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  1. Sir George Says:

    Hi peeps,

    Kindly copy and paste this link on yourweb browser and invite your friends to do Mizizi through facebook.


  2. The sector fare was quite well organised. I liked the challenge from the Vision guy…Change starts with me. Im still conquering the fear of loosing out as i stand in integrity. Let me share what we are doing as a family. We have amuad to plant these values in our kids by reciting them as often as possible. I’m a Man/woman of God. I’m honest, hardworking and I love God and love people. Since we are grooming them to take over our family bussiness, we are praying that this is a seed we are planting for vision 2030 and beyond…We have to raise and prepare them up for greatness.


  3. Hi when do you post the series online??? I have been waiting to listen to the August series but it’s not up yet….pls let me know when they are posted…thanks for being such a blessing…


  4. Hi i love mavuno n what we are doing i look forwad to church every sunday God bless Mavuno. I would wish 4 more popular songs during worship atleast we don have 2 read throughout thanx


  5. First off i must commend Mavuno for this series, i have never enjoyed sunday mornings as much. I personally admire Mr Mugo Kibati, i think he is a reflection of the ideal Young kenya. I have gone through the vision 2030 doc and i am impressed with the content. However i think there are certain issues not wholisticaly addressed by the plan.

    My questions to Mr Mugo are obviously based on these issues and they are as follows: 1) In the simplest level of economic theory, a nations wealth is supported mainly by its middle-class. Somthing thats almost non-existant in Kenya with a large gap between the Rich and poor without any supporting middleclass. This brings about the issue of resource allocation, and we all know the SI unit for this is land, especially in an agro based economy. What does v2030 do adress this issue (esp when there are cases where the former president and a prominent politician in the ’80’s transfered the title of KICC from the Min od Tourism to their personal names at a consideration of Kshs 1680/= , or when the incumbent president issued title deeds for forestland during his last election campaign only to come back and evict people on environmental concers…like they didn’t exist during the campaign…)
    2) Why would we adopt v2030 in late dec 2007 and have the largest allocation in the treasury go to military and defence, while the vision clearly states that development shall be given priority(it was actually cut-back in budget 09-10)? i hope it has nothing to do with a company owned by former and incumbent presidents sons that deals in military supplies.
    3) The port in Lamu, great advantage to increasing our ports capacity, but why would we need that when we are a net importer and have no real manufacturing sector that would boost productivity and hence increase the need for better port capacity. Why not just improve on mombasa? Or would it have somthing to do with Qatar financing the deal in order to access oil from southern sudan? whats the opportunity cost of investing that USD 4Bn in giving agricultural subsidies and infrastructure in the mediumterm?

    Be blessed!


  6. I have been in mavuno 4 the last 2 months and manze am not turning back.I second Shiko in her request more so worship songs so that we are able to connect with God seriously


  7. I loved the idea of a business directory. Somalis n Indians have perfected the art of comunion such that they do biz with each other n r therefore able to benefit from economies of scale. Xtians, we are much more but too divided so we get lost in the numbers!


  8. Finally gotten time to blog.

    I loved the sector fair for this one reason; it opened my eyes to the different sectors of society that I can engage in as a Mavunite.

    I truly appreciated the NHIF thing. I would never have thought about it. The truth is that I had planned not to sign them up but that week I came across the following verses 13 & 14 of Job 31:

    “If I have denied justice to my menservants and maidservants when they had a grievance against me, what will I do when God confronts me? What will I answer when called to account?

    I also loved the final sermon – that the change I want to see must begin with me. My encouragement to us all is not to let the sermon series pass a good sermon; one for which we would like to buy the audio cd and listen to some time but let it stir us up to good works.

    To Pst. Linda, God bless you richly. You are a blessing.

    I was asl


  9. Hi when do you post the series online??? I have been waiting to listen to the July and August series but it’s not up yet….pls let me know. Thanks for being such a blessing…especially for us who are away from Kenya


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