Who’s Your Daddy?

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  1. shyx.... Says:

    it was a grand finale to the series on man enough and who is your daddy just did it fo me. for so log the seraching, the longing for affirmation, self-worth and just knowing who i am and becoming who i should be…was literally summarised in this month’s series. ….as a single diva alot i have gained …coming from mara(place of bitterness) as i come to a place of forgiveness when it came to father wound….and knowing what i should pray for in my future hubby in tender warrior and today who is your daady just giving me more for my present and future….i am so glad i went through this series and i will endevour to always affirm the men in my life to be the tender warriors and daddies that the heavenly father has called tem to be….
    PAstor S barakas mob……a better more enlightened and wiser diva you have let me be…..


  2. Pastor Simon, Your ministration over the last few weeks has been so timely. I don’t feel man enough for my wife. She constantly dresses me down & now I’m at the edge-I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. please pray.


  3. :):)Emily if you’re reading this,that was so inspirational it’s amazing.Trust me,there’s blessings a thousand fold in store for you for how you have put your son in God’s hands and done all that’s in your power to provide him with what he needs.I was welling up so much today I was afraid to blink lest my tears start falling out of control and I could see around me that I was one of the few who was actually in control of my tears.May God bless you abundantly and may Joshua grow up to be a tender warrior after Abba’s heart


  4. Simply me.. Says:

    Fantastic sermon, and might I add series? Wow! That’s all I can say, for God surely knows my name..


  5. Pastor S,
    It has been said a hundred and one times that mavuno does things in a real manner. I now say is more than reall in all they do. To start with, would lie to thank God for using Pastor S to remind us of the importance of knowing our real/biological fathers. Than God that Have grown up with mine and in a manner i cannot complain. The problems comes to my Son who have grown up not knowing his real dad and my dad(his grandy) as his father, i did not know that it means alot but today it has made me to thank my dad for being there for boy. Pastor S next time please remember to pray for people who never remain themselves after becoming mothers at teenage for it is worse situation than raising up the baby. It takes long to forget about the past but today have learnt to let go and let GOD.
    Let mavuno remain rocking for the sake of the generation to come. Praise be to God. Every Sunday people gor lecture and graduation in Mavuno Dome. God bless the Mavuno Campus including the Chancellor PS M.


  6. Heartfelt Says:

    “He knows my name”….that has to be one of my most touching worship songs of all time. I couldn’t sing past the first 2 lines without breaking down. All the while thinking….it doesn’t matter what has happened in my life….God knows my name! That’s special.

    I will wait for my prophet, the man who will speak life to me, and bless me, and release me so I can be all God created me to be. Thanks again pastor S for sharing your heart and blessing mine. Thanks also to Emily for sharing her story. I actually stood for my sister who is a single mum but isn’t here, and received the blessing for her and my nephew.

    Praise Report: After the bloggers prayed for my job situation earlier this week, I got a call Friday for an informal interview on Tuesday, March 24! Thank you and God Bless You! Keep praying.

    Have a wonderful week everyone!


  7. Emily, than you so much for having the courage to share your story in public what many including myself cannot do. It really reminded me of so much that i need to repent and shape up in life for some its only prayers and God’s strength to overcome. EEHH Bloggers please put me in prayers in this time that am looking for a job which have done for quite some time now. Have experience and work experience in IT,Admin and Logistics. Lets hope for God’s blessings in my situation. God bless us all the whole of this week. Amen


  8. Kudos pastor S! aki ur just one in a million n today i wished u were ma real daddy koz dat kud have been da most beautiful thing!i envy your kids…but i thank GOD because ur still ma daddy at mavuno..da whole series has left me weeping every sunday..yaani i just wish if every man kud be like u-da world kud be so so gud..ave neva been close to ma daddy n especially afta high school when we learnt that he wanted to have a “mpango wa kado”n as had a bitter confrontation that made him say very bad things to us bt i thank GOD dat plan b family dint work..ever since me n daddy r just thea,,,am not sure if i have his blessings or not but thanks pastor s 4 standing in da gap n showering all daughters of zion with blessins today..lyk da huge man u shared about i kan say…I KAN NOW LIVE!!!


  9. i 4got 2 put this…2 all da bloggers pls im trusting GOD 4 a new job at NGOs..pls pastor s n everyone pray with me..


  10. Prayerful Says:

    Pst S wow am so blessed that u r a pastor at the church God chose 4 me 2 go 2 wow wow the series has been such an eye opener it has made me examine myself and ask God 2 search me and heal me and its been so good i feel blessed and priviledged. Thank u Mavuno church


  11. Hi,
    Today’s sermon really touched me.I’m a chic and i have always had a very strained relationship with my dad,mostly because he was very strict while we were growing up and that made me be afraid of him and till today am still a bit uncomfortable around him.But thru all tht i now knw tht it’s better to have had him in my life than not have had him at all.Am thankful for what he is to me and i always look up to him. Thank you passie for opening my eyes to what others who have not had an opportunity to have what i have,go thru.I now have a new outlook on who my dad is to me.Thanks:-)


  12. He knows my name


  13. Dinah Kanake Says:

    Pastor S,

    This series has laid to rest quite a few issues in my life. The gender wars are over for me and Imagine I can now pronounce the word submission without dying. It can only be Jesus.
    God bless.


  14. hey pastor s this is my 3 sunday to attend mavuno and i must say that i am very touched by your sermons they always seem to get my tears flowing because what you talk about hits home. I have gone through much in my life. my father was absent from my life, i grew up with my aunty and her family all along thinking that they were my real family but shock on me i realised that they were not when i was about 9. suddenly comes this strange man into my life . . my real father who forces me to go for school holidays to his house where he has a househelp who molests my younger step brother infront of me and others, the same househelp brings her brother home when my dad is not there and tells me that he (the brother ) can have sex with me, my sister’s (those i grew up with) boyfriend molested me and my other sisters husband also molested me and i just realised during your sermon on tender warrior that it wasnt my fault. all along till about three sundays ago i thought that somehow it was me who led them on to molesting me.
    then i am a single parent to my son and am so afraid of him growing up without the steady hand of a father. . i grew up not knowing my real mother and coincidentallyn while in school i meet a girl who is my cousin from my real mothers side of the family and when i get a chance to start getting to know my real mother, my aunty who i live with forbids me then begins a huge tussle then my real mother dies then i wasnt allowed to go for the funeral .. . my life is just so mixed up and i really need your counsel. i have longed to find out why at times i feel so empty inside at times i just start crying for no apparent reason. am glad i found mavuno maybe now ican find peace


  15. For the longest time ever I have just had issues with the muziki…

    and so for the longest time (8 months) I would make it just in time for the sermon and as I have been asking God for understanding… and now I have completely understood.

    The month of March has found me so restless at the thought of missing the start of praise & worship… And out of the 3 of 4 Sundays this month, I have just found myself back for round 2 of Praise & Worship, its be so real, so deep, so much sense… Ogelea-ring in the presence of God!

    God bless you Mavuno worship team!


  16. @ Anne – I am so sorry for what you’ve been through.

    And it is ok to cry, it is the way that we relieve ourselves of the pain we feel inside and the way that we express our issues to God.

    I encourage you to go the prayer tent. I have shed so many tears in that place for so many months (including today) and God continues to speak His love to me. At the tent you will find someone to pray with you and counsel you too.

    You can also sign up for Mizizi… yaani I cannot explain the Mizizi experience but it will help you.

    My prayer for you Anne dear is that God will turn your mourning into dancing, that He will lift up your sorrow, that He turn your feeling of self worthlessness into self worth for you are made in His image, that He will turn your test into a testimony and your mess into a great message, that He will bless you and your baby, that He will give you such great relationships that will enable you to experience His love, that He will walk with you and you will never feel alone, that He will wipe away every tear in your eye and that on your face, He will put a smile.

    And as Pst S spoke to the women today, remember that you are beautiful and also remember that God is the ultimate and in Him there is life everlasting as in for real!.

    God be with you and I will commit you to prayer. Have a blessed and fulfilling week.


  17. Dated Insecure Man Says:

    Hi Pastor S

    Hi Bloggers

    It’s good I attended man enough, “Who’s your daddy” Earlier I didnt understand that a man’s relationship with his dad can affect his future relationship with his woman. We christians think that this cant happen to us cause we are saved. But I think we all need to address this issue for the sake of people we will relate with.

