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1. The Problem

2. The Solution

3. The Motivation

Newsflash: Here is a summary of the sermon:


This Week’s Dream Tips…

1. It’s God’s dream – God desires you to find it. As long as we’re fully committed to living for Him and desiring His dream for us, He is committed to giving it to us! (Jer.29:13 you will seek me and find me if you seek me with all your heart’)

2. God is not just looking for servants but is raising sons and daughters – You are just as important, if not more important than the vision God made you for. God is patiently shaping you into a son or daughter that knows Him and reflects His DNA. Part of my incubation is learning to think as God does about my family, my workplace etc.

3. Our assignments prepare us for our Assignment. Finding our life Mission is a learning process that takes time. But don’t sit back and wait until the time when everything is clear to act. Engage in the assignments He has brought your way e.g. raising our kids well, bringing reconciliation to our family, changing a workplace that’s a toxic place to work or bringing people together in a neighborhood where people don’t care about their environment. You can begin to apply what we’re learning in the assignments He has allocated to you.

READ 2:17-20

Finally, a day comes when the vision must leave the incubator and be shared with others. This is because if it’s a God-dream, it’s too big for you alone. Even though God will always reveal the vision to one person, it will eventually need to be shared with others, if it is to be accomplished at all. Every great dream needs a great team.

Focus on the team, not on the dream. If you build the right team, the dream will almost take care of itself!’ John Maxwell

3 things that must be a part of your God-given vision before you take it public.

1.    The Problem

Face it: we’re in a bad way here. Jerusalem is a wreck; its gates are burned up’.

Every effective vision begins with defining a problem that needs to be solved.

2.    The Solution

Come – let’s rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and not live with this disgrace any longer’.

Every vision is a solution to a problem. Effective solutions come out of the incubator.

3.    The Motivation

‘I told them how God was supporting me and how the king was backing me up’.

One of the most powerful motivators that makes people want to be part of something is when they are convinced God is in it.

‘They said, “We’re with you. Let’s get started”. They rolled up their sleeves, ready for the good work.’

People are looking for something to give their lives to. Something that challenges them. Something that is worth living for and even worth dying for. Next week we talk about the power of vision to shape people’s lives. And the responsibility that leaves with us who are entrusted with the vision.


29 Responses to “Dream Casting”

  1. Pastor Muriithi,
    I came to Mavuno Today for the first time, I live across the road in South B but a member of NPC Valley Road. I call that sermon my Rhema word since I am setting up a business capacity building centre for SMEs and would have missed a good guide for me and my entire team.I am tired of Christian business people being swallowed in the filth of business malpractices. We need to live the our purpose and live it to the optimum.

    THe vision casting strategy for Christians is a simple blue print as you stipulated but hard to follow as many fall off. We need to walk the talk and serve a mighty God. Please let me knowif I can get the sermons for the month in DVDs. I Need the entire series. THank you for inspiring the people of God.


  2. @kimathi the cds r usually available u juz need 2get them n gt aflow
    long live n more wisdom 2pstr m


  3. Wendy 1 Says:

    Something that really drew my attention yesterday during the sermon is that even in our situations today- at the work place, at the home front, in our businesses.., we have been given assignments that we need to accomplish and in the process fulfill Gods mandate for us .I stood up for prayers because many times I have not carried out the assignments that God has given me and often times am part of the problem not the solution.I dont qualify yet for the big assignment because I have not been faithful in the small ones.My prayer is that God will give me a change of heart, a servant heart and a receptive spirit to the ways of God.I say yes to you God.I now not how to go about it or where to begin, I bear not the courage nor the strength, am not competent enough for the task but yes is all I can say..Lead me God.My life, I place in your hands.


  4. Pastor M Says:

    @L thanks for clarifying. We do sermon CD’s for all series and are building capacity for DVD production. @ Kimathi and Wendy, glad to hear your practical applications to the message. God bless and have a great week!


  5. how to communicate the dream was an eye opener.
    the problem needs to be something people can identify with.
    i have certain assignments to fulfil before i can engage the ultimate assignment.
    i need a great team for the great dream.
    all these to me were the highlights of last sundays sermon.

    God bless you pastor m.


  6. Hi.

    This was my first Sunday at Mavuno.
    Sunday 24th, 2009 sermon was great. It was great for the following reasons,
    1. It was simple and clear. That is not to mean it was not complex. The points were easy to follow: Identify- the Problem, The solution, The motivation.

    2. Each one of us has God ordained purpose in life. No one is here by accident. We are all ambassadors for the Kingdom of God.

    3. All of us can influence others wherever God has placed us.

    Think about what such thinking can do if all Kenyans were to begin to think like this.

    We need to hear these kinds of messages over and over again. I look forward to getting the whole series. How much does the whole series cost?

    Please keep preaching such messages even if it will take six months for one message! I personally need to hear this over and over again. After all repetition is the mother of learning.

    The only way we are going to change people is by educating them.

