Smooth Tongue

Types of lies

  • Exaggeration
  • Misrepresentation of facts.
  • Silence as a cover up
  • Party to lies or to a liar
  • Cheating
  • Not keeping one’s promises

Effect of lies:

You fool self

You fool others

You fool God


30 Responses to “Smooth Tongue”

  1. A down dressing sermon. We all deserved it. Gauging by the number of people that stood this is an area most if not all of us must work toward. Most of us cheat almost always. Call it any name, exageration but it still the same “lies”.

    A big challenge to me especially.



  2. Wallalaaa, ati that was the first sermon of the series. What an ouch moment!! I thank God for the refinement He’s taking us through. It was a great sermon, currently am doing some serious soul searching and reflection. God bless you pst. S


  3. Struggling Bulimic Says:

    hey Pastor S. wonderful sermon today and i cant wait to hear out the entire series… basically, I’m such a liar, sometimes I believe the lies I tell… doesnt help that am in sales so lying is like second nature to me(not the harmful ones though and I dont mean to say all sales people are liars…NOT) so anyho my big problem is I’ve been lying to myself, family and friends and God for the longest time… as you notice the name, I’ve been binging and purging for the last 3 years thanks to peer pressure, I wasnt THAT big actually just needed to be what my mind told me was the ideal shape, size, etc. I eat like a horse cuz after all I know in about 5 minutes I’ll go throw it up in the loo (I’ve this mastered, you’d never know what I just did, almost got caught by my younger sister but I vehemently denied and made it look like she was crazy to say such a thing. I know it is A TERRIBLE thing to do, people dying of hunger(as I chow down loads and throw it up), I could rapture my liver(been telling myself I’ll stop for the last 3 years), my teeth could start looking like icicles(hasnt begun yet thankfully), I could burn my food canal(but hey, I’ll stop from tomorrow is what I keep saying) I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to stop these lies, to me, my body, my family, friends, husband(he doesnt seem to understand how I eat for 47 people and not get fat – I use the “stress at work” line all the time, luckily he believes me) I really need to stop and seek for forgiveness… Sad thing is, I’m too old to be doing this (headed to my 30’s) so I cant share this with anyone, I’d be too embarrased, mortified actually, so I think the internet will do for now, so please help pray me out of this self inflicted bondage.

    Thanks. S.B.


  4. Hey!

    I’m not a member of Mavuno, but I visit the church once in a while, and I was blessed by the message this Sunday and how I have really been one who has a ‘smooth tongue’.

    I am a PR and Marketing student and in this line of work, it is hard for you to say things for what they really are without it having a serious implication on the company you are representing. You are meant to potray the best of the organization’s product or service at all times, regardless the cost.

    What do you suggest for such a kind as us who have to keep ‘Misrepresenting facts’ or ‘exaggerating’?


  5. The guy confessing bt the fake degree realy touched me,he ws ready 2face the consequences and b set free rather than live alie block hs blessing and be haunted 4ever,itz mine time 2confess n b set free,thanks alots 4 the sermon,God’s wisdom upon u as u take us thro the series yes sir!am asuspect.


  6. @Struggling Bulimic. I’d like to really very seriously encourage you to speak to someone about your bulimia. Am sure you’ve read all about bulimia on the net and therefore, know its a disease. You’ve been doing it for the past 3 years (from what you write) and I strongly feel you need professional help to stop. You do acknowledge that you are living a life of lies not to mention, destroying your body. Please please seek professional help. Visit a hospital and ask to see a nutritionist, a counsellor, a GP – just seek help and quickly! Bulimia is a disease rooted in mental and emotional causes and is one that requires lifelong management – please understand this and seek help to stop. Start telling YOURSELF the truth, then your hubby and friends and get support to help you get, and remain, healthy. I will pray for you.


  7. gogetter Says:

    @ Struggling Bulimic, He who the Son sets free is free indeed! God is able to free you. I am not sure if you are in a lifegroup but you need to submit yourself to the association and accountability of your Lifegroup members there is nothing too hard for the Lord and He will set you free. I think you should also see what kind of medical help you can get since this has implications on your health.
    Our God is a loving God and there is nothing too hard for Him He will not only restore you but will use you for His purpose
    Baraka tele!


