Moral Authority


Never violate God’s principles to accomplish God’s vision

Nehemiah acted with integrity because

  1. He feared God.
  2. He cared for people.
  3. He wanted God’s favor.

When you have moral authority…

  1. People rally behind your vision.
  2. God releases heaven’s resources.
  3. You finish well.

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25 Responses to “Moral Authority”

  1. That was an awesome sermon today Pastor M. Leadership in corporate Kenya is increasingly difficult with everyday ‘let’s get practical’ situations that make compromise seem a necessary evil. And when one rationalises daily with God in this regard, it get’s easier to take the ‘practical’ road over the moral one. And eventually it becomes a ‘norm’.

    Striving for moral authority is not going to be easy but I’d love to try. I would like those who I lead to get more out of me than they may be at the moment.

    God bless you.


  2. That was the best sermon u ever preached. Especially When you told us to write down what will mess our vision and then bringing it to the alter and having u pastors pray for them. I then recalled a sermon that I will never forget Pastor Mbevi’s sermon that very few people will ever get to finish the race. But thank God i now know what will keep me away from finishing the race and these are the things that i will be praying everyday that God shields me away from. i really thank God for mavuno…..pastor please keep praying for us guys


  3. Lets get practical! Says:

    Hi good people,
    Yesterday’s sermon was soo relevant to me and i believe to us as a church coz almost on a daily basis we get confronted with issues that tempt us to ‘get practical’. Its not easy in this society to just say no when everyone else seems to be moving ahead while being ‘practical’. Anyway, one of my many practical moments is when i need to get into a matatu especially when im in a hurry or when its raining yet it is full to capacity. I end up demeaning myself n sharing the seat with the conductor which is not right.
    Currently, my practical issue has been to get into a polygamous marriage!! since it seems some/most men are doggers n just cant have one wife. But having listened to Hope FM today morning on the marriage bill, im totally convinced that a polygamous marriage is not for me. I mean there is just no end to the number of wives a man can have if he chooses to sign a polygamous marriage certificate. Plus ther’s no provision that the law will expect him to maintain the living standards of the entire family at a certain level. I was tempted by the lifestyle i could live but i think i’ll just have to get someone who will have me as the only wife. Hii mambo ya practicality at the end of the day……its just not practical!! God bless you all as you endeavour to live Godly lives.


  4. thekenyannutcase Says:

    i totally loved the writing down our potential pitfalls and putting them down at the cross.felt like getting “born again” again.also loved the crunk guy who lead us in praise!!!when i was reflecting at home after service i got a new meaning to “the joy of the lord is my strength”;having such fun during praise renews my strength for the week.


  5. Getting practical. That was a sermon of gigantious proportion and one God had prepared for me all week long. Tuesday I filled out expenditure claims over and above actual amounts for my team that was tailored to cushion them from the global economic crisis coz its practical as a team leader to look out for his team. I thought I would get the reimbursements cleared by thursday but nothing. a fellow mizizite who randomly took my number after the tuesday class and sent me a verse friday Proverbs 16:8-9 . yeah I read it over and over and asked God to deal with me. with all the money frozen i came to church broken and broke. Pastor M, after the message my heart had been broken and i repented for taking over Gods vision for my own selfish reasons. being practical. the placing at the cross all that would compromise Gods given vision waş a symbol of new beginning and surrender. am wiser to let moral authority to be the beacon and foundation for living out my God given dream. Thank God for u pastor M and ur team.


  6. That was a powerful sermon from Pastor M. we need to really get practical in all we do. Kenya needs morally upright leaders in all spheres.
    the young people of this country can make a change – yes we can.
    when i placed my burdens on the cross, i felt a sort of lift and relief.
    Go pastor, go…… God is with you. From a small and humble beginning, a whole societal influence in taking place.


  7. Overcomer Says:

    I was really challenged by the sermon on Moral Authority. It was such a startling new way to look at leadership and for some of us who were becoming jaded by some of the political and church leadership that we were being presented with it felt good to see guidelines for leadership that I can stand behind and willingly follow. I was convicted and challenged to look deeply within myself and see the things that were keeping God for using me in leadership as he would like too and laying them down at the cross was so symbolic for me. I felt broken all over again and my pride which was one of the items on the list is taking such a beating but I am counting it joy because I know with each blow I am being shaped for a life of service and leadership. I am so blessed to be part of such a vibrant and relevant church community that is truly committed to my individual needs as a person. I am in the world but standing on the shoulders of giants I am learning to overcome the world being reminded constantly of the powerful words of my Saviour ‘In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’


  8. this sunday’s sermon made me realize that am not alone in this ” lets get pratical situations”…am glad to know that i can gain moral authority even before time comes for position authority.. thanks pastor M


  9. Nehemiah's Daughter Says:

    I must say that the sermons continue to phenomenal. I love the fact that all sermons are based on the word of God. It has been truly exciting going through the book of Nehemiah… I almost feel like I never knew this book existed! (I hope we can go through another book soon!)

