He Carries our Illness

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  1. Pastor Linda, may God’s blessings overflow in your life for allowing to be used to bless our hearts. I was wondering how coming to church would be beneficial, when my prayers and faith seemed not to be availing much. I just had a miscarriage and even with the complications, I believed, had faith that God would see us through this and when it didn’t happen I was disoriented for a moment on what faith is and what’s it’s place. I know we don’t get everything we pray for and that prayer is more for us than for God. In our prayer of faith we’re exalting God as sovereign despite circumstances going our way. In prayer, crying to God asking the why, He deals with me, holding me close, telling me He still knows, still cares and still in control. And even after, I have no answers, but it is easier knowing He remains on the throne. We will not always get our physical healing, I don’t know why, but walking with God is easier… Faith is a strange thing from the human perspective:-) I will keep praying, believing He is more than able to sort things out, even when He chooses (for His reasons and purpose) not to.


  2. Pr. Linda,

    May you be blessed mightily. I was moved by the passion with which you preached yesterday … Indeed we are not living according to the plan that God had for us … KNowing that, may we be sensitized to His ways each day so we may get to know life as God intended it for us.

    B blessed!


  3. Jennifer Says:

    Sermon notes please, got distracted in the creche and didnt catch all of it…


  4. Pst Linda, jana’s summon for was – God using you to speak to me. Last week was particularly hard with me asking God when He will deliver on His promises. I was given a prophesy a while back and I was getting to the end of myself – by the I have stretched my faith a lot in the past and God has come through for me, but a number of issues have been particularly hard with some developments that are not in line with His promise. But God is not a man that He should lie. Thank you so much for hammering it in that I’ve gotta stay in the faith. Am gonna believe in the supernatural – to turn that difficult situation that is meant to harm to my benefit.
    God bless you Pst. Linda and your family. I have a feeling that you are doing a good job with motherhood as you are with the summons!


  5. Pastor Linda your sermon on faith yesterday really moved me-I have been a christian for most of my life but hearing you preach on a kind of faith that amazes even God..well that was new..and I had the opportunity to practice it!!see I had gone to see a family friend with my sister and when we alighted realized that she had dropped her phone in the bus…I had shared Passy’s sermon with her(she goes to a different church) and we decided that we’d get back the phone somehow…our faith wavered sometimes….but we kept on and sometimes felt paranoid..who gets back their phone and for all we knew it might have been stolen…5 hours later after trying to call it severally,someone picked…it was the bus tout!!a kid had found it and his dad had given it to him…we got the phone back but so much more…God does honor faith..in more ways than we think….God bless you and the rest of the team Pst.L..


  6. Pastor Linda,
    Am new to mavuno but am blessed every new Sunday. That sermon was God sent, inspired and one that got my heart spinning. First was how it became quite clear on what it takes to amaze Jesus. And let me say am trying to cultivate a relationship as best as how the spirit leads me on how run this love affair with Christ and so the sermon was an eye opener. Its now my desire to always keep Christ amazed. I loved the call for us to claim more space in the Kingdom through out faith in God. Pastor L, the faith aspect was power in that message and may God bless you. Am seeing it work in my life ALREADY and am glad I heard the message.


  7. Tough luck Says:

    Hi all,

    I almost didn’t come to church yesterday, but somewhat glad I did. My faith has been thoroughly crushed since Friday. I’ve trusted God for a particular job with a particular NGO for close to 10 years now and it has been really tough, fighting hard, getting cleared for possible interview, to finally doing the interview last month and being rated the best, etc.

    I had my hopes SO high up and my faith in God to come through for me was REALLY strong and unshaken, only to receive word on Friday that I may not be given the job due to my nationality. And true to the theory, I got final confirmation from the contact person that despite being the best candidate, the organization could not hire me due to the number of Kenyans in the organization. What’s up with that? Can you imagine my devastation? That’s shredded me to pieces. How do you counter that? I’d rather be told there were better candidates than myself.

    I’m at my wits’ end and no matter how hard I try to believe that God will eventually come through for me in this situation, it’s really difficult and such an uphill task. God knows how hard I’m trying to keep the faith. This is a tough one for me. Feels like the carrot and stick theory. How do you trust for such a long time then this happens, and for such a reason? God help me.