    I Just fellout with this guy who has been very insecure. We always had arguments; if I ever mentioned havn had a good time in any situation that any other man was involved, that included jobo, lifegroup even his own crew i.e When we hanging out with his boys & he happens to step out, if he comes back to the room and finds me laughing & havn a goodtime with them, he would have fits of jealous anger. At first I tried to avoid any of those situations just to make him at peace but I never seemed to dis enough pals or forfeight enough mpangos with my pals just to please him.

    Now I think he had dad issues, his dad deserted his mom when he was young, he is the only son of two siblings.

    After the sermon a thought just crossed my mind that maybe he had never dealt with dad issues.

    I think if men sorted these issues out, there would be less BROKEN HEARTS, even lesser single moms, less kids without dads. Instead a great generation of Men who are not afraid of challenges, committed to stand for their families, not too proud to ask help.

    As my pal said in lifegroup, if men become men enough the society would be sorted, cause it all starts with the man.

    I think


  18. Hi Pastor S, M and the whole Pastoral team. You guys are the best and a blessing in my life. Ever since I started coming to Mavuno I have been blest by the sermons that are so real and like wow! amazing. The MAN ENOUGH month for me has not been so much about my dad coz he’s the greatest guy ever, I thank God, but about the men who are still boys in my life and need to grow. My faev sermon this series was on TENDER WARRIOR and I thank God and Pastor S for showing me that I do not have to settle for less than what I am supposed to get but get the best that God has planned for me.

    Pastor S you were so right that there are still good men out there and I see lots of them at Mavuno, I believe this is because you guys are calling them out. Keep up the good work and I really can’t wait to hear what you have for the ladies one of these months. Wow!!!!!!!


  19. hi bloggers

    yesterday was my first time at Mavuno, and i think for me it was like finaly finding home. I enjoyed the service so much and regretted missing the other man-enough sermons on the previous sundays. Pastor S thank you for a beautiful sermon and for making me understand that even though i thot i didnt have it, i do have daddy issues, and i plan to work to resolve them finaly. Thank you mavuno members for making my Sunday.


  20. my wife and I are new to Kenya having recently moved to Nairobi, we tried out tow churches in close proximity of out neighbourhood ( Cos your Nairobi traffic is crazy) One weekend when I was out of the country my wife was invited to Mavuno by her Kenyan friend who she had met in Bermuda.

    Afte the service, she picked me up from the airport and was raving about this new church , called Mavuno, that was our demographic, vibrant , relevant and was on point with current issues and she said I would LOVE IT!

    Just to humour her I tagged along from the sermon from the Daddy woud through to “Who’s Your Daddy? ” and I can say I have not been excited about church like that in a LONG TIME , I loved every sermon and I feel blessed cos we are about to start a family and I feel like the whole series was speaking to US directly as in giving us a manual before we plug and play LOL!

    I am more enriched and encouraged to be a daddy and a tender warrior for my family and I bet all the dads in the congregation feel the same way.

    Thank you very much …Asante ( P/S could you also put sub titles on the songs for the benefit the non Ki Swahili congregation so we can learn)


  21. ” This is my son , whoI love and with whom I am well pleased”

    I have read that verse countless times but have never got the resonance with which the words came alive yesterday , it brought tears to my eyes, cos I finally comprehended why God had to say that to Jesus before he started his ministry…

    I also wanted to give a shout out to all the step Dad’s out there cos I was raised by a step Dad, this series just made me appreciate him and understand the impact he had in my life and my success. Step Dad or Step mom often has a negative connotation attached to it and I never liked to use the word Step Dad , but yesterday’s sermon brought out a new and beautiful connottation for me…. it means he stepped up and stepped in when my real father bailed out! I think I am gonna call him after this…


  22. Thnk you pastor s and mavuno.. The last series was so touching..couldnt
    control my tears during Emily’s testimony..Am so happy for joshua and hope that whatever paster s foresaw about him will be fulfilled as the boy becomes a father to many..
    I would like to thank mavuno so much for accepting pple the way they are..(the single mothers) the church i used to go to does not recognise them because according to them you are not supposed to have a baby out of wedlock..
    The first tyme i came to mavuno , it was just a by the way.. but afer listening to your preaching, a’ve never looked back..I went and told friends about mavuno who told their friends too n now about ten of my friends are mavunites…….


  23. was my fast visit to mavuno…its more than i had anticipated it to be, more that i had heard of. I missed the series but tapped in the last straw, the last drop and was as refreshing as taking in the whole deal. Pastor S you spoke directly to me… i’ve been looking for a church where i can get fellowship even in between the week. Fellowship with people who are not afraid to be real, not afraid to stand naked before God and not feel feel ashamed. do you know where i can get such?


  24. @anne

    Take it easy…take a day at a time.We as believers get affirmed by christ regardless of our past.He is our daddy!!!

    We thank God for having you around for the series.At times the valleys could look so..so..so… deep and the mountains too high to climb.

    I encourage you to allow God work on you so that one day HE may be glorified by what he will have done in your life…..In HIS on time all be be well.As we wait on him be assured of our prayers .

    I pray that God will make very EVERYHING beautiful in is own time in your life.

    Keep well.


  25. God answered my prayers when Pastor S prayed for single mums(am one by divorce) and have been single really since they were born even if we lived with their father.Pastor S, God bless you and thank you for even taking time out to pray for my children after the service.I dont have words to explain this weekend, on saturday had Prayer counseling for mizizi which was amazing and then service, God is truly GREAT and FAITHFUL.


  26. That was a great sermon Pastor Simon and great series too. From the series it is quite clear that we men in this generation go through a lot of issues in life, mainly which transcend from our upbringing and our relationship we had/or didnt have with our dads( or parents).

    Reflecting on these issues, it is also quite apparent that they are a source of the various social ills affecting our society today–Broken homes and failing relationships, corruption, frauds, growing marital infidelity, careless politics right down to our behaviour on the roads( overlappers mko?) I mean, the list can be endless..

    As a married man and a father of a beautiful daughter, i now know the clear effect and responsibility i have towards her and my wife, the society and country at large. The dream that you have Pastor Simon, i share it too, the dream that i believe can see a complete generational change. It shall begin today with me by totally submitting and yielding to the authority of God almighty. Truth be told, we need God and there’s surely no shortcut. I call upon other men to do the same. Oh God hear our cry and transform us, that we may be the kind of men you created us to be, the kind of men our women, children and country need and deserve. Lets go beyond our comfort zones and start that Chain Reaction.


  27. @ dated insecure man i so agree with you on the fact that if guys (both ladies and jamaas) were to deal with dad issues then the world would be a happier place with less broken hearts and more fulfilled people. I also dated this guy for 8 years and its unfortunate that he still doesn’t know God as much (he prays for his food and says God Bless) and last year we had a big fight that is yet to be resolved. I thank mavuno team for the sermons that make me a better person because I am at peace and nolonger insecure.Iknow that at the right time I will be found fulfilling my purpose and that SINGLEHOOD IS A GIFT. So dated insecure man unles this guy accepts God and deals with the issues bringing baggage then…….

    @heartfelt.. I feel you yaani that somg is like the best ever. Even when we feel like no one cares it just remonds us that we have a Father who know’s our names. For all tose dealing with daddy issues I think the song just sorts us out. Even when he doesn’t call, or come or do what he promises just remember “I HAVE A FATHER, HE KNOWS MY NAME, EVEN BEFORE TIME BEGAN”. Wow!!!! Inspirational


  28. @ Anne,

    God is able…God will give you back that which you lost in the wilderness…as a blogger said, please join Mizizi, your life will never be the same again.


    I am sorry about the situation in you home and i will pray for you. I know for a man it is also important for you to be affirmed by the women you love and being a woman i know, we sometimes fail and instead of encouraging and buliding up our men we tear them down. I know for a fact our Father in heaven is in the restoration business and He can restore your marriage. Take heart…you are man ENOUGH because GOD says so even if your wife does not think so…it starts with you! Believe it!

    Pastor S, as usual am bila words…you are a blessing to us esp me since i have gone through alot of healing and transformation as a result of the sermons i have heard by you! Totally amazing! I thank God for using you…


  29. my first visit to mavuno and the topic was very captivating. it helped me realise that i had a good daddy, not perfect but he did his best and i now thank God for giving him to me as a wonderful gift… thanx for being so real and relevant


  30. Hello Bloggers and Pastor S,

    That was my 3rd Sunday ever at Mavuno and I attended it with my boyfriend/fiance to be.
    We felt so much at home and my fiance actually considers that we make Mavuno our church.
    Kindly e-mail me how to join the pre-marital counseling as we would like to attend.



