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9th August Envision the City

16th August Understand the City

23rd August Engage the Structures

30th August Change from Within


11 Responses to “THIS AUGUST IN MAVUNO”

  1. Hi,

    I am a first time blogger and just to take this opportunity to encourage amy mavunites out there so are facing challenges (read trials) as a result of their faith and their involvement in ministry or frontline initiatives.

    I work in the financial services industry and early this year it was discovered that a major transaction had been allowed without following due process and there was a potential large loss (in the billions). As usual in the corporate world, when such an issue happens people want to see ‘blood’ i.e anybody who was involved or should have prevented the situation must be held accountable. Now in my case, I was to be held accountable because I allegedly did not forward an email containing certain information that would have prevented the error. I was very certain that I had done my part and forwarded the information but I had no evidence to show as I had sent this email nine months earlier and had not stored the email in a permanent folder. Anyway, I was due to face a disciplinary panel and was completely discouraged. I asked Pastor Linda to pray with me and I remember her telling me that if I ended up losing my job, God would open a window. In the meantime, I knew my detractors were quite happy about my misfortunes and for me I kept wondering why God would allow this to happen. I mean, for the first time in a long while, I was involved in ministry and was completely sold out. So why would God allow me to be ashamed in my workplace? So moving on, Pasto rLinda prayed fervently for me and a few days later, lo nd behold I was able to gain access to the email that I had sent 9 months earlier and it proved that I had followed due process. The case against me was dropped. Until today I marvel how for about 4 months, I was so stressed out to the point of falling ill and just how God came through. By the way the transaction was closed out and no loss was incurred. Mavuno – call upon God and he will rescue you from your enemies! Thanks Pastor Linda for standing with me in prayer. Susan


  2. Aww, Susan. What a great testimony. I work in the financial services industry too so reading your testimony was like its something that could happen to me as well.. We must remember to back up all our work, like its said in the corporate world… CYA… Cover Your A&%^.

    But I am so glad that whole issue is now behind you. I can imagine your stress, but the thing is, your faith in God is now more grounded, and you know for sure, God is Able.
    Be blessed!
    Ps. Pastor Linda, you are loved!!


  3. Hey Susan.
    thats an encouraging testimony.Surely the lord will not turn his back away on those who call on him.Psalms 9.9 says that the lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.Those who know your name trust in you for you O lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you.
    Im encouraged because as I write this I have a mountain to conquer and today is a deciding day in my life.Am at peace because I know God has my back.


  4. Grace wairimu Says:

    Praise God!you are blessings!this is to encourage you for the great work your doing(sorry unable 2reply otherwise,might want to look into incorporating direct comment or queries on your site!)u guys r just wonderful!thats,good stuff!God bless!


  5. Muhadhara Says:

    Susan, that is so great an encouraging a testimony! Indeed the Lord surely does come through for His people. One thing that I have come to observe is that we only have one True Friend…one who will neither leave us or forsake us. Even the people who we call our friends will most likely desert us when things get thick. Its harsh but that’s the reality of life…baraka mob sana as you keep your focus on and find your solace in Him only…


  6. Wow!! Pastor Linda, surely you are standing at a great position delivering this months sermon series!! I pray that Christs power may rest upon you.

    I believe that this series is timely- especially in Mavuno, because this generation is in great need of inspiration and radical engagement to shift from our comfort zones and into the arena of active Faith-specifically regarding change for this Nation.

    I suggest that it would be worth it for you to consider how to engage those who are not from Kenya- as there are quite a few from other African nations-including myself. Especially with regard to the vision for a United Africa- the East AFrican community, the challenges in the region, and also to point out the positive examples we are seeing in our generation. I point out President Paul Kagame and how his visionary leadership has began to transform a country that has tasted the worst of what we are fighting against here in Kenya.

    The vision for a United Africa is exceedingly relevant especially vis-a-vis Mavuno’s vision to raise up fearless influencers to change Africa. Have a look at these pioneers: Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Amilcar Cabral, Samora Machel, Steve Biko, and Julius Nyerere; just to name a few of those who were committed to unity in Africa.

    Otherwise, keep your fire burning!!!!



  7. miss thing Says:

    Pastor Linda your message couldnt be more timely. we have been living in a divided city and country and divided we have fallen. i pray that we shall arise as christians and make a difference in this city and love (and water) will flow thru the city as a result of our actions.


  8. Angry Kenyan Says:

    I was at the service on Sunday and like many, when asked about what i loved most about Nairobi i came up blank. I have had time to mull over it and realized we got the best weather anywhere, if u have been to Dubai u know what i mean. Lets appreciate our city guys. Thanks pastor Linda for the amazing message i really look forward to the rest of the series.


  9. heh pastor Linda, i so felt you on engaging the structures!!!i get so mad when someone walks ovr me or anyone else’s rights as a human being…or take advantage of husband would tell me to stop fussing over it but he heard for himself bout your market story and let me being one of the typical ones, am standing at a bustop nd all these guys are shouting nyayo 30bob.i ask how much it is to GM as i was heading to pick the car from my hubby’s work place(he came very early for G.T AHOO).n am told my friend and i comfortably take our seats.the matatu starts moving and i give the conducter money.he asks where we are going and then tells us to add 20bob as the fare to gm is 30bob.i almost fell out in shock!!i actually asked before we got on the matatu??cut the long story short,we did not pay and the conductor eneded up fighting with his own driver who was asking him why he gave the car to other people to d his job then come and complain later and he knows the touts at the bustop are just looking for quick day with you eeh??more drama hapend the rest of the day but bottom line..i engaged the structures and challenged lots of people to do the same tday!!!wow!!i just loved blessed pastor linda


  10. I’m in high school and when I came home and saw what this month’s sermon series was about I was elated. I had finally discovered what I was created for:To CHANGE THE WORLD. But the big question was HOW??? I thank God for leading me to Mavuno because I not only realized my God-sized dream but I know that I’m on my way there. With the teachings we’re getting this month I’m that much closer to doing what I’m called to do and I’ve realised that with God’s help I’ll get there, Watch This Space!!!


  11. Hey you all….. Kungu here. Dont know who reads this so don’t know if you all remember me. I live in stato now but I still listen to a lot of the sermons that go on. I had a request…… Sermons have not been updated since June. The last two series’s (July and August) are ones I am really interested in hearing. Any chance that I can get them? I would really like to hear them. Let me know whats up. You all have a great one…..


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