  8. gogetter Says:

    @ Tough Luck, this is a hard beating for one’s faith am very sorry about this. Am sure this has caused you to question God’s love or even His intentions. You are hurt and unjustly treated and my dear you have every right to be a your wits end! But the more you question and think about it the more bitter and frustrated you will get. When such times come our God has comfort for us
    2 Cor 4:16-17 “Therefore we do no lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal.”

    I pray that the Lord gives you peace that surpasses all human understanding, I pray that He may allow you to see yourself in His light, I pray that the Lord would provide comfort and restoration and I pray that God would allow you to be conscious of His transforming power in your life through this situation. God is not only able He is willing… just let Him


  9. @ Tough Luck, just as gogetter has said 2 Cor 4:16-17 is the verse you should cling to. We have been in situations that leave us wondering what God expects of us but it is in those situations that God requires that we turn to him and JUST BELIEVE! That is all he expects of you and me, Just Believe and do not loose sight of his Goodness. Remember that his Mercies are new every morning. I Believe for you that God will come through for you in this situation, you will find peace and the job you thought was for you will be replaced with an even greater job where your purpse will be fulfilled…God has his will and it must be done. JUST BELIEVE!!!


  10. @ Tough Luck – don’t I feel you? Like you for years I have sought to join some organisation and the furthest I get is short-term vibaruas with them coz when they have vacancies they will not even look at applications from Kenyans for the reasons you have given. But you know what, I am keeping the faith and will keep sending my applications and wait for my miracle. There is one particular one am waiting for at the moment – Surely the hand of the LORD is not too short to ensure that His own get this jobs – suppose you changed your attitude and truly believed that God can give you that job – I can see God clenching His fist to the point where the organisation has no choice but to take you – Surely God can very easily do that, amaze Him with your faith. I will.


  11. @ Nafy, I simply love that; suppose we truly believed that God can no matter what the radar shows? Wow! simply amazing. I just uploaded a post on my page about how am putting faith to practise for it must make the difference.

    I pray for you and tough luck, that God would expand your borders, that He would bless you with the blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow, beyond your wildest imagination, that He would give you peace that surpasses all human understanding, that your own would know increase and joy beyond all measure. Hang to the faith, it makes a difference.. it MUST make a difference.


  12. @Tough Luck.

    There’s a part of the Lord’s Prayer that says ‘Let Your will be done’. This is a very integral part of prayer and faith. It’s a tough thing to say, yet God expects us to agree that He is in control.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get the job as you’d expected. I’ll pray with you that God reveals why He didn’t give it to you.


  13. @gogetter


  14. I have a question.... Says:

    I’m still trying to read and understand more on faith and after reading Tough Luck’s post.. I have a question oh.

    OK, first I know that God is only obligated to honour His Word and not our hopes, so really the only thing matters in the realm of faith is what God’s Word says.

    Tough Luck, I don’t know if you were/are standing on hope or faith? The difference being that faith is the ASSURANCE of what you hope for NOW – rather than some time in the future (Heb 11:1). I guess in this case that would mean you seeing (more like believing beyond a doubt) the job you hope for as YOURs and not just a potential opening out there. Faith, conviction, belief….is what gives substance to what you hope for, not hope.

    Anyway, having said that..Mark 11:23,24 says “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”

    I understand that the key here is not to doubt in your HEART. Rather than randomly mentally acknowledging that God’s Word is true ..in the Bible or for other people, it is believing what the Word tells us is ours BECAUSE God’s Word says its ours..EVEN THOUGH we cannot see it. In verse 24 it says.. believe…and it will be yours. i.e. First believe BEFORE you get it.

    I then understand that when you ACT (e.g. by thanking and praising Him, confessing or saying it, doing, etc) on this belief, then your faith is released. Hence faith without deeds is dead. Imagine if the paralysed man who was lowered through the roof argued with Jesus about his paralysis! …”..how can I walk and I am paralysed?!”..but he believed, and then acted.

    My question is SINCE God’s Word is true..and you STICK on Mark 11:24..despite the current circumstances… will that be faith or foolishness? (Does the WHATEVER in verse 24 have a conditional clause?)

    I feel you have already confessed what you believe (your faith), which is that the job is not yours. MERELY because someone said that.


  15. Just to weigh in with my two-cents @ tough luck, I see two things at play here. First with @ I have a question, that faith is being sure of what we hope for. But also with @ Mwarv, that God’s will needs to be an integral part of what we are praying or hoping for.