    My Bible’s:) introduction to the book of Nehemiah says that the most notable feature in the book is Nehemiah’s deep dependance on God and constant prayer to God.

    @ Lets get practical – I feel you. I am turning three-0 soon and there has been no man visible and I have so many times thought I am gonna put up a billboard:) but difficult as it may be I continue to trust God that I will find that tender warrior and even in my moments of weakness, I always remember what Pst. Sophie said to me once, call to God and He will help you out with your emotions because He knows you, He created you and He loves you.

    @ Case – I feel you. I am still discussing the sermon with God:) on many issues that have suddenly cropped up this week but imagine it shall be well.

    To Pst. S – I listened to your testimony for the 2nd time and I pray that God will bless your vision. Ahuu!

    To Pst. M & all the Mavuno Pastors & Staff Team – you guys are just the greatest!

    Have a blessed week everyone!

    Nehemiah’s Daughter


  10. Not Forgotten Says:

    Pastor M,

    The sermon was just great and to see Pst. S share his story and the lessons learnt is just but a beginning for me to understand God and his ways. The biggest lesson from Nehemiah is to keep seeking God’s will, to remain faithful, to trust in him and to stay focussed on his vision. I know its hard for me to remain focussed when i can get practical but as painful as it is i will strive to stay true to the teaching and what God has called me to do. When we say we need to give thanks even as things get tough, we surely do. I nearly ‘practically’ deported someone from work a couple of months ago but i remembered i am a christian and i needed to hand over the issue to God. Thats PRACTICAL.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take our burdens to the cross. That was some weight off. I cant believe i listed PRIDE as one of them. That was painful – the Lord does surely speak when you listen to him. I could not move from my seat just because i wrote that down. I said a prayer and eventually got up to lay it on the cross.

    As for morals i think what keeps us down is hanging onto our past and past experiences. We need to let go and Let God. If we trust in God then 2 Corinthians 5 :17 is the word to live by.

    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ; he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

    A new creation is clean and morally upright ! Nothing and No one will hold me back. I will get practical in God’s kingdom which calls for deliverance, sacrifice, trust, etc etc etc…….

    His promises are YES and AMEN and i will forever call unto him to save me from myself and stand up for what is right.


  11. June G. Says:

    Pastor M,

    The lessons learnt on Sunday are very personal to all of us and to me as an individual. I feel encouraged and challenged that doing the right thing is the only way if only just for the fear of God. The other two reasons for Nehemiah’s actions just follow if the first one is true because one cannot fear God without caring for people. And God will always favour those who live and act according to His will.
    Over and over again moral authority is displayed as a serious factor in determining the outcome of situations in the bible and in our world. What a precious thing to have. In fact moral authority, I think, is what God favours us with when we live and act consistently according to His will.

    It is indeed true that His ways are not our ways. That sermon was too deep.

    God bless you Pastor M and the team.


  12. Rennje' Says:

    Hi pastor M . I have a confession and an apology. In have in the past been one of the greatest critics (Sanballats) of Mavuno. I was one of the gossipers who wold pull down mavuno with my words criticizing the (what i considered then) overly gracious approach to ministry and easy manner in which ministry is done with the jeans on stage, Ladies with trousers and how everyone even drunkards are allowed to come for Bible study. I’m saved and I’ve been brought up in traditional church and yes I was a bit of a pharisee.

    Now more out of convenience than choice my girlfriend and I ( a greater critic than i) decided to visit and see this “famous” Mavuno. That was the Sunday you talked about How with a vision you should expect opposition. The sermon shared spoke very very directly to what my girlfriend was going through. Let’s just say we both left saying “wow wow wow”- God has spoken to us.

    So we decided lets try again and see if God is really in this place i mean maybe it was just a good lucky sermon that ministered to us (something we have been missing in our church. So we came on the 14th and again… God spoke to both of us. Just the previous day my girlfriend had “practically twisted the truth so as to attend a prayer meeting. Of course the sermon hit home.

