God’s Description of Eden

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  1. Im in charge Says:

    He he he he!! todays message was great to say th least. Ive been feeling wh@ Pst Linda was saying about taking charge for a while now. I know th change that Kenyans r craving for may not necessarily cam frm our politicians but wil st@ with me! I hv in many situations not taken charge by breaking th law e.g. by being th 4th prsn in a matatu seat, keeping quiet whn th matatu driver is overlapping or extorting money frm us then later on pointing a finger to our leaders ati thy need to act up! shame on me!! coz thy r jst a reflection of me more or less. Im now taking charge n i wont jst sit n do nothing,i hv to act up n start living lke a fearless influencer.
    Ive been thnkng about ths idea for a while now. Can we hv some fly t-shirts or wrist bands that identify us as fearless mavunites. I wil personaly adorn one of these. I want th world to see how things r suppsd to be done! I want to become th change that i want to see. n when we meet out there in th offices, roads, matatus…..we can look at each other remembering th oath we took on sunday that we r taking charge of this nation bcoz it desperately needs us.
    BTW jobs r coming ths wk for all those in need of jobs. God sorted me out last week wit a gr8 job.


  2. Fearless Says:

    What a powerful message! Yes we need to take charge n stop being Mr and Mrs Nice guyz. WE who have Christ in us n also educated must act NOW! if th middle class n rich pple of this country rise up n take their position against all th ills in our society as a whole we can make a big difference. Our bubble just got bust today n th realization th@ God expects mre from us has dawned upon us. Coz i think there’s a real threat of collapse if we dont act. I mean,luk at all th estates, thyre jst nxt to slums. If our brothers n sistaz decided to invade our comfort zone, were finished!!
    Im all for 300 men n above going to th dome on wednesdays to pray coz 4real, power is not conceded but TAKEN! much blessings to y’all


  3. Beattitudes Says:

    Great message today Pastor Linda and what a way to close the series! Today’s sermon reminded me of the famous quote evil persists because good people do NOTHING.

    GOOD PEOPLE OF MAVUNO! Let’s stop doing nothing. Let’s rise up and make a difference in Nairobi/Kenya/East Africa/Africa/The World!

    I was so glad Pastor Linda referenced the killings this past week that claimed 28 lives. In today’s society, we get shocked and awed for a week then move on to other news. Let’s be fearless influencers that STAY the course and figure out ROOT problems.

    -Don’t just give shillings on the street got to a Street Children’s Home and see how you can help.

    -Don’t just complain about corruption: DON’T PARTICIPATE! Including bribing police and other officials. Yes, this includes the time you want to get a document and you call your cousin who works at XYZ to see if he can move your case ahead of everyone else. NO! Let’s stop.

    -Don’t complain about violence in Nairobi then you rent Scarface, Saw sijui 23, give your kid Grand Theft Auto for Christmas, have road rage all the way to work, beat your child/wife senseless and get in a fight after your team lost.

    -Don’t complain about how politicians do nothing and you yourself do nothing.

    Pastor Linda shined a mirror on us today Church. I’m not sure if we all got how deep her message was today. WE are the change we seek. I hope on Weds 300 men will gather at 5 am to lead us forward. That would be so awesome.

    I myself plan to do that “One Thing” this week and every week. I think the key will be getting out of my comfort zone and helping people I’d usually overlook, like Pastor Linda said. Let’s practice Applied Christianity.

    Have a great week everyone!


  4. Redeemed Child Says:

    I am awed to hav been in today’s service. i was one of those pple who didn’t quite get the whole theme at 1st but it all came together over the sundays.
    Pastor Linda, God bless & thank you 4 lettin Him use u to stir up/awaken we “dead” christians.
    Yenyewe, Jesus Christ had extreme wisdom and balance. Compassionate and confrontational when it demands. We shud emulate Him and soldier on.
    The message deep, the implications of our complacency clear, the right way 4ward isn’t 4 the faint, but we hav God’s grace…
    As the men meet for Gideon’s Torch, ladies we may not physically be there but we can also virtually “attend” and join our men in prayer even in our homes.
    Take Charge, Exercise Dominion.


