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23 Responses to “THIS MAY @ MAVUNO”

  1. Naman Koech Says:

    Thanks for bringing such a theme ‘Dare to Dream’ . I can’t wait to learn more on this subject.From the short time have been with you, i see God working miracles through His servants.Bravo Pastors,long life Mavuno you have really changed my life.


  2. Thanks for todays sermon.
    For a while, i have been observing several great men in your congregation.
    One of them is a man called George the Caretaker and Alex his fellow man. I was shocked recently that they had to walk home from Church after arranging Chairs in preparation for Sunday service at 2PM!!!!!! NO TAXI NO NOTHING.

    Perhaps as we cry for justice here in Kenya, could the Church begin by looking at its own subordinate Staff??????

    When they work up to 14 hours a day, are they paid overtime, are provided for office tea like the others???
    How about Sundays when other ministry members are given tea, are they part of it?

    How about this other gentleman called AZIZ.
    I hear he stopped college coz of lack of fees. Can there be any help from the Church????


  3. mavunite Says:

    Hi Pete, thanks for raising such a great concern and keeping it real! When we have late events, we make a point of providing an overtime allowance to our caretakers for their trouble. Often they have a choice if to use the allowance for transport or otherwise! Another clarification; on Sundays, pastoral team members are not given tea; that’s usually for the classes we hold!

    We’re following up on the particular event you mentioned as it’s possible there was a lapse. Not sure who Aziz is but following up too.

    And by the way, at Mavuno, ‘the church’ means you and me! Would be great when you see something not working that you’d take it up personally and follow it up with one of our pastors 🙂


  4. Joshua Azikiwe Says:

    Hey Pete,

    Azik here. If by any chance you meant (AZIK) but typed in AZIZ, kindly be informed that I graduated from Pan Africa Christian University in 2004 and am OK.

    As for the caretaker, the Church is ours and please if something is not working out TAKE CHARGE….

    Asante and God bless You.

    Joshua AZikiwe


  5. Hey all
    I look forward to “Dare to dream”.Sounds very exciting!

    Pastor Linda, you already set the mood with a powerful finish.
    I was trully blessed and deeply challenged to think of the many ways I can take charge and exercise dominion starting with my family, my work and the society..

    Worship team. praise and worship was fantastic!There is something new exciting and interractive about worship these last few weeks and am trully blessed.You cut across all divides and thats great!
    Keep it up!


  6. I look forward to the series “Dare to Dream.” am relocating back to Kenya after studies abroad and hope to get tips on how to execute God’s vision for my life. Can’t wait!!


  7. Visionary Says:

    I was absolutely wowed by the teaser for the coming series. It is amazing the talent at Mavuno. It is such a shame that all that work goes into something that is only viewed for a few minutes in church on Sunday. I suggest that you set up a youtube page for the series teasers and provide the clips on the website so that they can be seen or recommended to those who weren’t in church to see it. I definitely would want to share that one. I was wowed several times over. I love our committment to excellence. Let’s keep up the amazing work.


  8. Redeemed Child Says:

    I am also lookin 4ward to the series. totally relevant in this day an age of pple who by virtue of a stifling society fear to dream.
    @Visionary, i love ur idea to youtube the teasers. Mayb u can approach the creative/media team, assist wit this. as we all learn to take charge of wat needs to be done. i’m sure they’d appreciate it.


  9. @ Visionary, remember what Pastor Linda said Sunday TAKE CHARGE! Is this something that you can do? Well get started then!


  10. Visionary Says:

    If I had the know how I would. But even then I could still try but there is one glaring thing missing here, I would need access to the controls of this website and of course the clips. I’m sure though that in posting my message someone who is in position to do this will be able to TAKE CHARGE and get it done. I like the gogetting attitude though. The sermon definitely inspired me to do what I can. Posting my message was the result of that. Instead of sitting and thinking it would be great if… I decided to do something about it the best way I knew how.


