Walk Before You Talk

2009_05n_200Before you initiate: INVESTIGATE

  1. We earn the right to speak
  2. We get God’s strategy
  3. We understand the scope of the vision

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48 Responses to “Walk Before You Talk”

  1. Blessed Says:

    Pastor M, the sermon was awesome! I have been sitting on the comfort of ma job, all i do is earn a salary. N today i realised thats not the life i wanna live. I want more. I thought the more i wanted was to get married, n start a family. But today i got convicted that the more is to be a fearless influencer. N thats all i’ll pray n think bout this week.

    Pls prat 4 me as i embark on this. My biggest stumbling block has been my desire to get married and start a family. I kept thinking God has ignored me n i was annoyed at Him. But i wanna change, that. I wanna direct that passion to something else. I know this will not be easy as everyday reminders of how single i am come my way in the form of married friends. But i BELIEVE!


  2. Blessed Says:

    N the vission on the cotton that was shared today touched such a deep code! I pray that this will not only come to be, but will be big! I loved the patience, the investigation n really jus how that whole thing has come through. Only a God like ours, would have done it! I praise him for it!


  3. Pastor Muriithi,

    One thing you said about todays sermon that I found noteworthy especially for the younger people is patience.
    1 Patience allows one to think through thier vision
    2 Patience arranges the bridges one needs to connect the various themes, bringing in the right people that are tried and tested.
    3 Patience is Godly; Remember the creation story. God would have elected to create the world within one “bang” and all would have been.But he choose to do it step wise taking a ” day” ( season) at a time.

    Our younsters want to fulfill thier visions with one bang and be CEO s before they are fourty. They want to do things that are high tech. Yet the things that have turned the world are very ordinary things;

    1 The blue jeans was some rough material that could withstand heavy
    beating from manual work.
    2 Archimedes discovered the law of gravitation while in a bath tub
    3 Newton discovered the law of gravity while resting under a tree when
    one fruit fell down and hit his head.

    My final comment

    You spoke about copy cats, how correct. Kenyans like the easy way out that is why we have so many matatus and kiosks all offering the same goods and services. With a bit of ingenuity we can come up with differentiated products and services.
    My hope is that with the very many institutions of higher leraning that have sprung up enabling many people to enroll we will realize the revolution that India has.

    Regards Edward


  4. Kindly please post sermon notes, thanks!


  5. I think ths month iv jst realizd that many die b4 fulfiling thea vision frm God!yaani tht instant biznes i totaly fil u on it pastor M.2wait on God n 2align n gv my self 2hm completely is the most dificult thng 2do!bt i finaly andastand why sam thngs havent hapend in my lyf.my time has nt kam mavuno.bt am being incubated n the greatest part of ths is tht am aware n i kno ilb the best there is 4 His glory..am curently workin on being availabl so the rest wil fal in place at His time.thank u pastor M n i pray 4u 2hav more wisdom as u guide the church!


  6. just a kairetu Says:

    or those that like me are going through this painful incubation phase and who like me are still spiritually young and belong to this generation of instant gratification,instant noodles,instant everything,folks we need to realize God’s timing is exactly that-God’s not ours,as he says in Lamentations 3:25:the Lord is good to everyone who trusts Him,so it’s best for us to wait in patience,to wait for Him, and it’s best to learn this patience in our youth.It may be one pf the few verses I knw off head but trust me it works during this incubation phase where more doors seem to be closed than are opening for me right now but strangely this incubation phase has brought me the closest av eva been to God in an unselfish way so I’m good with going through these growing pains of realizing my purpose!!now i need to work on this same outlook when in traffic or getting these letters of regret,am only human,so one day at a time:-):-)But I am easy being a volunteer towards my purpose WITHOUT THE PAYCHECK,and Pastor M ur soooo painfully right,I am slowly realizing that my purpose doesn’t come wrapped up as a pretty package,it’s hard work and needs thick skin!


