2000 Comments @ Mavuno Blog!!

What a phenomenal growth: within just 10 months after we started this blog we have grown to 2,000 comments!

Yesterday, 4th June 2009 at 3:51pm Andrew Itote submitted comment #2000 on this blog. Congratulations Andrew,  get your FREE CD at the Info Desk after church. 

Thank you all for your contributions towards this blog – keep them coming!


5 Responses to “2000 Comments @ Mavuno Blog!!”

  1. I suppose there is no free CD for comment number 2001! lol!


  2. mavunite Says:

    Eh, good try 2001. How about we try for 3000! Just kidding. Have a great weekend!


  3. Dan Toro Says:

    ..now you tell us!! How about the 100,000 person to enter the Dome?


  4. Church was great! Thanks Pastor M. Where is Pastor Amani? Missed his leading the service!


  5. Superstar* Says:

    Yaani,I’m on another level! God has this crazy sense of humour that keeps me yearning for more of His goodness! I got saved three months ago after coming to Mavuno for three weeks…and since then I have been experiencing a whole new feeling – like Chit Chat would call it “So sweet Buzzin’ Juu Kaboo” – I wake up every morning with this crazy anticipation knowing that God is about to shock me..and tru enough,each day has been a new experience…
    Before Mavuno(and even by the time I was attending for the first time – March 1st) I was SEVERELY DEPRESSED…I had forgotten how it was to be happy, had lost all hope in everything…then I walked into the dome and hear Pst. M saying “GOd is calling you – you who has been suffering an illness for the longest time ever and you don’t even know what the cause is. God’s not necessarily asking you to give your life to Him at this point in time,He’d just like you to know that He’s here for you”…THAT right there did it for me,and since then I have been coming to Mavuno KNOWING that God is going to speak to me,and HE HAS!!!
    March was great,April was even better – then in May – VISION!!That was amazing!!After the first Sunday sermon, I decided to go home and dare God…so I went on my knees and prayed..”Lord,give me a vision that is worth living for and worth dying for”…and sure enough,Monday morning,God came through…I was soooo freaked out that I went back on my knees to ask God what He had just done to my life, and I felt Him say “You can do this,remember Jeremiah 29:11”..and with that I’m now running with a dream that is to big to be considered a human-made dream…God has also been doing great things in my life that people can’t even believe that I actually get up smiling every morning and go to sleep with an even bigger smile on my face…I thank God for putting me in the right place at the right time..I believe that that is a true anointing:)


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