  11. Fearless Says:

    Visionary thats a smart idea. I think u should take it up n hook up wit th media team of mavuno. May God continue to sharpen ur wits n give u th grace to actually make it happen. Were blessed to have u in our midst.


  12. Looking forward to the May sermon series. Mavuno has been a real blessing. I’ve been trying to reaquaint myself with God, but for some reason, things keep happening that make me question what He’s really about. I find it difficult to dream anymore due to the many disappointments I’ve had in my life. Hopefully this series will help me dream again!


  13. gogetter Says:

    @ WIP I hope you were in church jana that was simply powerful. And I would recommend that you sign up for Mizizi, you will be amazed at what will happen. Baraka tele!


  14. Dutchess Says:

    Am looking forward to the rest of the sermon this month.I was among the people who don’t know what the Lord has called me for but know my passion is writing and animal right issues.So my question is how do you know what your calling is?


  15. Gogetter Says:

    @Dutchess, guess that is why we are doing the series?If you stood for the prayer, then just know that Pastor M prayed a dangerous prayer, the Dreamgiver will give you a dream!


  16. i would like to serve in mavuno, am almost two months old now and i dont want to just be a kawaida person who just comes for the service then off i go.. how do i go about it or what do i need to do??? please help?


  17. gogetter Says:

    Hy Shiks,
    Maybe the place to start would be to sign up for Mizizi, it definately the best place to begin the call to service at Mavuno! all the best


  18. Blessing Says:

    Mine is a very simple question. Does your purpose in life have to be something prominent that everyone can see or can it also be something behind the curtains or to say ‘behind the scene’? After all even the big influencers have a team of people behind them doing their work with passion so that the big guys can be at the top? or is thinking this way selling yourself short or being afraid to dream?


  19. Gogetter Says:

    @ Blessing I think it can be both


  20. Wahome Says:

    Well well well!!
    Thank you Lord for this momentus(Used for lack of a bigger word)
    Timely word for me and all the young guys who have been desiring to just have their character as you desire.
    I have been through alot as a young jama who wanted to just know who, wart, where, when, how am I to do this well:
    It is not rocket science ama some crooked theory like that of Charlce Dawin “Do I/we look like apes” Psh!!
    The answer has always been just they….
    Tell him like The bro to Esau “Israel” I am Not to leave here without your Blessing .
    I dare you & u& also u
    It is working !


  21. Thanks pastor M for your today summon. When you start talking about waiting for GODS TIME I was like you r talking direct to me. I been married for 15 year after that i became childless i was divorced. I used to ask GOD SOME silly question about my life. Why this? Why Me? GOD NOW IAM FOURTY YEARS OLD whats up. Surely Pastor M. May GOD BLESS U. I am the kind of person whom GOD has used in special way. I have used my problem to give hope to so many people who just stare at me when they realize what i went through. Today you make my day when you say that WE R being prepared for great things in our life. Pastor M. i already have a vision and Iam telling my GOD THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. I used to feel lonely but GOD HAS BEEN ON MY SIDE ALWAYS. You r doing a great job pastor m. Thank is why JESUS SAID “PEACE IS WHAT I LEAVE UNTO YOU” Without hope you cannot have peace. Keep it up .


  22. tracy mwas Says:

    Hey Pastor M.
    Your sermon was timely for what I am going through at the moment. Prayer for me before school of prayer was always one way to ask God for the desires of my heart. But after I am excited more than before about meeting with God. However I never take the time to pray for the mission God put me on earth. I think it because God has decided to take me on a detour and on the way I stopped praying for where He is taking me. I hope I have not stopped believing or am satisfied with what I am doing now. Thanks for reminding me to pray and wait on the Lord-that although the vision lingers it will certainly come to pass.


  23. KEYJAHS Says:

    just a quick one! mavuno should a have a RADIO STATION(hope u noticed the capital letters) we (as mavuno) can reach more & more peeps with this tool.Anyway kudos for the good shepherding


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