  7. Ian Mbugua Says:

    Came to Mavuno today for the first time (I worship at St. Andrew’s). Found it……….erm…….different. Loved the sermon – very inspiring. Got ME thinking about my visions (yes, I have many!!)
    I’m truly glad to see that there is a church where the youth can feel at home in terms of worship, music, dance, dressing etc. HOWEVER, I am concerned about the sound levels for 2 reasons. I am a singer and always believe that the voice is the greatest instrument ever! It should be accompanied by other instruments. This means the voice is the primary and the instruments secondary. I couldn’t hear the beautiful voices above the instruments! 2. Everything was a tad too loud. Please consider what you are doing to the hearing of all those in the dome – especially those near the speakers. The music DOES NOT have to be that loud to be enjoyed. Think about it.
    God bless you immensely!


  8. Wendy 1 Says:

    The story of Wamaitha gave me peace.I have been under some pressure of sorts these last 3 weeks since we began the series. Been thinking about how much I have not lived God’s vision for my life and a sense of urgency to begin overcame me. I now understand that I can prayerfully wait as I sift through the many ideas floating in my head.With time- God’s timing the vision will get clearer and when am ready to go I will go.


  9. Special Says:

    I cant believe it took me this long to grasp God’s vision for mavuno…’to change ordinary people to FEARLESS,INFLUENCERS of society’…its happenin people..it truly is happening..as i watched Wamaitha up thea give her story,i caught but a glimpse of what it would b like,if we obeyed&remained faithful to God,in our r/ships,@WORK,with our visions…i cant even put it into words..all i knw is am nt goin to seat back and watch God use others change this country,change Africa,infact, change the World!bt am goin to hold on to Him,walk with Him,incubate for as long as it takes…..watch this space..Mavunites,join me.


  10. Jana’s sermon was lots of food for thought … If only I had an idea of what my calling/purpose is …


  11. for the first time I walked out of the dome with a glimmer of hope since this series started. I was asking God how comes He puts dreams in us then at 25years or there about He decides no that is not my purpose for you is and you have to abandon the life long dream. when that lady was sharing how she is following her purpose and still working and her would be dream Job, i realised that I should not stop dreaming of my dream job but I should not hold on to it as my purpose. I used to think that your purpose should be sole no other thing on the side. I know there is hope for me I am not confused anymore I just know I will know my God given purpose at time goes on,..I just hope if He had planned to make me wait for it for 25 years like Abraham, that He started counting the years when I was born so am about to find or get my ‘Isaac’.
    thanks pastor M and that lady for sharing



  12. @ Blesed: I really feel you!! For so long av been telling God I need a spouse so that we embark on a ‘vision together’. Now I am changing my prayer…..to may I be found fulfilling my purpose! I really got very uncomfy in the sermon esp just listening to Wamaitha and how her ‘panty vision’ is going to change an entire industry in Kenya and even Africa?? walalalala am sure in her wildest imaginations she didnt think it would come to this…surely No eye has seen, No ear has heard, No mind can know what God has in store for those who love him!! I am officially Challenged!!!!


  13. i pray for the spirit of discernment of most if not every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’s instruments. Human… I am. Pastor M. …wa! Lakini my frailty lies here…’Investigate before you initiate’. The word of God is by no doubt the most powerful and accurate source of strength and direction and prayer in itself provides a vital connection with the Father.
    How to tell when …patiently investigate i have, analysis paralysis i fear.
    …desperate and eager for a vision and purpose i am (God’s custom will for me),the right sentiments for a desperately searching soul ignite a fire from within that’s not truly a calling for me.. ‘drowning man clutching at straw syndrome’.
    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…we shrug off most things that are not pleasing to us by this, but God’s opinion is law and binding. I trust this and seek this and hope through the series as He has used you Pator M. I’ll be enlightened.


  14. Yesterday’s summon was s such a blessing.investigation is one thing we never do which makes us do the right thing at the right time and which costs us a lot of time.
    The question we should be asking ourselves is whether the ladder we are climbing is leaning against the right wall. Patience is what we lack,as u said Pastor,we are an instant generation,instant coffee,instant hot shower,theres also instant chapatis in the supermarkets!
    Thank you so much pastor.God Bless U and the rest of the leadership as you feed as with more of his word.


  15. I was totally impressed by Wamaitha’s story. Enyewe it just goes to show how God can totally hook u up with the people who will help u achieve ur purpose. From panties to actually producing cotton!!! Kweli God has big plans for us. When we’re on the incubation stage we dont have a good idea of the bigger picture but when God in His timing which is in seasons reveals it, its just BEAUTIFUL!
    May God give us the patience as we investigate our visions.


