His Name Signals Hope

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  1. Wow and doublw WOW!!!! God’s forgiviness came through so clearly, Pastor Linda. I give Him all the glory. Thank you for that wonderful and powerful message that so clearly told us that God’s grace is the glue that binds my life together and makes me stronger than I was before, and that the cracks that may sometime remain, remind me of where I was before. The testimony brought the message home and as for the Alabaster Box song,…brought tears to my eyes, for indeed, no one except my Lord knows the cost of my tears and pain. I’m FORGIVEN. AMEN.

    Wow and double wow,…also for the teens connect. I hear you rock. Pastor Grace and your team, thank you…


  2. Many times i wonder if God can really use me knowing my weaknesses. When Pst L u said look @ ur neighbour frm th corner of ur eye i was jst thinking how about me?! i sometimes feel lke my circumstances jst push me to sin n if asked by God why i was sinning, i think i wld even justify th@ im not in th wrong! (i dnt knw if any1 can top ths excuse!!) I know im forgivn but i stil want to be perfect,i want to stop having to make excuses. In other words i want my life to be lke th garden of eden both spiritually n physically. God help me!
    Nelly thank u for being fearless n sharing ur experience. Lord knows how many ladies needed to hear that.
    btw thank u 4 remoddeling th offering bags,its now easier to put in notes n envelopes.


  3. Yet again, I am touched by God’s love, that He would love a wretched person like me, that I wouldn’t have to do a french bath, before I approached His throne. I am humbled would love me the way He does, that He would pursue me and embrace me just as I am. I am honoured to be called a child of God, priviledged to have my identity in Him. Can you imagine coming to God just as I am? No condemnation?



  4. I must confess that today’s testimony by Nelly on desiring and pursuing sexual purity was really profound. I admire her courage to stand up and share her story. Her struggles are almost a duplicate of my own sexual struggles, and her desire for purity is what I have yearned for so many years. But in as much as I was confessing to be a Christian, I kept on falling into sexual sin over and over again, and with each time wondering whether God would really forgive me. The guilt of sin drove me to seek for purity in my own strength, and this proved really difficult.

    However, I am happy to report that I finally have my breakthrough which came in the form of a book. The book was actually a gift from a friend who had/has no idea about my sexual struggles (let’s just say the friend was walking in the divine purposes of God:-). The book by Shannon Ethridge and co author Stephen Arterburn on “Every woman’s struggle, discovering God’s plan for sexual and emotional fulfillment” approaches this topic openly using the living word of God, her own life experiences (sexual struggles), and that of other Christian women. It is a book for the singles, engaged or married. The word of God has never being so real, deep, refreshing and it indeed set me free! I am work in progress and my walk with God as I continue to pursue sexual purity among other things, is truly joyous.

    There is a similar book for men by Stephen Arterburn. Actually the men’s book was the first project that gave birth to the women’s version of “Every woman’s struggle…” If you desire sexual purity, these books would make an interesting read. Try our local bookshops or eBay for your own copy. God bless!


  5. Nelly’s testomony was a very courageous move which I trust will help many people who struggle but are too afraid to ask.

    For many years I used to struggle with sexual feelings leading to arrousal. I even strated to question whether this was normal for a christian male. It was until I attended a mens retreat when the leader a christian doctor told us that men are attratected by female sight and most men think of sex almost through out when they are not enganged in anything else. I


  6. Nelly’s testomony was a very courageous move which I trust will help many people who struggle but are too afraid to ask or even own up. It was more so coming from a female who should never admit of ever having sex. Even a woman with ten children is never supposed to admit she ever had sex even with her own husband.

    For many years I used to struggle with sexual feelings leading to arrousal. I even strated to question whether this was normal for a christian male. It was until I attended a mens’ retreat at Nairobi Baptist Church when the discussion leader a christian doctor told us that men are attratected by female through sight and most men think of sex almost through out when they are not enganged in anything else. I cant remember the statistics but men will think of sex many times a day. Until this day I thought getting an errection was evil, not for christians.
    The message you sent to the church is that the church looks at the sin not the sinner. The church will stand by anybody who confesses and assist them to get back to the fold


  7. You walked in pastor Linda and I thought…MMM she looks tired, the baby must have kept her awake all night. I was wrong…i think you had come from having a session with GOD himself. To cut the long story short… I was blessed. I felt totally forgiven, you know when i first got the receipt i thought, hey i think am alright with God until i started writing wa!!! pride, selfishness,judging others, criticism etc my pen kept on going but at the end of it all I felt this overwhelming refreshment.. IAM actually FORGIVEN. Waooh… i do not need to sacrifice a cow ar goat for atonement. As i reflected on his death on the cross, his resurrection , am sstill in Awe of christ…his love. I got saved on Jan4th 2009 and let me tell you it is an amazing journey…am totally enjoying dwelling in his holiness. i just cant wait to see what mizizi has got for me end of April. Pastors M,S,Linda…you are amazing…I cant inagine what you guys are feeling when you see what God is doing in Mavuno…We are going to change this country and the world too. RIGHT NOW…like paul , am praying that i may know GOD and the power of his resurrection. I Thank God for the Mavuno Team.


