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64 Responses to “BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING”

  1. @ All
    Any body who enjoyed the service more than I did??? Jesus! this was so great… It’s been years since I enjoyed Worship that deeply… As in I felt in Jesus’ presence… The graduates, u made the service lively… I pray that each sunday, you will make Mavuno a lively place to be, where even the hopeless soul, will find hope, or at least see a light at the end of the tunnel… U have blessed my soul, as u blessed God.

    @ The Worship Team
    God bless u… God bless u… So so much that… am out of words… May it be that each day you sing, glory will rise to God, praise will rise to heaven, and blessings shall pour on u… I just feel like blessing… please allow me to… I am filled with praise in my heart… I have wished to join u since I joined Mavuno… but I don’t know how… maybe u can advice me on that…

    @ Pst Muriithi
    Twas so nice to hear the history of Mavuno… for sure u harvested and u continue to harvest each day, what u planted many years ago… The Lord bless u so much… I came from a church where I had lost the meaning of the love of christians, but in Mavuno… I am not leaving soon… I have found a place I can call church… I place where my family (when it comes) will grow in… You and Pastor Simon have blest me a lot, and I ask God to bless u in Hi9s abundance…

    Wow!!! I may write and write and never come to a stop, But in short…. I am blest to be a blessing… I will walk head high, remembering that I have a Father who knows me by my name, who holds my future and destiny, whom I can identify with… That I am beautiful no matter what others may say… That I am blest to be a blessing… What more can I ask for Lord… Much love to you all!!!


  2. @ All
    Hope u will enjoy reading the story below… U are special to God Our Father all of u in ur own way…

    Don’t give up…..

    One day I decided to quit…
    I quit my job, my relationship, my spirituality… I wanted to quit my life.
    I went to the woods to have one last talk with God.
    “God”, I asked, “Can you give me one good reason not to quit?”
    His answer surprised me…
    “Look around”, He said. “Do you see the fern and the bamboo?”
    “Yes”, I replied.
    “When I planted the fern and the bamboo seeds, I took very good care of them.
    I gave them light.
    I gave them water.
    The fern quickly grew from the earth.
    Its brilliant green covered the floor.
    Yet nothing came from the bamboo seed. But I did not quit on the bamboo.
    In the second year the Fern grew more vibrant and plentiful.
    And again, nothing came from the bamboo seed. But I did not quit on the bamboo. He said.
    “In year three there was still nothing from the bamboo seed.
    But I would not quit.
    > In year four, again, there was nothing from the bamboo seed. I would
    not quit.” He said.
    > “Then in the fifth year a tiny sprout emerged from the earth. Compared
    > to the fern it was seemingly small and insignificant…But just 6
    > months later the bamboo rose to over 100 feet tall.
    > It had spent the five years growing roots. Those roots made it strong and gave it what it needed to survive.
    > I would not give any of my creations a challenge it could not handle.”
    He asked me. “Did you know, my child, that all this time you have been struggling, you have actually been growing roots”.
    “I would not quit on the bamboo.
    I will never quit on you.”
    “Don’t compare yourself to others.”
    He said.
    “The bamboo had adifferent Purpose than the fern.
    Yet they both make the forest beautiful.”
    “Your time will come”, God said to me.
    “You will rise high”
    “How high should I rise?”
    I asked.
    “How high will the bamboo rise?” He asked in return.
    “As high as it can?” I questioned.
    “Yes.” He said, “Give me glory by rising as high as you can.”
    I left the forest and brought back this story.
    I hope these words can help you see that God will never give up on you.
    Never, Never, Never Give up.
    For the Christian Prayer is not an option but an opportunity.
    Don’t tell the Lord how big the problem is,
    tell the problem how Great the Lord is!


  3. just a kairetu Says:

    “right time at the right place”….I believe my ongoing relationship with mavuno church lives up to this.
    I was touched beyond words by pastor M’s humbling tale of how mavuno started off….I returned to Kenya 2yrs ago armed with a law degree ready to be a human rights lawyer and make changes in Kenya and beyond Africa….sadly 2yrs later I am still where I started off-job hunting after much prayer,tithing fasting etc….to the point folks come up to me and tell me it must be a curse that I have not found jobs with my credentials.Then Pastor M said something profound:HE IS BUILDING A FOUNDATION DEEP ENOUGH!!!It’s what i needed to hear when i needed to hear it,I even said an Amen out loud n knowing me as shy n reserved as I am that’s quite something!!!!!!Hearing of the Mavuno testimony,considering it was a project for God,I now see that God uses our down times to build us up.!Be blessed pastor M because u managed to show me that it’s not what we do etc it’s all about God’s timing and his grace!I am glad to be a mavunite and mark my words.God willing I will be a fearless human rights lawyer in no time being a blessing unto others!!!!Not my will but God’s will,not my might but by God’s grace!!!I am humbled to have come back to Kenya and becoming part of mavuno community,Africa has potential and I am going to help the world see that!!I knw that God in his infinite wisdom planted us where we are to be a part of something great-FEARLESS INFLUENCERS!!!!I may be jobhunting for the 2nd yr but in that time I’ve come along way in my relationship with God-av learned the importance of tithing,praise,submitting to God’s will&healing my father wounds amongst other things.Pastor M&ur team u r truly a blessing to me!
    As the bible says:His mercies are new each morning,He’s GOOD TO EVERYONE WHO TRUSTS IN HIM..all we can do is wait on Him….it’s better to learn this patience in youth.Lamentations 3!PUSH!!!!!!!