  16. Pastor m, i dont know how you do it but you always get a way through me.. jana i learnt that am the kind that starts projects and leave them half way all because i want to be where the rest of the “big” pple are forgeting that they passed through all them stages in order to be where they are.. i have this ‘why not me” syndrome and i think its time to let it go and let God use me the way He wants and with His pace and everything else will fall in place i belive.. am currently doing mizizi and i cant understand how God has aligned this months’ sermon and the fact that am in mizizi i tend to think that He needs me to know my purpose so that i can be all that he wants me to be/ to be all that he created me to be.. thanks alot and God bless and increase you pastor M.


  17. Hi guys, my incubation story is like a movie. long before i joined mavuno i quit my job and started hustling like everyone else. you know the Kenyan “even me i can do that” they all flopped. slowly i started doing something different that not many people were doing and i like it so i followed that line. Then i joined mavuno did mizizi and during the retreat my word from God was that i will do the business i was already doing i was like ala how did God know? daah(to me) it was God’s plan all along. anyway i hit the road running to change the world. in other words i “i left God kwa mataa” not knowing i had been placed in the incubator. SHOCK, few months later i had this huge debt know i was in unfamiliar territory in all my life i’ve never had a debt. So i went back to God to ask if really this was it. and God gave me a verse that a father has to discipline his children if he loves them. I used to go to the tent for prayers almost every Sunday Then one day God gave a word from book of Numbers that he was not Human that he should lie. So all this time i was wondering why things were not working yet i was doing everything right and God had my back.

    But when wamaitha spoke i realized that had i been a success immediately it would have been all about me and how good i was, and not about God and his plan beyond the business. I realize the Business is a job and the job is not my purpose, what i will do after the success of my business is my purpose, and that is why I’m in the incubator.

    The whole of this process has really humbled me, to the extent that even as my business is picking up i know its God who is behind it, guiding me im know discovering things i had overlooked or did not take time to study. Its all about him, Im praying for the time when God says I am now ready to go out and fulfill his purpose through me.


  18. Dear Mavuno Team

    Kinldy post the sermon notes on the blog. Having been in the creche it was difficult to follow as the little ones occuped my time.

    Blessed Week!


  19. @ Special… I am so with you!! As Wamaitha was sharing I had goosebumps just thinking of the fearless influencing that is about to go down through God’s people! and like you, I will not sit back and watch God use others! I will Trust in God with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding and make myself available because I finally understand that is is not my abilities that he wants to work with! I am sharing in your dream Pastor M, that one day coming soon I will look around me at fellow mavunites who are doing great things in this country, continent and world all because we made ourselves available to be used by him! Kweli God is good and most worthy of praise!!


  20. @ Ian Mbugua…many thanks for sharing and indeed, each first timer at Mavuno always finds the order of service kinda em…..different. I am not an expect here but i tend to think the reason why the music is catchy/almost club like is because Mavuno fishes for it’s fearless influencers in such settings, club like and more often than not, many of the visitors are not born again. So picture this, you attend a Live at the Village gig at Carnivore, you possibly get an invite to follow the group to Mavuno church on Sunday for a continuation of that experience. Imagine your disappointment if you arrived and were welcomed by a well blended praise and worship session. Mavuno is different on purpose but still preaches and advocates the same doctrine gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. I am one of those fearless influencers who were changed by the loud music as opposed to the organised praise and worship that was in my former church.


  21. I have been a member at Mavuno for about 4 years now, but I had never quite plugged in untill I did Mizizi then it all became clear.

    Yesterdays surmon was one of the most powerful sermons ever!!! The fact that Gods vision for my life is unique blew me away. The testimony was …. I lack words to explain it. Finally I get it! Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness is what I intend to do for the rest of my life.

    I remember during Happily ever after, someone asked on the blog that since Pastor Murithi had mentioned all the wrong places for looking for a Husband (This was from a single lady) which was the right place? During service Pastor M answered and said you will find him as you pursure your purpose. Like I said now I get it!


  22. I have been a member at Mavuno for about 4 years now, but I had never quite plugged in untill I did Mizizi then it all became clear.