  8. Personally,to be honest,i wasn’t there for the service but my pals told me how powerful the message was.i believed them for it was written all over their faces! What i really don’t understand is why this easter brought misery in my family.all i want is prayers from you because i have tried but it seems like there is no hope.am saved yes,but sometimes i wonder why. anyway,my relationship with my mother is destroyed because she has caused misery in my life.bottom line is,i need prayers. Thank you.


  9. Christian Gal Says:

    Pastor Linda.
    The sermon was good, but I have to disagree with making people confess their mistakes in public. I mean if we all stood up and confessed all our sins couldn’t we make a horror movie (esp. those in leadership).

    If Nellie has made amends with her God, we don’t need to know the details. I feel this was an internal issue between her, God, and the people involved.

    Evidently,it was very stressful on her. Who would want their dirty linen washed in public? This is why I can never go for counselling in church…I mean can they keep secrets or will my testimony be used on sunday morning? I pray that church leadership would care more about people’s feelings and analyse the potential impact of their actions.


  10. talentqueen Says:

    @christiangirl…ive been attending mavuno for a very long time and i know for a fact that nobody is forced to give a testimony or share UNLESS they want to and in many cases, some even ask to share.
    I agree totally…Counselling is a private thing, but please do not assume that because nellie shared her story…that she was forced to. God creates beautiful miracles and messages out of what may have appeared to be a horrible mess/mistake. From what i have seen…mavuno is all abouthelping each other grow and learn and be transformed…and more importantly not pretending to be perfect and withouut sin.


  11. thekenyannutcase Says:

    service was great.i didn’t have a pen(am one of those guys who don’t take notes during service and i was sitted amongst many!!!) so i thought i’ll just confess “in my heart”. the lady next to me remembers she’s got one…forgiven of laziness

    doing communion was also interesting. just to say the first time i ever did communion in a small group setting was in my mizizi class and that’s an experience I’ll never forget .think communion should be done like this (in small groups.the large setting kinda reminds me of those little red liturgy books)

    @ christian gal
    before i became a christian i never liked this whole “come to the front and accept Jesus” invitation.in fact, the day i got saved i didn’t walk to the alter.i used to believe salvation is of the heart.me and my God.

    something i have learned the past few years. public confessions(whether is receiving Christ or admitting we sinned) is a common biblical christian act. i can quote passages of scripture of Paul-saying he was a murder,blasphemer….

    a couple of sobering scriptures though are 1timothy5:20, James3:1, 1corinthians5:13(you can start from verse 1 if you are daring!!!)


  12. Sk8r Girl Says:

    Its amazing how the sermons always manage to be in sync with what I am feeling at the moment and I seem to always find myself fighting down tears because of something that is said.

    This easter message has been especially timely to me. I have been involved in stuff that I have not been proud of but I needed a way to make them feel forgiven. The idea of writing a receipt was very creative. I must admit though that I was disappointed that i expected a symbolic action to help me feel the forgiveness. I know that we are meant to work with faith and belief but I really hoped that there would be a bonfire after the service where we would drop our receipts and see our past sins symbolically destroyed in the flames. A closure of sorts.

    For a moment there I had written my full name then when I was about to write a particular past event that I have never quite asked for forgiveness for, I flipped my pencil and erased my name and wrote my intial. Then I wrote it. I was afraid that we would be asked to drop it in some offering bag. As much as it seems easy for people to expose themselves and their past in public, it is the hardest thing to do. We all fear being judged and people knowing what we truly have been up to. That’s why totally admire the testimony by Nellie. We are afraid, or should I say I am afraid of seeking forgiveness in public. It feels like as much as God has forgiven you, you will always be judged by others now that you have exposed yourself. I exposed myself to just one person just once and I have been feeling judged ever since. So Nellie you are an inspiration to many of us and as much as we hide from everyone I know that God does know what we have been up to and as long as we do not hide from him and seek his forgiveness he shall be forgiven.

    I am just wondering, I happened to read today (I am trying to get into the habit of reading the Bible too) 2 Kings 24:3-4 “…the Lord could not forgive Manasseh for that.” This to me means God can make the choice of not forgiving us. He could not sounds like he was totally wronged that he just did not see why he should forgive him. Makes me wonder, except our faith that he has forgiven us, isn’t there a possibility that he “would not”. And even as we are forgiven, will we still be punished for those sins. God used to punish generations of Israelites then forgive them. Are we right to feel that my current suffering is as a result of my past sins. That is how I feel like I have atoned for my sins at times. What does forgiveness mean here?