  8. What a sermon! I must say it was thought provoking. I’m among those who has been hurt by lies and stood up to be prayed for. I have forgiven those who hurt me in the past and left it to God. I do consider myself to be an honest person but what haunts me now is secrets i have inside me. I hardly ever lie but i keep the truth in me out of fear of hurting people that i love and care about. My question is, ” How do i let out that truth no matter how dark a secret it is? Do i take it to God in prayer and consider it a forgiven affair and forget or do i go ahead and let it out like the man who lost his job for faking his degree? Help a sister out!


  9. The message this Sunday I believe touched all of us to the core….I am one of those quite people and I always told myself that for as long as i said nothing..i lied to nobody..well, shock on me! I could be lying by keeping the facts and letting people assume the opposite is true! I always employ the method of not giving information so that I dont have to lie and thus keeping part of the information that I would lie about..shock on me…..It will be a toough one but I will try, and I trust God will walk with me all the way….
    Before I go….at work we have a boss who is “TERROR” , I have been working for this firm 3 months now and the first time terror was unleashed on me, i was adviced to always not give full information as it will and it always has been used against me! I took the advice and I am surviving. Everytime there is an issue, we senior managers all have to come together and strategise on how we shall lie to her and then we have to know how to ensure our teams keep up with the lies….this is the big demon am dealing with at work..wondering how to stop this.


  10. gogetter Says:




  11. just want to share the reason i have been having to lie and the solutions……. hard solutions

    1. To Protect my self .( i have been hurt alot by lie from pplle ,as a result i have been lieg my self and others to either hit back, or just to know how it feels to play with pples heads as it was done to me )very wrong
    2. Not to get into trouble .( it the easiest way of getting out of trouble).
    3. To look like i know what am doing ( feel important ).
    this hard am in the IT field and same times i have no idea what am doing , but i lie i know lol.. it works .but its wrong SO WHAT DO I DO ??? i cant say i dont know . i eventually get a solution after struggling . this is hard for me guys

    what i have learnt ( painful truth )
    1. just because i was hurt , innocent pple should not suffer and am doing more harm to myself and to pple who am in relatiion with and trust me is hard ohh ……….. .
    2. the truth shall set me free.
    3. HARD ………You cant know everything at work ,Am struggling dont juwah what to do ??about work.

    Guys this hard.
    Mavuno is so real it hurts

    lovely day


  12. @Struggling bulimic, Bulimia is a disease, simply willing to do it and telling yourself that it is the last time you will purge will not work. You need to confront the underlying issues. You probably have alot of unresolved issues in your life and bulimia is just a way of projecting them… Be conscious of your trail of thought before each time you throw up… most likely you may have experienced some emotions, feelings and because you dont want to deal with them or probably dont know how to deal with them you found an exit. Then you begin to focus on the bulimia that way you dont get to deal with the issue. So please my dear… see a counsellor… you really need professional help…. I’ll be praying for you


  13. Sunday’s sermon changed me.I av been such a great lie and just before the sermon on Sunday,i had already created a very good story to tell my boss since i was planning not to report to work but instead go in the school library and study for a c.a.t.The sermon touched me to the core,av lied countless times before but not again.Its a changed me and I believe that the truth will alwayz set me free.The temptation of telling lies is still haunting me but oh no!am living a new life a pure life.I believe that he who lives in me is greater than he who is in the world.I have been to mavuno for a month now and this far i count myself blessed.Cant wait to be in church on sunday.Kudos for the wonderful work.


  14. Talk about being honest! What continues to amaze me is the absolute and tangible realness of our Pastors. Yaani Pst. S… I was so so humbled by your confession and I pray that the Lord will help me and all of us embrace the truth at ALL times. As for “Mutua’s” story, I pray that the Lord will show up for you in the greatest of ways… absolutely humbling! absolutely humbling!


  15. thekenyannutcase Says:

    i have come up with a theory why people lie so much on phone.

    null hypothesis;post paid subscribers are not as bad liars as are pre-paid subscribers.

    justification;where there are many words sin is not absent

    when you have so much to say in so little time and credit it’s easy to omit important/needed info hence the lying.

    that said, this series will really help me say things as they are and not exagerrate/pretend as i have so sometimes/oftentimes done.