    Yesterdays surmon was one of the most powerful sermons ever!!! The fact that Gods vision for my life is unique blew me away. The testimony was …. I lack words to explain it. Finally I get it! Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness is what I intend to do for the rest of my life.

    I remember during Happily ever after, someone asked on the blog that since Pastor Murithi had mentioned all the wrong places for looking for a Husband (This was from a single lady) which was the right place? During service Pastor M answered and said you will find him as you pursure your purpose. Like I said now I get it!


  23. Lost season:4eva! Says:

    Last sunday’s sermon was inspiring, as every sunday is. This week however it’s not soo much what was preached as what God was reminding me. After an on and off relationship with Abba, I finally came to receive God for good earlier this year(loooooooooong storo!). One of the things He’s been telling me is that my destiny comes after this current season ‘m in and it’s been a long one. However during the service when you made the distinction between chronos and chiros I clicked. I felt hom say, ‘stop making it hard for me to get you through this season’! So, cheers for the word it not only reminded me what season I’m in but to submit full so he may take me through it.


  24. lillian Says:

    Yes I totally agree with you about servant leadership. There is a quote that goes something like those that would be great among you must first learn to serve.

    I agree especially with you about Caroline Outa. She gave me a lift to town when I was half drenched by the rain as I left the Man Unmasked. She didnt even know me yet she turned around diverted from her destination and drove me till town. I once read a story about how the world on seeing how Christians behave decides not to follow Christ . In the words of Mahtma Gandhi ie “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” I am glad to say this is not true of Carol Outa.


  25. twentytwo Says:

    Brilliant message Pastor M! I knew i would enjoy this series. For the past 2 years I have been searching for my purpose and strengthening my relationship with God. Mizizi laid a foundation for my walk with God and it is after this course that I reluctantly abandoned my 5, 10 and 20 year plan and prayed that God will lay down a plan for my life. and during school of prayer Pastor S had a word for me – ” Seek God first and all shall be given unto you” and that I did.
    During the series pastor M asked us to find our passions of which i did a week later and have began to pray and put some action into aligning with my passion, and the words this Sunday just affirmed all I have learnt in my walk with God. I am confident that i am on the right track and slowly but surely i will achieve what God has planned for me. I have learnt to be patient and listen to God and i know His plan is great. Wamaitha’s story was very inspiring and a reminder that God’s plan for us is great!
    I am praying for you pastor M for God to give you wisdom and insight, i cant thank you enough for shedding light on our purposes, vision and God’s plan for us. God bless you.


  26. hey guys can you imagine that this is my very first time to blog since i discovered computer tech all those years ago??yanyewe av learnt alot from mavuno and this is just one of the things that am doing new.
    you know pastor M, i attended another sermon for about a month as well on vision last year at icc and it totally changed my life.theres so much that can be said on this topic and i think you may have to do it for longer. longer.
    i would like to clarify on some points i learnt and ask that if you deem it important you share it with the congregation as you go along.
    1. about all visions being based on the seven pillars of life;education,religion and christianity, entertainment and art,business and finance……etc.
    2. Also theres one thing that av always believed and would like you to clarify for me,does a vision only have to be based on things that break your heart or make you angry or can it also be derived from things that make you happy and you have a passion towards eg entertainment and art.
    3. many people do not know the difference between vision and plans and last year when i sat thru the sermons i came to the realization that all i called vision and how i viewed myself as a visionary person was totally wrong…all i had were plans.

    since then i have consciously been waiting on God to reveal to me my vision as i would like to die having fulfillled all i was put here to do.I am heartbroken by how many youth live just day to day with nothing they are living for or working towards.it is such a waste of youth and it cant be stressed enuff how important vision in youth is.please pray for me that God will show me vividly what i should live for and like wamaitha give me a new reason and purpose to live.

    By the way, Wamaitha inspired me alot and just prooved to me once more how the Lord works in mysterious ways and after i invstigate i would like to initiate contact with her because there is a way i believe i can work with her agriculturally in the cotton industry.she was in a way an answer to my prayers and God really wanted me there that sunday.
    I think she should call her book….”The deeper meaning of the falling panty”

    my job will not allow me to be in church next sunday so incase of any feedback please feel free to use my email add.
    Thanx and God bless!!!


  27. I have signed up for Mizizi and I pray God will reveal His purpose for my life in His time … Mavuno leadership, you are all doing such an awesome job I must say one more time. Be ye blessed mightily.