  13. I visit Mavuno frequently when I get the chance to,I wasnt able to attend the sermon on Sunday,but christian you have no rights to judge because you dont have the details,maybe she offered to go public in her testimony, and that might have helped her and many others to identify with her or even commit their lives to God!!

    You might have been uncomfortable,but it wasnt about you,It is about making those people, who thought they were alone in sin, to realise that there are guys out there,just like them, whov been their,but have made out of the same situation, thru their faith, and Gods Grace, and that christian, encourages me personally,

    I am encouraged when i can Identify with someone,and tell myself if so and so made it, then i can.
    And thats why God brings people like Nelly in our path,who are confident enough to witness to people like me!!
    And thats why I love Mavuno church!!I can Identify with Ithe sermons.This is a topic ama ufunuo ambayo many churches wont have gone to that depth, But mavuno did, and from the blogs, guys were Blessed, and at the end,that is what counts.
    Mavuno, Keep it up, I just love your sermons!!
    Baraka mob


  14. After a while away from church, a friend of mine told me that i needed to be in church this particular sunday and Lemme just say i have seen first hand thes results of being condemned and being considered of no value even by people in the church i loved and trusted! I have been angry and sad and even came to church grumbling but this SERMON ARRESTED ME O! That even I was being judgemental and passing judgement on people! It is my place to love, it is my place to minister reconciliation and not and mercy through The Holy Spirit in of! It is my place to love mercy and to wall humbly with the Lord! Thank you pastor Kinda for the blessing of truth that you gate on sunday! My life is LITERALLY not the same’


  15. "Nice Guy" Says:

    I have debated with my mind whether I should share this or not. But I think that in order for me to feel at peace, I have to.

    I am a recent dumpee (yes she dumped me) for a reason she doesn’t want to disclose. For the need of closure, I kept grieving and wishing reversal could take place. I started to develop feelings of resentment. I know it is wrong, but I couldn’t help it.

    Enter Pastor Linda. With your message of forgiveness, Linda you walked in my heart. You have torn out and ripped off the feeling of resentment. I mean; if He can forgive, whom am I not to?

    Lets rewind a bit. I hadn’t listened to “Pink Men” and something propelled me to go grab a disk. Pastor S opened up my mind to reality that I am a Pink Guy. I don’t feel exactly at ease to explain which spectrum of Pink I fall under, but I am pink. Or rather I was, until I realized I was on Sunday. Despite throwing out my pink robe, walking up to her and asking point blank why she did what she did, nothing has come out (yet). But Pastor M standing up and saying that “Bitterness is like taking poison and expecting it to harm your enemy” really knocked sense into my dumped self.

    Anyway, am not trying to move you to tears and sympathize with me. Pastor L, S and M, you have changed my life. And I truly, honestly, deeply thank you for that. You have opened up my eyes to reality. And through you, I can safely say that am now moving on.


  16. God turns our mess into a message of hope for someone else. Nellie was on point and that confession was very bold.

    @Christian Gal – no one is forced to confess or share their story. Mavuno is real and we discuss real issues.This generation needs a church and spiritual leaders who hit the hummer on the head.


  17. "Hurting" Says:

    Pastor Linda, your Sermon this last Sunday was so timely and the idea ofthe receipt with “Forgiven” written on it absolutely brilliant.

    However, I still have a problem with one aspect of the Service – the altar calls and subsequent move to the Prayer Tents.

    I have to confess that I identified with Nellie completely – and, unfortunately, I STILL seem to keep falling into sexual sin over and over and over again!!! I know I wanted to come forward for prayer this Sunday, but I didn’t because I’ve come up before and all that happens is that a total stranger will pray with you, you’ll feel all “holy” and leave, and then … Wham !!! Come Monday morning you’re right back where you started !!! So, for me (and I suspect a number of people) the altar calls really do not help. Is there some other way in which I can get some real HELP ???


  18. The bible talks about patience, humility and perseverance in difficult times … it is also very categorical about infidelity and it is on this basis that the bible ‘ok’s divorce.

    I have been subjected to repeated infidelity and each time it comes out in the open, my spouse is apologetic and really sad that he did what he did. But he keeps falling into this trap repeatedly to a point where it is totally out of control now. What is the christian thing to do in this case?


  19. the sermon spoke to my issues with forgiving and judging others…i hold on to grudges and it became clear to me thats the reason i find it so hard to accept Gods grace…i judge myself and condemn myself constantly and yet im forgiven… God forgets my sins as soon as i confess them but i dont…im taking steps to say im sorry to those ive wronged by holding grudges im releasing them…and hopefully with time learn to completely forgive myself …God bless u Pastor Linda…timely message…will keep the receipt and continually remind myself that im FORGIVEN..


