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  1. Yes i went straight from church to the blog. I have never internalised that part Of John 4 in that and now my issues n myself have gone out to be a fearless influencer of society.
    @Pastor M, not to bust our bubble or anything but there prisons with beds.The maximum security prison in naivasha have some prisoners who are called trustees.These are those prisoners who have shown exemplary signs of reform and are charged with the duty of being in charge of the other yet to be reformed prisoners for example being the principal of their school. Nway one of the priviledges of being a trustee is that u sleep on a bed. Plus I observed that the prisoners there live in waaay better conditions than those who are free. If we take time to listen to what crimes those people have commited especially the rapists u would not be so remorseful. Ur former classmate should have had a licence…if he cant obey the laws of the land can he really obey Gods laws?


  2. Amos Ndungú Says:


    I attended today’s service and what better way to start the than spreading the love. I had a blast. Currently i church hoop but today i think Mavuno will be my church.

    Spread the love



  3. I just uploaded the Kaka Franca poster..great idea Pastor A.I hadn’t quite caught onto this spread the love story…but I am surely in now all the way.Asanteni


  4. hi Mavuno church,

    my name is Elizabeth and once in a while i visit Mavuno coz i really enjoy the services and the spices you put in them…You can never feel sleepy at Mavuno.

    The Sunday of the 06/09/09, i decided to visit Mavuno, actually its a friend whom i had told to visit your church that requested me to accompany her which i did. the week before i had been going through hell.. I had lacked school fees and thus i couldnt register for lectures and it was very devastating to me. i tried to get loans from my friends and family members but they were all broke. i had paid 80% of my fees and now i couldnt attend lectures coz i didnt have the 20%, that was devastating to me. that friday night i got the thought of selling my kidney and i started calling my friends in the medical field to ask on the process of doing that. to cut the long story short, one of them offered to assist me in getting someone who needed a kidney…

    On sunday morning, i DIDNT want to come to church and i overslept till 9:00am, then i rembered that i was to accompany my friend, and becouse of that i got ready lazily and went to church. i really wanted to be cought in traffic jams so that i just attend the service half way or towards the end, but the roads were very clear..

    THE WORSHIP!!! thanks to the choice of the worship songs that day…i broke down and cried and especially the part ” becouse of your grace i will finish this race” the worship gave my life a new meaning

    THE SERMON!!! spoke to me when the preacher gave the story of her friend who lost her baby and still praised God, and at that moment i told God that no matter the fact that i dont have any hope of getting my school fees, HE is still God and i praised HIM and started giving thanks for what he had done in the past.

    Finally, THE BENEDICTION!!! pastor M, when you said your blessings that you bless us to be attractive so much that pple would admire OUR GOD, i shed a tear and i had so much faith when i said “i receive the blessings” thankyou for blessing me

    I went home after the servise and slept till early evening to avoid having negative thoughts, i kept on meditating on the 8:00pm i received a call and someone offered to give me the money and she also asked me to become her prayer partner- a friend of my mom.

    I believe it all happened becouse of my change of mindset at Mavuno that sunday..Thanks to Mavuno i wont sell my kidney and my faith got restored


  5. Hi. This sunday i was touched by the testimony of Jazzmen. I have been experiencing the same thing. I usually wake up and wonder why am still alive.many times i just want to die. you see, i have been very frustrated with work, my boss makes comments like “you are not helping me” and ” do you really think u will be here for long?”…some time ago i was physically assaulted by a praying that GOD opens another door as i look elsewhere. did i tell u i was abandoned pregnant and the man went ahead and married another woman?ouch!

    at home i am the youngest sibling to get a “good” job so the others have become judgemental. they usually tell me things like “..the bad thing about you is….” and laugh at me when i make a mistake.and those mistakes will be remembered for a long long time. my parents are another story. there have been many incidents of being forgotten at school, forgetting to pay fees,to buy uniform and stuff..the conflicts at home are just a truckload.

    so many words got to me on sunday..words like HOPE, LOVE…wow..i cried from start to finish. whenever an usher would pass near, i would bow my head pretending to read the bulletin. when that didnt work i bit my fingers and pinched keep my composure. i wanted somebody to tell me “GOD LOVES YOU”. and for sure i got a good dose of that. didnt go for after service prayers..i left my life group bytheway,i dont want to be too close to people coz the people that have hurt me the most are those that were closest to me.

    all the same, i will continue coming to church and also look forward to the kirk franklin event. see you there!!