  5. There is a scripture that says “The kingdom of God suffereth violence …. and the violent shall take it by force.”

    Pr. Linda your message yesterday was deep … we are in constant war with principalities and forces of darkness and we have to be ‘violent’ in our prayers and reclaim the original plan of Eden that God had for us. Surely what we are currently experiencing in Kenya is certainly not what God had in store for us … Let us arise and pray and for the sake of the righteous few; trust that God will save our land.

    Pr. Mbevi, thank you for the prophesy on the jobless people who are trusting God for a breakthrough. I sincerely believe like you said that this is the week of God’s grand revelation for those who are trusting Him for jobs, those who have put their faith in Him, and are called according to His purpose. AMEN!!!


  6. Lord thank you for all those servants that have placed themselves in your hands that you might use them to reach out to your faithful at Mavuno … Bless them Father for they are doing a great thing in our midst!!!


  7. Amen Lee! You truly are a man of God I see the number rising to 300!


  8. volunteer Says:

    Thank you for the challenge pst Linda – to take charge and always look for a way to make a positive difference and not sit back and complain about how others have failed. It was my first time to attend Mavuno this sunday after invitations from mavunites who I can testify are fearless influencers – their testimony drew me to come. I must commend the high standard your church has set and it is very visible even in the little things like deco on the tent poles. I left with a desire to come back again and tell others all about it.

    I’m hoping people who are looking for / know of organisations in need of volunteers to work in community projects will let us know with contact info on the blog


  9. It could not have been said any better. Its all in our hands. As we ask for change what are we doing ourselves. As we say when we are praying for others let us pray first to be changed ourselves. The society and the church is me and you. If we all committed to lead a life of accountability both in the eyes of the Lord and in obedience of the national law wouldnt this be a better world to live in. As Pastor Linda said lets start at our own home with our househelp, our askari (do you think of him when its raining and you’re cosy in the house – a cup of tea would do in the morning or evening), our tea girl in the office who wears the same sweater to work day in day out. Do you have excess clothes in the wardrobe? And Ladies as we cry out for 300 men to stand in the gap for the nation can we see an uprising of 300 women praying for the men and the leadership of the nation; our equivalent of Gideon’s torch torch can be right there in your bedroom, living room or wherever you are at 5 a.m.. When the men are praying can we get on our knees at our homes and pray for and pray with them? Mavunites – let us make a difference in the world, let the people know there are a people who are living their christianity out loud its not about the glitz and glamor its about saving the lives of the lost and saving our nation through the word of the Lord. Let us be FEARLESS INFLUENCERS. Let the devil tremble when he knows there’s a Mavunite in the home, office, parliament or hospital for he knows we will bring change through Christ. Thank you Pastor Linda, thank you for reminding us again that its all in our hands and we have our Lord to work with for good. Let us be the change we want. And no we will not be nice as the world around us crumbles lest we crumble with it. We are in the army of the Lord and there’s only one way in the Lord and its Victory in the Blood of Jesus.


  10. volunteer 2 Says:

    @ volunteer i agree with you, ideally the Life Group should be the place to help us with such connections but it is kinda hard since LGs are small, what can the church do to hook up job seekers and job givers in church? maybe we could start in the blog or something?


  11. My deep concern goes to the security officers who guard the church, would the church consider giving them at least tea while other members of the church are being served, am sure this will go a long way.


  12. My post may not be related to the sermon as i have not been in church for several sundays. The reason id very simple and after having a chat with a few people i realised that there are people suffering silently. The church has invested in the Green house and the Creche where parents with children can go and still participate in the service. But this has not been the case. Parents come into the dome and then let the kids run riot all over disturbing all and sundry. I am requesting that ushers dont allow any parent with a child below 10 years into the main service. Some come fot the word while dor some parents its as good as an outing or fufilling their responsibilities. This has to stop. All kids and their parents to be directed accordingly.