  20. and to christian gal…u have no idea how nellys powerful testimony moved me…im inspired by her great courage it cant have been easy putting herself on the line like that…God bless u nelly …


  21. Delivered. Says:

    Mo thanks for sharing about the book.. I will check it out. I have read another powerful book by Juanita Bynum “The truth about sex”. Please read this book.Its powerful.

    Christian Gal I just want to encourage you that there is power in confession.The word says in James 5:16 “confess your sins one to another that you may be healed. Some of us are more bold than others and for some thats where real healing begins.Juanita Bynum in her books bears her pain and shame of sexual sin before a congregation while serving in ministry.This was her victory.It was mine as well.At the time I involved in a sexual relationship with someone I shouldn have and it had broken me to pieces.As I read about her stroy I cried and cried for days until I found healing. I began to follow some practical steps that she describes that brought healing to my broken heart..

    Nelly ‘s testimony brought tears to many women, me included.Married and single alike.It was a powerful testimony and because of her open sharing many will recieve healing.For you to be healed you need brokeness.Bearing it before the world is acknowledging God’s victory over your life and telling the devil that he no longer has a hold on you.We dont all have to confess in public but having someone walk with you is a victory in itself.

    Something else that Nelly said that was so powerful is that sexual sin is a pattern.It can manifest itself as lust,ponography, sexual intimacy etc.One time you may manage to get through a sexual realtionship but 1 year down the line someone else comes into your life and you begin to lust for them.Every day is a victory if we make it through.I have recently moved a step higher in my spiritual walk with christ but sexual sins seems to be creeping in through the back door.Thats what the devil does when he wants to keep you from recieving your blessings.

    Pastor Linda,Pastor Carol, Nelly,perhaps it would be a good idea to have an outreach ministry for women who are going through brokeness and need healing and total deliverance.A place that we can come as we are and share our pain and begin to walk with each other for total deliverance.
    I am saved and delivered but I struggle with sexual sin even today.I wish I could share my struggles with women that are going through the same.

    Finally I found it strangely odd that the tent flew during the alter call.I attend the second service and this spiritual warfares seem to be happening since Pastor Linda came back.Got me thinking that this message that God has given you for us is so powerful and is the hope for deliverance for many but the devil wants to keep us from recieving it. Am with you in prayer and for all who read this we need to pray and fast for our Church.
    God is doing a new thing in our midst and the devil is defeated in Jesus name.


  22. Wow I was deeply moned by Nellie she has courage and she is true to herself. I sat down and thought deeply about myself and how sinful we are. We know there isnt anyone thats perfect but the thought that we are forgiven not once or twice but constantly as long as we ask for the forgiveness and for sure Nellie everyday keep on praying over your addiction and God will walk through with you. For we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God so we need to know constatly that were forgiven


  23. Pastor Linda,
    Thank you for being a blessing through this series. Like many others I was moved by Nelly’s testimony, because like many others I struggle with sexual sin. Like Delivered, Am also saved and have gone through the steps of freedom but sexual sin seems to be creeping back.

    I have recently had a wonderful shift in my relationship with God and this seems to be creeping in to drag back to where I was. In my early twenties, I struggled for years with a wrong relationship and was bitter about the fact that I had fallen into sexual sin before marriage. I received deliverance for this but at times it is just so hard. I know I echo the voices of many young women just like me.
    Like deliverance put it, there needs to be a ministry in place to handle this issue. It is possibly not enough to just agree with someone and walk away. I love what Nelly said about Pastor Carol asking her to read through the NT because God’s word cleanses. I know our Father has set us free but the devil is especially targetting us so that we do not reach our potential with God; becoming the fearless influencers He has destined for us. I hope the Pastors can consider setting up such a ministry.

    It would probably be an excellent idea to start it up as an amend event to unmask the man.


  24. Ladies, there is healing in confession.
    There is power in the word of the mouth.
    There is hope and deliverance for all in Mavuno.God is doing a new thing!
    Thanks Nelly for sharing and bringing healing to many of us.
    Delivered and go getter, I totally feel you.
    It would be great to see women- young, old, married, single, support each other through a healing ministry.


  25. Bitter Girl Says:

    Pastor Linda,
    That was a powerful sermon….the whole time Nelly was testifying I was in tears….My dad passed away 1 year ago…and after that I’ve seen my mum making major decisions that have ended up affecting my family negatively…I once told her that if dad was alive things would be different…my brothers are a mess and things have just blown up….
    As you preached and as Nelly shared I realized that I’d been self-righteous and needed to accept that I’ve been forgiven and also forgive.
    Please join me in prayers, I’m not perfect but I’m a vessel in God’s hands being worked on.
    I let go of the bitterness, I forgive; I’m forgiven


  26. Catherine Says:

    All I can say is wow. Pastor Linda…it was evident that you had spent time with God before bringing the sermon. Powerful does not begin to describe it. Thank you very much.