  6. wawawa! Elizabeth, thank you for sharing that.

    WOW!!!! How AMAZING is our God.

    I’m so glad you found hope and your kidneys are intact :-). I praise God for how real God is. HE is moved by our infirmities and our weaknesses. Wawawa…that is a powerful testimony. It’s amazing how all we need to do is come to HIM and HE runs to our rescue.

    I hope you come to Church every Sunday and you get to enroll for Mizizi and grow deeper in God – in a personal way.

    Thanks for sharing that POWERFUL story. Your story has just began :-).

    Big hug.


  7. Lovely sermon, however, i had an issue with the way the preacher referred to muslims as the enemy. I do appreciate that we are from different backgrounds but i believe we are all brothers and sisters before Christ. Whats even more compelling is that the Quran is almost identical to the Bibles old testament. I think that waging a war against them by reclaiming our ‘turf’ will make us no less different from the Jihad fundamentalists. I believe a better way to communicate is to be living examples of love and being fearless influencers of society. That way they learn from our actions.

    I thought of a sceneario where Kamau Otieno Kiplagat a 14yr old Mavunite had Mohammed Hussein Abas as a neighbour and friend in South C. and they meet on sunday afternoon after listening to the preacher say that the enemy is Muslim and is taking over your turf…i wonder how they will relate that afternoon…

    Anyway, will be there with my wife for the spread the love concert. I think you guys are doing a great Job. I have not attended church for so many consequitive sundays since i was 13. Great work guys!


  8. Mwanahisa,

    Thanks for that wake-up thought …

    I was blessed by yesterday’s sermon … I realize issues or none I got to get out there and spread the love … help us God!


  9. Noblelicious Says:

    Lovely Sermon…HOWEVER….i feel you Mwanahisa….for a moment there i thought that we were attacking the muslims….i dint like the way it was phrased…but all the same God still remains God….Pastors M & Angie…..waaaaa honestly u guys lukd so COOOOLLL with the wigs…Kanji & the Worship Team….gr8t work and i can almost bet on it that those empty sits outside are gonna be filled even before we realise it….Lets Spread the Loove..Lov y’all.


  10. Done…


  11. This Sunday was just for me ….. As of Sunday morning I told my Husband that I had given up. Things looked so bad. No school fees for the kids, no food, no fuel, no money to pay elec or water, nothing. Even just the means to get to church was not there and we had purposed to walk there, with our kids in tow. I was desperate. I think I wanted to be in church coz I felt like maybe, just maybe, today God will speak to me.

    From the worship ….. I cried and cried. The song – Behold the Lamb – from the very beginning, with asking ‘Why You loved me so, I would never know” to talking about His Grace being sufficient and I can finish the race. Then in the sermon, the ladies story and her saying that though He slay me, yet will I trust Him ….. THen at the end, when pastor M prayed the attraction prayer … my heart was so torn, I wanted to believe and receive but on the other hand, I was afraid to hope, to believe God again ….. I am choosing to trust God.

    This morning, I got a contract and I remembered pst M’s prayer. I am amazed at how God works. So I praise HIm …. I do I do I do! And I am looking forward to the week ahead. I have such expectation. Right now, nothing in my circumstancves has really changed, but in the Spirit …. I AM FREE!


  12. Have uploaded and spreading the love on face book….Gee-Gee…let me say it again…GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!! soooo much! waahhh I thnk God for my friend Racheal who dragged me to church when i was on the brink of my life….God checked in and transfoirmed my life….

    Its my challenge now to spread the love….and i am Spreading the Love!!!!!!