    What you said about Moral authority is so true. My gf and I are both born again but we had been petting alot. And i realized that he more we did this the more she would (i think unconciousy) disrespect me when i take the lead as the man in the relationship. She would openly rebel and not care when i shared with her spiritually, or suggetsed that she stop something or not do something. I knew the petting was wrong but on Sunday i realized i was compromising my moral authority because here i am claiming to be a Christian who disobeys God, my words and life are inconsitent and yet i expet respect. Positional authority. I enjoy the petting and i intentionally lead her to that but if it will bring such disrepect, and rebellion…and pain. I will wait and God is right when he tells us to be pure.

    Yaaani we have been blessed Pastor M. May God bless all you do na sisi Tumevunwaaaaaaaaaaa!!


  13. Pastor Muriithi,

    That was a great sermon.

    Early this year I found myself under great pressure at work where a new boss had come.

    As a believer I support my supperiors and will not be involved in maligning them no matter what.
    My bosses new boss tried to discredit my boss and countless times tried to use us ( the direct reports)
    On my side I clearly indicated that I operate differently and would not sit and discuss my boss even with his boss.
    I was General manager and my boss the director. His boss bears the title of COO.
    My boss found it difficult to work with the COO and opted to resign. It appeared I could only work with the COO only if and only if I agreed to talk negative things about my (now former) boss. This was to be his “launching pad by maligning all past activities; a new begining was inevitable”

    When it became obvious I was not going to malign my former boss heat was turned to me and I would be called at very odd times, 2 a.m, 2 pm on Sunday, at 6 a.m to check whether I had arrived at work, name it.

    I worked through out 7 days a week from October until January including working the entire christmass and new year periods. Mark that I had 6 managers reporting to me who in turn had about 32 supervisors 4 of whom were senior supoervisors at managerial level and took care of the shift operations.

    Clearly I was not wanted for declining to discredit my former boss

    I prayed very hard almost every moment I had.

    One of the colleagues was asked to take on the directors position on an acting position until a replacement was found and this is where hell broke loose. The COO used this person to frustrate me. I have never seen anything like this at this sort of level in organization. It was done in broad day light and this person now sensing my leaving would mean be ing the automatic director heightened the frustration.

    Finally after a very intense prayerfull moment I decided to resign, If I did not knew I would be sacked.

    The day I resigned I felt like a ton of lead had been removed from my shoulders. I had peace that I have not felt for many years. My face lit up. I knew it was peace from God.

    God has looked after us in several ways since.

    1 I was able to commence a PhD programme something I had wanted to do for a long time. I will complete the taught courses by mid August something I would not have been able to do with a bully boss breathing on my neck

    2 We ran a little business in town and the week I resigned we had just won another contract which has now doubled our initial revenue. This added revenue has enabled us to manage our financial obligations. We might get another two more contracts one before end June and the other by August which would double our current revenue. The total would be more than my net pay while I was employed.

    The model of the business we do is such that it does not need me to be around all the time hence I can take on a full time job. Before I resigned we had 6 people which we then increased to 11 with the two new contracts and if the two contracts we are expecting go through we will increase the number of staff to 15.

    Since my scheduled classes end in August I have started sending out my CV in repsonding to Job advertisments and I strongly feel I will get another job immediatley I finish my classes.

    God has provided for us in greater proportion than I could ever have imagined.

    The person who was used to frustrate me was never made director. They got someone from outside last month.

    Your sermon strengthened my resolve and I will solder on.

    God bless you Ed


  14. Wendy 1 Says:

    Hi all,
    Two weeks ago I recieved something that I have been desiring and praying for, for quite a long time. It came as a surprise- much sooner than I expected.I have been placed in a position of responsibilty in a department where I have a passion and a desire to work in. I have been praying and asking God to reveal to me if this is one of those assignments that he has entrusted me with. In the last two months alone I have felt God preparing me through the message of purpose living.Its so amazing,- what God is doing.I was proposed by my colleagues in the department for the position and that still amazes me.God’s favour is upon me and so the favour of men is also with me.I pray that God gives me the moral authority I need to command the respect for my co- workers… Keeping doing what is right and honourable before God and he will bless the works of your hands, and expand your territories.


  15. Pastor M,
    whaaaaat!!where to begin…first the worship???was so awesome ..icame to church feeling battered and bruised- and came out rejoicing and overwhelmed by the joy and the love of Christ…niko na reason ya kuclap!!that guy should totally lead that song again its been playing in my head all week :)so to kanji and co..God bless y\’all because the worship really ministered to my heart and brought me right into the arms of my father where i found rest peace and such unspeakable joy!!!…
    and then…the many times i have been practical as a christian…and bringing those issues to the \’cross\’ on sunday was a big step for me..i now realise that i need to stay faithful to God in ALL areas of my life and have now commited together with my lifegroup to keep checking each other as we continue walking on this narrow narrow road!!God bless you Pastor M for your timely timely word..