  16. It was a great sermon and I look forward to the rest of the series. 2 things happened for me:

    1) I, who generally things I am a good and honest person realised that I am a liar, because I can be economical with the truth and while it’s never with bad intentions, it is wrong nevertheless.

    2) When Pastor Simon asked to pray for those people that have been hurt by lies, I was ready to stand up for one particular lie that changed my life through a lot of pain. In a soul searching moment, I realised that God has healed me and set me free and that lie whose scar I thought I have been carrying for 5 years, is actually a painless memory. I didn’t raise my hand, because I realised that God’s work was done on that matter -inside, my heart soared with thanksgiving and love for God.


  17. Nice piece


  18. Jackie5 Says:

    wow. i have been attending Mavuno for almost 2 months now and it is the best choice i ever made. can’t wait for part two of the series. Pastor S. i was really challenged by your story of the city council askaris, it is so real.Keep up God’s work. i also enjoyed your sermon on Tuesday at NPC on prayer. May God bless our church


  19. Thanks all for your honest postings. I look forward to what God will do.
    @Struggling Bulimic, let me encourage you to see a counselor pls. If you come up to me on sunday I could pray with you and refer you to one. I believe God has a way out for you.
    For all, let us trust God to give us wisdom as we seek to apply the sermon in the complex situations of life and work.


  20. hi Pastor S. Can you assist me with the name of the US company that has been in business for the last 15years and does not lie


  21. Pastor Simon,

    I have a younger brother who was vilified when we were young. He was a little over weight and therefore a little lazy.
    He was jockingly called all manner of names which all implied a lazy foolish person.

    His younger sister was two years two months younger and one year behind in school. When he was meant to go to class seven (CPE days) his teacher recommended that he repeats so that he can gain momentum. It therefore meant that his sister caught up in school. Both sat thier CPE together the sister went to Alliance girls high school while the boy went to a provincial school repeating classes not withstanding.
    At O Levels the girl got a division one while the boy got a poor second division but both went onto form five. At end of form six the girl got 3 principle passes two at grade A while the boy failed and had to repeat.

    Still he did not pass and joined Mombasa Polytechnic where he took 8 years to complete an ordinary diploma in engineering.

    He later on got married but impotantly became a christian when he shook off this “tongue” thing.

    Many years later he enrolled for a degree course and last month he graduated with a degree in civil engineering and management at age 49.

    His son graduated a week earlier.

    God bless



  22. I’ve really been called out these 2 sundays, especially in the little skits, i can’t even tell my 18 year old daughter those ‘i was always first in my class’ half-truths. 🙂 but, am asking God for guidance daily. Pst. S, i hope the remedy 4 this smooth and dangerous tongue is coming up soon, i can’t wait. Speaking of my daughter though, i haven’t seen her at home on a saturday for a long time because of York House, i understand you’re switching it to a lifegroup type of discussion, but I for one will miss the days when she had a safe place to be with her friends and serve in church all day, and i love that she’s different from before, she even got some of her friends to church through YH, but that just means i have to up my guard for her, and try to fill that gap that was left, ai? This rave culture, was it like this when we were young? Ha. Ha.
    Anyway, thankyou Mavuno for our transformation. God Bless.


  23. gerh allan Says:

    wwwwwaaaaaw!u guyz r duin gr8.i was touched by the sermon on dangerous tongues.`m a victim of pain is slow motion lyk trees reachin out 4 sunshine.`m the blackship in our family n nothin i du pleases no mum has turned me against ma dad wu stays away from us kos of work.i was recently saved n i joined the hud fellowship which is on sato evenin n ends at 9:30.recently i was told if i come home past 8pm i`ll go sleep wea `m from.`m just confused cause the insults i recieve from ma mum makes me contemplate nasty stuff.pleeeeeeaaaaase i need prayers.


