Door Openers


When personal vision aligns with greater vision, doors open!

Greater Vision…

1.Focuses my vision

2. Expands my horizons

3. Clears my path

4. Enables me to accomplish much more

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21 Responses to “Door Openers”

  1. Beatitudes Beve Says:

    Hey Guys,

    First of all, really enjoyed the worship today and last week, good job Kanji and Worship team!

    Second, Pastor M, I think today was the day I finally got it. Been listening to the serious and feeling a bit Left Behind and paralysis of analysis. Today I got the message: Its not that hard if you 1) follow in the footsteps of people who are great and 2) Keep whatever you do GOD CENTERED. I love how Nehemiah did both simultaneously.

    I’ve been waiting for this earth shattering revelation but my revelation came in the form of such simple truths. My “whoa” moment was the example of clearing a path AS you walk it, and I just had a vision of myself with a panga (btw, I have never used a panga in my life!) trying to hack some huge branches in a path out of a jungle. Then your next point of following a path that has already been cleared instead, was fantastic, cause I again envisioned the same jungle with a well worn path. I GOT IT!!! I’ve been struggling by myself with visions and ideas and there’s a whole network out there that I can collab with.

    Find great people and study them and stick close to them. And of course God reminded me that the greatest person we can emulate is Christ. That’s when the alignment comes in: if I align my personal vision with God’s vision the doors will open.

    Thanks Mavuno for changing my life and worldview!


    p.s. I signed the wall!


  2. it was soo good to be in the house today-such a priviledge. just wondered whether we’re all cut out(destined) for greatness. isn’ t it written that there will be nobles of Tekoa, etc as in the sermon…some are vessels of honor.. can you change your destiny or are some appointed to be Judas or ananias-even Adam and all we can do is ask God to be merciful as we start doing all the right things and aligning our vision…or am i completely wrong?


  3. twentytwos Says:

    Once again a great sermon, pastor M. it was once again an undressing of the things in life that make us not move forward. The delegation of the rebuilding of Jericho’s walls was a big lesson for me as a businessman. I am so used to doing everything by myself instead of getting people with different motivations to carry out certain tasks. Vital lessons indeed.
    Most importantly ‘when personal vision aligns with greater vision, doors open’.


  4. Wendy 1 Says:

    The story of how Nehemiah rounded up a great team to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem is amazing.It was properly planned and executed and everyone even women and childeren were involved. This makes me think alot about our life groups. Life in the city today is so action packed.If it’s not job targets, its school and then there is the home, kids etc.There never seems to be enough time time to get anything done.Its a challenge to me as well-how can we turn around all this , so that what we do can be alligned with a much greater vision than ourselves and our families?It seems like such a great challenge.
    I would love to hear from the life groups that have made it- syncronised their personal visions and supported each other for a much greater vision. It would be nice to share in this blog how you made it.


  5. Paul Otieno Says:

    Very real, inspiring and uplifting. I felt literaly aligned. Keep up the good work and to God be the Glory.


  6. When we begun the “DARE TO DREAM” series, I decided to read a few chapters in Nehemiah just sort of get a head start and I skipped chapter 3, The Builders of the Wall, thinking to myself “IRRELEVANT stuff!”

    The sermon truly blessed me and I can’t wait for the CDs!

    Give me responsibility and I will run, ask me to criticize and I will do a stunning job.

    I have been fighting a lot with this leadership thing and the leaders around me but I now realize that in each one of us there is a leader and we have a great part to play in lifting other leaders.

    The phrase “when personal vision aligns itself to greater vision doors open” really makes a whole lot of sense and I am ready to be transformed from a Noble of Tekoa to the leader God wants me to be!

    Blessings to you Pst. M and the entire Mavuno Church!


  7. gogetter Says:



  8. The sermon this sunday felt like my lightbulb..and when kanji shared his story the light got brighter…our personal visions are limited by our own humanity..but aligning it to Gods we are able to see through his eyes beyond more than we could ever ask or imagine..i also think if we begin to network as the body of Christ ,(lifegroups) standing on the shoulders of our own giant pastor m we will see our visions come to pass!.. Im so inspired!God bless..


  9. The whole mnth has js bn a series of revelations for me, altho i must confess, i almost gave up, i was just like ‘God every1 has a vision or at least an idea except me’ but going through mizizi also, has opened up my eyes to an extent, its kinda transforming the information into something more applicable, so at least this sunday, i wasn’t breezing by…Nehemiah is so shockingly relevant!
    Cud sm1 please let me know if there’s a lifegroup in the Eastland area, i have a Mavunite friend who lives in Donholm who would like to join one. Thanx


  10. This series has been absolutely life changing — it made me feel very tired of doing routine things like go to work and go home, go to work and go home…..its time to do something BIG while I am alive!! like Nehemiah did. He left the comfort of an aide-de-camp’s job to rebuild a broken wall among his desolate community. Our communities are in shambles while many of us enjoy the comfort of the king’s table. God is calling us out to become fearless influencers and do something that will change someone else’s life. I love the challenge I am receiving Sunday after Sunday to live a better life. God bless Mavuno, and hey count on me to do something!