  16. Paul Otieno Says:

    We tend to pride over positional authority but moral authority is far much superior as it is all round and God given. It is like the greatest gift in 1 Corinthians 13; a resource from God to accomplish His vision. May God by His grace enable us attain moral authority. God bless you all.


  17. Ehem! Kanji, can we imba the song on Sunday again? I was coming from some meeting & I was like which artist in Church… so I walk in and all the hands are up in the air and I’m like what is happening but when I had the lyrics for real pia mimi nilikuwa na reason ya kuclap, kusnap, kuweka mikono kwa hewa juu nimesamehewa! Totally great praise song!


  18. Hi Pastor M and all the Mavunites,

    The sermon on sunday was astounding. It was quite a challenge to realise that my focus on positional authority is so wrong. Moral Authority is the way to go. I think its a road less travelled by many and with other like minded people (read Mavunites) keeping us in check, we’ll strive to reach the finish line……

    About Practicality, enyewe I was in good company on sunday when Pastor M asked us to share our ‘practical’ moments. There is always a price to be paid as we get practical. I am still dealing with practical issues and I know that it’ll work out.

    This week I have had an opportunity to get practical (the right way..) by reconciling with someone who’d hurt me. It was a bitter pill to swallow but as we laid our burdens at the cross, we were surrendering our right to want to do things our way to Him. The whole act of putting our issues at the cross was indeed practical and spiritual.

    I did enjoy the service…the praise was awesome as we lifted our hands, snapped and waved…waaaaah..then the worship just dropped us into His loving arms..Keep up the good work Pastor M and the entire Team….May the Lord guide you….


  19. @ Edward! Thats a great testimony I am glad you stood firm in the faith. I am doing SOP and learning how to pray at the work place and based on what you have said….(I know where you are coming from) I have purposed to pray in regards to that situation as I believe many other belivers that you left behind at your former workplace may also be going through such like difficulty. God bless you!!


  20. Pastor M,
    This is my 1st time on the blog. I have been really “busy” and i was sure God was not happy with my unavailabilty. I thank God that I am now available and I am sure he will use my availability in a mighty way. Most of us certainly get practical at the work place to get ahead or to keep our jobs; for those that have choosen to take the road less travelled i.e engange in moral authority, take heart God is on our side. Edward & WN, I feel you. FearLess influencers, let us stand firm at the workplace and be counted!


  21. mavunite under construction Says:

    Hi Pastor M

    first of all, i think you’re plan is working. Ever since i started attending mavuno, i have never been SO UNCOMFORTABLE in my life. its both exciting, scary etc etc.. i could go on and on with the adjectives, but thats a story for another day.
    i was thinking about moral authority, and wondering, what happens to the man/woman who has made a “saul” kind of turn around in their lives. what should they do to gain the moral authority that was tarnished prior to the change?


  22. Hi people!
    This is my first time on the blog & I’m quite embarrassed to say so as I’ve been a Mavunite for almost a year now…. Yes, shame on me!
    And for a greater reason than that. Reading comments made by others has really uplifted me: the great things God is doing with & for His people is awesomest! I’ve been in a low/dry season for quite some time and getting on the blog has just done it for me today; being reminded of God’s Word & His promises for me, being admonished by them, and also that I am not alone in this great journey…Wow! Thank you Pst. M (& the team that made it possible) for having this blog, it’s definitely a great blessing. I shall definitely make a point of visiting every week from now henceforth 🙂
    Have a blessed & Spirit-filled week! God bless ~


  23. WN and Presson,

    Thank you for your encouragement.
    Just to give you an update.
    I put this info on the blog and the following day my cell phone rang.

    I have been shortlisted in one of the applications I have made. The interview date is 1st July Wednesaday.

    I am sure this is Gods hand



  24. This may seem like a joke but on Monday as I was preparing for the interview for 1st July I saw a missed call and when I called back it turned out to be the second application I had made and they too wanted me to attend an interview on 1st July. I indicated that I would be available on Thursday 2 July.
    I went for both interviews and now waiting to hear the outcome. This is trully Gods hand, nothing less. Edd


  25. Maureen Says:

    Its my first time to visit your site and last Sunday 5th july was my second time at Mavuno church and the two times ive been there i have enjoyed your service and left the church better than i came feeling encouraged with a sense of direction.
    Thank you and God Bless


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