  28. Eish Bana,

    I think Pastor M has fun making us think about stuff! I think he goes back and chekas at us, because somehow he knows he has changed a blown out bulb, or has wakishad a msumaa (ama ni candle) in our heads or something.

    This incubation business is crazy, and the reason we dont do it is because ‘we know!’ Ata mi najua so una ni show nini? Walala!

    I know my calling is ito serve in governance and policy making bodies here in kenya, and am huku running looking for “STRATH” (and strath is not a diss but a general language for higher education) MBAs and sijui what! When I should be seeing those things that God wants sorted and getting involved in changing them. MAEN!

    Ati am waiting to be appointed PS sijui in what coz of my papers, when i can so sort things out from undercover. Enyewe that was deep, Investigate. And CSI My Purpose can be tough if there is bila patience so i know i just got to keep at it.

    Pastor M, you keep laughing, and challenge us more!

    Cant wait for sunday!


  29. Gogetter Says:



  30. I thought I had my purpose but now am lost..completely…sometime I think God created me to have an example of not-to-be-like…jeez! am scared of attending the other sermons that are remaining i feel like wounds are being uncovered without a remedy….aaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!


  31. Tumaini Says:

    Pastor M, you did it again. This month has been one of pure refinement and alignment for me. I’m being fixed by the word of God properly and i’m enjoying it. I can finally see why none of my projects got further than my brains and my strategies. They all needed God’s blessings they all needed to fit into his purpose for my life. I cant believe how much energy and time we waste chasing for the elusive dream just because we missed on ingredient ie. God’s will in our lives. I am sitting so still and searching after God’s own heart that he knows i’m around and i’ve checked in. My mouth is totally shut and he’s missing someone in heaven giving him idea after idea. I believe he’s sitting right there with a smile on his face saying finally my child has got it. Finally its made sense – i tried helping the world and healing the world for myself not for God and i have to stop dead on my tracks now and ask him which way. Wamaitha – you’re a God send. From Panties to the Ministry of Agriculture to the Cotton Belt. You are blessed to be a blessing. I now know what it means when we’re told its bigger than us. And look what he did with you and your job. You were trained for free, equipped for free and you just had to sow a small seed for the bigger picture to unfold. And then you’re given a board of people you trust honor and believe in. Isnt he a mighty God. I have heard the gospel through Pastor M and i’m now asking where was i all my life, I believe the almighty will restore the years that the locust had stolen away from me. I am so quiet in the presence of God in humility and submission will i serve from this day forth. Lets keep the faith and lets keep dreaming and listening to the Lord.


  32. Walalala! This sermon series is just phenomenal.

    As I was listening to Wamaitha, I was like “Aii! This story better have a meaningful ending!” and meaningful it was indeed! I now understand the meaning of fanning the flame and being available to be used of God. God vision is greater than our sometimes self-centered myopic vision. In deed, God’s vision can only be done God’s way.

    To all Mavunites, plug into ministry! What God will begin doing in your lives will take you to a Nehemiah level!

    Blessings y’all!


  33. hey..i really enjoyed last sunday’s sermon,but was mostly inmpressed with the testimony shared by the guest u had over(im sorry can’t quite recall her name-but the story was about ‘panties’..)
    im a young lady who’s still trying to figure out what career to venture into and i have been searching for a a mentor to guide me..umm so was wondering if the miss(the guest) is available to be my mentor…and how can i reach her??


  34. Well, to me, our Vision is just a ‘preview’ of what God wants to engage us on/in. He gives us stuff – like they say, ‘in manigeable pieces’, once we get to internalize the Vision, he gives the Mission!

    This whole sermon just reset me. Am now rebooting. I guess now its with knowledge. My political ambitions, business Ideas, the same cotton idea, all were my projects. But now, a Program has been put in me. I have to look at stuff holistically – not Think and Run, but Think, Investigate, Document, Involve others, Execute.

    Pastor M, you are amazing. Do you ever get scared at how God uses you? God has a way of using you – nicely! Am sure you must be laughing out there after bursting us with the ‘Truth’ message during the Gideon’s Torch this morning. That was so offguard. God bless you!