  11. i have a confession to make:i hope somebody will understand and help me out. when I was in high school I was a true gods servant. i was in a catholic school, i was in need of a true relationship with god.when i got it, i gave my life to jesus till todate.i then promised to serve him for lyfe.i started a small group of prayer that was meeting on fridays and god made ways out for 2004 (in form3) i had funny dreams which i dint understand the meaning. i would dream of god sending me to the young people – my friends, i would dream of prophets like hosea giving me the same message from god. all the dreams ended with the words- i am the lord your god(3 tymes).this kept on coming to me.when i opened the bible, the words that came were aligning with the dreams like, gods word is like a sharp….or a roaring lion…i talked to my friends but no one was there to lead me. i could even dream and get revelations about some students. this made my friends and the whole school avoid me for fear that i could be knowing their secret lyfes.

    i dint lyke this at all. i was sponsered and feared that if the headmistress new what i was doing, i would loose my sponsorship. this went on for the whole year and in 2005 did something bad. i prayed for god to take away the dreams. i gave so many excuses-young, exams, my lyfe. i even told god that people would think that i am crazy.

    god did the same but he took everything – my prayers,gifts -that i could not worship anymore as i used to. to cut the long story down, i came to mavuno in 2007 after having passed through so many problems(including an uncurable disease,a complete change of my lyfe that has made me cling on my god since doctors sayed its impossible but god says it is) that brought me back to god. i have been hearing this story of vision, purpose,gods plan,will that have blessed. i was clearly shown my purpose. he still shows me but what i do not know is how to start all this big task of serving god. though god has given me a friend with the same calling, i still cant figure out the hows and when. i have been thro’ incubation and am still in but its really chocking and hot. unless i do what he wants me to do-i cant sleep.

    hope you will digest the long story of my lyf.


  12. yenyewe that worship was at another level.


  13. Beatitudes Beve Says:

    Dear AK,

    Sounds like you have the gift of prophecy. I would HIGHLY recommend reading Cindy Jacobs book “Voice of God”. There are many similar stories in it about people having this spiritual gift at a young age and being ostracized because it was not understood.

    Remember God is the author and the finisher of your faith. If you seek Him with ALL of your heart, you will find Him.


  14. thekenyannutcase Says:

    @ AK

    it’s great that you too are being blessed by the one happy kenyan coz of mavuno.

    here is a thought on one of your concerns of God taking away His gifts from you.

    James 1:7 says that every good and perfect gift is from above.then there is this other verse that i can’t remember where it is but it says the gifts of God are without repentance(as in once He gives you he doesn’t change his mind and take it back) and this other one that jesus said he will never leave us nor forsake us.

    as believers we are to stir/fan/ the gift(s) of God in us for us to operate in them.will pray for you.


  15. Blessed Says:

    Loved the sermon and was challenged when Pastor M said that our children’s vision needs to align with the greater family vision. Do you have a family vision? I know at least my family doesn’t. The questions then beg; How do we deliver this nation if we do not have family visions? How do we make the world a better place to live in if we cannot even have family visions?

    I’m off on a strategic planning trip for my family’s vision. We all need one!


  16. Glory be to God for Mavuno. This was the Greatest worship tyme i hav had over yrs. The sermon was so so real.


  17. Kenyan Nutcase its Romans 11:29 for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. At AK u sound like Jeremiah. God is raising up many young prophets of a fatherless generation to bring people back to him as He prepares them for the great rapture that will definitely happen in our generation. Remember to walk in obedience to Him coz not everyone that prophecies in his name will c His kingdom only those that do his will. With such callings u also need to ask God to protect u from spiritual pride which if not carefully you can easily fall into.


  18. thanx all,
    i praise god for the week it was at a scale of 5.
    wah! cant wait for sunday. lets pray that god will use pastor m. and that god will show himself strong to his people.


  19. Hey guys,

    I hate it when the service ends. It’s not because I have to wait a whole week to come back again, but because I get challenged whenever I have to face our food mountain that right now really looks like a food ant hill. My guilt makes me take the longest route out of the compound, clearly avoiding our ant hill. I’m guilty of being one of those who persistently forget to bring something on Sunday to boost the food mountain. I’ve also been meaning to challenge my life group to contribute to the food mountain…. but again, I’m plagued with forgetfulness. I guess I need a goal with timelines. As a proud member of Team Mavuno, I’d love to support Neema and her family because I believe in their vision. Right now I’ve not locked into my vision and purpose and I feel like I cant just sit here waiting for revelation. Before God so graciously reveals and confirms His Vision and His Purpose for me, I want to get involved in supporting the visions of others so that I can learn and see how God works. I’m also doing this knowing that in the not so distant future, my dream may require the support of others, including the church. So, c’mon guys, lets make this ant hill a mountain. This is a challenge to all individuals and life groups out there. Let’s bring in our contributions the Sunday after next – 14th June 2009 – and see this mountain grow!

    Let me know if we could do this.

    As a starting point, I’d like to pledge one bale of Unga.

    Anyone else joining me?



  20. Wanja i feel u on that. I have been meaning to bring something but i just keep on forgetting. Im just putting a reminder on my phone right now!! I also believe in their vision and i will bring something.


  21. Soo wish i cld be in church with you guys but i cant,the blog is my church.. Please keep the comments cming n be blessd as you do so…


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