Aaron Rimbui “Alfajiri” Album Launch

rimbuiFeatured guest artists Eric Wainaina, Kanjii Mbugua and Atemi.
Date – Friday 5th of June 2009
Venue – The Mavuno Dome (Belle-Vue Drive Inn)
Time – Doors open at 7.30pm
Charges – Advance – Ksh 1,000 (Nu Metro Media Stores, Kijiji Records, Mavuno Church) Gate – Ksh 1,200

Aaron Krucial Rimbui has embraced one of the most innovative and enduring musical styles the world over. He has embraced the sound that is Jazz.

In 2005, he released his first album Keys of Life -an exceptional jazz album with elements of world music and a tinge of benga-fusion. Having incorporated noted vocalists Eric Wainaina and Mercy Myra, this album went on to become one of the standout albums of the year.

The year is 2009 and the stage is set for the release of Aaron Rimbui’s sophomore album aptly titled “Alfajiri”. Executive produced by Joseph Hellon for “The People Music Group” this recording testifies to Aaron’s growing stature on the playing and composing fronts.

This one night, jazz night affair will take place on Friday 5th June 7:30pm at the Mavuno Dome featuring musical greats such as Kanjii Mbugua, Eric Wainaina and Atemi Oyungu. The concert starts at 8pm.

An evening of pure music that you cant afford to miss!


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  1. Hi!
    Got to hear Aroro on KTN live this morning and he is in Zuqka!!
    We have tried to get tickets since wednesday!! The areas mentioned have not received the tickets by yesterday. What can you do for us who have tried in vain to pay for advance tickets? We called the numbers on the flier and were asked to leave our names? How will this help us? Do we ask at the gate or what?!!!


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