    I think my wife and I have finally found what we have been looking for! A church that is preparing people to transform Kenya, Africa and the world.

    Peterson Kamau.


  7. twentytwos Says:

    Sometimes i feel like arranging for a session with you Pastor M, where you could talk me through the whole series, instead of waiting for the coming Sunday! its like watching the 24 series one episode per week!

    God is working in my life and i know now that God has a plan for me that is bigger than what I could imagine. Thank you Pastor M for guiding me through this stage of my life.


  8. gogetter Says:



  9. I continue to marvel at what God is doing through the Mavuno pastoral team. Be blessed abundantly for obeying God’s call to serve … may you never tire of doing good.


  10. Wendy 1 Says:

    Go get them, go getter!Love your spirit.


  11. Hi Pastor M
    Yenyewe God has seroius plans for you.I give God all the praise for Mavuno.I was in one of those “poor me “states.Cotton pilot projects,jars of clay,even an award was given,AND THERE I WAS wondering eeeh … does God ignore me.Then you spoke of the small assisgments within the big assignment, and things started to fall into place…my immediate environment and roles God has given me are my assignments.If God can trust me with much smaller things then He can trust me with bigger things.So now i am taking baby steps.


  12. By the way Passy what happened to sermon notes?
    I don’t see them on the blog lately.


  13. michael Says:

    i loved your preaching on Sunday.it will keep me coming back!pastor grace,keep the spirit


  14. Squeaky Says:

    Hey people’s, I love what God is doing in Mavuno and for all through all that have been obedient to the call of the times from God to stand in the gap and be counted as believers. now, m mom to a 2year-old and as such, i never quite get the sermon, i get the gist of it in the Lifegroup which is become my primary church, otherwise, i have to wait for the DVD series at the end of the month for the “full impact” which for some reason run out before i can get hold of them, and they are not posted on the net till….well, much later. am sad tht i cant grow with the church but instead follow the mass and when they are excited about the next new thing, am where they have been. is there any way we can access the sermon after the service so we can process along with the rest?? please find a way because parenting a 2 yr-old is one thing you give yourself to and walk with your baby. please help 😦 thank you because i know you will try. thank you thank you


  15. just as i am Says:

    hmmmh..yaani Sunday was deep 4 me…the whole series i kept wondering so whats my purpose…..it was like mumble jumble 4 me…Pr. M you got me when you talked about our assignments as we wait for the assignment…it never occured to me that God actually uses me in my assignments…in my workplace i happen to be a team leader and for the love of me i never understood why God would place all these single mothers 2gether with me..this single unttached chic who in my opinion is clueless….lol! yet this week and over and over these beautiful ladies and their children tell me how i have impacted their lives…i was, and still i am battling, with my walk with God and what is my purpose and role in his kingdom….i came to church ready to throw the towel in and just live….you have put a spring in my step and i am continuing in this journey…it all starts with me and my Jerusalem…..


  16. Dan Toro Says:

    …sorry to interrupt the flow of the comments, but could someone please post the sermon notes for this and the last sermon. Was not in church. Thanks


  17. In transition Says:

    It is great to walk into Mavuno after a while and find this May series.

    For many years I lived and accomplished my own dreams, God has really blessed and moulded my life from the major disasters I have endured, including some of the worst wars on this continent.

    Its becoming clear that God wants to give me his own dream, I am dreamless now, and the one dream God showed me last two years, has consumed me so greatly and turned every aspect of my life upside down.

    Yes I dared and dreamt and to some extend my life is a mess ” in a good way”. Yes, Pr M said it, the process, i still hear it before I go to bed, not my ability which I have focused on last years but my availability. Small assignments, yes I see them and often I want to run away, these things appear minor but heavy, some of mine are evils of the past I have ignored for long, unattended dirty laundry in my memory clogging my thinking, to quote emenim I have to ” clean up my closet”. So much has to do with the way I took spiritual life into my own hands and fight every day with my own strength, yes I accomplished a lot, but at the same time i paid heavily for using my own strength, my health included.

    Yes its me you are talking to when i sit there in and out of Mavuno and hear, “not your ability but availability,” I have been busy being nice to people, (not that its a a bad thing,) doing business, school, but I got too busy talking nice words and forgot to sit still and know that he is God. He is with me even in my own world, as everything I touched turned into gold. Indeed I count my blessings….

    Yes I should hold on to communicate my vision, I heard you Mr. M. I must hold on, and I must build my team, yes I heard you God used you in so many ways to speak to me, us many of us, I look around during sermon and I can many of us shrinking in the chair, something you say are challenging.

