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  1. Pastor Linda Oh!!
    Your sermon yesterday was great, so great that this morning at 4am my sister was busy pouring blessing on a neighbour. A neighbour who has been fetching water under the cover of darkness to sell. water which the entire court of 8 houses should be getting but the rest of us do not get. the neighbour has a deal with the watchmen and caretaker, she has been fetching water to sell, the numerous jerrycans are filled and put in her pickup and she sells to others in the area. Water in our area comes once a week, we all wait to get some but she has been stealing our water. But this morning we woke up and stood our ground, we decided to demand for our right to this precious liquid!!!
    I have never seen my sister speak the way she did, she is always a quiet person, but she spoke and the Holy Spirit was upon her. When we went down to ask why we are not getting water, the watchmen left and when we followed them to ask why, they spoke rudely. the woman open her mouth and only profanities came out. my sister was in action, she placed her tiny hands over the woman’s head and spoke loudly and very proudly “woman i speak blessings upon you” . several times she did this and all the woman did was to speak profanities. “God is here and He is watching”,my sister said and the woman replied “I don’t care and the devil is also here” .
    I was watching from the balcony, watching a fearless influencer at work. Later my sister said that she doesn’t know what came over her. She said that she remembered Kanji’s word saying “sometimes you have to cross over the line of coolness”, and she did exactly that. If you saw her you would not believe that she stood up to the not tiny woman and spoke.
    We will speak up and stand up for the truth and fairness. The battle was won at the cross, we are equipped to stand for the truth and we should all do the same.


  2. hi all,

    i wasnt in church for the last two sermons. i only attended the first sermon on rules of engagement and that sunday, i walked out of church feeling like pinched. by reading your blogings, it seems challenging not a bed of comfort/roses for us. we need to rise up and bless our nation. if it prospers, we prosper.

    can someone please blog some notes on the past two series. i realy need them before the last one.

    have a great week full of blessings.


  3. I’ve just been counted! Yap the enumerator who turned out to be my neighbor knocked on my gate just about 9am.I didn’t have drinkable h2o but thought to offer him an apple.When he left I realised nah nah..it may have been a story like that in the garden of eden no wonder the burger..ooops the kenyan declined!Duncan(the enumerator) its all good,I was just going with the flow of Pastor Linda’s message on Sunday.
    Engagement.There’s real need.We silent kenyans are costing this country more than posterity will ever know.My own relative is employed by some random Mau murderer to fell trees IN THE MAU.I almost fainted when I met this guy for the first time..(we are a huge family) 2 montths back in shags.I quizzed him,how…nyinyi ndiyo mnafanya tukose maji..? I guess to him I just passed for another Nairobian who doesn’t get that ‘huku mashinani’ this is reality..at least he has a job.And I know why Uchumi is selling water containers so fast.We really must speak up,and I learnt speak up after you fast..there’s the power from the all powerful God I believe in.Its real and we all need to get real.


  4. Scaling heights Says:

    It’s tuesday afternoon & i’m still waiting for mr census to knock @ my door. Meanwhile, i reflect on sundays sermon; my take (& i admit it’s out of frustration) is that nairobi’s structures are in quicksand way too deep. But on the upside, i do have mustard seed faith that maybe we can see a brighter day, thus count me in, in this weeks fast.


  5. Gideon's Torch Peep Says:

    Hey Pastor Linda,
    Was not in church on Sunday but got an update from my fiance on what happened. All guys need to attend Gideon’s Torch whether they are from Kinoo or not! I live there and have been coming for Gideon’s Torch. The only thing is that I do it in the car because… well only guys are allowed in!


  6. I got counted: 8:15 PM. I almost prayed with the enumerator đŸ™‚ but i repeated countless times to her that God may bless her and take care of her and the data.

    Thanks for changing my attitude towards the process Pastor Linda.

    Looking forward to this weekend’s fair and more so, the 3 day fast.

    Where’s the wall for the 24/7 fast? Where can we post requests etc? Holla back please….