  4. wondering Says:

    @ just a kairetu,
    hey i think i have read your blog a couple of times and it always rings a bell with me.. mainly because i went through what you are going through now… i moved back to kenya armed with my LLB got admitted to the bar and i was ready to conquer in the human rights field.. but it took a while about a year before it happened. but it happend to me and i know it will happen to you… God is faithful and i know he will show himself faithful to you…i remember in that time my faith grew!!! (lakini some days i was beyond low!!!) but i was soo determined not to settle for what was not my passion. now im a human rights advocate( women’s rights to be precise) and i love every single bit of it. if your cool maybe you can blog an email on here and i can pass on job ad’s as they come along.. we tend to get job circulations within organisations and it always helps to have someone that can pass them on.


  5. Today ws my 3rd mavuno service, includin yesterday at york houz, as usual it ws lyk evrythn ws aimd directly at me, last wk wth who’s your daddy, that cemented my whole i dnt knw ‘salvation wknd’ cz i got saved last saturday 21st, n hearin it durin my 1st sunday in church for 1 1/2 yrs, ws amazin…at york we learnt bout mentorship n hw experience is th wrst teachr n hw we shd learn frm othrs, n today wth the worship ‘lay ur hands on me, TELL ME who i am, I CAN do all thngs if u say i can, show me i am FREE, free to accomplish UR PLAN 4 me’ n bein blessd 2 b a blessin, I learnt frm Pastor M, it dsnt matter if i thnk my efforts wl only make a dent on Mt. Everest, (figurativly speakin) God isn’t restrictd wth our bounds He does exceedingly beyond, cz i kno i usd to thnk lyk aah God wnt notice if i dnt toa offering si evry1 else wl keep th church goin for a week! Lol, bt tats nt wat matters. God Bless


  6. I js thot of ths silly story i had to add: fiction based on Matt 17:27
    There ws ths fish, that livd a totally depressed life, yaani each morning when the sun came up it wd b lyk, ‘ai! Another day? Kwani no net cn come n catch me n get me out of ths miserable xistence’ n all the othr fishes cdnt stand its complainin, day in day out it ws lyk, ‘wea all goin 2 die anyway y r u all swimin around lyk ur on top of th wrld’ then 1 day swimn along it mezad wat it thot ws a flat piece of metal…heee si nw th complainin fikad an all tym high! ‘Now, am gonna die, i live in a tiny lake wth crzy fishes, stupid boats above my head evry day, n now av mezad a piece of metal whch wl probably poison me…etc etc’ then 1 day the fish got caught. Little did it know, the piece of metal it’d swallowd was the coin usd to pay Jesus’ and Peter’s tax…so the poor little fish had an incrdble destiny…(to supply to sm1 in need, in time)…bt it never truly lived.

    Sound familiar? ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I thank God for what He did today in Church! But more so what He’s been doing in Mavuno these good years. What He did this past month with all those men surrendering to God. Awesome things. Awesome things. Today was just a reminder of how God wants to dwell among us. And He dwells among us. All praises to Him for using our Pastors and worship team. Our Green house and Yoke Hose ministers. I thank God for the desire, in these men and women of God, to reach out to His children. Blessings. And so i write ”Praise”;

    His wings spread across the heavens.
    The sky shone with splendor.
    Magnificent that made the angels and the hearts of Saints bow.
    His voice echoed like the thunderous sound of a thousand waterfalls.
    Softly into a whispering wind that rose from the oceans and seas to the lands and mountains and hillsides.
    To the tribes and nations and races.
    To the high thrones in kingdoms and the lowly shacks of paper and wood.
    To the mighty
    To the meek
    To the caves in forests and the towering buildings in cities.
    His power that shook the foundations of the earth.
    Brought down walls and towers.
    Broke the chains of slavery.
    His power that made the stars trembled and the spit let out bolts of lightening.
    All that He moulded and curved and painted and spoke.
    All that He touched and moved, embraced and loved.
    All that He called forth and ordained.
    All that He blessed and gave in abundance.
    All that came from Him and all that is of Him.
    And their praises rose from the depths of broken and mended hearts,
    redeemed and forgiven souls.
    Their praises came as one and filled creation,
    And touched His heart.
    The heart of our King.
    Our giver of life!
    Our Allmighty!
    Our Father!


  8. just a kairetu Says:

    @ wondering: wow u r in the field of law am looking to join.Gosh I’m so glad to hear sum1 who can relate…i hope u’ll read this blog.I also have an LLB,anyway thnk u so much for sharing that and helping me see a positive testimony…my email add is and hope to hear from u.thnk u for ur response!


  9. thekenyannutcase Says:

    great great great great service.