    Romans 4:18-20, one of my favorite verses on faith commends Abraham for believing in God despite the circumstances. One caveat though; he believed in God for what He knew God had already promised him. Faith is taking God at His word, rather than simply holding strongly to what I desire.

    My encouragement? Let’s engage in knowing God’s will for our lives, seeking Him so much that when we pray, we can pray with certainty and with faith, as opposed to just desire. A great place to start in Mavuno is signing up for Mizizi and then joining a life group.


  16. @ WA… couldn’t have put it better!

    sometimes we are so stuck on what we want that we forget to seek Gods will for us in the different areas of our lives. If we put our faith on his promises for us then we will be fulfilled. The bible says… Seek ye first the kingdom of God and ALL the other things will be added unto you. special emphasis on SEEK YE FIRST!!

    have a lovely day people and God bless you!


  17. Abraham believed God against all hope…he became our father-father Abraham….He faced the fact that his body was as good as dead being 100 years old and that Sarah’s womb was also dead. yet…..He did not waver through unbelief regarding the promises of God…but he was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God. please readRomans 4:vs 18-25.

    Shalom children of God


  18. I am not Forgotten Says:

    Suppose we dared believe that God Can do what He says even when it appears, imposible, foolish, far off. Suppose we did?

    This morning, I just received an answer for something that I have asked God for, for a while now and it just happened. The fruit of my womb has literally been blessed!

    @Toughluck, Nafy and others just believe GOD if He said it then He meant it. His word shall not return to him void, it has to accomplish all that He has sent it out to do. A agree with WA lets Engage the Father!


  19. thekenyannutcase Says:

    @ i have a question
    the whatever has a conditional clause-whatever is God’s will for you.in this case what is written in the bible.e.g. if you are married and i desire your spouse and therefore pray that i believe i will receive that which i ask for it will not happen coz God’s will does not cover that.


  20. I’m trusting God for a miracle that most people consider impossible. I’m almost scared to believe that it can actually happen if God says so…


  21. I am not Forgotten Says:

    @ Kenyannutcase I agree His will is in line with His word and that is why the word is God’s mind and key to our understanding our purpose All scripture is God Breathed and it is profitable for teaching, correction and training in righteousness so that God’s people can be equipped for good works
    @ Tuma I can tell you the miracle I received today falls in that category. A few weeks ago Pastor M prayed for those who had been holding on to their own way… I remember him saying just surrender to God and let the chips fall where they may. Just believe what’s the worst that can happen? And after believing knowing that God is God whatever the outcome, He is not God because He can do that thing that you want, He is God because He is God.


  22. Seal the deal! Says:

    I joined a life grp last wk and in th course of introducing myself n saying how my week was,one of th members who happens to wrk in one of thoz NGOs that u only dream of working in, said that thy urgently needed interns n thy tk interns 4rm my skul!! talk abt being at th right place at th right time! she gv me th details i went for an interview today n tomorrow i start workng! yaani im sooo amazed n greatful.
    Ths is where th aspect of sealing th deal comes in. On sunday i gve out an offering of thanksgiving for th job as an act of faith. i gve out of th little i hv making my survival til th end of th month an act of faith also coz i wasnt expecting any cash til end month. th nxt day my sis sent cash thru westn union. BTW all ths was happening whn my bro had been arrestd for anaa useless reason n taken to ‘jela kubwa’ in industrial area. we had to pay 5k to get him out so all th money 4 food was gne. my uncle called n on hearing abt it m-pesad 3k. yaani God is at work guyz n i kno how it feels to be so close to gettng sthg thn it doesnt happen. It feels like ur heart has hair on it n its being waxed!! yaani th pain is so bad u can thnk ull slip into depression or go crazy n start eating garbage or do sthng crazy.trust me i kno how it feels. But i also know th joy of victory. n during all thoz times i took my faith to the next level. infact my previous job i gve an offering before i got it n its one of thoz places i wld brush off coz i kno so many pple want to work n theyre very competitive. lakini God knows that th best in ths world is for us His children so were sooo privileged to be His. GOD BLESS Y’ALL


  23. I started coming to Mavuno this month and I feel like it was really God’s timing. Every sunday i come out thinking, enyewe ni ebeneza. Ova the psat few months my heart has gotten a yearning to settle down, get married etc. N ave been praying for this, but with some guilt. i feel like the world is full of problems, wit pple dying of hunger, n here i am getting troubled that am not married n that God does not seem to be in a hurry to get me there. N in the service for last week part one, God ministered to me. That he died for me, for my joys, my needs n all. But above all, that i need to love him not becoz of the things he does for me, but just because. N even as we knelt before God, ave never felt more remorseful, that I have been loving God because of the things he does n not because He is. N now my prayer is that the testimony of my heart would be, he still is faithful, whatever the circumstance. Pray with me for this.