  7. Carol Muriungi Says:

    Dear All ,

    I am based in Mombasa n am so happy about the online sermons. I work all days of the week apart from friday and feel spiritually drained but on saturday afternoon 22.08.09 I thought of checking out Mavuno Church website – went thru the site until I came to sermons and the fact that they play clearly on line totally amazed n impressed me-this is awesome – thank you coz since sato 22.08.09 I feel blessed, encouraged, rebuked. I dont feel alien n lost. I read my bible but sometimes i feel I need the sermon too. you are lovely people with blessed team of pastors – the sermons both encourage me and have rebuked me with lotsa luv. Thank you so much for thinking of people who might not be able to go church not coz they dont want to go to church its the nature of the different jobs they are in or do – thank you. Luv n regards, Carol Muriungi.


  8. I was counted last night and prayed for Emmanuel the enumerator. He was pleasantly joyful to be prayed for.

    I’m still fired up on engaging the structures. I don’t know where this thing of Christians being softies came from. The Romans sent several armed soldiers to arrest Christ, an unarmed man, and at night! Christ wasn’t a softie. I want to model my life fully on Christ’s. Let’s be fearless.


  9. Muhadhara Says:

    ..Oh wow, yaani talk about engaging the structures and the Enemy brings the match to our doorstep. I cant help but think that the issue with the landlord on which the Dome stands is part of the response to the gameplay by Mavuno. Sometime back at a place that I used to work I got so tired of the pesky boss that in frustration I asked God to get rid of him and surprise within a week he had been transferred to another portfolio! I’m feeling like its time the landlord at the drive-in goes, anybody feel me?


  10. @Muhadhara – i totally feel you on the Dome land! that land is ours, given to us by God! It is the cornerstone of Mavuno from where impact for God’s Kingdom through Mavuno church will be fulfilled. the devil is a liar and he is already won in this battle no matter what the landlord thinks, claims or demands. all, claim that land for mavuno!


  11. hi.
    Glory 2 God 4 the great work done in the lives of the people at mavuno church. I ev been greatly inspired by the sermons about the city of nairobi n i thank God 4 u Pst L. on sunday was powerful too n i bet all was meant 4 me. however, i completely differ with the town cleark Mr. Kisia n i personally have isues with the city fathers or shud i say countryfathers.
    1st>I do appreciate that the gentleman has all the chance 2 make nairobi a world class city n he has really great minds,but could we pliz start from fix small n practical necesities n manage them?e.g provide a well oganize n codusive open air marke t 4 the hokers instead of deproying a whole 5 tracks of kenya police n city council askaris every day 2 man the young poeple from entering the cbd, this is wastage of national resources n hypocricy on our side as a country,the armed police oficers ought 2 b releaced ever morning n evening 2 do security patrals in the diferent parts of the city as the are becoming unbarerable.
    The intended muthurwa market that was messly done could have been even 4 or 5 levered 2 ocupy mo than 3kl people with even under ground packings………!
    2nd> the eforts 2 deconjest the city taffic could b another messy programe all 2gether, the city fathers r only too quick 2 do a short term guddy that r not sastainable just like they sugested muthurwa stage that the never make. why cant the town cleark 1st make the terminers with proper entries n exits like they did 2 bus station whea its superb now. again why can the city fathers b serious in regurating the busfairs in nairobi instead of leaving it 2 greedy matatu operators hu just do what they want……..n as if it is not enough they they r planing 2 expose the already poor kenyans 2 mo cost on their fairs. which serious city in the world that do not operate a county council public means of tranpsort 2 help its residence 2 move faster n 2 make sure that poeple r encouraged 2 leave their cars at home n use this cheap ,safe n quick means that wil convinientry get them 2 their destinations. Is that too herd 4 the city planners 2 do really? imagine an exbitoin employee who is paid 4k pa month n leaves in Dodora estate n pays 60bob every morning n 60 bob in the eve’ has 2 walk from kariokoo 2 anversary towers n its raining. r we doing it 4 the rich that can afod cars or is it 4 kenyans hu r already dieng of loads on them? r we saying that this young girl 2 add 40bob on her dairy fare 2 make it 2 town………….in my oppinion we r not consinderate n the town cleark or rather the city fathers r missplaced on this.
    pst L,could bring this guys n let us engage them 4 a while.?