    @ F.O.G
    i too have a “theological “theory of how the coin got there.kwanza i feel you.think the fish was having suicidal thoughts and had probably even attepmted tying a balloon on its fins that it may float to the surface and just die.

    i see this as a deep sea when Jesus told Peter to go and fish, i see Peter picking a fishing rod rather than a net.he probably figured coz Jesus said a coin why bother with a net?had he said COINS….

    i can see a chemical interaction between the cations and anions of the fish hook on the fishing rod and the fish’s teeth forming a new compund in this case the coin.

    the hook must have been made by Caesar & Co. manufactures so their logo was proably on it thus Casear’s image imprinted on it(the newly formed substance-coin).

    if someone told me this story i’d really pity them but this is my theory.

    coz F.O.G you’ve given a moral lesson,i have to try and make one.
    God is not into money laundry or forging. he uses ordinary people like you and me for his work just like the guys who were gave that i enjoy God at the Dome.

    blessed 2B a blessing


  10. @ FOG……..thank you for that story, it made me laugh but more importantly it brings the sermon home in a very different way, because am sure enough of us have complained about our miserable existence.

    Thank you for Pastor M for telling that story, I truly believe God for that land because I know Mavuno growth cannot be stopped.

    @ Worship team,

    today’s was beautiful… everyone else……I say “May the Lord Bless you mightly, may you grow to love him more everyday, may he always hear you when you call”


  11. Just a man Says:

    Thank you Pastor M for the reminder today on why we are blessed. Its also easy to forget/ fail to appreciate how far God has brought us (through many impossible situations) as Mavuno Church (from Mamlaka to Rhino Church then Bellevue) & the growth we continue to experience. May God continually grow His church & fulfill His mighty plan & purpose.

    Germany, Berlin & Kampala, here we come ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. Jim Kamote Says:

    Don’t Know What To Say,
    Don’t Know Where To Start!

    Like Kanji Said During Praise And Worship,
    “…You Lack Words And Just Say Whooaooh*4 Times….”

    Pastor M,Pastor S God Bless Thee Tele Tele!!
    Pst. Amani,
    Hope You Went For KTN’s CAN YOU DANCE Auditions.


  13. Miss Fab Says:

    Pastor M (and everyone else)…

    I’ve really taken for granted the path that Mavuno took to get to where it is today. I’ve been attending the church since 2006, and I was a part of the 400! (Imagine- which reminds me- I still have a balance to pay up… oops- Lord- forgive me!)

    I want to thank you for reminding me that I was blessed to be a blessing. What you mentioned- the deep foundation for a big building- is too true. Sometimes I get depressed when I look back at my life and see where so much time was spent in getting one thing (case in point- my first degree). But now I understand that it was God working in and through me to get me where he wants me to be. If I didn’t take this long, I know that some of the blessings I received last year wouldn’t have happened, and I wouldn’t have been in Kenya being challenged to be a blessing (I’ve a few ideas..)

    Thanks Pastor M.

    1) Why don’t we do holy communion?
    2) I want to help with the Leader’s Summit (I’ve a BOATLOAD of ideas- marketing, PR, advertising, tribes…)


  14. Kweli God you are awesome! Your presence was felt at the service yesterday! Thank you! perfect end to a great weekend of fellowship with you!!


  15. Hey guys!God had major plans for my weekend!its amazing coz I was supposed to go to work away for the weekend on friday only to get to airport n I didn’t have some documents that were a must… was rescheduled to sato morning,but friday nite I got home so late only to realise I didn’t have my hse keys so I went to spend at my friends place-so I had to call in sick…coz I was to travel at 6am!
    Pst M what u said about change in Africa I couldn’t help but shed a tear…I have been lucky to travel in the continent and its amazing that we are poor yet so rich esp in terms of values and also in Africa there is a quality to life that u can’t quite experience anywhere else!…..
    I’m currently working on intial phase of starting a project that seeks to make africa a better place and Ive been lazy to get things going like registration etc!my excuses stop today!(Actually they stopped jana)…..ladies and Gentlemen the task at hand is huge!its a titanic task but Greater is he who is in us!I’m ready to bless Africa!I’m ready to be the change in africa!I’m ready to be the african son who brings hope to the hopeless!
    Viva Mavuno Viva,Viva Africa Viva!….
    @just a kairetu….if ure interested maybe u can join us in the project we working on!…..
    Thanks pastor M thanks Worship team!God bless ya!have a lovely day!


  16. Blessed to be a blessing gave me the answer to a question i have been struggling with for a long time. You see, no one has ever been able to explain to me why i should tithe. The answers i got were “because the bible says so”, i have always looked for a better explanation than that, that wasnt reason enuff for me. The other day my hubby asked me why i dont tithe, coz he does, and i told him its because i dont know why i should. I started looking for answers on the net and realized there is actually an ongoing debate about it. One of the sites i went to read and i quote “The tithe as taught by most Christian denominations as being 10 per cent of gross or net income is not contained on the pages of the Bible! The tithe is illegal. By illegal, I mean that God never authorized Christian leaders to take a tithe from Godโ€™s people. One will not find the modern church tithe authorized in the Old Covenant, nor in the New Covenant. Certainly, church historians are in agreement, when they say that tithing was not practiced by the early believers. The tithe is a subject that is very dear to most church leaders. Those denominations that can get their members to actually bring in a full 10% of gross income can create very powerful forces far beyond their strength in numbers.
    So Pastor M imagine my confusion by now until church yesterday. I have been so blessed in Mavuno church since i started attending from the beginning, and when you gave a history of how people gave and gave and the church grew and more and more people got blessed, it hit me, there lies the reasons for tithing and giving beyond the tithe. If no one gave at all, mavuno would not exist in the manner it does right now and sadly, i would not exist as i am today, i have a rich relationship with God and feel so blessed and I doubt that would have happened were it not for the church. Thanks Pastor m for explaining to me “indirectly” what tithing is. You sure are blessed to be a blessing to people like me.


