A Village Easter – Photos online

village-easter-flyerThe ‘Village Easter’ was phenomenal!

A humorous, unusual and yet intensely personal look at the Easter story. A plot with unexpected twists, delightful humor, phenomenal music. You’ll be so glad you watched it!

For those of you who didn’t make the Live Show fear not… it will be airing on Citizen TV on Easter Monday around 1.30pm. God Bless you all as we celebrate the true meaning of life – Happy Easter!

Enjoy the photos!


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  1. plz tell me wht time village easter will be showing on citizen today or kesho?


  2. I was there for the live village Easter experience and all i can say is Wow! wow! wow! The talent displayed was undoubtedly unique and the message was deep and heart warming. I’m so glad that even in such a social setting, God’s power was at work and his presence was felt. I was so encouraged when i left the dome, especially because of the song ‘ don’t cry’ . I hope the worship team can sing it during the Sunday services. I would also like to know what day and time the play will be aired on Citizen TV so that i can tell my pals who missed and in the process, get to watch it again.


  3. God bless the entire cast and enable them to further develop their talent and use it to transform lives. Glory be to God.


  4. I was jus at home switching channels here n there…thts when i bumped on ‘a village easter’ airing on citizen, i was so so blessed, all those ministering did a very good job…Kanji n team…mbarikiwe sana….


  5. Buffalo Soldier Says:

    I missed this 😦 Is it on DVD? Can I buy a copy?


  6. mamananii Says:

    Wah! Great cast, wonderful music (and band and musicians!), witty script – the message got home. The one downside was starting later than the advertised time. Blessings on you all


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