    @Joe W…..I’m glad the sermon arrested you. May you feel the love in church….it’s sad…if the church does not give love where are we to find it?

    @Nellie….your testimony blessed me in a significant way. And the singing….was the ribbon that made the package of the testimony wonderfully wonderful.


  27. Catherine Says:

    Also….this past Sunday….my son went to Ropes and he was so thrilled. He told me the class is discussing challenges class eights are facing….Good job Pastor Sam and your team. For those who haven’t signed up their kids, nephews/nieces etc….do so.


  28. Pen Name Says:

    Pastor Linda, its difficult to find words to tell you how much the Message on Sunday meant to me.. but let me say that God spoke to me personally and powerfully through you. He revealed to me that I have been harboring a very wrong attitude towards Him for some time.
    I am born again and I believe in the forgiveness of sin through faith in Jesus Christ, but God revealed to me on Sunday that yes indeed I may believe it, but have I ACCEPTED it?
    You see I have asked God to forgive me for my sin and I believe that He has, but ACCEPTING it has been hard. I keep asking myself, would God really let me off the hook, would He really let me off Scot-free? This has been hanging over my head for a long time, and I had resigned myself to kind of semi acceptance of Gods forgiveness by thinking yes I am forgiven but somewhere along the road I will pay for it in some other way. I wasn’t even thinking about it as I had completely resigned myself to that ‘fact’ and it had become part of my subconscious ’faith’. So God really reached far into the recesses of my subconscious to convict me deeeply of this!! You are FORGIVEN, You are FORGIVEN he kept saying to me.

    I am FORGIVEN!! I am FORGIVEN!! I could shout it from the rooftops! No punishment is awaiting me somewhere around the corner; there is no payment I will be expected to make sometime, someway, somehow.

    Wow, how wrong for me to limit God in my mind, how wrong to liken his thinking to human thinking-my human mind tells me “no evil deed goes unpunished”; “malipo ni hapa hapa duniani” and so on and so forth, but not so with God.
    Wow, What great love is this? What great love is this that God has for me?? What great forgiveness is this?? What great forgiveness?? My human mind cannot comprehend it, it surpasses all ‘reason’, surpasses all ‘logic’, it indeed surpasses all understanding!!

    So @ sk8r girl, allow me to encourage you, If indeed you confess Christ, You are forgiven. You do not have to atone for your sin, Christ died once and for all (Romans 6.10) to atone on your behalf, ACCEPT it!
    That means there is no punishment awaiting you for your sins. No amount of sufferings on ur part can be enough to gain forgiveness, thats why we need Jesus. Yes current sufferings may be a result of past sins but not by way of punishment but by way of consequence which is what pastor Linda was talking about when she talked about a jar with cracks but put together with glue so strong such that it still is a whole jar still useful to its owner.
    God is not going to change His mind, like He might have done in the days of old, the work that Jesus did on the cross is permanent and unchangeable.

    Hebrews 7: 24but because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. 25Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.
    26Such a high priest meets our need—one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens. 27Unlike the other high priests, he does not need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for his own sins, and then for the sins of the people. He sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself. 28For the law appoints as high priests men who are weak; but the oath, which came after the law, appointed the Son, who has been made perfect forever.

    Hebrews 8: 12He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but he entered the Most Holy Place once for all by his own blood, having obtained eternal redemption. 13The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkled on those who are ceremonially unclean sanctify them so that they are outwardly clean. 14How much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God!



  29. Pastor Linda that was a deep deep sermon! and quite timely too! Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a remarkable way to touch his people.

    @Mo and Delivered – thank you for sharing the books, as young people this is a struggle we face everyday and it helps to have some knowledge from people who have overcome.

    @ Nelly, God bless you and raise you up. You spoke to so many women me included. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there to be a testimony to us.


  30. Nellie…u blessed my heart so much, and since i had met you earlier in the ladies, i kept regretting why i didn’t give you this very hearty hug – you deserve it and so much more. Thanks for sharing, u have no idea what this did esp abt my struggling phase with sexuality – much as I haven’t engaged since i signed up for school of prayer 10 weeks ago, I have been afraid of “what next” after HSOP – as in, was fearing falling back – Nellie you are special and i sure look ffwd to sharing more personally with you next time i catch a glimpse of you.

    Thanks Pst. Linda for bringing this out so loudly – i kept thinking ……am forgiven and that is what matters and that is what i want to believe. To God be the Glory.

    However, just as someone previously asked, can Mavuno arrange for personal counsellors in this area – someone like Nellie who has walked the walk and will therefore understand where am coming from. I don’t want to walk up to a counsellor who will tell me to “cast off the demon of sexual sin” each time the urge presents itself – am talking about accountability partners in this case.