  17. To all the fearless influencers in Mavuno.We celebrate you.

    Listening to the old mans tale was really really humbling. Yes, Its true that Knowing where we come from helps us understand where we are going.Indeed we have seen the Lords hand stretched out to harvest souls for Christ. My family and I joined Mavuno when Mavuno was preparing to lease the land.Infact that Sunday there was a pledge of Kshs. IM from a guy. (Jan 2008).Initially we felt a little lost…My husband suggested we go back to our former but found ourselves coming back.The rest is history.

    I could write a book about how God has blessed me and my family since then. All I can say is that to God be the glory.

    Having just completed mizizi, I came from the retreat a different person. I have often asked numerous questions about Mavuno and its vision before and I have felt that as I renewed my faith in Christ, I needed to allow God to use me to serve. Everything has been falling in place. I have been blessed to bless.

    My prayer is that God will reveal to me his plan in this part of the story.I have joined the race and I will run with the baton when its handed over to me. I look foward to the two day conference in June when we shall be discussing the 6 sectors of community that God wants us to serve. I also look forward to doing the school of prayer when it comes up.

    Finally I thank God for the heros who believed in this church and who have given abundanlty that we can have this experience.Thank for allowing God to use you.

    To God be all the glory.


  18. mimi hapa Says:

    I was in for both services, and the Holy spirit checked in so strong…for second service i was serving, and remember after I am a friend of God, yaani, there was like a wave that swept through the entire tent, it was almost tangible…
    I could not ask God for more than His presence,..mavuno, watch and see where God is about to place you, just watch!…this foundation is so deep, so so deep, so you can imagine the height of the building

    Blessed that is what we are


  19. All I can say after yesterday’s service is – TO GOD BE THE GLORY. May we be blessings to other as God continues to bless us. One thing I have realised is this. We call it hurt; God calls it Refinement, We call it impatience and unanswered prayer; God calls it Laying of the Foundation, we call it Success; God calls it Blessing. If we can get to understand all this then we will be living an abundant life doing what the Kingdom of God expects us to do while we have been given Life on Earth.


  20. I am blessed to be a blessing
    Whatever it takes,however long takes Lord have your way.I will remain steadfast and unwavering in my prayers,it doesn’t look like daybreak is around the corner but dear God not my will but yours be done.

    I am blessed to be a blessing


  21. I am new to Mavuno Church(2nd Month) and i must say sunday has become my favorite day of the week. I have always given offering to the church but never the amount that i should. Instead i look for a few coins…I understood the need to give and be a blessing to others as this is what God requires of us.I feel blessed in my current situation and i have so much to be greatful to God for.

    I’m struggling with my spirituality,im not saved and every time i hear the pastor asking for those who want to commit to Christ, deep in my heart i want to raise my hands and welcome him.But something holds me back, i don’t know what and i wish it would go away so i can enjoy life with Christ because when im in church, its the only time im at peace. Ordinarily im tormented, unhappy and yet i have so much in my life.

    I thank youfor your guidance and pray for God to continue working through you as you are truly a blessing to us.


  22. @ lady c, at the prayer tent u could find someone to agree with u in prayer for ur salvation and sign up for mizizi coz it answers alot of questions and u’ll be surrounded by ur classmates joyfully welcoming u into the family(as witnessed at the mizizi retreat several times).
    and even right now gal!!!!! u can welcome Jesus into ur heart.


  23. Hi Mavunites,

    Oh the praise & Worship was tremendous. We were created to worship God in all we do. I really enjoyed the Praise & worship & just being in the presence of Jehova. To just express myself to my Heavenly Father & to meet Him for the reason of coming to church is to minister to Him as He ministers to me in return (in search of God & His solutions to life issues).

    Oh how I pray that there can be more of this during Worship.

    The Lord shall not put His people to shame. Lives have been transformed in Mavuno & where will they go to, therefore He has no option but to provide a place of worship for His people.
    2 Samuel 7:10
    God shall fight this battle for you, servants of God.

    P.S.: Does Mavuno believe in speaking in tongues (infilling of the Holy Ghost)?
    I conquer with my bro, what about Holy Communion? I know it’s done in life groups but once in a a while Pst M as a church? Though I support you in your decisions as the Spiritual leader in what’s best for the church.


  24. Praise be to God!

    The worship experience on Sunday was amazing. I was among the mizizi graduates and I did not notice that the music was any different, was it? What I am sure of is that I was a CHANGED PERSON, for once I did not even look at the worship leaders or what they were doing ( I used to be a bit conservative and sometimes got shocked at the dancing styles) This time it was about me and God, I now understand that in worship we are the performers and God is the audience.