    On the same note, would it be possible to have a mid week service for those who can make it on sunday for one reason or the other. Remember to be fearless influencers we need to operatye and think outside the box I think a wednesday or tHursday service would be a lovely idea. Any comments on the two issues i have raised/


  13. “‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: On the day I cleanse you from all your sins, I will resettle your towns, and the ruins will be rebuilt. The desolate land will be cultivated instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who pass through it. They will say, “This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Eden; the cities that were lying in ruins, desolate and destroyed, are now fortified and inhabited.” Then the nations around you that remain will know that I the LORD have rebuilt what was destroyed and have replanted what was desolate. I the LORD have spoken, and I will do it.'” Ezekiel 36:33-36

    The Lord has spoken and as Mavunites we need to trust, obey and act accordingly and His promise will be fulfilled. This sermon series had one very clear underlying call – repentance – and going back where we belong to the Father – understanding we are FORGIVEN – and working with him on the future not the past, understanding that what we may encounter now has to do with the future not our past. Again it ties in with Refinement leading to Assignment. We need to pray that the nation is cleansed of her sins and the people of Kenya turn to the Lord. Pastor Linda said it so well – we are crying out to the wrong source – our source is the Lord, He is the deliverer and giver of life and life Everlasting.


  14. This is an observations and request

    1. Kindly request the urshers to be direcing people who bring the young ones to the main service to the greenhouse since the kids make a lot o noice and distractions that you can’t hear the sermons.
    2. Please return the flat screen stands since the current locations of the TVs is low and you have to strain to see the screen.

    Thank you .


  15. yeah i think i also second a mid week service Wed or Thurs!


  16. Christian Gal Says:

    @ Pastor M,
    About ppl underpaying their servants, i am curious as to whether mavuno pays their staff at market rates with medical cover,pension,overtime,annual bonuses etc. There people work so hard do they have time for themselves? The laws of Kenya state that you can only work 8 hours a day with any additional time being overtime.
    I have been in christian circles for a long time and one thing i have seen is mistreated,underpaid church workers all in the name of service to God. It would be a shame if this church was hoarding money instead of investing in its staff.
    The reason I am saying this is because I feel so sorry for one particular pastoral trainee who is always testifying how God came through so I always wonder doesn’t the church pay him a salary and if he got sick do people pray over him or has the church taken out a group medical cover for him and his dependents.
    I think Mavuno has alot of resources and it would be sad if we had lovely decor yet staff are earning peanuts. Over to you Pastor M.


  17. Is it just me, did I hear a different sermon or have people totally missed the boat?

    On Sunday, pst Linda asked us, what will you do with what you have to make a difference, that it begins with me, what am I doing, what one thing will I do this week?

    @Maria, PiRay, ChristianGal, Paula and all who are sharing deep concerns on different subject matters, I would like to throw the challenge back to you, what are you doing with what you have? Have you approached the people you feel deeply about whether they have tea, are paid well, have medical cover or even asked the parent with the noisy kid to kindly go to greenhouse? Have you given of your time, money and resources to pray, serve in the church, join a life group or even pray for the church leaders?

    Rather than point fingers and posting deep concerns, i’d like to revert us back to the sermon and before you are quick to conclude that people are not paid well or are not getting tea, ask yourself what are you doing to be the solution? Carry tea? Serve in Greenhouse? Support the medical cover of someone?

    Remember, Mavuno is ours, we make it up, we are the solution, if you see a problem see how you can fix it, apply this to your family, work place and country……….if you see garbage in your neighborhood, would you pity the people who walk past and post deep concerns to the watchman or would you round up people to collect the garbage or even pay a company to collect it?

    So again I ask, did I hear a different sermon or have guys just missed the boat?


  18. @ Huh… I am totally feeling you. Pastor Linda asked US to be the change we want to see in our society, not ask others to be the change. Good people, Mavuno is not the pastors, it is me and you who go there every Sunday to hear from God. if you see anything that needs fixing please fix it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone who noticed the guards don’t get tea would come with a thermos of tea for them? We can’t expect the pastors and people who work at Mavuno to do everything, they probably don’t even know that the guards don’t get tea because they are busy preparing to be used of God to minister to us, serving us and praying over our needs. (bless you great men and women of God!)

    Pastor Linda, thank you for the awesome message! Take charge Exercise dominion has been ringing in my head since Sunday and I pray that I will be the change i want to see in my workplace and in my community.