    I also wondering if mavuno has ever considered having like a mid week service, like in the morning ama at 5?


  24. @ tough luck. am sitting in a house without water, for the last 2 weeks, and running out of options. and believe it or not, that’s what am believing God for. i had a scholarship application, i needed a referral letter with clout. my previous referee asked for a sexual favor in return, and though i was tempted, he’s the kind many wouldn’t mind to go out with. i decided to kill that story cuz God knows it wasn’t going to end well. He’s my help! so then i decided to approach someone else. so i spoke to this guy and he was nice initially, then he switched off his phone and i ended waiting for him for almost 6 hours. frustrating, but eventually he wrote the letter, and really thank God, because there was a tight timeline for it. my testimony is not that i have been awarded the scholarship but that, as we have Faith, let’s know in our hearts that God’s plan is good, as we wait. i just feel like, he knows your thoughts from far, he gets the discouragement thing and can be trusted to really do only the best for you.

    nawaombea, it aint easy and it don’t always make sense. but cuz i have seen him come through before i have faith for you. you’re experience is so not going to be wasted. please keep us posted,


  25. Tough luck Says:

    Hi all,

    Thanks a lot for all the wisdom, insights and encouraging words y’all have shared. May God fill your cups to overflowing. I’ve thought long and hard about this whole situation, and have made up my mind to trust in God FULLY to work things out for me even under the current circumstances. For some reason, all that’s been ringing in my mind is “who’s report will you believe? Some may trust in horses and others in chariots, but I will trust in the name of our God.”

    Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and I’ve chosen to confess victory instead of defeat, life instead of death, and hope instead of despair. I’ve let go and let God to sort it out. It’s now in His hands and I shall not lose faith no matter what, so help me God.

    Thanks once again y’all and God bless you abundantly…


  26. I have a question.... Says:

    Ok there’s this scripture which I believe is a qualification of what WA, Ciks and kenyannutcase were clarifying…

    I john 5:14-15…”This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him”.

    My question still lingers tho because when Jesus cursed the fig tree to die, he said that whatever you ask for in prayer..believe that you have received it, and it shall be yours. What is the lesson in that action? I don’t know if there is a Biblical basis for cursing a tree? ..or of Christ speaking to the winds or walking on water or turning water to wine? .. what were these based on? Or is it out of the realm of faith?


  27. thekenyannutcase Says:

    Last Sunday when Pst Linda talked bout faith for healing, i rembered how God has preserved me of late.when i was young i used to be very sickling with respiratory issues.i had chronic asthma(which of course comes with allergies as a bonus package) and a bent septum in my nostrils.

    i used to go to the hospital at least once a month.my mum actually narrated to me how i once almost died when i was an in fact.all through my studies through high school i always used to have a hanky with me coz one nostril was always blocked.

    when i got born again i came across this verse in Exodus that says “i am the LORD that heals you…”decided to trust God for His healing.that was about 10 years ago and since then i’ve only had an asthmatic attack twice once coz i excessively exposed myself to environmental causative agents.

    i now carry a hanky for romantic reasons eg for when a chic is crying, for wiping her seat….

    really happy.aside from that thought it’s also interesting that faith is classified as a gift and as a fruit of the Holy Spirit.so every believer demonstrates the fruit but some the gift.

    @ i have a question
    the basis of Jesus doing that is Gen1:1


  28. I have a question.... Says:

    Hmmm..okie, so is that saying that those were things Christ did as God and not man? ..but still Christ’s spirit is IN us now when we are saved…and it is in his name and by his authority that we get or do anything in faith anyway…?

    Anyway…in my reading I’ve found something interesting about what to believe that could be useful to Tough Luck’s (by the way I was thinking that Tough Luck is not a good name for faith purposes :)..) situation. Prov 4:20-22 says “My son, pay attention to what I say, listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body”

    So our confession should be based on this. God’s Word. 5 areas of confession are…

    1. What God has done for us through Christ in His plan of salvation
    2. What God has done in us by the Word and the Holy Spirit in the new birth
    3. Who we are to to God the Father in Christ Jesus
    4. What Jesus is presently doing for us interceding at the right hand of the Father
    5. What God can accomplish through us or what His Word will accomplish through us as we proclaim it

    Thanks all for your insights by the way.