  25. church on sunday was truly a blessing. it was such a nice way to end the monthly series on man enough. God confirmed to me that he is a God who takes his children through a process and a journey. it was refreshing to learn how mavuno came to being and the sacrifices that people have made so that we can be where we are today. God is going to bless us but not for the sake of it but to be a blessing.
    For me Isaih 54- just confirmed that God is taking me to new level of increase despite the many false starts i have had in different areas of my life- am excited to be part of the generation that will impact Africa and indeed the world for God. God bless you pastor M.


  26. It remains my singular duty to thank the Mavuno pastoral team more specifically for the endurance during the hiatus travel, the distance covered to the present place of worship and the current Ministry. At the onset for the LLB degree holders seeking jobs and other job seekers, count your blessings as you traverse that transitional phase, looking forward to the placements, since for sure, your job is there and awaits you.

    I first came to Mavuno upon returning from abroad, at the invitation of my wife who had earlier been there and have never looked back. A number of sermons appeared tailored to suit my circumstances that I couldnt help hallucinating that perhaps the pastor had been in my neighbourhood severally just in preparation for my appearance on Sunday. As said earlier, the reality is articulated so perfectly in totality, not to mention Biblical refences to punctuate the sermons while coated with some humour to match.

    Enumerating the effectiveness of the delivered captivating messages and resultant impact in our lives, families, workplaces etc could continue endlessly without repeating any. Past serieses have left me looking forward and yearning for the subsequent ones which obviously comes with a scintillating vivacity full of new meaning. But most importantly has been the gesture of touching the lives of other people like in Mitumba slums, prisons etc which is also part of the worship.

    It was also pleasant listening to Pastor explaining why the kind of worship present seemed to exhibit a thin line between Church and the other side where for sure a number of us were previously immersed and which I will not mention. I imagine that at an opportune time, one will not be seen to be expecting too much, if a similar or related explanation on the mode of dressing is made, while reiterating that a delay or lack of it altogether could inferently lead into the unintended effect of the place being misjudged by especially those wishing to join.

    Once more thanks for the messages that have obviously continued to impact our lives and have inevitably been the genesis of the process that has underpin a strong foundation in our lives as we also seek to bless others.


  27. Dinah Kanake Says:

    Pastor M,

    Yesterday’s sermon was wonderful; as you said it, it is important to know your past. I have been so blessed by Mavuno cos I was those people who was so tired of religion. I joined mid last year and for real am totally different; I’ve learnt about personality, money, attitude, destiny, marriage, men etc ,and I can say my soul has been enriched by all this knowledge.

    What amazes me, is that I was taught by mere mortals, not super saints, but just kawaida people who chose to obey God and follow His will. I pray that one day I will have mega-sized faith like you all.

    All I can say is God bless and ‘Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am the life that was changed’. May he reward you, here on earth and in heaven. God bless.


  28. Who felt God in our presence jana more than I did! What? I finished my Mizizi and I wished every Sunday would have graduands. For those who have not done Mizizi, I promise money back (if any) on behalf of Mavuno if you are the same being after you graduate! Haki!


  29. Peter Kuria Says:

    I worship at Nairobi Baptist church, the grand Pa of Mavuno. I want to admit one thing; I have never seeing God being worshiped the way it was on Sunday 29th March.

    I thought for a moment; God must be smiling in heaven. It was real and more importantly to Mizizi and the School of Prayer graduates making a joyful noise to the Lord.
    Guys, God is real and I have seeing it; having graduated from School of prayer on Saturday, NBC class I came out of there with one conclusion after singing the song
    [I AM A FRIENGD OF GOD] that indeed I am! To a larger extent, I saw something that perplexed me, Pastor Simon Mbevi saying what the Holy Spirit was communicating to him.This is amazing and it has lifted my faith a notch higher. He (Simon) is truly a friend of God.

    God is real
    God has friends.



  30. Sunday was owesome,thanx pastor M for taking us through the mavuno journey,i joined while at the club and for sure i have witnessed the growth and thank God for it.
    Nothing was as timely and relevant to my life now than knowing that when God wants to build a tall building he digs a deeeeeeeeeeep foundation.This may not be fun coz it takes time and perserverance but there is hope.

    Blessed to bless,my motto for life.

    Thakyou Mavunites


  31. Rodricks Says:

    Praise be to God,
    Service was awesome. the retreat was just the bomb.
    thaks for the good work. indeed am blessed to be a blessing


  32. hey!im mojo…
    im so new at mavuno it tickles but wat makes me happiest is that it is here that the Lord(my dad, boyfriend,bestfriend and my everything) called me bak 2his perfect will. the mavuno journey was like a reflection of my life and how Jesus(sweety) came for me from my dark hole. i was lost, afraid, insecure, tired, ashamed but now….im a queen, a diamond a beacon of light….again.
    im only 20yrs old but ive fallen in love wit both God and man(a tender warrior, i hope we get married…giggle) but at twenty i have been taught by Jesus how 2 truly love ……loving God, me and others.
    im super jazzed…i hope ill join the youth ministry n grow with my peers..n sling and stone….so sad i missed greenhouse!
    by the way pastor M. i need a mentor pliz tell the lady pastors i need a church mom..ill be seated in the congregation listening 2 u read this out…lol(laugh out loud).
    all in all God is using mavuno 2 reclaim his people.this is exciting yet so sobering and thrilling…i love God…i love Mavuno(not the tent…but the people)…lol.and i love me!
    God bless you and enlarge your territories.