    We have the POWER people of God, the power of the most high!!! Lets not use it to only notice the wrongs in our society but to change those wrongs.

    Be blessed ya’ll as we commit ourselves to TAKE CHARGE & EXERCISE DOMINION!


  19. @Huh and Ciks I so feel you. I must admit it is easier to point to what needs to be done as opposed to doing it ourselves.It is we who have been called. Pastor M tells us over and over again, realize that perhaps those things that cause us concern and make us mad are the areas that God wants us to serve. @ Pi ray maybe God wants you to serve in ushering so that you can direct the parents and their children to Greenhouse, get up from the bench and TAKE CHARGE! Someone mentioned the guards and other staff, get up early on Sunday, make some mandazi and tea or some bread maybe that is what God is calling you to do. We are all members of one body but have different functions. It is true Mavuno is you and I. The job seekers and job givers, start that blog do wait for the church to do it, just go to them for endorsing, or start a google group and post it in the blog church for people to post resumes and positions. There is soo much we can do at Mavuno so much we can do to become the fearless influencers that God has called us to be. TAKE CHARGE! And I love the suggestion that we also get out of bed and pray while our men are in for Gideon’s Torch (although like Pastor Linda I have contemplated showing up on Wednesdays). The harvest is plentiful the workers are few. the only way they will know we are Christians is by our love. Let us take charge!


  20. Christian Gal Says:

    @ huh and ciksthe
    As individual church members, we cannot take over the duties of the church administration because this is their responsibility to use the resources we give to the church to cater for its employees,volunteers,widows,orphans etc.
    All I can say is that I am truly blessed to have grown up with such a loving and generous mother.


  21. @ Christian girl, Ephesians 4:11-13 tells us that the job of the church leadership is to equip God’s people for works of service. ‘Their’ primary ministry is to equip ‘us’ so that we make the difference. While I agree with you that the church should pay its employees well, I disagree with your view that we give money to the church so does the job of caring for widows and orphans. I actually think that completely goes against what Pastor Linda taught this Sunday as well as what Mavuno stands for!

    Also, let me challenge you as a concerned Mavunite to take your concern directly to Pastor M or one of the pastors. If they had a question about you, I’d hope they’d do exactly the same. @ goggetter, I couldn’t have put it better myself!


  22. Hi @ Christian Gal, just saw your comment. Thanks for raising it.

    Briefly, Mavuno’s salary scales are set in conjunction with those of the other Chapel churches and I believe they are competitive. The scales are set by the elders of the Nairobi Chapel churches who review them regularly. Interns and pastors-in-training receive stipends which are related to the fact that they are in a training position, just as is the case with any other organization.

    All our staff have a inpatient and outpatient medical cover as well as group life and accident cover. We also have an employer-contributor pension scheme. All our staff are mandated to take Mondays off as well as to be home early on at least 4 nights of every week (despite the fact that a lot of pastoral work takes place in the evenings!)

    We’re certainly not perfect and there’s always room for improvement. Please feel free to chat with me if you have any suggestions or would like further clarification.

    God bless, Pastor M


  23. @ Christian Gal, you are very skeptical in your point of view. When someone gives a testimony of how God came through for them it just means that. When you take care of God’s business he will take care of you, whether one has a salary with benefits or no salary.

    Pastor Linda, you hit the nail on the head. I am and I believe majority of Kenyans are so disappointed with our leaders, but the question is what are we doing about it and how can we step in and rescue the situation. We need to stop being nice christians. Change begins with me as an individual!

    @Huh, Ciks and goggetter I so feel you. lets TAKE CHARGE AND EXERCISE DOMINION


  24. Pst. Amani Says:

    Hey Christian Gal,

    I hear you, yet I feel you might not have the facts and hence judging from a non informed perspective.

    We all come to to serve at Mavuno full aware of what its going to cost us, even financially. I do not want to give God service that costs me NOTHING! I have layed my life fully for HIS SERVICE, and my God…NOT MAVUNO, or any other employer…supplies for all my needs and those of my family, he does it thru Mavuno, mavunites, and many other ways. He has taught me that He is my source.

