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  1. Hey guys,loved the sermon,gave me alot to think about.There is no neutral space,how profound,how true.The sermon was a wonderful wake up call,actually more like a battle cry asking us to go to war.And it is indeed a war.We need to ask God to help us take up arms and fight.The time for passivity is over,we need activity.Let’s ask God to help us be the soldiers and influencers He called us to be.


  2. waw,understanding the city was very on point n i thin n jua dat this week am on a mission to influence no matter what.thanks alot pastor linda koz u dropped it lyk u were purposed to du it.u r influencin me alreeeeady.b blessed abundantly.


  3. That was a really deep sermon. Especially the part of ‘we must wallow in this environment because we are the ones who create it’. The time for pointing fingers pitad a long time ago. Though we can complain of how the Mau is depleting and politicians are not serious enough to stop this, but just think of how many trees u have planted urself. Im sure not one tree in the Mau can be attributed to u. Let us be conscious of our carbon foot print. Thanks Pst Grace for giving us an opportunity to plant trees in the Mau. And those neighbourhood meetings that we keep ignoring have been opportunities for us to influence the society yet we’d rather do non-fearless activities like cooking our hairs!! May our conscience not allow us everytime we’re about to ignore such opportunities. I so wish that Kenyans will realize that being an influencer doesnt necessarily mean that u have to be in a position of leadership but it happens thru simple actions e.g. following traffic rules. I get so pissed off when people break traffic rules..its just madness when it comes to driving in Nairobi. Commuters are also to blame for not demanding better service from matatu drivers. (myself included). One day i choose to demand to be dropped at the right place the next day i dont want to get into anaa confrontation with these people and i sense many Kenyans feel the same way. Some actions really dont take prayer, all they need is for us to do what is right coz we know what’s right n what’s not. May God give us grace to become influencers in every way possible. Amen.


  4. Pastor Linda that was an awesome message! Be blessed abundantly! I feel your passion for this city and I have renewed hope that despite the rationing of everything – Water, Power and food – as well as all the other issues we are wallowing in we can rise up and make a difference! I am on fire! I best influence or be influenced! I better style up and make this city a better place for the generations after me! If the green house babies are standing what im I doing seated!

    I saw a prominent minister in the service and I thank God that he heard this message. My prayer is that like me, the Holy Spirit will drill this message into his mind and not give him rest until he acts!

    Thanks Pastor Linda!


  5. thekenyannutcase Says:

    i found the service rather boring(my first time to) but totally enjoyed the sermon breakdown.last week i watched a documentary from the History Channel about secret societies like the Freemasons, trilateral commission… and what you were saying Pst that the city is not neutral is very true.

    to think of the influence of the Aga Khan (NTV, dailies, schools, hospitals,) and other societies in our city and government is really a wake up call that we need to take an active part in the decision making process and public opinion shaping.


  6. In land we trust Says:

    Am very passionate about issues relating to land and property. August sermon has however opened up the way I view this sector of the society. It was very intresting to see how Pastor Linda made a connection between the City and the Bibilical teachings.

    Anyway I was much touched with the lady from Madaraka frustrated by the new development in her hood. My advise is that she goes through the sale agreement between herself and NHC given that this document will specifiy the area / space sold to her. She should take note if the agreement included the play area etc. as part of the lease. If it does then in my opinion she has right to seek redress in the court of law.

    The most important part will be the contents of the agreement despite of what was in the advert (agents -being one of them – usually put a disclaimer on the content of the adverts / brochures).


  7. Thanks for that message which was received with a new meaning that “Nairobi iko na wenyewe” where this can only work to an extend that we have allowed ourselves due to our inaction or delayed action. Truth also be told, some past experiences have left some people to even fear fighting for their own rights. I know some of us are old enough to remember the Woodley Saga where a resident who was championing for rights was murdered in cold blood and suspects freed later on. They are public figures whom we all know. It is a big challenge but we know that if God is for us no one will be against us. Keep it up Pastor.


  8. Pastor Linda, thanks for the wake up call. After Catherine Gitts shared the challenge facing Madaraka house owners, several of us who live in the estate had an impromptu meeting with her. In fact another meeting was convened on Mon to strategise how to engage all interested parties, mobilise and raise awareness among tenants and house owners in Madaraka. We definitely want to influence, if not us, then who? 🙂


  9. Am I the only one who,s still feeling the teeth of the sermon biting? Today’s been esp tough with no water no elec in the hood, noticed veges cost more than they did couple of weeks back. I know am lucky I can afford to buy water even tho its a hustle but how else can I do sth to change the situation as it is? My planting a seedling at mau today wil be too little too late I think. I’d rather do sth with more impact, sth that wil help more mathes who can only get 1 mtungi that I can’t figure out if its for cooking, showering, cleaning house or just drinking. I’ll probably do nothing contrary to pst l’s urging but just coz I don’t know what to do…or how to do it


  10. I was wondering what was up with “the walking down memory lane”… Turn on the stove??? What was the connection with Church?

    I now truly appreciate the fact that the services team have well thought through the service delivering it in such a way that:
    – we recall the city we grew up in – the loyalty pledge
    – we understand the city we live in – “concrete” evidence
    – we envision the city we want – the national anthem

    To Pastor Linda, I pray that God will watch over you and your family as you speak to us for the rest of the month – you are blessed!


  11. Thanks Ps. Linda for your sermon this Sunday. I have had several conversations over the past weeks with friends and acquaintances over the growing discontent simmering in this city and country. One of my issues, is that we are always waiting for someone to do something. I am at the point where I am tired of waiting for someone. I have to get out of my comfort zone and begin to be influence / be the change I want to see. If we as a body of believers keep waiting for someone else to start the process we will wait till we turn blue in the face. I need to know where or how to start building communities interested in changing their neighbourhoods, their city and this country.


  12. This sermon was indeed a great challenge and a gentle nudge to get out of our comfy zones! Thanks Pst Linda. As for that interesting question this past Sunday, i.e “What do you do when you see that article in the Newspaper giving notice of the upcoming meeting on a community issue which citizens should contribute to” – My answer, make note of checking the newspaper next week and read on what was discussed!

    What was your’s? Let’s compare notes.

    As Kenyans we have truly become insensitive to issues affecting us other than what is directly happening on our door steps.

    We need to do something, but what, if we have to have an impact? As Jery above asks. I have a few ideas, let me mull and build them up, and will surely share.


  13. Second born Says:

    Great Sermon pastor Linda on Sunday but mine is different from the preaching on Sunday

    I am relatively new in Mavuno and I have noted in the few times that I have attended that people are seated in group of friends so when the pastor says you talk to your neighbour about something they are preaching about my neighbour we only talk to their friends and its even worse when you are seated in the middle of two groups you end up sticking out like a sore thumb so my request is that can Mavunites try to be more inclusive in the talk to your neighbour thing she might actually have a hot point even if they don’t they may just need somebody to acknowledge they are around.


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