  31. In the recent past a small portion of the leaders of the church had begun am onslaught of slander and even form a forum to discuss me and “my ways” the damage was deep, the injury was heavy, and the ridicule and shame placed upon of was major! It was like nothing i have ever experienced in all my years of drama! I was forced to leave ministry and my reputation was stained and my only wish was that if they saw a problem with me the least they would do was approach me or summon me, not form a “discussion group” to shoot a brutha down! I waited and waited for an apology but in vain! It is obvious i was bitter BUT after this sunday, i have had a change of heart, and am taking a more howard look and accepting the forgiveness of God and grace to sustain! And i remembered Luke 6! 37 “judge not, and you shall not be judged, condemn not and you shall not be condemned; forgive and you shall be forgiven” i realizede it starts with me, it starts with my acceptance of God’s grace like rere said! I am forgiven therefore i forgive, i am not condoned therefore i will not condemn, i am not judged therefore i will not judge!


  32. *condemned* not condoned! Correction


  33. Pastor L,the bible reading was too profound.Jesus says “….neither do i condemn you.Go and sin no more.” You should have seen my shoulders.They did straighten up.And then Pastor M’s song “…a saint is a sinner who got up”.Before i rededicated my life to God,i used to to run towards sin, now,i run away from sin.Sunday has been ringing in my Spirit. God bless you guys and your families even as you continue to be a blessing to us.


  34. @ Hurting who’s looking for real help besides prayer and altar calls. In Hosea 4:6 God says “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”. Lack of knowledge, or ignorance in a particular area, is the thing that destroys us — the devil who is the prince of darkness (ignorance) gets the opportunity to rule over us in these areas based on our ignorance in that area be it finances, relationships, health, business, family, work, marriage, etc. In many instances we would blame the devil or sin for our problems when its really our ignorance that is the cause.

    This means to avoid being destroyed in that area we need more knowledge, not necessarily more prayer. Proverbs 4:7 states “wisdom is supreme, therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have get understanding”. I’m suggesting looking for materials that can increase your knowledge in the area of sexuality – books, tapes, DVDs, conferences, etc… such as the ones that have been suggested by other bloggers here or at the Mavuno Granary (book) or in bookstores around Nairobi.

    Jesus is the light of the world who brings the revelation knowledge of God, the truth, so that we can no longer live in darkness. So my encouragement is basically to pursue God’s truth for each area of our lives.


  35. @joe its true that we are so quick to condemn iwas guity of that in your case anyway im glad that through the sermon true forgiveness has began..walk proud as you look at yourself through Gods eyes(his opinion is the only one that trully counts!) and know that nothing we go through as Christians is ever in vain…it is only when we go through the fire that Gods glory can be seen in us and through us..and even in my own experience im at peace with my situation because i know God takes us thirough trials for a reason..he loves us so much soooo its ALL good!! :))


  36. Morning,
    The Testimony by Nelly was moving.But i dont think she was ready enough to talk about.It seemed as tho she was forced into it.Of which i hope not.She looked demoralized.I feel if a person wants to make such a testimony why not..but let them be ready to share the story confidently.


  37. Thank you pastor Linda for the sermon . May God bless you so,so much,and may He give you more wisdom.
    To Mavuno church and the good pastors.I have a prayer request for you. Am fearing i have breast cancer.Would like you to pray for me.


  38. Luvly. God is a healer, my dad had cancer, during mzizi he was prayed for by my class, he got healed and today he is back working.


  39. Anonymous Says:

    Rere, reading from your blog post on joe’s reply and seeing you acknowledge you were guilty of condeming him, is that a sorry I hear?
    I think from the pain and damage this did to him he deserves more than this.Sorry if I offend you..am just being honest.


  40. Thank you forever.U,ve made me shed a tear.I also believe God is a healer n He gonna heal me.


  41. TO ANONYMOUS-no offense taken.already done.u can ask him.


  42. I don’t think Nelly would have sung the way she did, if she had been forced to be up there. She sung from her heart and not her mouth – she sang passionately. Sure, she may have been a lil uncomfortable – who wouldn’t be sharing your innermost self & ‘secret sin’ with a whole congregation! I have heard many people share their testimonies in Mavuno, but last Sunday was the most powerful and moving testimony I have ever heard. Almost every Sunday I go to church and I want to walk up and dedicate my life to God, but I always remain rooted to the spot, despite how my heart feels. There’s these thoughts that creep up and tell me I have sinned too much, and will continue so why bother… I feel like I should first get my act together, work on resisting temptation before I can commit myself… But on Sunday, I knew that I should not wait to be perfect first. I hope and pray that soon, I can overcome the negative thoughts and submit Totally to the will of God and let him take over my life. Let Go and Let God mould my imperfect self into his perfect will. I act like a Christian (almost like I am trying it out first), but have not yet accepted. Many times I feel dead inside, pray for me to accept peace & life everlasting.