    Here is a brilliant opportunity for you to plug in, part of our internship program(not pastoral trainees), is to teach them on fund raising for ministry and on top of their stipend, they raise support. Would you prayerfully consider supporting one?

    Pastor Amani.


  25. thekenyannutcase Says:

    @ beatitudes
    i so hear you on the some of those stuff.like the street kids, think you’ve given me the most noble option to what to do.

    @ Christian Gal
    those christian circle,were they really christians ama it’s those guys who call themselves “Christians” and haven’t accepted Jesus as Lord of their life?and what did you do about it?

    aside Pst Linda’s sermon really got me thinking about what i can do about the environment.am not a clean freak but i like a good ambiance.so am playing around with MS Project and will share with my life group members an idea for playgrounds for where we live or the an inner city thing.

    thanks for the encouragement pasi.


  26. Pst Amani
    I would wish to know more about how one can support an intern doing the internship training and also how does the fund raising program you have mentioned work.


  27. Hallos. There was a question that was raised earlier that seems to be getting lost in the x-ian gal question so I’ll repeat it. Is there a way mavuno can have a mid week service say on Thurs ama Wedn. I think we need to pray as a nation, now more than ever. U know wat the word of God says, ‘if my pple humble themselves n pray …then i’ll hear their cry from above n save their land’.

    We as a nation MUST PRAY. If we dont take charge of this country, as Past. Linda said, then the Mungikis of this country will take charge!


  28. Christian Gal Says:

    Working for the church doesn’t make you immune to the harsh economic realities we are facing. Inflation in Kenya is officially at 30%, and unofficially it must be double that.
    The church gets alot of revenues (a lot of zeros) in tithes and offerings so why do interns and trainees like Pst, Amani have to live a life of hustling to meet their daily needs and yet they play critical roles in the church?
    The people whe set salaries need to make these workers a priority and use real 2009 salary scales (consult Manpower) when setting remuneration for the staff. forget about paying for billboards and album launches.
    Someone once told me the reason Americans are blessed is because of their generosity and genuine concern for the welfare of their workers even volunteers and trainees. I rest my case.


  29. i feel what pastor Linda has been through. i struggle to forgive my dad but every day he makes sure i understand that he doesnt approve of me so i wonder how am i to forgive. i struggle with it day and night, i dream about it and i feel my situation is comples but am trusting God for a change. am finishing campus and i thought he would be proud that i have come this far but all he had to say is that he is waiting for a day i become a failure he knows i am, on the issue of God trating a man with a withered hand, i think i would have reversed the situation and wither the pharisees hands and see if they would plead with me to heal them on the sabath, thanks a lot pastor Linda, you are the one who made me saved and made me be part of mavuno


  30. His Ways Says:

    Christian Gal, the Lord wants you to know that He loves you so much and desires that you come into the knowlegde of His love and acceptance. He promises that if you call unto Him, He will answer and show you great and unsearchable things that you do not know (Jer 33:3) I am praying that as you interact with the truth in the word of the Lord, the words that you speak/type will be full of wisdom, knowlegde and uplift all who hear/read. I pray that you will experience the Lord so much that we will be reading of how the Lord has been good to you, in praise and thanksgiving, in place of doubt, I speak power, love and a sound mind and in place of questioning I speak answers and solutions. Anyone else care to join me in praying for her?


  31. Declarer Says:

    At Gideons Torch today, we declared that in the authority we have in Jesus, we shall speak and it will be.

    So…….I speak into your situation B Ye and may it be unto you according to your heavenly Father’s will, though Father and Mother forsake you, the Lord himself will never forsake, you are loved.

    At all waiting on the Lord to reverse the irreversable and to open up opportunities and jobs, may all doors open, miraculously, may favor come your way and may the Lord defend and fight for you.


  32. thekenyannutcase Says:

    @ His Ways



  33. Gogetter Says:

    A Declarer am a woman but I say Ahooo! be super blest for being the man God has called you to be and being a prophet in B Ye’s situation

    @Christian Gal I agree with you working for the church does not make one immune to the realities of life be they economic or otherwise. I applaud your strong sense of judgement but I beg to ask, what are you doing about this? What is your role in this situation? How can you be a solution in this situation?