  31. Hi B

    You can register for pre- marital counseling at the info desk after service the next class are in May


    I am also sorry about the situation in you home we shall continue to uphold you in prayer, our Father in heaven is in the restoration business and He will restore your marriage.

    Pastor S Kudo’s and may the good Lord continue to bless you and your family richly

    Emily may God’s favour and victory be your portion
    I look forward to seeing Joshua prophecy come to pass in our generation


  32. Emily,
    thanks to you and your son for sharing your story. It was very brave of you to do that.
    You spoke to many single women and men giving encouragement and hope.
    I hope that there will be many more couples willing to share their lives with many more single women/men and their children. Every child needs a father/mother figure in their lives.
    I also hope that we can begin to remove the stereotypes that many people have about single women/men. Its a challenge to married couples.I f we are deeply rooted in faith and love there should be no fear. Remember Perfect loves casts out all fear.


  33. I balanced tears throuout the sermon. Especially when emily was sharing her story. Then when Joshua went to the stage, that did it for me, I just broke down and cried. I cried some more when the single mothers were asked to go forward with their children. The kids are so cute and so innocent. Pastor M said an honorable thing, Single women are not second class citizens in mavuno. I guess I felt this sermon coz I was raised by a single mum. It was not easy; let no one ever lie to you. I have had insecurity issues and have looked for love in all the wrong places.
    God has worked on me and is still working on me, He is healing and restoring me and making me complete.
    Thanks Mavuno for being relevant.


  34. it was an awesome series though i managed to attend the last one on who’s your daddy.Am a 21year old raised from a single home.My dad left us while i was still in nursery still couldnt understand what was happening at the time.Ma has raised us through n now am in campus.My heart is bitter and i dont feel like i’ll ever forgive him.I have lacked a father figure to let me know on what it means to be a man but nevertheless, I thank God N PRAY that He makes me a father someday n for sure iwont want my kids raised fatherless.Thanks for the series and i look forward to the next series.God bless.


  35. Thanks Mavuno for the lovely series.I have been raised by a single mom n my dad left us while i was in nursery.Mama hassled to take us through schooling n now am in Private university.Fathers occupy a pivotal role in a chil’s life and tho i lacked that…tho i lacked the father figure to tell me all about being a man…i have vowed with GOD’s grace that someday..when am a dad, my kids will never experience violence but love and care that i never got.After all my bitterness, Dad i forgive you wherever you are..n choose to move.Thanks Pastor M. for praying for all the single women in the congregation indeed mavuno is acongregation of real people,real lives all purposed to extraordinary lives…


  36. destinee Says:

    hi everyone,
    is there anyone living in Kisumu that would like to do Harvest School of Prayer. call me-0729-489-743


  37. Chepsengény Says:

    Thanks to the entire Pastoral team at Mavuno. I have been attending Mavuno since January and I have been really blessed!!The whole series on man enough has just been an eye opener for me. I have had the privilege of having a dad who has been there the whole time, in fact he is my hero and when I have kids hopefully some day soon then I want them to experience the same love and dedication from me as well. This series has just taught me to be grateful for the blessings God has bestowed upon me and our whole family…I have also known how to pray and counsel my friends who are from broken homes.
    @Emily – Thank you for the courage to tell the whole church your experience, it was not in vain. Many people have been encouraged and exhorted. God bless you and your son Joshua!!


  38. Last Born Says:

    Pastor S and M, I have been coming to Mavuno the last abt 6 weeks and I have never been to any church where I am moved to tears every sunday. Every sermon you have preached has been a blessing. I thank you for reminding us that we are beautiful no matter what people have or have not said to us. This months sermons have helped me to be greatful to my father who has loved and supported me through out. God bless you as you and the entire pastoral team at mavuno.


  39. Hi mavunites,
    The service for who is daddy really touched me a lot coz since then i just reflected on it. As Pstr S was saying how you look up to your father on many things its so true so if your Daddy treats you well it impacts on your life emotionally.

    I had a perfect daddy up until he started using ‘abusive’ language so i call it on us. He used to call us dense if u did not do something correctly or pass a test and tell it to his friends in front of us how dense we are. That really affected us especially my younger siblings. For me i always fought him by proving to him that am not dense, but i had got better part of me as a teenager. Mum would ask him not to call us that but he never used to stop because she saw how it affected our life. On e day i confronted him and told him to stop coz i saw how it had affected my siblings performance in sch. and we became enemies. Things started getting worse…………. When he passed on the communication between me and him was bad because i can say we were not talking more than two sentences. Up to today i really get stresed over it n hope that things were better with my daddy and i vowed that i will never be anything like my daddy, until at times i feel like i strain my relationship with my fiance a lot.

    I think up until you can deal with who your daddy life is/was is when you can atleast understand much about your life.

    To all fathers/mothers out thea plizzzzz i ask of you be good parents to your chilldren because who you are will impact a lot in their life.

    Cheers guyz!!


  40. Thank you Mavuno for a wonderful series, it has been more than a blessing! My father has been absent for as long as I can remember…working long hours and always out of the country. I will be honest and say that I always felt more at ease when he was not around as he was a perfectionist with a very short temper. I’ve been so angry at him for the things he used to say that still ring in my head even today, but i thank God for this series because I am able to forgive, i am able to pick the phone and not be afraid that he will say something to hurt my feelings. ‘Daddy I love you and I forgive you for…..’Father, please give me the courage to tell him as plainly as I have said it on the blog.
    @Emily- u drove me to tears, u helped so many out there! May God bless both you and Joshua!


  41. I bet I understand what it feels like Lady D. But though things have been tough for me too, I chose to believe that no matter what happens in my life, He understands why, and He knows best when to make me smile and how… He is the best Daddy we could ever have… Our God.

    I was born out of wedlock. My mum got married 3years later to my step dad. I guess they enjoyed life without me and when I left my grandparents home to live with them, havoc started. My dad would mistreat me. When I was in class 3, my mum would go on friday after work to a far of town to do business. I was left to look after my 3siblings until sunday evening. At times after a day playing, we would doze off without cooking, and dad would come in between 1am and 3am drunk… He would beat me up and throw me outside for about an hour… This caused me to be so fearful… I hate darkness. I fear darkness. As though it wasn’t enough, a number of times, he has tried to suggest Other things, but I always put him off. I prayed to God that He would protect me, and for sure no matter how many times he tried, It was all in vain. I tried talking to my mum, but she could not believe me. She blamed me instead and hated me for that. I would receive thorough beatings for a small mistake I committed. I feared my parents. I would run away to my grandparents and they would fetch me with a promise not to repeat it… only to do it again…

    This affected me in so many ways, including my education, I never performed as I expected coz I was so stressed all the time, even in college… I did a Diploma in IT, which up to date has not really helped me. I wanted to do Music or Mass Communication, but none have I done to date…

    When I got saved in class 8, my mum would beat me up because I went to church. That was the only place I got refuge from. The church members helped me grow spiritually…

    Today we are in a better relationship with my mum,my mum believed me, and she surely believes me when I tell her am a virgin. She fights for me when others are against me. My dad has blessed my relationship with my Luo fiancée(am kikuyu). But I haven’t forgotten the pain in my heart. I have tried many times to forgive him, I love my parents so much, but I haven’t forgotten the pain…

    Today my life is horrible, with a lot lacking… I get jobs and then they just end soon enough to know there is a spiritual problem and not just a coincidence… I am looking for a job right now… I don’t know what will happen next…

    I have been in a relationship for almost six years, but my parents in-law to be have rejected me because am kikuyu and he is luo… My fiancé has problems with his dad because he has stood with his decision of marrying me… His dad has vowed not to bless us… We want to get married in dec… Pastor Mbevi, I am not giving up… I do not know how, but am assured and am certain in my heart, that God is coming to solve this issue… But before this day comes, I need ur help. I need to know how to deal with my daddy issues… I need to resolve my issues coz I can’t bare carrying this load to the other side of the bridge (marriage)


  42. Emily,
    Your real life story really touched my heart.

    My late “old man” who passed on in 1998 was one of the few guys who I can say shaped my life positively.He was not only my Hero but also my mentor and buddy….as in we could comfortably talk about any topic…..and I mean any…with him.He believed in ‘Total Positive Thinking’,which I still hold as my personal creed.