    PS:…passy did u jus read out my age…..?


  33. Miss Fab.I have been to some o the other chapel churches and I guess the policy at Mavuno is the same.Holy Communion is done in the small groups in the church,like Life Groups,or Ecclesias as they used to be called,and in the different classes in Mizizi. It is done in the general congregation once in a while on special occasions.Trust me,the Lord’s supper becomes really really amazingly special and intimate in those small groups because we get to speak blessings into each other’s lives personally as we partake of it.that was my first time to actually really tap into the spirit of the Lord’s supper…
    And in response to the question about speaking in tongues,yes.If it’s in the Bible,it’s truth.I never actually believed that those spiritual gifts were legit until I came to Mavuno coz I know people who would just babble and claim they were speaking in tongues in public then laugh about it in private.However,I did Mizizi last year and I saw real tongues being spoken.and it wasn’t chaos as it usually is when the tongues are fake.There was a purpose to it.I saw demons being cast out that wasn’t for show and i saw the person in question struggling so much with the ones who were casting the demon out that some people actually got hurt.and i saw the absolute transformation in that person once they were free.and i started to believe that there is such a thing as a Word coming from God when such a Word was spoken about someone who I actually know by Pastor S and John Hellon last year.
    That’s a whole realm of stuff I didn’t understand and even rejected yet it IS in the Bible because of all the fake I’ve seen.But now I know it’s real.and Pastor Amani said,though in passing,that where God is,there is no chaos.


  34. looking for a job sucks.
    is it just me, or did the Pastor pray for “people looking for job,” LAUGH, then pray again for people looking for a job. probably hallucinating, but that laugh has stuck in my head … it sounded so confident, so assured. Cant stop thinking that maybe Pastor saw someone getting a job when he prayed that prayer. And cant stop hoping that the someone he saw was me!
    ah well.


  35. Miss Fab Says:

    @Deanna- thanks for the enlightenment.

    I’m not part of a life group (SHOCK- I know!) mainly because of where I live and my lack of frequent and/or adequate transportation.

    But lemme ask one more time- are there any cool and happening life groups on the 119A route to Wangige?


  36. Princess Says:

    First the worship team….sunday was an amazing,amazing experience.The anointing was great!

    Pastor S, the man enough series was such a deep message that touched the roots of my very being.I am a chic but there are issues that i have had to deal with as a result of the whole series.Bless you alot! I also thank God for the series has raised the standard for all of us as a church beginning with me.

    Then talk of answered prayers. 2-3 weeks ago I was reading my bible and the scripture and message all around me that time was to give for the construction of the house of the Lord. I almost gave to another church that had that vision since i had no idea what was in the pipeline at Mavuno.Then Pastor M came right on time with the Mavuno story… has been an amazing journey for Mavuno and my spirit was challenged. so I decided and committed to begin building up for my first 1 million for the purchase of Bellevue and i want to start now. Pastor M, how do we do that?


  37. Hey guys,

    I’m also a Mizizi graduate and I am a completely different person, transformed to better fit His purpose for my life. I’m just here to encourage everyone to sign up for the next class and go on this amazing journey. Its not that all the answers are in the 10 week class, but rather, the class and facilitators help connect your heart to the Truth and ready you to be open to receive God’s will and purpose for your life.

    I am ready to be a fearless influencer of society!


  38. I want to thank MY DADDY in heaven for his tangible and palpable presence on 29th in the 1st service that I attended. Am a graduand oh HSOP and till today 2 days later I still feel the presence of God and now know what it means when God said ” I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”
    To God be the Glory! Mavuno Pastoral team you are indeed blessed and for sure you are blessing us!

    Whoever came for the services and left bila giving their life to CHRIST you are missing out and my heart bleeds for you. I pray that God convicts you to a point of total submission to salvation. You need to experience God’s love and Grace, go through Mizizi and HSOP.

    Mavuno you are blessed!


  39. @ Just a Kairetu, Reading your correspondence made me think of my sis who has been job hunting for 2 yrs now and I have seen how hard it has been for her, especially since, just like you, she knows what she wants to do and will not settle for less, may God open up the right doors for you both to live in accordance with His purpose.

    @ Wondering, thank you for your encouragement

    @ Afroman, my sis will def be interested in joining you, my email is, or how can I get her details to you?

    @ Frida and all those others looking for a job, hold on, God won’t give up on you, He’s able


  40. Hi Mavunites. Glory be to God The Most High! I am a graduand of Mizizi and till now am still under the positive spell of the weekend retreat. Man; Am awestruck. It was awesome. Let us join hands to give God all the Glory. Thank you to the pastoral team and all the facilitators for work well done. Your Daddy in heaven must be sooooo proud of u guys. I promise your effort will not go into waste. I couldnt help but feel a mixture of privilege and guilt. You mean someone somewhere worked so hard and am just here enjoying the comfort of Mavuno – That was after Pst. M took us thro the journey of Mavuno from the beginning. I pray that just as someone was blessed n blessed me in return, I will be a blessing to many and at the end of the day somebody will point at my lifeless body and say “She impacted society positively, She blessed many”


  41. for real Says:

    I am part of the group that left Nairobi chapel to plant mavuno. Though I know that story just hearing it from pastor M was totally entertaining and not to mention the deep spiritual lessons within the story. The greatest for me being patience and perseverance. If you are a lady above 30 and still single im sure you feel me when i say that it is not fun waiting. I kept wondering when my breakthrough will come even as I related to mavunos journey.