  35. As I listen to Pastor M preach every Sunday the more I see I have a purpose in this world. My vision is to do evangelism and one day touch many people who think salvation aint important…but the problem is i know my vision but am not ready to live it am so afraid to venture in that world all because I feel I have been a christian for the longest time but I feel like I do not have like this powerful”holy spirit'(hope you get what I mean) and as the days go by am loosing my focus and feeling like am not even saved anymore….I have had many dreams whereby God has shown himself clear to me that I need to be doing ministry but am still stuck..

    Hopefully by the end of this series i will have aligned my self with God and anyway I have already started Mizizi so I do not see why not……….


  36. Gideon's Torch Peep Says:

    Ok I have a confession……………,I dropped my fiance for Gideon’s torch in the morning and just stayed in the car. We were in quite early so I could see all the guys who were coming in for prayer, I just begun to weep and praise God on my seat at the site of men coming to seek their Father! It was the first time my fiance was coming in and as per his words this was excellent!! (BTW is it true that what goes down in Gideon’s Torch stays in Gideon’s Torch). I have no words to express thanks for this ministry.

    On the sermon series, am silenced by the humility of surrender. Just letting go of all the silent hopes and dreams and letting God supply the blue print. I am like many, tonnes of ideas but all for selfish gain. I tell you as I seek the Dreamgiver, am walking before I talk


  37. *sigh* sermon notes please…


  38. As I listened to Sunday’s sermon I realized that God has been preparing me and I just need to relax, learn and learn some more. I think I’ve been trying to figure out ” the vision” by myself but it dawned on me I just have to take the small steps and God will give clarity about the big picture. Its amazing how “the panties” thing has turned out to be something that will change the destiny of many people’s lives and even influence the nation. Many times we sit back and watch the Chinese or the guys from the West do exploits in our land with our own resources…and yet “creation is waiting for the sons of God (in Kenya) to manifest! This was a great wake up call. Thank you Wamaitha for sharing…I went home and got my 1999 journal out after listening to you. Now, I’ve began investigating and researching.
    Pastor M, I’ve listened to you preach about purpose the 4 years I’ve been at Mavuno but this time its different….very different.


  39. I’m finding myself at a loss for words
    And the funny thing is it’s okay
    The last thing I need is to be heard
    But to hear what You would say

    Word of God speak
    Would You pour down like rain
    Washing my eyes to see
    Your majesty
    To be still and know
    That You’re in this place
    Please let me stay and rest
    In Your holiness
    Word of God speak

    I’m finding myself in the midst of You
    Beyond the music, beyond the noise
    All that I need is to be with You
    And in the quiet hear Your voice


  40. James 4: 10

    Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

    When you bow down before the Lord and admit your dependence on Him, He will lift you up and give you honor.

    God is looking for humility and dependence. We must humble ourselves before God. We must place our confidence in Him. Then He will lift you up and make your life significant.

    Before you initiate: INVESTIGATE


  41. Kindly post the week’s sermon notes


  42. I thank God for Pastor M and for bringing this message home. that we were all created for something bigger than ourselves and all we have to do is seek first the kingdom have a relationship with the Father and everything will fall into place. meanwhile what i am doing just as Wamaitha said is serving the Lord as i can in the church and i believe my season will come when i will be a fearless influencer of society. may God bless you mightily.


  43. @JM - Oxford's Sermon Notes Says:

    @JM, Hope this can help! These were my sermon notes:-) Oxford



    Pst. M asked God for a vision big enough to live for and big enough to die for

    So what happens…
    – When I don’t know my vision?
    – When I knew my vision but blundered in carrying it out?
    – When I fill so fulfilled by life that I fill I require no vision?
    – Ask God for a holy discomfort to reveal why He has placed you where you are.

    What do you do when you have a glimpse of your vision?