    As life goes on,I have realized that I have a major influence on young boys,my peers and even older men…

    Nevertheless, my question is;
    since I do not have sons of my own ..I have two daughters…. And yet I would like to disseminate what I have learn t with time…. how would the society judge me if I start mentoring/influencing son(s) from single families in a bigger way yet am not saved?

    Whom would I say am doing it as?Will people start questioning my moral authority?

    Or would it it be like the beginning of fights with my wife?

    Or would it cause friction between our families?

    Is there any right method of doing it|?

    If you been through it, I will appreciate your comments on the way forward….no more pinkness.



  43. As I mentioned earl


  44. man enough Says:

    I am a 26 year old man. MY “DADdy” IS A FEROCIOUS RUTHLESS MONSTER, the tender worrior is MY MOM who is both a real mom and a real dad 2 me. The song by Kanji mbugua.. am just a man.. is a preview of the kind of life this monster took us through and how he hurled curses 2 us. My mom however, stook 2 the relationship 4 our sake. I have never related with this beast ever since i was 12 years. This became worse wen i stood up to protect my mom from being battered by this animal. He knew i would go at any length to protect my mom, including geting physical with him or even take him 2 court. Having gone thru the whole sermon my question is..
    By not forgiving this beast does it mean my life will be a replica of his?
    Is prayer alone sufficient to undo the curses (i prayed with my mizizites on saturday at the dome )


  45. Daddy's Little gal Says:

    Hey good ppl,
    I need to know how i can get the sax player’s music online.
    Now..on to the sermon…
    Emily,thanks 4sharing really.I relate so much with ur son coz I got saved wen in class one but i re-affirmed it wen i was in class 3.
    My mum got saved in ’97 after seein how my life had changed and thus she wanted the same for herself…and u ask how i know this?Well,she told me.
    Nwe,she gave birth 2me wen she was 21.She neva qiute new how 2expalin 2me y i dint have a dad like the ‘normal’ kids or wea he was in the 1st place!And so like any other mum in such a fix…she went on 2tell me th@ my father was in heaven and th@ his name was God.
    Now,i can go on tell u th@ I took this quite literally in the sense th@ i xpected God 2do all those things th@ I see my friends dads do 4 them.But since I had learnt in ‘Kids Church’ as it was called in the Church wea i got my strong foundation from,th@ prayer was talking and listenin 2God i would talk 2Him and then keep quiet and w8 4Him 2talk 2me in reply.This went on 4a while until one day i got mad and told God,in all my naiveness,that i wont leave my room untill He says something in response!!!!And well,bliv it or not…He did speak & affirmed His love 4me both as a dad and as a friend.I av neva 4goten the xperience coz then i knew mum was not lying 2me and th@ really i did av a dad who somehow and 4some reasons best known 2 Him and probably mum,i could not xactly see Him.But 4me,th@ didnt quite matter coz atleast He was communicatin unlike B4.But really,i bet u th@ God has a way of reachin out 2us as individuals @ our own levels.
    Nwe,bottom point is th@ eva since then,I av neva let go of Him coz He has continued 2speak 2me and has revealed so much as well th@ I can tell u th@ u cant fully understand some things unless u allow God 2reveal 2u.
    Give daddy a chance…He is waiting 2have a one-on-one relationship with YOU 🙂


  46. Accolades to Pastor Simon for the sermon that addressed the reality in totality, raising the ego of some fathers and obviously puncturing others. I couldnt agree any more with the sermon and have thought of adding my voice to the many voices, obviously but not sure whether this note will be picked out cognisant of the rule of averages. I was brought up in a complete family where dad who had abundant resources did for us everything to the envy of the neighbours and relatives. However, because of his authoritative tendencies towards us sons, it became difficlult to cope. This was compounded further when we became adults with families and obviously started admiring his vast economic empire. According to him, we didnt derserve anything since we all had University education and jobs and that he did not inherit the empire from our grandfather.

    This alienated us from him during adulthood and kind of forgot how hard he had worked to raise all the eight of us who have a minumum of University education. This made us keep a distance and rarely visited him in the rural area. While on official duty abroad, was informed that dad was admitted in hospital suffering from effects of a road accident that had occured five years earlier. By the time I came back and got to the Hospital, he was in his last days and even talking was a problem. While I was away to look for an alternative hospital, he passed away.

    This disturbed me so much considering that I still needed him. However, after the last sermon, I got relieved that my dad went to be with his maker and one day I will unite with him. For those of you in similar situations, God has a purpose for everything including your coming to Mavuno to listen to the wonderful sermons that heal all souls. Keep up pastor.


  47. It’s been an excellent and amazing month. I feel understood, nurtured and uplifted. I guess (even though that probably was not the intention) that I’ve always looked for confirmation that my distrust, maybe even fear, of men was justified. Hearing what role a father is supposed to play and the need for father figures in the calling out of manhood or womanhood in a child somehow did that for me. It was OK that I was mad! But it isn’t about me, is it?:-) No, it is about Jesus and his plan for me, the purpose for which he created me.
    I’d given up on the idea of “real” men – I didn’t know what that looked like and I didn’t care to find out. I was a “blue” woman and proud of it. I knew where I was going, and even though I had nagging doubts in moments when I allowed myself to be quiet, I was getting there, without a man.
    Now I find myself teacheable – I’m ready to learn, ready to give men space, to find out who they are and where God is taking them. I am also very fearful – I’m afraid I’m so set in my ways that even when I have all this knowledge, I’ll still somehow push away or put off good men, as I’ve done in the past. And really, what excuse will I have, being at Mavuno which is overflowing with them:-) (at least going by what dudes say about themselves on the blog-LOL)
    Thank you for that prayer, Pastor Simon. Perhaps I just need to keep rehearsing those truths, soaking them into my depths, until I find release.
    But this is not a story of woe – not at all. It is a story of rebirth, of finding out what I am not (supposed to be) so that I can embrace who I am. Of finding peace at Jesus’ feet while he heals me of my anger, contempt and sorrow. Of forgiving myself for many dreadful things I have said to many good men, even though I thought I was being funny. How I wish I could take those back! And of trusting that he has already began to remake me so that I reflect him more and more, and I am useful to his kingdom work.
    I thank God for my substitute father, and the woman he’s sent me who is a wonderful model of a wife and mother – one that I could respect even then. I met both of them through my then church, and even though I appreciated them, I didn’t realise how important they are, what a blessing they are. I am committing myself to those relationships anew.
    There is a guy (Simply me?) who keeps talking about a triangle, with God on top and a man and woman drawing closer to each other as they draw closer to God. Dare I hope for such a love? It boggles the mind.
    God is so gracious – he truly gives beauty for ashes. And he is my daddy.


  48. hi guys, am looking for the book. 21 day fast: 21 days that will revolutionise your life. Its a purple book. I’ve looked all over for it. Please help. Thanks n God bless u all for inspiration and keeping it real.


  49. Emily, you are a star! you stood up and spoke for all of us – single parents. I relate with you fully. I only got to hear bits of your testimony because i was in the mustard seed class with the 2 year olds. I got tot he main chrch in time for the prayers for single parents — although I did not go to the front, i stood at the back and received the waves and felt good inside to know that my church has a place for me … there are places that we do not feature anywhere ( i mean single parents – the never-married-type)I am not nly a single parent but an adoptive one too. I took in my baby when she was 6 months old and will soon be three. it has not been smooth – we have had our share of sleepless nights and all. I have the support i need from my family and friend… and my brothers are always there for my daughter and are able to give her all the fatherly favors she needs. My greatest fear will be when i have to tell her her story… the other in the playgroup a child asked me if my baby had a daddy and i froze for sometime and said, ‘yes of course, why do you ask?’ she said, my daddy went to be with the lord… and i could not hold back my tears, i hugged the child and said a little prayer for her and my daughter – that they they be strong enough to speak for themselves. Mavuno has been my/our church since last year and we enjoy eveyry bit of it.
    I am at home in Mavuno and would lilke to be more involved and to serve. I have found a home and a solace. Also, i too have been messed up by men – my father denied me before i was born and my mother married the man who brought us up… was never there for us and we have never had a relationship… and i dont really trust men and am afraid to even committing to one. i had a relationship for many years that ended badly …
    I would like to join a prayer group or the parenting class.


  50. Christian Gal Says:

    @ Joy
    I would just like to encourage you, from your story, i can tell that you have been through a lot of stressful situaitons and heartache especially from your family, who are supposed to be your protection.

