Groove Awards – Vote for Mavuno Artists

Click here to vote online. 

Or vote by sending sms to 6776 with the following codes:

For Kanjii

  1. Male Artist of the Year – 1E
  2. Best Live Music Performer of the Year – 7B
  3. Song of the Year – 10B
  4. Album of the Year – 12B
  5. Video of the Year – 15C
  6. Songwriter of the Year – 17E

For Rigga

  1. Male Artist of the Year – 1F
  2. Hip Hope Song of the Year – 11F
  3. Album of the Year – 12E
  4. Video of the Year – 15F
  5. Songwriter of the Year – 17B

Other Mavuno Artists nominated:

  1. Milele for Diaspora Artist of the Year – 23F
  2. Astar for Collabo of the Year – 16B
  3. Astar for Hip Hop song of the Year – 11C
  4. Michelle for Hip Hop song of the Year – 11D
  5. Aroro for Best Live Music Performer of the Year – 7A

One code per sms – but you can vote as many times as you like. Voting ends this Friday 1st May. Every sms counts.


2 Responses to “Groove Awards – Vote for Mavuno Artists”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Congratulations to KANJII but where were u during th awardz show!!! n to all other mavunites who might hv won..(i dint watch th whole show) u represent us well!!


  2. Manjano Says:

    I was great to see the groove awards taking place and Gods glory being shown as it did. As a lover of mavuno church, i seem to wonder if at all thats all that we have to offer though. in fact i believe that a whole lot of talent exists deep within the congregation, only waiting for a surge, an opportunity and environment to be nurtured. What can Mavuno do to unleash these people. the bible speaks of the story of the talents and commands us to use them to Gods glory. I’d like to hear a talent show coming up soon or a festival……
    mavuno… let do this


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