    Not to sound like I lack faith or im not appreciating the ‘deep foundation for a tall building” but i left church feeling………………how much longer and quite frankly – discouraged. I already feel so tired of waiting, imagining all that drama………Sorry guys im just keeping it real.


  42. Listening to pastor M narrate the story of how Mavuno came to be, I couldnโ€™t help but feel challenged by his tremendous faith to give beyond what he had. By the end of the sermon, one thing was clear for me: Itโ€™s time that I rose up and became a blessing to others!

    I feel privileged and blessed to be part of Mavuno Church and Iโ€™m lookin forward to serving in the green house ministry. Mizizi has been an incredibly amazing journey. Never in my entire life have I felt so close to God! Surely I count myself blessed. And I know that itโ€™s all in order that I may pay it forward and make a difference in someone else’s life.


  43. Hey, cn sm1 PLEASE PLEASE tell me when the next Mizizi classes are starting


  44. Queen Bee Says:

    I concur with those who blogged this week. I have also been feeling very challenged to start serving in teh church – wherever the church will tell me they need servants. God has spoken to me so clearly this week on that issue. I have been attending mavuno for this year and it has been such a blessing to my husband and I. We have invited several people, and even been downloading and buying the sermons for our friends. But God spoke so clearly on sunday that i should do more than that. So please just tell me where you shall need me to be of service…God continue blessing you


  45. @F.O.G – The next Mizizi classes should be starting on the 21st of April but the info will definitely be communicated in church! Looking forward to seeing you signed up!


  46. Today’s Verse from the New Living Translation

    “The people who had moved to Judah from Israel, and the people of Judah themselves, brought in the tithes of their cattle, sheep, and goats and a tithe of the things that had been dedicated to the LORD their God, and they piled them up in great heaps. They began piling them up in late spring, and the heaps continued to grow until early autumn. When Hezekiah and his officials came and saw these huge piles, they thanked the LORD and his people Israel!
    ‘Where did all this come from?’ Hezekiah asked the priests and Levites.
    And Azariah the high priest, from the family of Zadok, replied, ‘Since the people began bringing their gifts to the LORD’s Temple, we have had enough to eat and plenty to spare. The LORD has blessed his people, and all this is left over.'”

    โ€”2 Chronicles 31:6โ€“10
    view in context

    Encouragement for Today

    God’s economy does not depend on human markets. It depends on his people acting faithfully. Note well it was the people’s acts of giving that led to “enough to eat and plenty to spare.” If you’ve been tempted to quit giving due to financial stress, don’t! In faith, give of whatever God is giving to you, and watch him bless. His blessing brings “enough to eat and plenty to spare.” Operate on God’s economy, not the world’s.

    โ€”Diane Eble, author of Abundant Gifts: A Daybook of Grace-Filled Devotions

    This is not only true for finances…but of your time,love,praying for another,encouraging…etc


  47. @ kaje March 30, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    I really feel you & I promise to stand by you through out you journey and struggles as you have stood by me in my rocky spiritual journey. Am glad to have followed you down to Mavuno. I have gained a lot and my view of life has changed a lot especially after the ‘Man Enough’ series.

    For all Mavunites I wish to testify that this is a lady living the Mavuno spirit and is a blessing all those around her.

    Pastor ‘M’ , what a jewel you’ve got in your congregation.


  48. By the way Kaje introduced me to the Nairobi Chapel Family ‘5’ years ago, and then to Mavuno during the Belle Vue Launch service last year.


  49. hey guys tune in to power fm 91.1 pastor s is on!!!


  50. @ for real,

    Hey. I was feeling the same way, particularly in the first part of the service. When I realised it was extended worship, I wanted very much to just go back home. As the worship continued I caught on, thank God, but some part of me couldn’t help wondering if I was really worshipping or I was just getting carried away by the hype. Or if it was both, and if that was OK. Thank God though, for meeting me where I was.
    When Pastor Mureithi spoke, it was definitely a faith-building experience for me. I needed to hear that message particuarly after the Man Enough series. I felt raw, sore, bruised because all my defenses had been torn apart. On some days I would see hope, and on others total despair. Sunday was one of the bad days, and I left asking the questions you were – “how much longer? How much more prayer? I just want peace!” And also, the biological clock is not stopping to give me time to sort my crap out.
    I’m telling myself to keep remembering Pastor Simon’s prayer from Isaiah 54, that God is doing a new thing using small beginnings. And that the past is healed. It is true even if I don’t see it. But even as I hold on to that….
    Surrender is so bitter-sweet sometimes.