    I totally identify cos for a very long time things were not looking good at all for me.
    My turnaround came when I made the decision to live in the Now; to live my life each new day and bury my past. I didn’t want to live my life like Lot’s wife who looked back and turned into a pillar of salt .I want to find myself, enjoy life, find my talents and pursue my passions, I want to be the best girlfriend/wife ever , the best mum etc.

    The best advice I can give you is to talk to God about it, and reach into your past one last time and deal with these emotions. Talk to one of the prayer counsellors after church, but most importantly talk to your Creator. You know, life can be very cruel; I have been thorugh lots of issues, most of them undeserved, but if you start to pity yourself like I did many years ago, the baggage will pull you back and you will never make progress.

    About the many jobs, if you could read my resume, I have worked in about 4 different places, and the endings were not very nice, because people would get promotions after using me to climb the ladder. I was also a bit immature because I would bring my personal life to the office and tell people about my problems and they would trun around and use it against me. So, maybe you need to sit down with someone who is in Human Resources and just find out what it takes to survive in the work place. The funny thing is that ,now, employers regard my different jobs as lots of experience, so it worked out in the end.

    Take that Diploma in IT and run with it, be the best you can be, and later on in life you will have the choice to do what you please. I have discovererd that its not at all points of your life that you will be doing what you want ; at times it may just be bread and butter on your table. I was also reading somewhere that at times your job may be the ticket to helping you fulfil your activities outside work.

    So, now that you have the time, use it to reflect on your life with a positive focus for the future. Its all in your hands and I believe you can. God bless.


  51. Hi Blogers!!
    i thought i had issues but yaani i know that mine are just small stuff! i am a month old @ mavuno and proud to say i feel @ home, i just loved the man enough series as i am currently creating my own identity ama a young man who will be GREAT influeser! i have father issues as i have now understood it and dont complain or blame his cz i have realised that doing so actually damages me! i come to mavuno for church and for spiritual growth not the peaple!! i feel i so identify with this church and actually identify with it ! i hope to bring my friends to mavuno so dat they can be touched like i have! wats the next series i hope its on ladies to ensure they meet tender warriors cz we are here



  52. Pastor S,

    God bless you so abundantly. That was a phenomenal series.

    Is there any way we can get the words of the blessings you did for us single mums and our children??


  53. Catherine Says:

    SOS SOS SOS….again

    I’ve just heard from my bro. He had a court appearance today. The judge has refused cash bail and will only accept 500,000 cash or a title deed or log book worth not less than 300,000. If not he’ll have to be booked till further notice. We need a miracle. My bro and his lawyer are trying to see if the judge will accept to defer the case till next week to give us time to come up with the requirements. If there’s a God in heaven we need Him now. I don’t want my bro to be put in jail 😦


  54. Hi Pastor Simon,
    I must say that you managed with just 4 series to touch on an issue that has been bedeviling our society for so long. I am a single parent and believe me I never planned on being one because I was raised in a single parent home and I saw how my mum struggled to raise us and provide for us. I also know what it feels like to wonder where my other half comes from as I only knew about the half that is my mother. My son is the apple of my eye and a blessing to me and my family. I do intend to get my son a father figure who will be his mentor and who will call him out when the time comes for I know for sure that he is destined for great things. God has been there for both of us and has blessed us in ways I can’t even begin to explain. My son has a father in Him. Thank you for making single mamas feel loved and welcome in God’s kingdom. I hope the next series will talk about how to raise children in a single parent home for those who are born in one as well as mother issues because there are those of us who have those too. Thank you for being such a blessing to me.


  55. @man enough – thx for expressing self.
    I do understand what you feel about your dad.. remember, forgiveness is more about you than about him. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness, but u deserve release. Forgiveness is spelt r-e-l-e-a-s-e! Let go, and let God heal you. True, to hold on to the bile is to stand a good chance of hurting others just like he did. Make the decision to release all da bitterness and hate, and you will walk in freedom. Deny him the luxury of holding you in captivity thru unforgiveness. God sees, feels you, and is able to heal you if you let him. Give up the right to being angry, and receive God’s healing. Praying with u man. Be man enough and do the right thing for u!


  56. @ Catherine, I am with you! Have said a prayer and trusting that the Lord will show himself strong and cause his will to be done. Hang in there girl.


  57. Catherine Says:

    @Ciks….thanks sana. Right now my faith is dangerously low. But God has given us a lease of life kidogo…my bro has been given another cash bail to allow him to look for surety…he’s to go back on Friday. I keep worrying about what will happen if he doesn’t manage to get surety. Thanks for praying.

    @all…sorry to break the flow on the sermon comments. I just didn’t know how else to get word out quickly. For those who know my bro….he’s a really decent young man….if he lands in jail I don’t know what that will do to him or his future….but I guess God is in control and He’s working things somehow.


  58. destinee Says:

    @ Catherine. have also prayed and will continue to. God is an ever present help in time of trouble-He needs to come through, we have no other plan


  59. Heartfelt Says:

    @ Catherine and all the other people dealing with something this week, here’s a little mid-week encouragement.


    “Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you…I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand…”
    (Isaiah 41:10, AMP)

    Is there something in your life that feels beyond your control? If you’re tempted to get discouraged, remember, as a believer, God is holding you in the palm of His hand. There is nothing too difficult, nothing too impossible, nothing beyond His ability. When God holds you in His hand, you are safe. You are cared for. In His hand, there is victory. In His hand, there is strength. In His hand, there is provision. In His hand is everything you need.

    No matter what you may be going through today, you can trust that God is for you. Instead of getting down and depressed over your circumstances, look up and get a vision of God turning that situation around. Get a vision of His favor, promotion, and increase in your life. As you stand in faith, you’ll see those supernatural breaks that will launch you further ahead than you ever thought possible! Remember, He holds you in His victorious right hand!

    Father in heaven, thank You for helping me and holding me in Your victorious right hand. I choose to trust You even when things don’t make sense, even when things seem beyond my control. I release my cares to You knowing that You work all things together for my good. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


  60. Simply me.. Says:

    @ Catherine,

    Fear not, for God is in control. I’m also interceding for your bro. Nothing is too difficult for God. He’ll sort out this situation your bro is in, for the Glory of His name. He exalts Himself in such “difficult” situations. That’s His profession. All shall be well. Be encouraged.

    @ Hearfelt,

    How did your informal interview go? Your Daddy in heaven is taking care of it for you as well. We shall soon hear shouts of joy and victory resounding in the tents of the righteous of the Lord! Amen.


  61. @ Catherine,

    I’m with you in prayer. I’m trying to imagine the stress of being in that situation…I’m in prayer. Like others have said, God is in control, so let us lift up our eyes unto the hills, where our help comes from. Our help comes from you, O Lord.


  62. HURRAY FOR ME… i must congratulate myself for this. i’ve been meaning to blog for so long but i always remember when one of the Pastors starts to talk about the blog on sunday.. so allow me to pat myself on the back while i type with one hand..he he!! on a more serious note, this series has been something i have thought of for a while, i’ve been asking myself, where are the real men, what has happened to jamaaz. men have lost their confidence, ladies are doing everything from working to bring money to fixing the taps at home… WHERE ARE THE MEN?? but this series has really got me to start with myself, am i man enough, am i doing my part!! do the people around me see the man God made me to be.. do they see a real man, or a woos.. this is a series that should be carried out nation-wide!! this series challenges us to start with the ‘man in the mirror’ (to quote MJ) and see what things we need to do to be that man, if each of us does that then we build a church, then a community then a city then nation, then a continent… of men who are REAL MAN!! and not just MALE!!
    so i am starting with me, i am a REAL MAN, AND I AM STANDING!! will other men stand with me!!!


  63. Hello people,

    Glad to see the inspiration revolving around here coming from the sermon about we MEN!
    I believe I am a tender warrior with all the qualities as given by Pastor S in the last before last.
    I am in a predicament. I am a sinner and I have repented to the Almighty and asked him to forgive me and give me direction.
    I have recently learnt that my ex-girlfriend is expecting my child and my current girlfriend is also expecting my child.
    I’d so much want to be there for both of the mum’s and both of the children.
    I am praying for intervention from God and asking the bloggers and Mavunites to pray for me to be able to handle this thing that I got myself into, to be there for both my kids and their mothers too without causing a rift.
    The way it looks, the mum’s are likely to hate me and I may end up with none.
    The kids are my responsibility! I admit to that and I would not want them to hate or dislike me in future.
    Maombi tele naomba!

    God bless you all!


  64. Batholomew Says:

    Pastor S,

    Thankyou for a wonderful God-led series on MAN ENOUGH.

