Traffic Diversion on Sunday

Due to the ‘Sotokoto Safari Marathon’ this Sunday 24th May several roads are blocked from 6am to 1pm. Mainly Langata Road and Mombasa Road are affected. We expect confirmation that both roads will be passable at least as single lanes.

To help you find your way to Mavuno this Sunday, this are the diversions:

Road: Langata Road towards Bomas of Kenya (Between Langata Road Roundabout to KWS Entrance)

Traffic Diversion: 

  • Vehicles into the City from Ongata Rongai will be devided at the Junction of Langata Road / Magadi Road. Enter the City via Karen.
  • Vehicles into the City from Karen will be devided to enter the City via Ngong Road.
  • Vehicles into the City from South C, Nairobi West will be diverted to Dunga Road via South C Fly Over
  • Vehicles intending to proceed to Ongata Rongai, Karen, Ngong will use Ngong Road.

Road: Mombasa Road towards City Centre (between the junction of Mombasa Road/link road up to Mombasa Road / Lusaka / Langata Road Roundabout)

Traffic Diversion:

  • Vehicles into the City will be diverted at Uchumi turn off and proceed to the City through wrong side (from the turn off to Lusaka Mombasa Road/Langata Road will be turned into a single carriageway.
  • Vehicles intending to join Mombasa Road to the City will be diverted via South C Fly Over, enter the City through Dunga Road

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