  51. ‘for real’ I feel you Kabisa in terms of waiting just turned 40 and still waiting but my encouragement as I begin the new season of my life and after the sunday service and graduating from mizizi is that the best is yet to come.
    This is a great age to be I’m more confident about who I am and what I want and after waiting this long for a jamaa for sure he’ll have to be a tender warrior and no compromise about that.
    I’m so excited about what God is going to do as I’m about to enter my promised land so watch this space because it will be a fabulous.

    Hang in there with all you’ve got coz it will be worth it “no retreat no surrender’


  52. Just sharing some verses i just read..made my spirit soar!
    Ephesians 3:17-21.
    so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge–that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.


  53. Heartfelt Says:

    Hi Mavunites! I’ve been quiet this week anticipating my departure (sob sob) shortly. In the month and a half I have been attending Mavuno, my life and perspectives have changed. God is very purposeful and precise and if for no other reason, He brought me here at the right time so I could learn and get set up for the rest of my life.

    Thank you to all who gave of all they could so I could have the priviledge of being at Mavuno at this time. Thank you to all who continue to carry the burden so someone else, just like me, can walk into church 10,20, years from now, and have their life transformed.

    As stated by a few people already, always give (of love, money, time) based on God’s word. Know that the God who supplies all our needs does so according to HIS riches in glory….not according to the NSE, NYSE or inflation rates. There’s a scripture that says cast your bread upon the waters and you shall find it after many days. Someone shared an illustration once that was very encouraging: Some of the tribes in the Bible were nomadic, and as they travelled with their cattle etc, they would come upon bountiful harvest and settle. In those days, they were advised to throw seeds into the river so after a year, etc, when there was no more food where they were, they would pick up their families and cattle, and move hundreds of miles downstream and guess what they would find somewhere along the way…the seed they cast into the river had flowed down, and taken root alongside the river, and here was a full blown harvest!! So they would stop there, enjoy the harvest, cast seed downstream…and so life went.

    Whatever you sow, know that at some point when you need something downstream, God will honor you and bring the provision.

    April 5th is my last Sunday @ Mavuno for a while. Keep praying for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in my life, as I pray for you. I will download the sermons and keep up so I can fit right back in when God brings me back.
    Thanks to all my blogging friends….Asha, Ciks, Simply Me…and everyone, all of you have enriched my life.

    Thank you pastors M & S and your families for allowing God to bless me through you.


  54. Hi heartfelt, we will miss you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but I know that God is elevating you to great things and I look forward to the praise reports when you are back because im sure you will be back! I will continue to hold you up in prayer and I wish you God’s grace, protection and abundant love on this journey! Be blessed!


  55. Thank you Pastor M and C, Pastor S and S, Pastor Linda and the 400 mavunites who gave, I am a life that was changed. May God bless you beyond your wildest imagination so that you can continue changing lives.

    “No one can go back and make a brand new start…….. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending…..”

    Unto God be all the Glory!!!!


  56. When you come into the big tent meeting where everything’s in place, it’s easy to take for granted the sacrifice of the people that worked with, prayed to and believed God to see what is today Mavuno. These guys were channels; I pray I’ll be one.


  57. Pastor M Says:

    @ Heartfelt, Bon Voyage. You were not here by coincidence! May God plant you in your new place and may you continue to be a blessing.

    @ For Real & all those others who are waiting on God, much grace to you. May God change your circumstances. But even more importantly, may He change you in the circumstances so that you become the person He is calling you to be (Philippians 4:11-13)


  58. Las Sunday, Church was just awesome. Pastor M’s narration of the Mavuno story was a great encouragement. I was in low and jet-lagged as I came to church but the Spirit would not let me max at home.

    I believe am one of the jobless people, God spoke to through Pastor M. The message on the importance of P.U.S.H was spot on. I needed the encouragement and the reminder to hold on and that when God wants to do something big He lays a deep foundation.

    Would you believe a friend invited me to join her for the evening service at Nairobi Baptist and the message was on PUSH too!? AM DEFINITELY HOLDING ON THOUGH ITS NOT EASY. Mavunites please pray for doors to open.


  59. The wknd is finaly here. See you all at church


  60. @ F.O.G how wil we see you in church if we don’t jua who you are?? Wear a name tage writted F.O.G ๐Ÿ™‚


  61. Last Born Says:

    Hi mavunites. it has trully been a week of blessing and of reminder that we are blessed to be a blessing. @heartfelt, we will miss you. hope you find a church that will continue to build u up. @ F.O.G look forward to meeting u at Mizizi, I believe God is calling us to a new period, a new anointing. oh maybe before if u wear that name tag lol!
    God bless u Pasi M and S. We are blessed to have y’all ministering to us. Baraka.


  62. Rodricks Says:

    F.O G,
    Just want to encourage you to Join MIZIZI. hope will see you in my class Gd willing.Pliz make sure you register on sunday at the info desk.
    be blessed guys


  63. @ bebi, am thnkn more than a name tag, maybe a tshirt lol,
    @ lastborn and rodricks, i signed up almst 3 wks ago yeah, i was that eager!! Cnt believe i stl hv a cpl of wks left to wait ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  64. @F.O.G… Good stuff! im looking forward to meeting you at Mizizi! the name tag will really come in handy ๐Ÿ™‚ expect the full encounter with God! you will not leave mizizi the same in Jesus name!!


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