  34. Blessed and Christian gal
    In regards to the question of a mid week prayer meeting, I asked Pastor M on his blog and he said that it is something that they are considering.
    Please see check his blog comments on “nine things”


  35. Declarer, thank you for that prophesy that you guyz prayed about at GT today. I remember Pr. Mbevi started it on Sunday and I received it and trust God for His miracle.

    Christian gal, your posture is not right and as His Ways has correctly put it, may the Lord minister to you and grant you wisdom! Be the change that you want to see!


  36. Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
    Just to take Him at His word
    Just to rest upon His promise
    Just to know thus says the Lord



  37. Me,myself and Irene Says:

    Hi all. I feel that when we write as christ’s disciples,we should first check our hearts and see what our motives are-anything short of love just won’t do. Then we should speak the truth in love,gently correcting and winsomely stating God’s word- a la Pst. amani’s post above. I just put myself in Christian Gal’s shoes and I think i would take offence at these prayers-just saying! Wouldn’t it be better to find out where she’s coming from then open graceful conversation from there? Just saying.


  38. Hi All, A while back , not very long i was this very negative person…..questioned peoples motives be it pastors, friends, family and all.I mean real toxic and defensive. I started reading this little book that a certain pastor had left in my office last year….it is about the Holy Spirit, i do not know if am telling this right but anyway I started inviting the holy spirit to walk with me everyday before i left my house. PEOPLE…..who would have ever thought…its like GOD moved into my life with all his crew… I am totally positive, every morning a word with my God and after that i ask the holy spirit to take over. it feels refreshing, blessings are overflowing…I took charge a while back and am testifying..it works guys. when am about to be negative the holy spirit kicks in ….right now he keeps me on toes and i mean am much happier seeing the good in everyone and am counting my blessings every day. People! God is using the Mavuno Church team to take us places, i really thank God for you guys. Got saved Jan 4th and every day i wake up knowing the lord is my shepherd i shall be fine. God Bless


  39. Correction.
    Blessed and Christain gal- Pastor M’s blog comment on mid week prayers was on “Egypt” and not “Nine things” as earlier indicated. Sorry.


  40. Gogetter Says:

    @ me,myself and Irene TAKE CHARGE! Start that conversation it is the only way our faith will make a difference


  41. Pastor Linda please post for us the creed on the blog.I would really appreciate it.


  42. I was blessed on Sunday as Pastor Linda shared with us her heart. For me it was an eye-opener because even as she concluded her summon, she did what all disciples of Jesus Christ are called to do, i.e. witness to others about God’s love for us, and His desires to have us all abide with Him in heaven forever.
    At the end of her beautiful sermon, she asked for any person who would want to receive Jesus Christ to stand up and go forward to be prayed for and led to Jesus Christ by the very able prayer counselors standing at the front of the church.
    Unfortunately, during the 12 o’clock service that I attended, no one stood up to go forward and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
    After the service, on my way home, I got thinking; What if the rupture occurred as soon as the service ended, and everyone who had not received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, were left behind.
    My mind started to wonder how it will be for all those who are left behind; During the Great Tribulation as it is called, everyone who refuses to take the mark of the beast will loose their head.
    I know that there was a lot of pressure when Pastor Linda called people in front to receive Jesus Christ, but think of the other option i.e. loosing your head for not receiving the mark of the beast.
    We get a lot of pressure from friends when we stand to receive Jesus Christ, and many times we say may be ‘next time’. Our friends may say you are crazy to stand up or may be that you have lost your mind.
    Whatever is said about you, it does not come close to loosing your head for not receiving the mark of the beast.
    Stand up for Jesus Christ, because He stood up for you and I, and went on to be lifted up on a rugged cross that was raised for everyone to see.


  43. talentqueen Says:

    hey peeps…been following the conversashuns on the blog and while i completely agree with all who are saying that its up to ‘US’ the congregation and not just @’THEMM’ the staff team…let us not allow the devil to create discord anong the people off God.
    @ ChristianGal..u evidently have a heart fr them that labour directly in Gods house…may i suggest that u offer ur services and input to work with the church admin maybe to avail some data on wat the market rates are, or hw to implement better incentives….i think that way ur both exercising jstice urself and helping the church and not just pointin fingers.
    Meanwhile,,,,mmavunites…let us not be afraid of corrrection..we r called to be different and excellent and set apart…hw better than to lookk at ourselves and fix wat needs fixing?


