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Recap from the series…

  1. Feed The Fire – No passion, no vision
  2. The Incubator – God doesn’t need my ability, He wants my availability!
  3. Walk Before You Talk – Before you initiate, investigate!
  4. Dream Casting – Every great dream needs a great team
  5. Door Openers – When personal vision aligns with greater vision, doors open!
  6. Guarding The Vision – If you’re living for God’s vision, expect opposition!
  7. Moral Authority – Never violate God’s principles to accomplish God’s vision
  8. The Power of Focus – I am doing a great work, I can’t come down!

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  1. Beatitudes Beve Says:

    I’m not sure if it was Pastor Linda who said that God gives you a vision big enough for your passion, or something to that effect. That lesson will stay with me. If you dream big God gives you a big vision, if you dream medium God gives you a medium sized vision, etc. God is good and just and He has things He’s got to do on different levels and magnitudes, so avail yourself accordingly.


  2. Hi,

    I was reading somewhere that was refering to a prayer to God and how he answered.it went like this,”God take my vices away from me” God responded; “No. the vices are not there for me to remove, they are there for you to resist them”. this makes alot of sense to me but it contradicts the part about telling God to work on me as i pray for others. i have to admit all this is rather confusing. please advice. Andrew


  3. ive really been blessed this last two months,thank you God for the way you are using your servant pastor M.my business has really improved and i owe it all to Him.am learning that its no longer about me everyday but my team.the sermon about opposition would answer you well Andrew..God cannot take away the vices becoz they are the ones that make you know that every day you have overcome what you thought you could not before. but this time its by his grace.i think its a good thing to be able to make correct decisions everyday becoz Jesus rules in your life.it makes you a better vessel for His use.otherwise how will you know that its through Him that you are able to overcome?ask God to work on you so you know that if it wasnt for God in your life..you would not be the person you are today.I dont know if this kinda answers you but sit silent and wait for Him to speak to you..works for me.


  4. @ Andrew
    some place in the bible says that God does not let temptation come your way that you are not capable of resisting.
    i guess the “work on me” part is learning to resist the temptations and praying that God will give you shoulders big enough to carry the burden. only in this does our character evolve into godliness..when you deal with a situation and conquer it, then you become a bigger person for it..shaping of ones character is hard work…

    i guess i had a lot of stuff to say that i crumpled into a couple of sentences..if it does not make sense..trust me..there were some deep lessons in there.. 🙂


  5. oh! i meant also to say….sunday was amazing..thank you pastor M,L and S


  6. Beatitudes Beve Says:

    Andrew, I don’t think God wants to torture us like that. That doesn’t sound like the God I know. In this life we’re not promised an easy road to heaven, but we are promised help, comfort, guidance, and even a refuge from the Lord.

    The Word of God does not contradict itself, its us who either need to pray for discernment/understanding or throw out a contradictory saying that’s not Biblical. Just because someone somewhere said that vices are for us to endure, doesn’t make it so.

    But I think what that prayer has right is that trials will be there. We can’t pray to God to remove trails from our life, they build character. But we can and most certainly should pray that God keeps us from temptation (indeed that is in the Lord’s Prayer) and keeps us safe from situations, people that might do us harm.

    Hope this helps Andrew!


  7. This sermon series was great and intimidating. Discovering that God did not just create me to bangaiza n do nothing….i knew that but i thot well…i could get married have a few kids live the kenyan dream and retire the kenyan way and well…well shock on me! God has a big vision for my life and it is beginning to take form. This is what i did:

    I identified a mentor,
    started reading,
    and intensive prayer…..
    Pastor M thank you….you succeeded with this sermon series! I believe i am now walking in my purpose….i wake up with psyke everymorning!


  8. gogetter Says:

    This is a kind request, could we kindly have the prayer guide uploaded so that we can share it with others?



  9. thekenyannutcase Says:

    loved the series esp the moral authority.finally got to write what I’d want to be remembered for(and not what i want to accomplish)after am dead.they sound really nice!!!i trust God will bring them to pass.

    @ mavunite

    can’t see the school of the word page, heard it (the school) mentioned during service and i wanted to post a question that came to mind jana from my bible reading


  10. for me it ignited what i have always dreamed of,being a player and having a say in shaping my nation Kenya which i love so much thru mentoring others.i now have a clear picture of where God wants me to start.Thanks Pst.M, 4 allowing God to use u.


  11. Master,Mission,Mate!..enough said.


  12. thankx for the great work you are doing for the youth, i think by DEC pastor you will need a stadium to accommadate all the mavunites. mine is how do we get to hear the past sermones…… i know of the cd,s but would love it live… do you ever repaet the serieses that you,ve already done? am a happy mavunite.


  13. Hi,
    I am not a mavunite but i visited your church on a particular sunday and i really loved the service.You guys rock. However, i need some clarification on something. This whole issue of using secular tracks and putting gospel lyrics to it, what’s the rationale behind it? Please make me understand. Thanx


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