  13. Waawawawa…….manze si hiyo sermon ilikua wangalaz!!!!!!!!!!!! We all have issues!!!!!………Cant explain but that was great.keep spreading the love Gods people


  14. Pastor M’s sermon was very profound and timely for me especially after doing mizizi and having the mentality ‘ati we cant evangelise its meant for the guys shouting along aghkhan walk’ Kumbe we all have stories of our experiences and how God spread his love to us. At times we dont need big miracles like moses parting the Red sea or a huge ‘God Experience’ to spread the love of christ, but just the small stuff that God has done for you or where he has gotten/saved you from or the simple invitation is enough instrument to spread the love of Christ. Formerly i used to fear talking of Gods Love to those close to me i.e my siz, my girlfriend ,my best pal with fear of Judgment coz they know where i have been , but now i am encouraged because i am their testimony of God’s Love. i thank God that i have spent hours with my girlfriend talking of my story/experience and God’s love that i have seen her coming to church , God Ministering in her life and helping her deal with her personal life issues. Right now she has enroled for mizizi starting this week in pursuit of God pupose and to grow deeper in faith and indeed she’s growing spiritualy which i acknowledge it all to God’s opportunity to us to spreading the love of God through our stories/experiences/invitations . This season i am inviting my sis and my prayer is that she will experience God.

    I believe its never to late to spread the love to those close to us. we just need to use the instruments God has given us -which are our life experiences,stories or testimonies/invitations .Lets spread the love this week bring someone to church or the love festival , you never know your story or invitation to church/festival will bring that someone to know christ.


  15. hi. i love this spread the love month and loved Sunday’s sermon. Though I cannot afford to go to Kirk’s show i would love to. Please pastor M pray for me to get a job, I just cleared campus and all the doors seem shut to me. I have been praying for a job since April and hope is not yet lost. All i can say now is just like the Samaritan woman, ‘he knows all i ever did’. GOD BLESS YOU ALL


  16. Gee Gee
    God loves you so much.
    This is what God says about his children.You are the city of God’s delight and the bride of God (Isaiah 62.4) you are the head not the tail, you are the top not the bottom.You are the righteouness of God.
    Refuse to believe those voices speaking negative thoughts about you and choose to believe that you can do all things through Chirst who stengthens you.Speak out loud and with time you will begin to believe it.
    Have a fab day!


  17. @ Gee Gee God loves you more than anything; He knows and still loves. Let him apply the salve that is His healing love. And He will replace many times over what the enemy has stolen from you; joy,peace,self esteem all that. You are a fearless influencer and more than a conqueror. Because of God’s Grace you can finish this race.

    Hey do not leave the Life Group that is where life happens, it is where God is going to begin a work in you, to heal you surround you with His love and joy. It is in Life Groups that we grow and are nurtured to take on everything. When Pastor M did the Dare to Dream series, he said something to the effect; If you want to walk fast walk alone if you want to walk far walk with others.
    Baraka Tele!!


  18. Was refreshed by the sermon from the preacher whose language and use of some words left me with no doubt that she belongs to my generation ie guys who passed through the mandatory para military NYS training before joining public universities, also to remember that our time Nrb Chapel was near our hostels in Main Campus (UoN). However more specifically and touching was the portion of telling a story that would end up transforming someoneone.

    Lets always listen to someone’s story even before we look at our circumstances. Am equally moved by the person who was to sell the kidney in order to raise fees. Thanks God that never came to pass, but I strongly feel that Mavuno has able people who could do something to such cases even through linking such cases to overseas sponsorship which I know is possible. Remember God said, whenever you did something good for anyone of you, you did it for me. Faith without action……………


  19. Hi all, thanks for the great posts. @ Elizabeth, Geegee and Chosen, may you experience Father’s love in a new way this week. Please sign up for Mizizi if you can as I believe it will help answer some questions. @ Betty, praying that God will open doors for you soon that no one can shut. Keep the faith! A couple of thoughts on two other posts…

    @ Myself, thanks for the 411 about Naivasha. And glad you’re becoming a fearless influencer! I don’t believe our response as a church to the prisons is a result of our being ‘remorseful’. Three responses to your comment:
    1. God’s love encompasses even the ‘unlovable’. Please read Matthew 25:31-46 in which Jesus gives the basis on which God will judge the nations. One of the criteria for which he commends righteous nations is their care of those in prison (v.36).
    2. My former classmate was in remand and had not been proved guilty of a crime. Remember, you are legally innocent until proven guilty by a court! Also, the punishment needs to fit the crime. To bring this closer home, imagine being arrested for driving with an expired driving license and then being detained for two months without any sign of a trial!
    3. In any case, non-capital crimes are punished by detention (the removal of freedom). The person rightfully in prison is already under punishment. Treating them unjustly or inhumanely is acting in the same way they did. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

    @ Mwanahisa, thanks for the gracious way you expressed your reservations. I don’t believe Pst. Janet was asking us to view Muslims as the enemy or anyone else for that matter, though it’s possible that some may have heard it that way. As Mavuno, we have always taught that God blesses us as Christians so we can be a blessing to others in our nation, Christian and non-Christian.