  44. Hallos. On sunday i was challenged and really uplifted by the word of God sa shared by Linda. I cant adequately put into words wat I felt as I left the church. And i prayed to God to direct me to wat I can do.

    N I begun thinking. One of the best gifts I have received from God thro the society is education. And todate, many yrs later, i still reap the benefits of that education. N i thought i wanna give that to someone. So i got thinking, how about we start a mavuno education fund, to educate the needy boys and girls. Coz its my n ur responsibility to lift them up for the glory of God. Wat do yee mavunites think of this?


  45. Pastor Linda thank you for a powerful and relevant sermon. Take Charge, Take Dominion is a personal responsibility. When Jesus healed the man he did not ask where was his family, his doctor, his church etc. He focused on what was His response to the situation. He asks me to focus on what He has called me today. Whilst we must hold our leaders accountable when we stand before God it will be about what we did. It is my work not Pastor M’s or Pastor Linda’s that will be tested by fire. Will they stand or will I go in smelling of smoke

    When we say the church, who is the church? Do our pastors make the church? Without you and I, the congregation there is no church. When we ask how is the church remunerating its staff we are asking how do we treat those who work for the Lord. Are we giving our tithe? Are we supporting its programmes, do we support iterns? Are we giving our time, do we open our homes etc. Ultimately it is about us.

    It is easier for me to point out who should have done what? And no one is perfect but the question is what am I called to do? Remember when Peter asked Jesus about what would happen to John and what was John’s role was as per the passage below from John 21:17-22

    he third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”
    Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”

    Jesus said, “Feed my sheep. 18 I tell you the truth, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.” 19Jesus said this to indicate the kind of death by which Peter would glorify God. Then he said to him, “Follow me!”

    20Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them. (This was the one who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper and had said, “Lord, who is going to betray you?”) 21When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?”

    22Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.”

    Jesus answer to Peter was this is not about him, it is about you and what I want you to do. How is God calling you to take charge?



  46. @ h
    here is the creed. Funny enough id just put it on my facebook notes this morning. Be blessed.

    My past is forgiven, my future is secure
    My present is not for me, but for the one who set me free
    The die has been cast, I have stepped over the line
    No more prayerless living, cheap giving & selfish dreaming

    I am part of the change;I will not hesitate to serve
    I will gladly pay the cost, contagiously spreading his love
    Playing my role on the dream team, the Mavuno family
    Until all Africa is changed, every sector of society

    I align myself to God’s Purpose, I will be who he calls me to be
    I agree to be shaped and molded, through his word and through his family
    Until my will and his will fully agree
    And i will become fully the influencer that i was created to be

    I am a Fearless Influencer


  47. Redeemed Child Says:

    @Njoki, thanks for the creed. That is the Mavunite creed.
    However, dont kno if h meant this, but there’s a different creed Pastor Linda and Pastor S led pple at the end of the sermon.
    If anyone has it, twud be nice if it was on the site.


  48. I believe that in the Garden of Eden, man’s destiny was Intimacy with God, Authority, Dominion, Stewardship, Fruitfulness, and Prosperity.
    I believe that through sin, man ceded legal ground to Satan resulting in the many issues we face.
    I believe that Christ came to restore the abundant life; to fight not negotiate a Takeover, and that the transaction took place at the cross.
    The currency was blood; the price was the Life of The Son of God. I believe that all authority has been given to Christ and that Christ has given authority to the church.
    I believe the Church has the mandate to restore man and the earth to God’s original purpose. I believe that I am here to establish God’s will; and that because Jesus said it is finished, it is time to take charge: to extend God’s forgiveness, to proclaim healing, to uplift the poor and to challenge oppressive practices.