  43. At our Life Group we had a discussion on the sermon and were in agreement with the need for forgiveness especially to others and self. However we were curious as to the use of Nellie as the sermon aid. Whilst her confession brings deliverance to her and many, by using the sexual nature of her stumble as an aid seems to elevate sexual sin over other sins such as gossip, theft, rage, sloth etc. Suppose Nellie came up and confessed to be a car jacker, would the ‘woiye lets forgive her’ mood be as prevalent? I think for future sermon aids, please come up with people with a wide variety of things they need forgiveness and deliverance from.

    @ Joe, amen to your forgiving others. Please also reconsider your call to ministry as whether others call you names or not, you are answerable to the Lord for the assignments he has given you so there is no excuse ati ‘the slander became too much’


  44. After the sermon last week i believe its about time we Start saying yes to God! If we’re not there yet.

    “Nevertheless in your great mercies you did not make an end of them or forsake them, for you are a gracious and merciful God.” Nehemiah 9:31

    The book of Nehemiah contains the longest recorded prayer in the Bible. In that prayer, we see what kind of God we serve and how his people responded.

    Nehemiah 9:16 says, “But they and our fathers acted presumptuously and stiffened their necks and did not obey your commandments.”

    Isn’t that amazing? They had a God who had given them so much… a faithful, loving, merciful, forgiving, and patient God. You would expect that the people responded in obedience to Him. But rather, the children of Israel ran off to serve other gods!

    But, you know, this really is a picture of all of us. Because in spite of God’s love and manifold mercies, we all have rebelled and broken His commandments.

    Every one of us has a personal history. And when you look at your past before Christ, and maybe even after you came to Christ, you may wonder, “How can God love and care about me when my life is checkered with failure, sin, and rebellion?”

    God has every right to toss you and me aside and say, “That’s it! No more rebellion! I’m finished with you!”

    But in his mercy, God keeps on offering his love and forgiveness. He hasn’t forsaken you. Even when you have not been faithful, he remains faithful!

    God offers you complete forgiveness today, if only you will come to Him in brokenness and humility, and simply ask Him.


    I have said yes and accepted forgiveness. Its now about my future not my past; the past stays in the past and we focus on the future and what lies ahead of us. I just came to understand the meaning of Born Again from this sermon. Its over its done with and i dont have to beat myself up with it. Im a new born in God’s kingdom. New Borns dont have a past they have a future – I AM BORN AGAIN and I’M FREE OF THE PAST. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


  45. kudos to Nelly, the bible says we overcome with our testimony


  46. Christian Gal Says:

    Let’s get real.
    I am a sinner big time, I have done what Nellie spoke about and much more and still struggle to this day with my raging hormones. To be really honest, the only thing that keeps me from sleeping around is the fear of contracting HIV. For real. Nothing else.
    Now, I am thinking as a parent (even though I am not one), and so, if Nellie was my beloved daughter, I would not expose her in such a manner. Even if Nellie was willing to testify, I would not let her. I would give her all the support she needed in private until she got her victory.
    I would rather a boring sermon than one where someone’s reputation was jeopardised.


  47. gogetter Says:

    @ Christian gal what Nellie did was indeed Biblical, confessing our sins to one another and WOG did say that overcoming is by two things: the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. You see like Pastor Linda said shame is powerful and this goes both ways. When we testify we put the devil to shame because it is out he can no longer use that against us.

    Nellie’s testimony helped people that day confront their own sin, someone shared resources to help. I know that my pray partner is now holding me accountable with regards to sexual sin. Thank God we have a place where we need to not fear being shot down. A friend of mine once told me that the Christian army is the only army that shoots downs its wounded. Not in Mavuno thanks Pastor Linda and Nellie for the extraordinary lengths you went to make this a reality, for allowing God to use you and giving up your privacy so that the name of God is placed high


  48. Pastor Linda,your sermon taught me a great character of christ that he has no time to judge me because if He had then He would’nt love me.His 4giveness 4 sure is like the fragrance that a rose petal leaves on a heel that steps on it.I’m new at Mavuno n i cant wait to c wats ahead!


  49. Pastor Linda,

    the sermon was great and i must admit…i like Nellie have been forgiven. I am glad i came on Sunday…God is good and i thank God for Nellie, the devil is defeated. I also struggled with sexual sin and i bless the Lord it is not much of a struggle as it used to be. One thing the Lord led me to do was to make a covenant with my eye to be very selective with what i watch…This may sound weird but i don’t just watch anything. Secondly, i don’t allow myself to be in compromising situations such as in a room with a guy i like or such like things. I am thinking of dating a certain guy and one of the things we agreed on is that we will not kiss until we get married. It takes effort, it cost you but hey…still walking in purity and loving it.