    The reality is that the truth claims of the different world religions are not identical and their agendas are often at odds. However, I don’t believe that should lead to enmity and fighting between us or to a rejection of faith as an inevitable source of tension, but rather to dialogue and understanding. Interfaith conversations that lead us to agreeing on what points we need to disagree amicably or change humbly and yet still leave us working together for the good of our nation. And in everything, we need to always – in the words of one of my favorite authors – ‘learn how to communicate just how accepting and loving God is (which we will always fall short of adequately representing) while also communicating His holiness and righteousness’.

    Okay, this is getting entirely too long! Two days to spread the love 🙂


  20. Wendy 1 and Gogetter
    thanks a lot for referring me back to scripture…thats our strength. i was at a very tall building yesterday and everything looked tiny. cars looked like small squares and people were even smaller.. my eyes could not cover everything. i realized how big GOD is…and how tiny my problems are…nothing is impossible for Him.Amen


  21. @Betty

    i fill you. i was in such a state but god came at the right time. he is never too early nor too late. it has now been a year since i started my first job after campus and god has been faithful. i’l pray for you that god will show you goodness just has he has done to me or more.

    by the way, am also in job but sina extra do za kwenda concert. if i happen to take 2ks for myself and my pal, my budget will be badly spoilt.but i know i wont leave this way, god will make greater ways.

    all the best in your job search.
    praying for u.


  22. sawa, so i wasnt in church on sunday- no fault of my own. i envy you guys soo much. i did listen to Pastor M’s online sermon on descending to ascend- refinement precedes assignement’ haki if churches are restaurants, Pastor M served 5 star gourmet. i attended that sermon the 1st time, but this time it has changed my life. am re-dedicated to finding my purpose. not with the former mindset of ‘gee seeing as the man isnt about to come, might as well find happiness elsewhere’ha ha(pathetic. no doubt).Moses’ life history made sense- the 40 year thing(pls God promise i’ll learn in 3) etc. am blessed.
    finally a request that Pastor M blogs more often- yes am one of the mafans (that said, i know that it’s God’s gifting, and not really about any person). current blog’s been there awhile. we laud your efforts, no doubt your time of refinement was a success. GBU


  23. Hi Mavuno,
    Please update your website -we’re in Mid Sep 🙂

    Also, thanks for the sermon series’. I have listened to almost all. Kindly update that too.

    Thanks in advance!


  24. It feels good for me to have my first posting on this blog. I should have done this a while back,probably several commitments came on the way. Anyway just to seek some clarification regarding the sermon by pastor Janet on 6th Sept.,I really loved the sermon and pastor Janet was on top of her game as always. There is only one part towards the end of the sermon where I totally disagreed with her reference about muslims. To me, I do think they are our brothers and we do send our prayers to the same God.Any clarification on this will be appreciated.


  25. Hi Guys,

    First things first, on Saturday i was so proud to be a mavunite. Despite the dust that’s now given me a cold, i cannot wait for next September. The concert was fun fun fuuuun(me who used to think Christianity was boring – he). Anyway thankyou mavuno for touching and transforming so many lives.

    On a separate note, i was wondering whether we can have dust bins outside the church (engaging the structures 101 🙂 because i keep goiing all the way to Galitos with my plastic cup to trash it.


  26. Hi Pst. M, could you kindly please tell us more about the ongoing Kenya Festival 2009 where you are listed as one of the participants/award recipients?

    Not too seem critical but it has too many elements of trade fair/golf networking/prize giving ceremony. Is it a celebration of God’s faithfulness ama what human beings have done?


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