    I have to be silent now, and allow the Holly one to wake me up and sit still, pray read the Bible, speak less and first be sorted emotionally spiritually for tomorrow. Yes my tomorrow will exist, and my vision the dream will support many and touch lives…I know it…

    Mavuno family, I am one of your own, a strange child in transition, I can see the direction, its going to cost me, my calling does not look like it has just nice things happening, but as I dream and look at my past, I am convicted that this is the way to go, God is with me, oh yes he is, he knows me, oh yes he does, and I know him too, oh yes I am learning how to know him more….Joy, Peace and love is my company, in due time….Amazing company I have…

    Yes i can hear you Pr. M, process, availability, assignments, communicating, keep it coming, I, no WE are listening….God bless you and your team as you lead leaders…Blessings are spoken to your family as well…

    Keep at it poster, keep listening to him we need to hear what he has to say through you….

    In tranision,


  18. Gideon's Torch Peep Says:

    Yeah peeped again today and there were more men waah! I bless God for this ministry!!


  19. Sermon Notes Says:

    I thank God for pastor M and how much of a blessing he has been to me. I didnt attend church last sunday and really want the sermon notes. Please hook me up


  20. annointed!!!! Says:

    two great things have happened in my life this month! the first is Pastor M’s starting this sermon series…….the second was someone getting a word for my life that’s was to be found in Nehemiah 1&2…..

    throughout this series God has spoken directly to me about my purpose and why am where I am today!
    I have been told before that where I am now is where God wants me to be and I have had some victories that were indicative of that. But this sermon sealed the deal for me, everything kinda feel into place. I left the service with such a sense of peace. (it was good to know am not wasting time trying to be good at what I am doing currently)…

    I know am in the incubation phase and am glad that I can horn my skills by allowing myself to fully participate in my current assignment as preparation for the next!

    God Bless you Pastor M.


  21. I am still recovering from the cotton pilot project – Wonderful!!! and just keep feeling like this is it…. God works in marvelous ways. I would like to get in touch with Wamaitha. I want to help where I can. Anyone?


  22. mavunite Says:

    @ h, Squeaky, Dan, and Sermon Notes ( 🙂 )our current policy is to post summary notes on the blog (not a full manuscript of the sermon). However, sermon CD’s are available at the end of each service (you don’t have to wait till the end of the month). Just order at the info desk and they should be able to get you a copy within a few minutes. Will put up the summary notes for last Sunday asap.

    For the ‘Mavunites in diaspora’, please bear with us 🙂 We put up the full sermon series once its complete. So please check for updates on each series after the end of the month.


  23. Well, the ongoing series has been of great help to me. While in college i was involved in various mission activities and it seemed clear about where God was leading me. (As i engaged in the assignments at hand then). After I begun working my engagement in service reduced significantly and this led to Years of walking in a grey area and urgency over what God exactly wanted me to engage in.

    It was profound to realize that the dream for my life after all is God’s and He is more interested in it than I am. I have changed my perspective and chose to hang on in the incubator seeking God and not the dream.

    I have also chose to pursue an engagement on Somalia. As we prayed as a church during the post election violence the Lord impressed on me to pray for Somalia (a dream that i have not done much about). After the Sermon on dream casting I gathered took a step and re-shared the dream with a couple of friends and together we have committed to be praying for Somalia every Tuesday evening for an hour. A mission initiatives body has offered us their office in town for our prayer meetings beginning Tuesday 2nd June.

    Yes, peace in Somalia may seem impossible (relying on human efforts) but our sole intention is to seek and enforce God’s will in the land through prayer and any other avenue that God will impress on us.

    Pastor M, We are blest as a congregation to have you as our Senior Pastor. I have no choice (and i guess many more Mavunites dont) other than to become a fearless influencer of society

    S. K


  24. Am so far but i hear you guys..am so alone n so far frm mavuno..almost surfed porn then remembered this website..bloggers r my lifegrp…nway God bless you mavuno rather continue to..


  25. I was so blessed today it was amazing. As we sang the fundi wa mbao song, it was strange how it was ministering to me. I am at that place where God is planing me…i haeve asked him to remove all the bad part


  26. bad parts and help me improve the good. Im currently doing mizizi and it is changing me. I am a work in progress and i am loving it. Today, i stood up as i knew that my personal vision was not aligned with a greater vision. That i was comfortable with God changing me but was not ready to do my part in bringing God’s change to others. I am so challenged and as i align myself with Mavuno church and God’s vision i will not only realise my purpose, but i will be a fearless influencer in society.


  27. what purpose or vision is there for one who has just found out that they are pregnant???and not married…


  28. thekenyannutcase Says:

    @ cece

    i totally fill you.that FUNDI wa mbao song was just beyonds!!!!!reeaally enjoyed it.talk of burdens being lifted when the praises go up.


  29. TM,
    Jeremiah 29:11-13 shows you that God cares irrespective of what we’ve done or gone through.
    God cares for you just as you are, He is full of grace and mercy and He shall fulfill His purposes in your life as long as you let Him. As He does so you shall find your vision/purpose and fulfill it.
    Please see any of the prayer counselors at the prayer tent, they’ll pray with you and hopefully get you someone to walk with you. See either Moses if you come for 1st service or David if you come for 2nd service.
    It is well.

    God bless


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