  24. anonymous Says:

    @ Struggling Bulimic I really feel sad about your situation and only just realized how real it is from your post. I can imagine how trapped and helpless you must feel but God is always there.
    I got freed from so many bondages when i came to Mavuno…
    I was really physical with my then boyfriend but I was freed from that and am now living a life of purity and broke up with him. I thought it was impossible but with God anything is possible.
    these wars and battles we are fighting are not of the flesh but of principalities and powers. the only way we can fight back is with God’s supernatural strength.
    turn to God, pray, tell someone.
    i know it seems impossible but there is a freedom in sharing and being accountable.
    you can approach a pastor or a prayer counselor to pray with you.
    Please do not suffer alone.
    God is here waiting with open arms to take all your struggles and burdens away.
    Don’t wait any longer. DO IT NOW


  25. God's Diva Says:

    Nice Sermon Pastor S.It really made me think about all the little lies i tell whenever it is convenient for me and the repercussions it has to my relationship with God.I have been looking for another job for such a long time but haven’t been able to find one while my workmates seem to be getting work easier.I have prayed about it and was even beginning to think that God is not listening to my prayer and just ignoring me,but ur sermon brought some light to what might be blocking my prayers and that is the lies I tell ever so often.Please pray for me to quit this habit so that my airwaves with God are cleared up.Thanx


  26. This series is one that really challenges me in so many ways. i have found myself standing up for prayer on both 2 services and i feel that God is already doing so much for me in my life as a result of these teachings. I am one of those people who had serious father issues- my parents divorced when i was 3 years old and even now at 30 my relationship with my mother has been wanting. I have been subjected to plenty of emotional abuse and even at one time physical abuse from my mum and lies and alot of manipulation ever since my teenage years. at 17 i attempted suicide twice. i would rather trust a total stranger in my life than my mum- i have been hurt and disappointed so many times by her and everytime i forgive her and attempt to reach out i end up heart broken.
    last sunday as i heard the sermon i got a very strong feeling that i had to go to my mother and just forgive her for all the pain she has caused me- i had not seen her for a year and some months despite her living in this same Nairobi and when i went, i just broke down and cried so much- she didnt even know why i wept but i just wanted God to let her know that i forgive her- the words couldn’t come out of my mouth despite us spending 3 hours together just talking about general stuff. i still find it hard to even let her know where i live and i really am scared of even letting her meet the person am dating- she has a way of sabotaging such things as she did with my elder sister’s marriage. i want to forgive and i know i should but the hurt is so much that i would rather just keep off. there is so much negative energy around her despite her being born again. please pray for me because she needs to know some truths about me. i also feel that i need to tell her verbally that i really do forgive her.


  27. Noblelicious Says:

    Hi Pastor S…

    Yaani…hee!This Topic had to come at this time of the yaer?!!!!….for me,i must say am a walking lie!!A pathological liar if i can give it a name, Even after re-dedicating my life to Christ…i cant seem to be HONEST even for a sec!Everything about me is just a lie…from where i live…what i eat…all my Academic Certs are just nothing but a lie….GOSH!!The lies i’ve told have really smashed my relationships..i have hurt so many ppl…..i would lie and forgot about what i said the last time we had met…..then when we met again and had the same discussion i would give you a diff version on the same!!Many are the times when av been caught and i would STILL deny and add some more lies…am a Gossiper….i have a low self opinion,i need help….it has just been TOTAL conviction since the start of this Season….and this week i decide to meet a couple of ppl and make some confessions….it has really helped….I REALLY need some1 to pray for/with me…….Am really desperate for Forgiveness!!Lovely Sermon Tho’


  28. manze!!!……. mungu akubariki tena sana Pastor S. The two sermons have been awesome. I have been there and done it but its time for change. Praise God!!!!


  29. Hi Pastor S

    I have to admit that i do lie at times but I use the John 6:7,10 Principle ( My friends and I call it ‘wisdom’), e.g someone calls and wants to met me in the house, i probably don’t want to the person to come, will go outside the door and say am not in the house then after a while (mostly in less than a minute ) go back in, e.g. 2 am “working on something” then i can wipe the table or find something to type.etc. Now is that wisdom or am i covering the truth.


  30. hi pastor s, your sermons have been a blessing to my life. i am the type who says stupid, useless and all sorts of trush when provoked but thanks to your sermon for the month, i ve learned to bite my tongue everymomment i thought of talking dirt. i have learned not to hurt others with my mouth but to use it to bless. eventhough am saved, i ve leaned things that i used to take for granted and did without caring. i am blessed and surely like you said, may i take this opportunity to pray for Gods blessings to you and your family so that you continue blessing many others!


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