  29. I thought the sermon on Sunday was a bit conc :o)

    Ok, I am not an early so first service doesnt seem to be happening well for me.

    So I was in for service 2 again for the nth – by the way, this is the last time I am doing 2 services a Sunday but aii the messages are just so depthy…

    And being a practising “phlegmatic”, man I have been so lazy so that part of not working hard even for material pursuits spoke to me and so this week, God has come thru’

    I have been waking up and reading God’s word
    previously – I just wake up in rush coz I am getting late to work

    I have been keeping my room neat
    previously – the place had not been cleaned out for ages (ok I was going thru stuff but I realised my many excuses must stop!)

    I have been getting to the office at 7.30
    previously 8.15 – 8.45, note reporting time is 8.00

    I have been working and managing my time
    previously – work a bit, surf a bit, randa randa a bit, face book a bit, etc

    The move from laziness, lethargy and defeatedness and my excuse was I am going thru stuff and so I just wanna sleep! or watch tv! has been phenomenal and the truth is I am experiencing God’s word alive in my bones….

    @ Tough Luck & all out there who are just going thru stuff and you’ve reached a place where you are saying no to prayers, I pray that as you reach out to God, He will reach out to you.

    @ Jade, walalala – I read the verse this morning and I believe God is saying something to. Here is the verse and may it bless y’all

    Genesis 21
    1.Now the LORD was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did for Sarah WHAT HE HAD PROMISED.
    2 Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at THE VERY TIME GOD HAD PROMISED.

    And if you can hook up with a Life Group, the better…


  30. I cannot agree any more to all sentiments expressed by those who have voiced their views on the ongoing sermons and also hasten to assert that perhaps it is only me who noticed much refinement in the worship group last Sunday. Accolades to Pastor Linda and the team. With a scintillating vivacity, you have kept us looking forward to subsequent sermons with new expectations and none of us has been dissapointed.

    It remains our desire that we all live as good examples to the rest and even strive to pursue material gains so long as it is clean and for good intentions, knowing that lack of it as an option from laziness is even abhored by the Biblical teachings. I felt challenged and from the sermon took a step of faith to try something else in the career path having been complacent with the status quo while wallowing in the comfort of procrastination.

    Obviously, the message would not have come at an opportune momemnt considering that God’s timing is the best. Keep up Pastor and your team.


  31. Wat wonderful words of advise wit scripture backing. I got saved in January last year n joined Mavuno after attending school of prayer with Pastor Simon at ICC. I am still in awe of God’s ability to get my attention. I was married for a recoord 10months only b4 getting separated from my husband 4 infidelity on his part. I kept looking for answers and thot getting revenge wuld ease my pain but it didnt. I got saved in the midst of looking for answers to my questions and was introduced to a whole new way of looking at my broken rship. Faith that he can restore wat the locuts have eated away. I wuld just like to add that during school of prayer, we were taught to claim scripture in all our prayers as the acclamation of scripture tells our Father in heaven that we r asking Him to deliver on His promises to us. I am a stander bcoz wea b4 I was looking 4 a way 2 divorce my huby, now I claim scripture and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will grow old with my huby. Faith has transformed me from fear of being considered foolish 4 standing on the promises of GOD to us, to a firm believer that I didnt get saved by sheer luck, God used my broken marriage 2 get my attention coz He knew thru me, other people who r looking for divorce will get 2 know that God has another option 4 us all, restoration to HIM. Perhaps God wants 2 get ur attention TOUGH LUCK 2 do gr8tr things 4 Him while he draws up the perfect job 4 U. Stand on the promises of GOD and without a doubt, He will have no choice to deliver on His promises. Remember Jacob’s fight, He wouldnt let GO until God Blessed him. God bless Y’ALL.


  32. My journey with faith has been dotted with strong and weak moments of practice. This changed on sunday when the sermon compounded the readings that i had been going through the week before.

    A book i was reading ‘What You Say Is What You Get by Don Gossett’
    said the lord asked us to prove him with our tithe and offering, even with a lot of resistance in my mind from the devil now doubt, i slide into the offertory bag that sunday all the money i had save for fare home, and told God there u go prove urself.