    At the beginning of this month i decided to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ and to start making every effort to attend church services. Thats when i got the invite to come to Mavuno. And what a better way than to return to be tought on how to be Man Enough!

    I was brought up by born-again parents. As i was growing up i thought i had the most boring and “backward” parents in the whole world. But with time i began seeing how by being truely born again, my parents had protected us from a lot of problems. Going through this series had just made me realise and appreciate what a tender worrior my late dad was and how much of a blessing he had been.

    Actually after the service on TENDER WORROIR i looked my uncle (who was my dad’s best friend) and told him what a wonderful father he has been to his family and ours too, since has always been there for our family since the passing of our dad.

    I am beginnng to appreciate that by being a tender worrior, by praying, rebuking us and giving us words of wisdom, my dad had protected us from FATHER WOUNDS and was actually calling us out to be the men that me and my brothers now are.

    I am beginning to see that by men being real men, being tender worriors, being connected to the Heavenly Father, being true friends… is the only way healing can come to our families and society as a whole. One blogger (a lady) said that it all starts with us men. Though hurting… i have to completely agree with her. It all starts with us men becoming REAL MEN. Us men being MEN ENOUGH. and the women will follow suit.

    Pastor S i would like you to consider a repeat of this series probably sometime in the year, so that this issues can completely sink in. So that at that later date all of us men can re-evaluate ourselves to see if there is progress and what challenges we face. I would also like you to consider capturing your words of wisdom in a book so that this series can also be out there for reference and for others to read.

    May God continue to bless you Pastor S and M and all others that have given their lives to ministry at Mavuno Church.

    Kind Regards.


  65. @ Catherine… ur welcome 🙂 Your brother is not forgotten! God knows his name! and he will come through! I discovered yesterday at SOP that I know him and I know he is a great man of God. be encouraged and as heartfelt said, leave everything at his feet. I am standing with your family in prayer and asking God to give you his peace and gladness even in this circumstance.

    @ King… God is in the business of transformation and he doesn’t condemn. Be encouraged that he knows your situation and that you are not alone. he will be exalted in this too! Hang in there, im praying for you.

    @heartfelt… thanks for the encouragement! I really needed to hear/read that! I pray that your interview went well and we will hear a wonderful testimony soon 🙂


  66. Catherine Says:

    @Destinee, Heartfelt, Simply me, Sue….thank you for your prayers and encouragement. It is prayers that have been sustaining us. Let me give an update of what has happened so far.
    God is soooo good. Yesterday we saw His divine intervention……despite my lack of faith. I thank God for all who were praying yesterday coz for real it was God who intervened. My bro had been given upto 2 p.m. yesterday to give a surety of 300,000 in form of a log book or title deed or cash bond of 500,000 (his plea hearing had been before 12). Needless to say this was mission impossible. My mum was with him and she kept praying and petitioning heaven. There were 4 other friends of my bro who had gone to encourage him. The magistrate had refused cash bail and was adamant that the only way my bro was going to be released yesterday is if he produced the surety or bond. So now at 2 p.m. when they went back my bro was so low and he had given up hope and was giving out his watch and other personal effects coz for sure he knew he was going in. My mum removed anointing oil in the court and started interceding. The other friends started praying too. Another lady, a total stranger, started praying for my mum when she saw her praying. When it was my bro’s turn my mum told him it would be well. The lawyer and prosecutor broke into an argument and my mum was just praying not caring that she was in court. Then out of the blue the judge said cash bail of 50,000 and instructed my bro goes back on Friday (tomorrow) with the surety. My mum just broke out into praising God and then she was slain by the spirit (yes you read correctly….slain by the spirit). The magistrate had never seen such drama in his court so he stopped all proceedings and went to his chambers (I think he thought my mum had died or something). My bro went and got the previous cash bail of 30,000 and then added 20,000 and then he paid. While he was paying, another lady with a child was about to be put in coz she couldn’t afford 1,000 and my bro paid for her to be released. Then there was a young man who was also going to be put in coz he couldn’t pay 100 and my bro paid for him too. My bro really is a decent man. Everyone arrived back in Nairobi safely and we are just praising God. So tomorrow my bro needs to be back in Eldama Ravine in court at 8 am and he needs to go with a bond of 300,000 or above (the bond we’re looking for is a log book for a car worth this amount) and in addition the owner of the car has to be there with the car and a sales agreement showing the value of the car. So that’s the urgent prayer need we have right now. Thank you all for standing with us in prayer. God has proved He can make a way and we continue to trust Him to make a way for tomorrow. God bless you all.

    P.s. Please pray for all those who have been imprisoned coz they had no one to defend them or even pay for them the fines imposed on them coz they are many and they honestly don’t deserve to be in.


  67. Pst. S,
    this has been an amazing month. Thank you for letting God use you for a time such as this to minister to this generation. The testimonies here are an encouragement of God’s grace, mercy and love for us.
    Yesterday’s Gideons’s Torch was awesome!!!! Still over the moon esp with brothers giving their lives to Christ.

    @King, it is well, God is in control,let Him take over. Praying for you.

    Am a real MAN, NOT pink but a tender warrior. I stand up to be counted


  68. Pastor S, thanks again for an awesome sermon, I’ve not been able to attend the whole series this month, (will have to get the DVD) but I’m so grateful that you have reminded me and I’m sure many men to step up to the plate and be the men that God called us out to be.
    As a result of the Fether wound sermon I made peace with my dad and even though he did not apologise for anything, actually I do realise that I never expected him to,I for the first time in my life finally let it go of the hurt and pain and are now embracing life without ‘daddy baggage’.
    Thanks again and may God bless you in mighty ways


  69. Pastor S,

    I simply have no words to express how God has used you to minister to my spouse and I … You are a wonderful man of God and we at Mavuno will always cherish the purpose God sent you to fulfill in our Church.

    What you have done for my family and I you will never comprehend … This series was very specific for my husband and I. You have spoken to my husband in a way that no one has ever gotten through to him. For the first time this week (after the Man enough series) he attended Gideon’s torch and he told me he walked up to you and just broke down as you started to converse … Thank you for transforming our lives … Since the series started my hubby has been transformed from a restless christian to a gentle warrior …I pray God will grant us an opportunity some day to share with you how God has used you to pull up our marriage from the doldrums of self-destruction. God bless your heart. I pray for you and your lovely wife Sophie and your kids. May you never lack … In the name of Jesus!


  70. Thanks pastor S for that wonderful sermon that you gave us. For sure he knows my name even before I was was fomed in my mothers womb. I was also struggling with anger I dint know my biological father and met him when I was doing my degree course and all the same he doeent try to mend the relationship and my mother was not there for me either she was busy chasing after money that she dint have time for me and it hurts but i thank God for my grandmother who was there for me throughout and hanks for re-assuring us that our hevenly father is still there for us. I second a blogger who suggested a repeat of man enough later on in the year some of us need reasssurance that there are real men out there who will help us in accomplishing Gods purpose and not men who are scared of responsibilty.


  71. @Christian gal,

    Blessings to you in a special way… I can see I identify with much of what u went through…

    @ All… For sure, people put smiles on their faces, but they are carrying baggages heavier than their weights… Do kindly remember to pray for someone each day… We surely need one another… Let’s hold each others hands spiritually (in prayer)… Bless you ALL!!!


  72. Catherine Says:

    I know y’all must be tired of me writing about my bro all the time but I can’t help it. God is so faithful. He’s provided the car and an owner willing to appear in court in Eldama Ravine tomorrow. God is sooooo good. Praise His name. Keep praying for us. Pray that God’s favour continues. We’re still trying to raise some money for fueling the car and other contingencies so pray for us that God will provide all the resources we need. He’s already provided the bulk of it so we thank God. Man….my bro can really testify that sometimes God is all you need for real. Pray for my bro’s peace of mind. This whole thing has left him really rattled but God is his hope. Thank you blessed people.


  73. Heartfelt Says:

    @ Pastor S, I like what you said above..”Give up the right to being angry.” It’s tough to give up that right especially when you are justifiably angry i.e. someone has done you wrong, taken advantage of you, etc. However, I believe when we don’t let things go, we are victims over and over again. Thanks for that, I have some rights I need to relinquish:-)

    @ King, it’s easier said than done, but take one day at a time. Also, I believe in simple conversations with God so wake up each day and just talk to Him, tell him how you feel…overwhelmed, confused, scared, whatever, and ask Him to guide you. Pray before you talk to either of the ladies involved, you’ll be surprised at what God can do. I’m touched by your consciousness of how delicate the situation is, and applaud you for being willing to stand up and be a REAL MAN vs. running away from the situation. It may not be the easy thing to do, but it’s the RIGHT thing to do. We are praying for you.