  12. A fire was lit under me as I listened to Sunday’s sermon … I am passionate about good governance and I am sooooo ready to engage the structures!


  13. Pastor Linda,

    You were at it again. Thanks for that inspiring talk that comes with new meaning every Sunday and keeps us yearning for the subsequent one. I was counted on 24th at 8:30 pm by two gentle ladies who declined what we offered them. We received them with warmth and even escorted them to the next house since our street lights were not working that day.
    How does it compare to my workmate who was not counted even after keeping indoors the whole Holiday only for these enumerators to turn up the following day when he was at work. He learned about it when his daughter called to ask him “daddy kumbe uko na miaka mingapi, hawa watu wa census wako hapa wanauliza”. His response was that tell them to go away and come when am around. Where were they when I was waiting and why should they come to my house when am not there? My judgement could be hard, but I couldnt believe such words coming from a whole grown up (of course not a mavunite). I reminded him of the sermon by our pastor and the fellow fell embarrased. Remember, these are Kenyans doing for other Kenyans what is good for Kenya. Interrogation of our attitudes should be a continous process.


  14. God was very present with us in Church on Sunday. Worship was jus so deep. ASTAR may the Lord increase u in ministry. Pastor Linda… Prayin 4 u that ur closin sermon this Sunday will be the begining of great beginings in this land.


  15. “How do we access this youth fund money?” my fellow young adults kept on asking me this question three years ago.My collegue and I thought of starting an entrepreneurship class that will enguage government institutions,universities and the private sector.We got to involve Strathmore and the University Of British Columbia-to fund and conduct the classes.The dream was enourmous!! As Pastor Linda emphasised in ACTION!!,that we should stand in the gap.and enguage the structures.This August,we have managed to train 100 young adults on how to write busines plans and proposals and we shall take them through a nine month marathon that will get them to access the youth fund.

    One Bee


  16. Hi One Bee,

    What is the eligibility criteria for signing up for the nine-month marathon? I am interested please give me an email add I can reach you.

    Best wishes,


  17. Just willing to become a fearless influencer. register for mizizi first


  18. Hi Lee,please email info@kimathiinformationcentre.com we shall get back.


  19. This may be a little off track but somehow related; today I encountered a friend who in the course of the conversation informed me that he would be relocating from Kenya to Australia. I must say that I was kinda jealous coz it seems that so many people are making the move out yet I am still here struggling to believe in Kenya. I mean with the endless political circus, shortages of elec/water/food/fuel, crime etc nothing seems to be working and I am worried that I may be ruining my children’s lives if I persist in staying here. So I went to the net and was browsing when came across the 2009 Failed States Index and became even more depressed.

    Since many of us at Mavuno are upper Middle Class, our perceptions on life in Kenya are viewed from the prisms that so long as Nakumatt or Tusky’s is stocked then maisha in Kenya is manageable. We compare ourselves to troubled neighbours such as Somalia or DRC yet are not brave enough to face the true picture of maisha in the mashinaniz.

    So according to the Failed States index, Kenya ranks NUMBER 14 out of 177; surprisingly ahead of countries that have had sustained civil war in the recent past such as Sierra Leone, Sril Lanka, Burundi and Liberia etc.

    The FSI uses 12 indicators of state vulnerability – four social, two economic and six political.

    Social indicators include: Demographic pressures; Massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples; Legacy of vengeance-seeking group grievance; Chronic and sustained human flight.

    Economic indicators include: Uneven economic development along group lines; Sharp and/or severe economic decline.

    Political indicators include: Criminalisation and/or delegitimisation of the state; Progressive deterioration of public services; Widespread violation of human rights; Security apparatus as ‘state within a state’; Rise of factionalised elites; Intervention of other states or external factors.

    So my question as we Engage the Structures; IS KENYA A FAILED STATE?

    Here is the link to the FSI;



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