This Thursday – ‘Live at the Village’


The May edition of Live at the Village deploys you to investigate the worlds of Special Agents Kanjii and Aaron “Krucial” Rimbui.

Surveillance reports just in, confirm that the Special Agents are fortified with state of the art tools and exceptional street smarts and are headed towards Carnivore’s Simba Saloon.

On Thursday 7th May at 8pm, you will be involved in modern-day musical espionage -10 songs, 10 performers (identity withheld) for one night only.

Tickets are only 400 bob. All other information is highly confidential.

WARNING: Ensure that you and your friends get to Carnivore’s Simba Saloon on Thursday 7th May at 8pm in one piece!!

Live at the Village is brought to you by Resolution Health, Incas, Kijiji Records, Mavuno Church, Impress Repro and The Carnivore.


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