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Click and listen. “Who Is Your Daddy” is coming soon.

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  1. hi pastor M, the service yesterday was amazing… i must say i had not heard pastor linda preach in church again, but it was so touching.. to us Easter was about get together s, but i now i understand God’s love in giving His only son to Die so that we escape death.. thanks..


  2. Caroline Says:

    Great to have the sermons online. Friends of mine in Mombasa and Kigali have been asking. Now I can direct them to the Website. Ahsante sana.

    Can the next Mavuno church plant be in Rwanda?


  3. Hi Pastor M

    I have been attending church since this year through friends. there is so much i have learnt and most of all the love season and the man enough season were the greatest.

    if there is any way i could send my troubles to you through email instead of blogging i would be very appreciative. at the moment the problems am going through is a whole season of Maria de los angeles and a best seller. I need help.



  4. I am missing all you brethren like crazy, but will see you soon


  5. hi, i have a testimony.Before coming to mavuno i was so wounded and the only solution l thought of was suicide. first l was in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years we planned to get married.we did not follow Gods way of marriage and finally parted ways.the separation was so painfully.he brougtht in another woman and had sex with her.they threw our belongings out.his family was there and infact insulted my mother and l. l was really disturbed and this also affected our baby who demanded to know who the other woman was.before all these,l went to my aunts place for help,she took me to a witchdoctor in short she tricked me.after the separation l started having these strange dreams in which l had sex with strange men and some would even beg me to have sex with another dream l changed to a man and had sex with another person. l almost lost my job in the process my life was in crisis.These dreams,stress,pain etc went on for sometimes.Thanks to pastor Grace who prayed for me.though prayers all these chains were broken.l retained my job,and infact got a transfer to another city,the dreams are no more.well for my baby who once told me she wanted her father l pray that one day God will bless me with a loving partner who she can call dady and give us all the love our heart desires.pastor Grace helped me alot to know God as my provider and He can never turn His back on me when l truelly and honestly seek Him.Gods time is the BEST.l request the church to pray for my baby and l and also get a good churh were l can worship God for he is LOVING,FORGIVING AND WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS


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