5th July Smooth tongue

12th July Dangerous lips

19th July Confessions

25th July Mouth wash


13 Responses to “THIS JULY AT MAVUNO”

  1. Wendy 1 Says:

    Gentle words bring life and health: a deceitful tougue crushes the spirit..Proverbs 15.. I look forward.


  2. Me,myself and Irene Says:

    Hmm,wonder what strange thing this ‘toungue’ is 😉 can’t wait it for the series to begin!


  3. gogetter Says:

    @ Wendy, I so feel that. I look forward to the salve that will heal this tongue of mine!


  4. thekenyannutcase Says:

    ati a title called “mouthwash”!!!definity looking forward.


  5. Me,myself and irene Says:

    Hi! I put up a post a while back,which was awaiting moderation,and now seems to have disappeared. Was it deemed offensive? Please let me know,thanks.


  6. Niko tuu hapa ground floor outside the lift!! Give me two minuites!! (three hours laiter) “Makena” lets hook up next week manze I cant make it (then I switch off my phone for 20 minuites).God help my lips to be “rough” so that I dont lie again!!


  7. I have never been a true believer but since I started coming to Mavuno 2 weeks ago I believe there is a God n he can do great things fro me. Am loving the sermons for this month coz I have been hurt for the last 9months and I have been living a lonesome isolated life after my boyfriend dumped and I shunned away from my friends but thanks to this church I have been able to make ammends with all those I had shut out of my life and my ex whom I forgave and now I feel like a new person.Thank Pastor M uv given me a whole new reason to live and put my faith in God. Thank you


  8. Hi,

    There is a time in my life that I lied 24 7 365. I had a low self esteem and I sought a tempoary high on the lies I told. I fought my conscious and I suppressed any feelings of guilt. Then one day I was busted for a complex lie that I had told and it was bad ( x100),,,, the shame and the embarassment and to make it worse, it was some one of high authority. Someone who believed in me.. do you know that shame that you cannot decsribe to anyone…… so my smooth tounge went on a trip to Timuktu and I trust God that it wont come back


  9. Church on sunday, 12 July was amazing. I have heard hurtful things in my marriage and just that morning i had told my husband that i had given up on trying and it was up to him if the marriage worked or not.

    then i came to church…. and he came with me, and he sat next to me!

    The sermon was the most amazing, i cried a river, i was so glad that someone who doesnt even know me could voice all i had wanted to say in my ten years of marriage and my husband was there to hear it. I have also said pretty bad things to my nine year old daughter and now i feel i want her to just forgive me.

    Pastor S, God reallys spoke to me through you and i believe my Family is gonna get better coz of this…. May God so continue to bless you and your family.

    By the way, congrats on the birth of your baby daughter.


  10. Smooth Tongue & Dangerous Lips wow! Thank you Pastor S for sharing this it touches to the core.

    Jemimah Thiong’o’s song UMBEA sums up quite a bit on the Tongue how Christians nowadays are using the tongue instead of a Testimony its “Uzushi” its quite educative on some of the things we say.

    I have a question on people sharing other people’s Testimony when is it right/wrong? Its normally said that when you hear what other challenges people are facing they make you realise your’s are kidogo. And you’re not the first one to go through tough times.

    Rose Muhando’s song Wanawake also shares on what Pastor S was sharing on talking down or cursing our husbands Oh he’s so weak, he’s a drunkard, he’s so shady, he’s poor, he’s……………..

    Honestly can’t wait for Mouthwash hearing these sermons have lead me to ponder through so many things, connect.

    Ecc 5:2-6 “Do not be quick with your mouth

    Ecc 7:21-22 “Do not pay attention to every word people say,or you may hear your servant cursing you – For you know in your heart that many times you yourself have cursed others


  11. Pastor S, last sunday was my first day in Mavuno. The sermon on Dangerous lips was so timely and I kept asking my chaperone if he had told you I was coming…..Now I can’t wait for Confessions and Mouth Wash. Thanks so much and congratulations to you and Sophie.


  12. whaaooh mavuno, you are a blessing from heaven, the sermons are way out of this world. when i first came o mavuno i felt it was a perfect place for free seminors….. abt my finances, r/ships and generally my walk in life. now its way different.. have just finished mizizi and am truely a different creature, the other mizizi sonku,s can bear me witness.


  13. mavuno staff in the monthly bulletin, the last sentence has not changed since may, on the top page…… todate we have it reading that ……… through the month of may.


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