  49. diaspora-Z Says:

    Pst L – well said!! wish i was there to see the whole sermon series, cant wait to hear it online 😉
    God bless


  50. wamukora Says:

    when is this sermon available online, listening from mass-USA


  51. wanjiru Says:

    Looking forward to sermon download of “God’s description of eden”. Soon… I hope?


  52. Antony Mwaniki Says:

    Hi All

    I am one of those who does not often come to the blog and also mulls over issues hence my coming in late on some of the discussions.

    I am encourage at the commitment that we all have to Mavuno that compels us to seek to ensure all this is done is done well. I The questions on doctrine and on the recommended readings I believe are raised to flag issues that need to clarification and to be red flags if we are straying. We need to continue to speak out when we have an issue but lets us do so as the bible says with love. Let our words even when raising hard issues be done with grace and with a desire to encourage.

    I would like to share my understanding of what Mavuno’s focus is. We are here to reach a target group of I believe 20-35years many of whom church had become a tedious and lacking relevance to real life issues they were grappling with. We called them Mike & Makena. How do we reach this group and integrate them into the Kingdom of God. Through much prayer, meditation and study a The Mavuno Marathon was set up as our way of reaching and integrating Mike and Makena into the Kingdom of God. The start of the Marathon is Outreach events which seek to go where Mike & Makena are. This is done through events like Life@The Village, Date Night, Concerts, Presentations like the Village Christmas etc. The aim to have Mike & Makenna exposed to the Gospel where they are in a language they understand and through this medium draw them to church. Many people have come to Mavuno after attending such events. From here I see the Marathon as very similar to a great 4 course meal. The Sunday Services are Hour Douvres. Those bitings we get with a drink as we seek to socialize before dinner. Tasty, whets the appetite but not filling enough to sustain you. But they do prepare you for the main meal and can have a transformational effect. But if we go no further than this we will soon be hungry for our appetites have been whetted for some real food.

    The next step from the services is to join a Mizzizi class. This is our starter. A great soup that warms and energizes. We are ready for the main meal. Here in this crucible real transformation takes place. But yet to stop here again is to set ourselves up for disappointment. We needed more. This, our main course comes in 2 Keys ways

    The first is involvement in life groups and having our life groups begin to engage in activities that will advance the Kingdom of God. Groove Awards in organised by a Mavuno Life Group. We have life groups supporting Children’s Homes, Doing Prison Visits, Mentoring Boys through rugby. The harvest is plenty what is needed are labourers. Lets us challenge our life groups to action.

    The second is through attending the School of Prayer and School of the Word. Here we are equipped and shown how deploy our key weapons – The Word and Prayer. So equipped we then go through various forms of leadership to help us define our mission and go out and influence. Initiatives like Zana which is looking at how to provide inexpensive quality sanitary towels to school girls, Wamaitha’s Initiative to provide quality inexpensive underwear, Lulu an Initiative to empower the girl child and focused on the Mitumba Slums, Kijiji Records a start to a media house that will impact the Media and Arts are just a few of the Frontline Intiatives that come from Mavunites going out to influence. Lets us all engage so that we may establish and expand God’s Kingdom. I believe this is how you become a member. You do not do because you are a member but you are a Member because you do.

    I would like speak briefly about the issue of tithe. You will note that the heading on the page about the graduated tithe it Hints on Giving (I believe). it is that a hint, a tip, a challenge. What we are being asked to do is not to focus on giving God the minimum bit to ask as our incomes increase if we can continue to live at the same level we did before the increament and give the new excess to God’s work. The tithe of 10% needs to go to the church but I believe we are at liberty to deploy the excess in for example supporting one of the frontline initiatives, missions or a missionary etc. Do so prayerfully. The key in the management of money is always to remember GOD OWNS YOU MANAGE. Ask him how you are to use His money. Deuteronomy 8 makes is clear we owe all to God for it is He who gives us the ability to generate wealth.

    Mavuno is an imperfect Church because of 2500+ reason. I am one, so are you and so is Pastor M and the other pastors. What enables us to Stand is God for He is All Perfect and Powerful. When we are aligned to Him then He achieves His Purpose for us. I encourage us therefore to pray for the church and for our pastors that God would keep us and them aligned to His purpose and that what is preached is what He wants preached.

    God Bless


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