    It is possible to have victory in this area as well as all other areas but it takes a close and intimate walk with God for it to be possible.

    @ Hurting…real help only comes from God…you are not paryed for to feel holy but to get deliverence. Pray and ask god to deliver you…i did and when i was totally fed up of waking up in strange beds and i could not take it anymore, God saved and delivered me.

    @ Christian gal, its not about reputation…its not about how you will look before men but how you look before your Saviour. Nellie did an amazing thing, she has helped many people who felt hopeless about their own struggles and indeed we overcome by the word of our testimony. If i was Nellie’s mom i would be rejoicing that my daughter has found deliverance. God bless you Nellie and the ministry God has put in you.


  50. Catherine Ngaracu Says:

    Hi Luvly,

    My name is Catherine Ngaracu and i have just read your prayer request.
    I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and this is my 5th year.

    I talk to alot of women who have such fears and also just incase you are diagnosed with cancer, i am in an organisation called Reach for Recovery Kenya and we give emotional support.
    You can contact me on 0722 512915 and we can meet up and have a chat.

    And to all Bloggers, incase you have a friend or family member who is diagnosed with Breast Cancer, they can contact me. All the Volunteers give their services for free.

    I also know that God Healed me.



  51. Just from reading thorough all your mails, and though I am at work, and I miss church felloship often, I have been blessed and my spirit lifted, Reading through all these encourages me to know there many belevers out there longing for purity and taking all measures to ensure that, and that I am not odd in a world that is so corrupt with a thin line between the good and the bad..
    This is a sermon and a half. keep up!!


  52. hi,@ luvli,
    it is not clear whether you have sought help.please see a dr.perhaps your suspicions are not correct.there’s no way of knowing.
    I simply urge you to rule out your fear.
    am praying for you


  53. Catherine Says:

    @ Luvli….praying for you. Nothing is impossible with God as Catherine Ngaracu has testified. You are more than a conqueror.


  54. @ Luvly – im also a Breast cancer survivor cause Jesus healed me. Jesus is Lord and u can trust Him totally. You can lean on His Everlasting arms.


  55. Anthony M Says:

    Hi Pastor,

    I am currently in India on official duty for the next two months and I want to just let you know how close I feel when i can just go through mavuno church website. This is a land where people worship all kind of gods and even where for the first time in life I worked over Easter holidays because it is not recognised as a national holiday! I know there are True Christians in this country, but they are too few that you rarely meet any. Please Pray for me as I continue with my duties here and I long to come back and visit Mavuno church, where true worship happens.

    Only God can Bless you enough for the true encouragment you install in all the people who worship in Mavuno church.

    I know you may not read this in the sunday service, but, reading it in this Blog is good enough.

    God Bless you so much and Bless Mavuno community and the entire Nation at large.

    Yours Anthony.


  56. thank you so much pastor linda for the april messages. i am so touched but also seeing God at work in my life and in my perspective of faith and Gods ability to work on my life when i put my faith on him.
    thank you for your presentation skills which are so down to earth i liked the story of the labor ward and talking in 4 languages- God is amazing . keep up the good work and may God give you more insight to continue empowering his people.


  57. Wasnt able to blog last week but just thought to place a post albeit late…

    That sermon is still ringing in my head!

    First service… I kept on asking myself questions am I a sinner, have I overcome, what do I need to do…

    Second service… yes I was in for the second service as well and this time I wasnt taking notes but I just felt I needed to sit thru the service again… yaani that was more than deepness. It was God talking straight… ana kwa ana with sisi Wa-Kristo!

    I wept… Listening to Nelly testify for a second time made me weep. I have made myself live under so much condemnation and just to realise that God forgives and its for real was a “walalalala” moment for me.

    And for the first time, I experienced the real love of God through that sermon… and also confirmed that people at Mavuno just dont do stuff for the sake of it. It is real and stems from the heart of God…


  58. Wow, I cant begin to explain wat I feel having read each and every one of the comments. I didnt attend the service where Nellie testified but I trully wish I did. I have been separated from my huby 4 2yrs after he commited adultery. My 1st instinct was 2 divorce him or find me a boyfriend (I wasnt saved yet), then I found a marriage ministry that put me in perspective. God hates divorce. Jesus was asked about divorce n he said that Moses only permitted divorce coz of the hardness of heart of the Israelites, however, that wasnt God’s initial plan. 1ST cor 7 speaks of staying pure after divorce or separation till the spouse returns or He/She dies. I then decided that I will stay pure till one of those 2 things happen. I have been pure since my husband left me n our 2 kids. His mistress attends Mavuno too and I know the sermons speak 2 her and 1 day God will catch her attention and my huby’s too. It is possible to live a sexually pure life but its only possible with God, let no 1 listen 2 the devils lies. I am glad I made Mavuno my church. God bless pastor L,S,M for keeping it real.


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