    I woke yesterday and in my prayer thanked God for the kshs 100000 i needed to sort out my stuff. i then confessed to myself that i will have that money by the end of the day. i headed to town not knowing where i wld get the money but since i told God to open a way for me, everything else mattered little.

    The day went by dramaless and with no indication of a way opening, but at around 3pm i got a call from a client i had given a quatation to and he had a cheque for me . Kshs 50000. Okay. Chill! is this really happening? yer it was , my faith to me was making lots of sense, it was about me what i confessed i get in jesus name. Well half to go!

    ” Hi dude, how is the going? ” my banker asked. He went on to ask why i havent withdrawn €480 in my account since Dec? Apparently it was sent on Dec by a flower company i was dealing with in Holland and the didnt inform me. Ok! Now this was hilarious and overly above what i even xpected forgive my doubts!



  33. My journey with faith has been dotted with strong and weak moments of practice. This changed on sunday when the sermon compounded the readings that i had been going through the week before.

    A book i was reading ‘What You Say Is What You Get by Don Gossett’
    said the lord asked us to prove him with our tithe and offering, even with a lot of resistance in my mind from the devil now doubt, i slide into the offertory bag that sunday all the money i had save for fare home, and told God there u go prove urself.

    I woke yesterday and in my prayer thanked God for the kshs 100000 i needed to sort out my stuff. i then confessed to myself that i will have that money by the end of the day. i headed to town not knowing where i wld get the money but since i told God to open a way for me, everything else mattered little.

    The day went by dramaless and with no indication of a way opening, but at around 3pm i got a call from a client i had given a quatation to and he had a cheque for me . Kshs 50000. Okay. Chill! is this really happening? yer it was , my faith to me was making lots of sense, it was about me what i confessed i get in jesus name. Well half to go!

    ” Hi dude, how is the going? ” my banker asked. He went on to ask why i havent withdrawn €480 in my account since Dec? Apparently it was sent on Dec by a flower company i was dealing with in Holland and the didnt inform me. Ok! Now this was hilarious and overly above what i even xpected forgive my doubts!

    Clearly God was in control and yer he proved himself. I gave him a chance and he came through for me. now i am so into “asking what i want from him with no doubt in my mind that i will get it.”


  34. Redeemed Child Says:

    Wow. This blogs always astound me everytime i read them.
    This sunday service, STUNNING!!! I came to church heavy hearted. I had been anxious since Friday, disruptin my sleep pattern all coz of a decision i had to make. I had been a serial dater n deep down,as i began seekin God, i knew the plan was take a chill pill and flourish under Abba God n jus be…FIND my identity in Him. The worship jus lifted my spirit as i surrendered all to God. Trustin that if i seek Him i’ll find Him and He’ll show me great and mighty things i know nothing about:-)
    As Pastor Linda stated, wont u eat the snacks in the plane jus coz u off to Australia? As we spend more time wit the God, u learn to distinguish your will n His will and follow in faith according to His will. As Jesus prayed, “Father if thou be willing, take this cup away from me: Nevertheless not my will but yours be done”.
    if He wills to heal you, hav faith it shall come to pass.
    Bless ya’ll.
    Redeemed child.


  35. realised today that God has always taken His time from the begining, if you read Exodus, you will realise how he explained to kina moses that everything, then in the new testament i can imagine what was going on in Mary’s head when they could not find a place to lay so she could give birth, yaani, an carrying this child of God and He can’t even find us a place, guess He takes us through some stuff so He can be glorified in the eend, you can imagine the trouble the Magis would have had having to explain to hotel owners why they want to visit even before the hotel opens…yeah so some things we just have to know that God looks at the heart, not just in us humans but also in the matters and situations

    HEY LETS VOTE FOR PASTOR S ON k24 just sent a text with his name to 2124, they are looking for influential leaders he has been nominated


  36. Christian Gal Says:

    @ Tough Luck

    You remind me so much of myself in my search for a mate cos each time I try to insist to God that I like a certain guy, I get to see a side of their personality that God knows I couldn’t live with, so I stop insisting.
    It seems like this job is all you’re living for. If I was God, I would be extremely jealous cos it seems this is what occupies your mind day in day out.
    Be like me who has decided that, am going to do my job and let God do His. Since God is all powerful, and loving and He knows I need a husband, he will hook me up and am not going to lose anymore sleep over it cos I have faith He’s gonna bring me such a lovely man that I’ll be praising God all my life.
    Let it go and enjoy your life.


  37. @ christian gal..what wisom!God bless u much.


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