    – We are an instant generation – we have a great sense of urgency to do stuff
    – God’s sense of time is different from ours. He is a God of “kairos” / a God of season

    Scripture reading

    Nehemiah Inspects Jerusalem’s Walls, Nehemiah 2: 11 – 20
    – Nehemiah went to Jerusalem to examine the ruins
    – For 3 days he did nothing; probably just acclimatize to the place
    – He set out at night with a few men; he did not go alone
    – He did not speak of his vision as yet; vs. 12 / 16
    – He begun the inspection
    – And when he understood what God wanted him to do, he called upon men to rebuild the wall; vs 17
    – And they were those who mocked and ridiculed him but Nehemiah knew that God was in it and would give them success

    Before you initiate: INVESTIGATE (Benefits of investigation)

    1. We earn the right to speak – For 30 years Jesus served!
    2. We get God’s strategy – David took Goliath with 5 smooth stones (not by might or power!)
    3. We understand the scope of the vision – Don’t shout on the roof tops for people are rarely as enthusiastic as you are / The minute people criticize you, you will wilt, be discouraged if you don’t have all the facts

    Wamaitha’s testimony

    – God’s vision is bigger than we can imagine
    – However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. – 1 Corinthians 2: 9 (verse shared last sermon)

    Pastor’s encouragement:

    – Engage in Mavuno – Mizizi & Life Groups
    – Engage in Ministry
    – Begin to become a person of influence in the place God has put you i.e. office, home, communities, etc


  44. I begged to be pardon for this but i hope not to do this to myself again.
    Here comes my confession:
    I normally sit at the edge of the dome by default as i am a bit shy to walk past crowds. So today,i happened to sit right at the middle and this was because i was on time. The heat was very very bad and i slept all through. I noticed a few of my sleepy partners struggling. Can we adopt the AC technology? Am sure together we could sort this problem.


  45. THANK YOU OXFORD!!! Those of us on the creche dont get to hear the whole message and truly float during lifegroup meetings…

    Asante sana!


  46. mavunite Says:

    @DK, thanks. You’re right; it was unusually hot yesterday. We are working hard to solve the temp issue. As a first step, you might have noticed the new extractor fans at the top of the dome. I suspect it would have been hotter without them. We’re working this week to see if we can speed up the fans and are exploring whatever other options that may be available (AC a little hard to do because it’s not an enclosed space). Please email us on info@mavunochurch.org if you have further suggestions on this.


  47. F.K CHERUIYOT Says:

    This month the sermon has been a real touch on my life , i have come to disover that whatever ,experiences we have shapes our vision . i ve been struglin to understand what exactly does God wan me to impact.am an urban born and my native language has been a problem due to my upbringing , i came to realize its effects after the PEV(post klection violence ) ,the worst part my parents settled in Kuresoi , a hot spot in violence , i had a coviction to start a peace initiative in the area before the PEV which i did. at the eruption i was confused, my ID and My looks and what a m conversant were diffrent .

    In my own village i used to tremble because the warriors, would get me and ask me the secreat language code which i didnt understand .
    i saw very young boys of 13-14 years going to kill when i asked they say “we only killed three today” i hated my identity, my christianity and my humanity. since then i took the peace initiative which i got resistance to from all sides , i was even called a traitor. which gave me even more morale ,2years down the line, their is peace but no gurantee for it not to recur.
    Since then my life upto date my life is revolving on peace issues despite my attempt to move to other things , last week i meet someone from Usaid, who was doing an assesment on PEV,he told me the situation is wariying and what am Doing in Molo is not for Molo but for the Country as if Molo is stable its environ will be stable .
    i managed to get contracted to train peace Volunterrs by the UN which has never been my dream but i think this time God wanted me to investigate and intenalize for the past one year
    I ve been srugling to share my vision for peace , because i wonder is it really the timeto let it out , how will people take it , i does not bother them , this was my incubation period. to which i ve learnt and gone through alot which has made a diference in me .

    i miseed the last sermon but i believe God will , help me to live the dream and impact the society , i also pray that God will bring up people who join us in the pursuit of peace and fight against tribalism in this nation .


  48. FK,

    thats a great vision that god implanted in you. sincerely somebody needs to fix the problem. it is great that god gave u time for your incubation. it doesnt matter what people say about your vision if its gods vision then its a great vision if people are for it or not. in the last sermon, pastor m said that if you want to go higher, stand on giant’s shoulders. pray that god will give u giants around you to support u. dont walk with discouragers but people with great vision. pray that your vision will align with gods vision for you cauz; when your personal vision align with greater vision, doors open. hence, you will have ways and doors. as pastor m says gods vision is so big, you may not be the one to accomplish or see the fruits, but those behind you. may god bless you as you seek him.

    thanks to pastor m.


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