    @ Ciks, Simply Me…the interview went very well. It restored my hope and confidence that if not this, then another opportunity is on its way! I’m encouraged and thank you for your prayers and support.

    Is it Sunday yet?? I miss church!


  74. Catherine, has your brother been to talk to the family members of the people who died on the road since? To say pole et al? I do feel for your bro and your family and I also feel for the grieving family….


  75. That was a great sermon Pastor S, I can’t wait to secure a DVD of the entire series. Your messages couldn’t be any more relevant to some of the situations I keep finding myself in during the week, so I’m really praising God for always having a message that I can completely relate to.

    I commend all the single parents out there who are doing their best to bring up their children in the ways of the Lord. I got very encouraged hearing Emily’s experience as a single mom. I couldn’t help but think of some of my single friends who have this view that a man has no value in their lives and that when life gets too lonely, the solution is to get pregnant without the “drama” that comes with the baby’s daddy not knowing how deeply impacted the child will be growing up not knowing who their father is. All my single ladies, lets encourage one another to wait and *God-willing* bless our children the gift of growing up knowing the love of both parents.

    May God continue to be our all, besides He knows everything about us.


  76. thekenyannutcase Says:

    @ Sp
    coz i feel you had to loop this

    I’m Gonna Make A Change/For Once In My Life/It’s Gonna Feel Real Good/Gonna Make A Difference/Gonna Make It Right . . .
    I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror/I’m Asking Him To Change
    His Ways/And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer/If You Wanna Make The World/A Better Place/(If You Wanna Make The
    World A Better Place)/Take A Look At Yourself/And Then Make A Change
    (then he starts screaming and stuff and spoils the song)

    trusting God to fully apply what i learned through the series and yes this message needs to be taken to the ends of the world

    @ Catherine
    hiyo testimony ni DEADLY!!!God be praised.will pray for those guys you said we do and that judge “akutane na Yesu” if he/she hasn’t met Him

    baraka kwako n the whole mavuno family


  77. Pastor S, Pastor M, and the whole of Mavuno,

    I sincerely want to thank you all for allowing God to use you to transform lives…Honestly, you just dont know what impact you have had in mylife and many other lives .( I know I speak for many)

    After so many years of hopping aimlessly from one church to the another, it is in Mavuno that i finally found rest, adopt it as my church, and finally rededicated my life to Christ, through the current Mizizi Session that ends this wekend-(Sob,Sob..). That is, after having backslide for over 8 years! (The Mizizi experience is something else,that i have no words to explain!)

    Thanks Bloggers for your words of encouragement. May the Lord continue using you to bless the whole world.

    Heartfelt..i feel you and share the same sentiments…Is it sunday yet!! Am missing church too..
    Cant wait!

    My prayer request is that i may continue holding on to the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, despite all the bashing and crashing of the secular world that has infiltrated our daily lives and that i may earnestly seek God, all the days of my life…

    Please Mavuno,pray with me and also ,for all those who may have just given their lives to Christ in the recent past and need that strenth to hold on…

    Thank again Mavuno for transforming my life


  78. @Justaman

    Thank you for your willingness to be used of God to be a father figure to sons around you i guess the best place to start is to discuss with your wife to get her buy in. as for the saved part am sure that as you go thru mizzi as promised you shall get the necessary equipping to impact those boys. i believe God will use you just as you are and in the process speak into your life go for it,….. God bless.
    @ Catherine to God be the glory for the victories you are experiencing will continue to pray for your bro Kesho


  79. Christian Gal Says:

    I don’t think Catherine’s brother should go and visit the bereaved family. They are in mourning and you would not want to add to their grief. Also I am sure he is suffering from alot of guilt so I think the legal route is the most appropriate option. Some of these things require alot of tact and wisdom to deal with.
    If I were the bereaved and you showed up to apologise I think you would wake up in the mortuary.


  80. @ justaman

    I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear (see?) what input there would be for your situation. I’ve not seen any comments yet, so let me throw my not-male, not-married, non-parent two cents in:
    First, I think it is great that you want to do this, really really great. Kudos.
    Then, do this with your wife. Let it be a thing you do together. I believe part of what you want to expose the child you are mentoring to is what a functional marriage situation looks like – how a couple who are also parents relate to each other in a godly manner. If I remember correctly, Joshua would draw a family with a dad, two mums and his “siblings”. Discuss it, share concerns and set boundaries. Then it needn’t cause strife.
    About your not being saved – well, that is a concern. Many situations come our way that apart from reliance on and guidance by God would leave us totally dazed, and parenting has many many such times. A lot depends on how you hope to shape this child, if he will learn from you how to be a tender warrior while at the same time he will not learn how to be an authority under Authority from you (well, at this stage in your life). How would you handle that? Yet…
    I would not necessarily discourage you. I believe a lot that if we follow godly principles, then we will reap godly rewards, even when everyone involved is not a Christian. Like you can have a government built on biblical principles that will thrive and bring prosperity to its people even though not all politicians within it will be Christians. A boy needs a compassionate, firm, guiding hand, a father, and any boy who gets that will definitely be better off than one who doesn’t. You’ll definitely be adding value, maybe just not to the fullest extent possible.
    Those are my thoughts – I don’t know. But this is a good problem. The world could use more of such:-)
    I hope to hear from others as well.


  81. @ AS, @ justaman

    Just seen your comments, AS. Sounds like what I was thinking, with much greater economy of words.
    And the Mizizi angle is definitely on point.


  82. Hi guys,

    i have really missed being on blog this week. It has been such a hectic week for me but i thank God for His protection, love and giving me the drive to wake up every morning to go to work coz otherwise, i would have quit.

    Who’s your daddy was sooo real to me. I grew up with a dad who would go away for 6 months and just appear out of nowhere in the middle of the night and no questions asked. When i was a child i thought he was so cool coz he came with stories of these places he was but when i look back as an adult i see how hurt my mum was, not knowing where he was and what he was up to. Later on, my dad lost his job and mum struggled to take us to school with loans and all sorts of side hussles.

    For me my daddy issues have made me who I am. I grew up knowing what i wanted in my life:A job good enough to take care of me and my kids and a good man, who would help me raise God fearing children and be the head of our home. I can say, with mum’s guidance, I am slowly achieving that. I give God praise for my job (even though i scream about it most times) and i thank God for my tender warrior (still in the pipeline LOL) who when we finally have a family, will show my earthly father how its done.

    @ Heartfelt, simply me beat me to the question lakini what happened on tuesday?

    Mubarikiwe sana sana


  83. Catherine Says:

    @Marian….thanks for that suggestion. I’d thought about it but right now we’ve been running running running to first keep my bro out of jail (something the devil seems intent on doing). Maybe later that can be done. You should see my bro….he’s surviving on very little sleep. I’m really worried about his state of mind right now…no sleep, fatigue, stress…I’m surprised he has the mind to help anyone he meets at the courts. I’ll arrange for counselling for him as soon as I can.
    @ thekenyannutcase….at the beginning of this year I told God I don’t want to read about Him or hear other people’s stories….I wanted a testimony of my own….and here we are. I can now testily that there is a God in heaven and He is ever present when we need Him. I love love love love God. He’s amazing. I wait to see what else He’ll do coz I’m sure it’s major. My bro and mum left this morning at 4.30 a.m. to be in court and I’m wondering what the magistrate’s reaction will be when he sees my mum.
    @AS Thank you.
    @ everyone…….If anyone is going through a crisis….God can pull you out of it. I’ve seen it. We’re still anxious but at least God has shown us that He is able and willing. If you are not in a lifegroup please consider joining one. My bro’s girlfriend’s lifegroup are total angels walking this earth and God has used them to provide support, encouragement and resources. Lifegroups really support life of an individual. Without those guys….I don’t even want to imagine.
    Please continue to pray. We’re short of about 30,000 right now but I’m trusting God will provide. I love you people and thanks for listening.


  84. Catherine Says:

    Dear Father, thank you for all the friends who have stood with us. There truly are angels walking among us. Bless them all today Father and grant them the desires of their hearts. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.


  85. Hey people,

    Kweli this thread has God as the driver.

    I had shivers before I posted my item ^^^^^ above. I can’tt believe the positive response from guys!

