyannutcase – LOL, too funny! I hope this Saturday night finds you on Mombasa rd.


  16. @ thekenyannutcase

    Allow me to paraphrase in part from the Life Application Bible

    I like how you coin the parable as “of the Loving Father”, because that’s what it’ essentially about. When you look at the preceding two parables, that of the lost sheep and that of the lost coin, it’s clear to see that God will seek out strayed souls to return them to Himself. Note that the sheep may have strayed out of selfishness and the coin got lost through no fault of it’ own, but the son left out of selfishness. The third parable however, involves a human being with a will, who strays and DECIDES to go back home after hitting rock-bottom. His prodigal’ness’ is brought about by the selfish way he demanded for his inheritance before his father’s death, and qoes ahead to SQUANDER it in the name of living freely.

    On the flip side the older son found it hard to accept his younger brother when he returned, just as younger brothers and sisters are hard to accept today… yes, it does happen and I’m not only a victim, right here in Mavuno Church, but a culprit as well against some who have received salvation after I did. But that’s a different story. Lord have mercy.

    Anyway, my point is that the Bible (in all it’s versions) calls the parable on the premise of a single son being prodigal, or lost, never Sons. As we are never to add nor subtract from the word of the Lord, I feel it would therefore be wrong to conclude, as it’s written even in the introduction to this blog, that it’s the parable of the prodigal sons.

    We may try to rationalize that prodigal may mean yielding abundantly, so that we may say that the older son was prodigal with his diligence or faithfulness, but what exactly would you peg his prodigal nature on? I think that would just circumvent the argument. On the contrary, wasteful, thrifty, describe the younger son perfectly, totally bringing out the purose of the word prodigal in this parable. Note that the only problem here is the use of the word prodigal, not in the explanation Pastor M gave on the lost touch of both sons.


  17. thekenyannutcase Says:

    @ mavunite

    you are very correct.we should never add or subtract anything from the bible.because when we add topics like “the parable of the prodigal son” to a passage then people think that those words are actually in the original texts which is not so.

    these are just themes that obviously stand out from the passage.it’s just like the danger of putting verses and chapters to the bible.people read a chapter or verse and think that’s the end.but the original texts doesn’t have verses and chapters.

    also the danger of doing new bible translations based on meaning of words eg the new NIV says on the seventh day God chillaxed!!

    it then becomes difficult to change one’s perspective when they have read a prior teaching.but all this(translation,verses,topics..) are done that God’s word may be palatable to the common man and not just the learned.

    the message is not changed it’s just carried in new vessels/language.those guys who put those topics are just people like you and me and Pastor M.chrsitains don’t rationalize truth.it’s black and white in the bible.or in Red if you are using the red letter edition 🙂

    so perhaps we need to ask God for more/other insights/themes that we can share with the body of Christ and that can even be documented as a commentary.perhaps in the life application bible?

    looking forward for church kesho.


  18. Unlocking the Love. Knowing that God loves me no matter what is the biggest comfort I have ever received.

    I’ve been in a slump, allowing the devil to let me think I’m unworthy of God’s Love. So its a real blessing to know that God Loves Me For ME. That HE Loves ME No Matter What. That HE Will Always LOVE Me.

    Thank You Mavuno Team (and especially Pastors M & S) for this insightful look into LOVE.

    May God continue to Bless You All.


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