    Thanks Ciks, David, Heartfelt and all others who are with me.

    Really appreciate your prayers and surely God will minister to me and get me out of my predicament.



  86. Catherine Says:

    @King…..I’m proud of you. For wanting to do the right thing…to be there for your kids. You’ll make a great father. From experience I’ve learnt that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Even when we can’t see how things can possibly turn out well God has a way of making all things beautiful. I can’t wait to hear your testimony. Dear Father, thank you for King and the great testimony you are about to grant him. In Jesus’ name.

    @everyone…..I hope you’re not tired of reading from me. I’ve just been updated that my bro has been released on a cash bail of the same amount like last time so there was no need to add more money. God truly is good. Today there was no harassment and we thank God for that. The case will continue in April or May. I don’t know the date yet. Thanks all for your prayers.


  87. Tender girl Says:

    You guys are just the greatest.I have been reading this blogg today and i am amazed at how the Lord is really working in our lives.I know that GOD is amazing,wonderful,faithfull,everloving and all that but my question is………..i feel so low right now…..please pray for me,that i will be able to shake this feeling off.


  88. Mavuno, this was a great series. Believe me when I say you have made a great(positive) change in peoples lives through this series.
    I in particular can attest to this.
    I had made a resolution; they were no good men out there or rather they did not exist. I had promised myself not to fall into anymore traps with men (unfortunately I tended to attract ‘pink men’ and well am still learning to forgive my father for the psychological wounds he has inflicted on me over the years).
    Am a career oriented lady. I had promised myself and also told my friends, that when the time came for me to get a child, I would go get a ‘baby daddy’ do my thing n never notify him that we had conceived. I would block him from then hence forth from my life as well as my child’s. I know this sounds totally rotten, but the fact was, I never wanted to imagine another man causing any more pain to me or to my child in the name of a husband/boyfriend, father respectively.I have friends who are married n all, n av seen the kind of sacrifices they have to do 4 men who did not notice or did not appreciate them. and this made me affirm my promise.

    However after attending this series, I figured I did not want to raise a pink man nor a lady with no self worth, neither did I want to selfishly deprive my child of a father who would maybe love him/her more than mine does.
    The series has got me thinking….really thinking and evaluating.
    Hopefully in good and in God’s time, I will learn to forgive my father n anyone else as well as myself.
    But this I promise, my earlier ‘promise’ has been broken. And everyday I pray to God for me and other women out there who share/shared my sentiments, that the good Lord may forgive us n help us find those “good men” we are all looking for.


  89. Mavunite forever Says:

    My first mavuno sunday was the father wound sunday! What an amazing experience but even more fascinating was what happened afterwards. You see I had father issues and I knew that I had them but never before had I heard them addressed the way you did Pastor S (at this point am thinking you are just the one!!). So when I stood up with the rest of us who were going through the same thing it was very real to me. At the end of that prayer I said to myself….I’ve got to let it go…..and let it go I did.

    I have not spoken to my father in about 8 years save for 5 secs when my son was born 3 years ago and even that didnt go well at all.

    So, when on Monday following the service my father called me and told me he was in my neighbourhood I could have died. Even more amazing was that I agreed to meet with him and we even managed a conversation. I still marvel at my restraint, composure and the lack of bitterness towards this man who has done some despicable things to me, his family and his wife who he managed to divorce at the age of 60!! I attribute all that to the father wound service and the promise that once I let go of my hurt and anger God was going to be in control and he was!!

    This series came at the right time…I might say that I became a Mavunite at the right time and I have not enjoyed church as I have this last few weeks!! I dare say I even bring my three year old and he has enjoyed it too.

    God bless you and give you wisdom that you remain relevant and as far sighted as you have been.

    Cant wait for the next series!!!


  90. Mavunite forever Says:

    To Catherine…..We (my family and I) were where you are October of last year!! And with prayer and good friends we managed but barely….it left us desolate. We have learnt that there is a reason for everything and isnt God’s timing absolutely amazing. Your mom and bro are a blessing. That even during this time of “struggle” your bro still has the heart to help!! Cant you see that God is using him to reach others who wouldnt have known kindness!!!

    Take heart Catherine and pray without ceasing because he works in mysterious ways. In it; no matter how gleam the situation looks right now, search for the positive to hold onto. Search for God’s good work and in it you will find the peace and calm to walk your bro through this!

    God bless and I will be praying for you and your family


  91. By Faith Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    First lemmie just say thank you mavuno for changing my life. I used to be such a negative and bitter person but now even other people can see the transformation. I look forward to every Sunday and missing one feels really bad.

    Just been going through the blog the whole afternoon and i feel so much better about my circumstance. Reason being my job ends this month and i do not know what will happen after that. I don’t mean to make the blog a prayer request site but i am desperate and in need of all your prayers..I am just trusting God to see me through.

    I also want to join the next mizizi classes plus get into a life group. He says His plans are for me to prosper and not to harm me.I choose to believe that by faith everything will be ok and that soon i will be thanking God on this very same blog.

    A suggestion, @Catherine’s situation-seems her brother needs cash for posting bail. Maybe we can set up a fund for her with some monetary assistance…my last paycheck just came in 🙂 and i would like to help, no matter how little it might be….don’t know, just a thought..


  92. Baraka to Mavuno Pastoral team. You are doing a marvellous and glorious job. I have visited mavuno twice and this Sunday was beyond expression.
    Pastor S, you spoke to many of us who have not felt the real presence of a Father and husband. Both are in my life physically but spiritually and psychologically the impact has not been there. However I pray that my biological father and my husband will be my tender warriors through the grace of God.
    Emily, if you ever doubted why you had to go through the experience you did it was for a purpose and I thank God it has began to manifest. I am married but many are the times I have felt like a single mum.
    I have a son who is 9yrs and he received the Lord @ 6yrs and I will not tire to bring up in the fear of God, and we do pray together for the salvation of his dad.

    Blessings to Pastor S, Emily and Joshua! My heroes!


  93. Hi all,

    I’m humbled by your positive feedback and I must say a big thank you for all your love and blessings for myself and my son. I’d like to encourage everyone who identifies with the ‘whos your daddy’ topic to remember that we serve a real God. He does not operate within the confines of the human being. He’s real he’s powerful and able to provide where humans leave a gap. Let us continue to pray and encourage one another. Mavuno men the baton is in your hand. Stand up and be counted. Humanity society and family looks upon the man for direction. You have the word and know what it takes to be a Man after God’s heart. Women are crying to be led by Godly and Manly men. Will you stand up to be counted? For the ladies hurting look up at your father he will never leave you nor forsake you…….. Let us all make a difference in society and we will transform and heal our families. Lastly let ua give Glory to god


  94. @ Catherine… God is AWESOME!! I heard the great praise report about your brother this weekend while at SOP retreat and I was humbled! we really serve a great an powerful God! he will see your family through to the end! I am giving thanks for his awesome works over your brothers life! and this is just the beginning! be blessed 🙂


  95. Justaman
    Its really great to see what God is doing in your life. He is preparing to launch you in to your destiny.My prayers are with you now and always and I know that at the right time, God will use you to bless a generation of people that are hurting because of the father wound.Keep being a fearless influencer and being bold in faith.I will support you in every way and God will be our guide.
    AS. Catherine and Sue, thanks for your comments and support.
    Catherine I pray for total deliverance of your brother in Jesus ame.


  96. Catherine Says:

    @Mavunite forever….thank you for empathising and giving us hope. My faith is being rebuilt….God has proven that He can be trusted.

    @Ciks….thank you. God is faithful.

    @ Faith….wow…even with your last paycheck you want to help. I’m speechless. Hey….don’t ever hesitate to make this a prayer request blog. Prayer is powerful and often it’s the only weapon we have. Dear Father, I bless you for Faith. Thank you for the job you had given her and thank you for the job you’re about to provide. Jehovah Jireh, thank you for provision in her life. Put her anxieties at rest and let her know beyond the shadow of a doubt that all will be well, according to your will in Jesus name. Amen.

    @ everyone….when you are in trouble….I’ve found an effective way to draw our attention to God…..get some worship music. I’m blessed to have a wonderful boyfriend who introduced me to Marvin Sapp, Martha Munizzi, Smokie Norful and Israel. There’s nothing like being in the presence of God….everything else dims and the mountains don’t seem quite as threatening.


  97. Christy Says:

    I am just wondering when this sermon will be updated – I missed it and I would love to listen to it.


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